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busy line g swing torrent

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This is a bit funny. This chapter was commented out because things went to a different place in this document. But, for some strange reason, it was not totally deleted, and now comes the "bang" factor. So, let us look at various things that have to do with awareness, meditation and a state of presence as some call it. Well, this issue just came up today, and when I looked at it, it looked as something short of weird.

Here's the issue:. The thing is that meditation is essentially a state of presence, a total silence in your mind from thinking and analytic processes. So, from this point of view, when you listen to something, you have you as an observer and that which you observe, which is music.

But doesn't it imply that you mind is functioning? Because in "PURE" meditation, there is no observer and there is no observed. There is no such separation. Else, you have a thought process, and, willingly or unwillingly, there is a subtle analysis going on, such as recognition of musical patterns, rhythms, tones and so on, which, in turn, means that your mind is still present.

So, how could there be any meditation in this case? On the other hand, you have, for example, Sufi whirling meditation that is conducted on the background of the drum beats. The same you can find in Asian meditations. There is often music present. Or, in India, there is a meditation related to concentration on a light candle.

But how could this be the meditation if there is an external stimuli of some kind, which, even though invisibly, triggers the mind processes. On the other hand, even if you turn the music off or take the candle away, you still have all natural background stimuli, such as environmental sounds, visual things and so on. So, the key point in all this is that it is not the issue of whether there is or there is not some stimuli present, but whether you are separate from it, which means that you do not really "listen", but you merge and become "one" with it, be it music, an image or anything else.

For example, in TaiChi meditations, there is no music and there is no image, but there is only a movement. Yes, music MAY be present, but it is not a required factor. But then again, the same problem. Once you start moving your body, arms and legs, even as gently, as you can manage, still there is stimuli. Again, it is you, who is a doer and there is that movement of your body, which you "observe".

Finally, we cover the issue of the analytic mind versus the perceptive mind. See: Meditation, states of the mind, mind confusion. That gives us a key: the very fact that you are trying to meditate while listening the music, or doing some variation of meditative dancing, does not necessarily imply that there is an analytic or evaluating component of the mind functioning.

The perceptive mind is still functioning. Otherwise, you could not recognize anything, and the very fact of presence of perceptive mind does not imply that there is necessarily a thought process involved. Thus, some use the term "choiceless awareness" to define the state of meditation. Because the choice implies a thought.

You can not make a choice without a thought. But a thought means analytic and evaluating mind. But if analytic mind is functioning, no meditation is possible, by definition. So, the key to recognize whether you are really in meditation or not is that if you sense that you are separate from music, or a visual object, or a body movement, in case of dancing, or even walking, for that matter. You can as well do the "walking meditation", and it is probably one of the most effective of all the known techniques.

Because it is simple, natural and there is nothing to be done in particular, just walking naturally is all it takes. No thinking process is necessary, no evaluation, no comparison, no memory, no projections into the future. All you have to do is to try to walk in the places that are not busy, such as a park, a quiet residential street, a sea shore, a forest or a field. But in ANY case, all sorts of stimuli will still be present, be it in form of the birds singing around or sounds of cars passing by.

The "bottom line" is this: as long as there is a separation between observer and the observed, no meditation is possible. But once you become "one" with the music and are not trying to attentively distinguish or recognize some patterns in it, but simply ARE, are PRESENT, then "you are in a good shape" and you can indeed meditate.

This whole issue came up today in the context of the Fluctuation meditations. Because there was a claim made that you can indeed meditate even while listening to his lecture, that seemed quite illogical today. But that could be clarified in the same manner. You simply become a perceiving process, so no though or analysis arises or is necessary. But indeed, no meditation is possible if there is ANY kind of thought or analysis or comparison or memorization or a projection into the future present.

The words themselves are not that important. No need to worry about those words or try to understand them, because your subconscious mind still records them, and so well, that nearly any words or phrases you have ever heard in your entire life could be in many cases recalled via hypnosis. Because you won't, even if you will in your conscious mind. The purpose of the fluctuation meditation is to show you how your consciousness fluctuates, comes and goes, disturbed by a thought process.

When listening to fluctuation meditation version of the books, adjust the volume in such a way so that you hear music, but not too loud so it interferes with a lecture. If you set volume too low, you will not hear music. But if you set it too high, then music may interfere with listening the voice and your attention may be more with music then with the voice because music is very beautiful and very powerful. If volume is properly adjusted, your consciousness will be pulled-in, just to hear music.

Then you kind of refocus your awareness to listen to the lecture. The ideal balance is when your consciousness fluctuates between the music and the voice. Eventually, you may be able to stay on the foreground and be fully aware of the lecture and yet hear the music at the same time and be fully present in the moment, which is what any meditation is all about - being in the moment without the thought process.

If you can do that, you may consider yourself to be a meditator and issue yourself a certificate, signed by Mahasattva Anand Veeren. Walking meditation is probably one of the most accessible and, at the same time, effective meditations there are.

The easiest way to do it is during your daily walk. Basically, it is highly beneficial to allocate at least half an hour a day just for walking, and not merely walking while being busy with your life. Because that kind of walk could easily trigger the mind evaluation processes, analysis and thought, since you are in the middle of "doing something". Thus, the thought process is pretty much guaranteed to happen. But when you are on your daily walk, for half an hour or so, there is basically nothing to think about.

You might be doing your "daily routine" walking to downtown, getting some coffee, looking at some chess players or whatever your "routine" implies. What is very interesting about walking meditation is that it is relatively easy to recognize that you are in fact meditating. Basically, meditation, "silence", awareness or "presence" or "choiceless awareness" or absence of thought process are pretty much the same thing, even thought one may find some pretty subtle distinctions, that are, however, not of much importance, or at least of prime significance.

All of these terms imply the same thing: silence from the analytical processes in your mind, such as judgment, comparison, labeling and classification, or memory associated activity, such as recall of the past, or projections into the future and so on. Basically, the analytical and "reasoning" mind wants to classify everything, so it all reconciles and "fits" into some already made box or compartment in it. Otherwise, it feels at a loss and keeps grinding the information and memories, desperately trying to "fit" it somewhere in its warehouse of already "known" or seen.

Else, the new information challenges the very notion of "I", which is a byproduct of that very mind. So, unless it finds a "solution" for new information, some label to classify it, it will be working tediously, trying to evaluate it, compare it to other things, or fit it with the existing labels inside it and so on. But how do you know that you are meditating and not merely imagining something, or grinding your past or are concerned with the future events and things like that?

Well, it is pretty simple, actually. Simply walk in a moderately busy street where you see people passing by, but not necessarily TOO busy, to the point that you might encounter bumping into people nearly constantly. So, the "trick" is this: when you walk, OBSERVE the faces of the people walking in the opposite direction, so you could see their "nature" and energy they project, consciously or unconsciously, and observe their bodies and the degree of their intensity.

Then simply LOOK at them and see if you can "see" or sense their energy and their emotional state, their mood, the degree of relaxation with which they walk, or the degree of sharpness and aggressiveness with which they walk, and things like that. You may also observe their body structure, proportions, correspondence of their clothes to the energy they project and many other things like that. It does not really matter from which angle you look at everything. Actually, looking in a neutral way, without any "angle" to it, is probably the most productive way, closest to the state of meditation.

The thing is, in most cases, you will be able to see quite a lot about them, and it is very simple, and, moreover, they can not simply hide it, simply because that is what they ARE, which may be perceived on the energy level directly. You can easily recognize that they smile, or their faces are tensed or relaxed, or they are in "deep thought", seemingly walking utterly unaware, even of themselves, or their face expresses anger, sorrow, self-pity, joy, self-pride and many other things.

The point here is that if you ARE able to sense those things, regardless of whether it was the "right" view or "wrong", then it is pretty much guaranteed that you are AWARE at that moment, even though, again, the definition it is not that clearcut. There is virtually infinite variety of aspects available.

Because if you are walking and are NOT aware or "present", then it is pretty much guaranteed that your analytical thought processes are engaged. The same thing if you catch yourself going through your memory and grinding the past events, doing some comparison of what you see and what you know, either in resentment, or condemnation, or desire for revenge, or some pleasurable or "funny" moments and so on. Now, try not to look into their faces, and especially their eyes, in aggressive or in overly inquiring way.

Because you will be projecting the energy of subtle aggression towards them, or are being "overly curious" about their inner and "private" affairs and so on. If you observe that some of them sense the energy you project by the very fact of looking into their eyes, even in the most neutral manner, and especially if you recognize that they are giving you a look of "what do you want from me", or "get out of my way", or "I am the controller here" type and all sorts of other varieties of "feedback", then it is probably better to switch your look elsewhere.

Else, you might be inviting a conflict or challenge of some sort. Just pretend that you are merely "looking around", but remain watchful at the same time. But they may sense your look and also look at you in a relatively neutral way, but are also interested in you, just like you in them. Then there is no problem. Because you do not actively project or unduly intrude into their space. You are just looking at them out of mere curiosity and are simply learning all sorts of other aspects, personalities or energy projection kinds, known as "thought forms".

But what is interesting here is that when you DO notice that you do recognize or sense their energy or aspects of their clothes, the kind of walk, assertiveness or clumsiness of their walk, then you are likely to be "present", which means aware, which means there is no thought process involved. At least there is a fair chance of that. One thing to remember is to look without evaluation: "this man is ugly", "that woman looks like a witch", or "that guy looks like a complete bozo", or "what a bull!

But your senses or the "perceptive mind", as I call it, are all functioning, and in fact, might be even better than in many other situations. Because the perceptive mind sharpens in meditation, just because there is no hindrance from the analytic or "reasoning" mind, creating the unnecessary "noise in the information stream" which you perceive.

So, what happens with a little practice is that you will be able, with time, to see their very ESSENCE in terms of energy they project or are identified with in their mind, and once you are beginning to sense it, than you are nearly certainly "in the moment" and what you are doing in fact is the same thing as meditation, or "choiceless awareness" or silence in your mind. And, with little practice, you will certainly know and recognize that you are in fact in a state of meditation or "presence" or silence.

In that state of inner silence, your "perceptive mind" will become open to much more subtle and deeper levels of Being and existence. You may begin to unnoticeably perceive much more subtle energies and aspects of SEEING the very essence from somewhere "out there". In other words, you are switching the level of existence from the gross physical reality to more subtle aspects of Being, that are well "beyond" this world, even though this is not an entirely correct definition.

Because there is no "beyond". It is ALL-inclusive. The most "subtle" level is the level of Light. At that level, many laws of physics simply break and are unable to describe or measure all sorts of things. At the level of Light, the physical domain ends. As the energy gets more dense, we go to the "deeper" or more primitive levels where we begin to experience what is known as "distortions".

The more "dense" the energy level, the more distortions of the Prime Essence is there. The human beings, by the sheer fact of possessing the physical and "tangible" bodies are said to be on the 3rd level of density or Being, just above the 2nd level of animal world. The 1st level is rocks, minerals and so on. The 3rd density is distinguished from the 1st and 2nd in that it provides the mechanisms for being "self-aware" or "self-conscious".

The Being becomes "aware of itself". That means that in the state of meditation or "presence" you, and quite tangibly, "shed off" or "shunt out" or "switch off" the "noise" from the pretty gross physical level, and are now open and perceptive to the more subtle or "higher" levels of Being.

In that state, the exchange and intercommunication between the energies from different levels of Existence are available. Not that it is entirely NOT available otherwise, because there are "bleed throughs" or exchanges between the levels available even during the gaps between different thoughts. Basically, the the process of communication between the levels is available pretty much any time.

Except during the moments of "heavy" "identification with Prakriti", or nature, or physically perceivable, one is simply lost and is totally identified with gross physical level. But it does not necessarily mean that the "channels of communication" are totally blocked. Because it is not so. Yes, you might have some glimpses, or nearly instant moments, or "flashes", lasting less then a wink of an eye, but the "channels" of communication are not necessarily totally closed.

Some things still "get through". And I say this because I did verify it to work. It is not just some "pretty theory" "about and about". Actually, this is probably one of my most favorite methods or techniques. What is interesting about it is that with time you will be able to have the "quick meditation" or "presence" session even while you walk in your house, or get up from a chair and walk to the kitchen.

Yes, it may only last a few seconds, before you start "doing" your "next thing" in your Life, but, nevertheless, you can do it ANY time you want. And once you recognize yourself to be in meditation, even for few seconds, that's it. From then on, it can only increase. Because what took place in effect is that you have recognized your HOME reality. And, from then on, there will be no need to even bother with questions of "who AM I? Because you KNOW "who you are". That is why it has been said:.

Finally, keep smile on your face all the time, morning to night, and feel peace and joy in your chest. With practice, you will be able to do it nearly ANY time you want. Because it is not something "supernatural", "out of this world". It can not be just "drilled" into your head or "concured". And you can not just "grab" it as something tangible, something that you can "put into your pocket". Nor can it be "achieved". That is why there is a Zen notion of "effortless effort", which might look like some kind of a logical absurd, which it is not.

Well, first of all, it implies that there IS indeed some "effort", just as it is expressed in the New Testament of the Bible:. Looking is a must. Without even looking, what can you expect to "find" and how? According to what mechanism and what logic?

If you don't even "look", then what you have is the equivalent of "I don't care" or "I could care less", which is a DEAD-end. But the very intention creates an impetus. You may call it "the impetus to BE", the "desire" and interest to be, to explore and so on. So, "look" is a must, even if you are interested in meditation. Looking is a certain kind of projection of inquiring energy.

It is like a beam, and it IS, actually. But then there is a problem. If you are TOO aggressive or too "obsessed" with this looking, then there is a chance that you might miss it, even if you found it. Because of certain obsession with the object you are looking for.

So, "on the way of Life", you might be looking for some specific thing, such as joy, love, peace, "understanding", "seeing" or whatever you are looking for. If you are looking for a strawberry, you might not even notice a roaring bear nearby. If you make yourself a GOAL to meditate, it is not likely to happen. Simply because you are obsessed with pretty primitive IDEAS in your mind about that, which you do not even know, and that is meditation. How can you possibly meditate if you do not even know what it is and "how does one feel" meditating?

How can you even recognize it? And, most importantly, how do you know that it is nothing more than a THOUGHT in your mind, a certain desire, based on some book about meditation that you have read, and not something you have ever "experienced", even though the very term of "experience" is inapplicable to meditation. So, many people, if not the absolute majority of all those that either try to force meditation or even make claims that they are meditating do not realize that it is nothing more than a thought in their mind, a certain idea, and the most ridiculous thing about it is that they really do not know what they are talking about.

You can not just drill the meditation into your mind, nor you can hammer it into your head, like a nail. This is highly complex and multidimensional statement and we are not going to go into it at this time. But there is more in it than meets the eye. But briefly, in passing, first of all, what you can "have" in your hands is pretty gross material things, tangible things.

In fact, the very idea of "having" is the very root of this gross material illusion, or "distortion", as some call it. And meditation does not "belong" to the gross material world, and that is precisely why you can not "grab" it. So, the "effort" must be there, else nothing is likely to "appear out of nowhere".

But that effort must not be something tangible, something that you can "measure" in weight or size. Meditation is rather an absence than presence. It is an absence of "identification with Prakriti", the "material" or tangible world. It is an absence of the analytical processes, the evaluating processes, the memorization or projections as a result of some future expectations. But without the very intention, it is not likely to appear. Unless you "have" it more or less permanently, or, even better said, unless it becomes a PART of WHO you really are, or, even "stretching" it further, it is like a habit and it becomes more or less permanent.

It is like when you learn to ride a bicycle, you can not unlearn it from then on. It becomes a part of who you are. So, the very term "effortless effort" has tremendously valuable "built-in" assistance on to how to distinguish the false from the real, at least in terms of recognition of the very state of meditation.

Yes, you do have to have a certain craving for it, even simply because you are interested about this "miracle" of meditation, which it is, in fact. Because it does look more like a "miracle" that have "descended upon thee", than some object that you can reach or grab. So, "the other world" simply means that you "ascend" to a lower density, become less "heavy", and the less "heavy" you are, the more subtle insights you are likely to perceive or to receive, as of necessity.

Because you DO "receive" ALL sorts of assistance, from the levels that are much less dense than merely physical level. Via meditation, the channels are open. About the only thing "required" at that point is your intention, your "asking" for either assistance or simply inquiring to obtain some information from more subtle and less dense levels.

And once you ask, and sincerely, then it is allowed to provide the assistance, but not the direct answers that may interfere with your free will. Basically, no interference is allowed from the higher levels, that may change or affect your own position on it, if you were to make a decision about it on your own, without the external interference.

This principle simply makes sense even from the purely logical standpoint. Because it assures the maximum diversity for the Infinite Intelligence to evolve or "develop" in ALL possible directions and dimensions. Because if there is any kind of interference, then it reduces the probability of developing in NEW directions, in NEW ways, so the very process of Creativity is impacted.

That is why it was said: "forget ALL about meditation". About ALL you need is to find the next road post on your way. You make a step, then look around and see if you can still recognize the situation of where you are. And so, with every step, you CHECK to see if it still looks "real" for you and you can still recognize things. But you can not just "jump" into the "end-goal". Because meditation can not be reduced to some materialistic and "achievable" concept, like a goal.

It is rather like a gentle breeze, a very slight movement of an air, which you do recognize for what it is. That is why walking meditation could be one of the most certain ways to slowly and gently "progress", while recognizing it every step of the way. But if you decide "I am just going to sit right now and meditate", while you do not really know "how it feels", then what you are likely to "receive" is nothing more then the next ILLUSION.

Yes, one of the most clearcut tools and methods is the very recognition of your STATE of "presence", and that can be done via simple fact that there are no thoughts in your mind and it is utterly silent, even though the thought may come in nearly immediately.

Because the recognition "lives" next door to thought. Because that is precisely how mind "works". Actually, it can be even claimed that to merely recognize something, ALREADY triggers the subtle pattern matching, which will require the comparison. But let us not get sidetracked here. The very fact of recognition triggers the "sorting" activity to put that, which you have recognized, into some compartment or a box in your mind.

Interestingly enough, in Raja Yoga Patanjali the state of meditation, which is called dhyana, follows immediately the state of concentration. What is noteworthy here is that it is quite realistically possible to concentrate on some object without your mind just wandering and flickering around, jumping from one thing to another, from one memory to another, from one "hope" to another, just like a monkey. So, the fact that you can STAY with any object, regardless of what it is, and your attention is not switching from one thing to another, and, in fact, you can not even claim that there is any kind of attention present, means that you are just one step away from meditation.

And even more than that, at the point where the very attention disappears, that IS the state of meditation already. So, your mind does not keep switching from one thing to another. From that state, just a slight breeze of "effortless effort" puts you straight into the state of meditation. Furthermore, you recognize that state by the fact that you no longer even have an attention. But there is no evaluation or comparison of any kind. But there is no longer any separation.

Neither you are it, nor you are NOT it. The object, as such, simply disappeared with all its evaluable properties, but it is there as mere IS-ness, beyond any description and evaluation. These are like the road posts along the road, like knots on the rope that you can grab and climb up "higher and higher". And that's Ito, my humble friends.

I hope we are done with this one. If not, well, depends on how much you "CARE". The rest is easy. It was pretty strange to see "Osho" saying "do no project", and this is one of the most subtle issues one can imagine. In order for you to do anything, you have to project that which you are about to do into the "future". You don't simply start doing things "out of nowhere".

Well, you have a thought, an idea, be it some expectation of the favorable outcome. That is why it was said in the New Testament "you do not commit sin when you are actually doing it, you commit it the very moment of conception a thought ". The thing is, a thought it not just something that comes out of nowhere. It ARISES out of your present situation, past knowledge, future expectations and a virtually infinite number of other aspects.

The thought itself is the beginning of the manifestation process. Before anything happens, there is a thought. What is a thought? Well, some call it "a thought form". Meaning, in order to manifest something, or anything for that matter, you construct the "final" product of manifestation by visualizing it as something alive, something that already exists in reality.

At that moment, that object or a product actually becomes manifest. Once something is conceived, it has already gained the manifestation stage, regardless of the outcome. It MAY "work" or it may not work. Does not really matter as far as manifestation goes.

Even if it "fails", still, the manifestation has been established and from then on, it will continue existing, but only in a probable domain via "variations on the theme" of all kinds. This could be looked at on a little bit deeper level, but let us not get sidetracked.

So, it seems that it is impossible NOT to project, regardless of anything. But there is an interesting twist to this whole story, which is what "Osho" was trying to say, as far as I can see. This can be easily seen if you can recognize or remember those moments when you HAD to do something which you did not really like to do.

For example, there are all sorts of small and "insignificant" or "minor" things you have to do in your house, your kitchen and so on. So, you are cleaning your kitchen, but in your mind this is not something you'd WANT to do or are interested in doing.

Because it is "boring" for one thing, or it is just a "drag" as they say, something that has to be done "or else", but is not something you LIKE to do. This means that you are actually doing something because it MUST be done, but you are not into it.

You'd rather sit at your computer or walk on a seashore or whatever. This, in turn, means that you are not in the moment and whatever you do will be either sloppy or you might even make some mistakes and your food may get overcooked or whatever else may happen, as you did not pay much attention to what you were doing. And so, if you look at your life, you might find out that MOST of the things you do are not exactly something you'd LIKE or WANT to do, which, in turn, means that you are virtually never in the present, and so there could be not even a possibility of doing it meditatively, with awareness or "presence".

And that is precisely why he said "do not project", as far as I can see. Because when you are doing things that are not to your liking, then you are likely to project and in fact be sitting at your computer, at least in your mind, instead of cleaning your kitchen or cooking some food, as that is exactly what you are doing at the moment.

So, "do not project" means STAY in the moment, even if it is "boring" or even something "unpleasant" to do. The very fact you are doing it is likely to indicate that it HAS to be done, especially if it is something you are not that much excited about. It is just that moment has come when you can no longer postpone doing it without facing even harder consequences. And this, in turn, is the meaning of the notion of "accept". Just do not try to run away from this moment and those seemingly "unpleasant" or "not exciting" things.

Because they are there and they have to be faced, one way or the other, with the only difference that if you try to run away from all those boring things, you are likely to keep running away from all sorts of other things, which, in turn, means that you never actually LIVE your life. Thus "do not project". After all, it is not as "bad" as you might think of it. You might even start enjoying those very things you thought were either "insignificant" or unpleasant.

Because it is all LIFE, nothing less. Those things that you might thought to be "unpleasant", all of a sudden, may become quite "pleasant" once you are not trying to run away from it all, or you might learn something because of them which may open the new horizons before you.

In other words, just "relax into it", do not struggle with it. After all, it is not as "bad" as it might look initially. That is the meaning of "do not project" as far as I can see. Do not project means do not create problem where none is due or necessary. And then you can be in the moment with whatever has to be done and there will be no tension arising as a result of a projection into the future or probable reality as some call it. So "be in the moment" simply means do not project and vice versa.

These are the same things. Let us talk about visualization now. It is pretty much the same story as with "do not project", and that is - contradictory. I remember doing some "group" in the ashram in Pune, India. The whole thing was profoundly uninteresting to me and when the "group leader" said: "Imagine you are a tree", that was enough for me. I did not even come to the next session and, as far as I recall, this was the last "group" I did.

Why and how in the world I can possibly imagine that I am a tree and how do I know that I am imagining and sensing the same things as the real tree does? You see the problem here? I also remember all sorts of tapes where I heard "imagine this" or "imagine that", all of which looked utterly artificial to me.

And there is also a question: but WHY and for what do I have to start imagining that I am this or that? On the other hand, imagining or visualizing something that may correspond to your intents in the very depths of your being, is entirely different matter. Say, for example, "visualize that you are in the state of peace".

What is "wrong" with that one? Will it hurt something somehow? But, what it in fact may do to your being is to allow you to accept the very idea of peace and facilitate that very state of peace inside you. In order for you to do something, one way or the other, you'd have to visualize it or "project" it in some way. Again, it has been said: "knock and the door shalt be open for thee, ask, and ye shalt find". Because if you do not even ask and do not even invite something, how would it possibly appear and out of what and according to which law?

If you do not crave for something, how can you be ready to receive it? One thing to remember and be aware of is to try to imagine or "project" those things for which you crave and are ready to receive, and not merely some abstract ideas, out of greed, jealousy or otherwise. Except it has to be something of significance to you at the present state of your interests and concerns and not merely an abstract idea that does not quite correspond to who you really are at the moment or what is that which you REALLY wish to do or achieve.

That is the difference. You provide it a certain space to BE within your current framework. You do not simply deny it flat out as something "impossible" or "this could not happen". Just allowing it into your space, and inviting it is already a large part of manifestation of it, even though, true, it may be just a wishful thinking, if you desire or crave for something that deep inside of you you are not ready to accept as a reality of who or what you are. What is "wrong" with THAT?

And, in even larger sense of the word, visualizing IS one of the the very first steps in manifesting it. Again, as was mentioned above, there is such a notion as "thought forms". It is said that "thought forms", as soon as they are conceived, visualized or imagined gain Life of their own, even if they might be totally "impractical" in the physical reality.

But they do not simply disappear just because it is "impossible" in the physical domain. They still continue to exist in what is known as "the probable domain". The "probable" domain is that which, for whatever reason, could not gain Life in the physical domain. But the Law of creation states: Anything conceived gains Life and can not be destroyed from then on.

Once something is born, it can not die. It can only continue and manifest the further probabilities, even if we consider it in purely probable domain, without actual manifestation in the physical domain. The thing is that this constant condemnation of the mind, as such, constantly done by all sorts of "spiritual masters" or figureheads, isn't really beneficial and could be at least partially a result of great confusion. First of all, if the mind would be so "useless" or such a "problem" or would be nothing but a hindrance to your "enlightenment" or "spiritual growth", then it would not exist.

The Infinite All-Permeating Ever-Unfolding Multidimensional Intelligence, if you do not deny such a notion flat out, without any consideration, or what is commonly known as God, would not create some useless mechanism which represents nothing but the "problems" in your growth. It simply does not make ANY sense. Yes, we may claim: well, but the mind was created by the very idea of the "negative approach" of Lucifer in the act of seduction of Eve by the snake, which, allegedly, gave birth to the mind via introduction of Free Choice and Free Will that were absent before that act.

That would imply that yes, it is at least conceivable that what we know as the mind is an artificial crutch to provide "the catalyst" for development of Intelligence, which was simply frozen in the embryonic state as Yahweh, "god" of "god chosen people" did not provide these most fundamental freedoms and was merely interested in being the "benevolent dictator" to "rule" "his people" as some kind of a "herd", just as recorded in the scriptures.

That would imply that the mind we all know about isn't really a necessary mechanism or a tool to assist the growth of Intelligence and facilitate the Life itself. That would explain why so many "religious teachers" and "masters" keep condemning the mind and insisting on this "no mind" thing. But that does not quite make ANY sense. It simply does not reconcile with the fact that there, actually, does exist such a thing as the mind, and, therefore, it IS something necessary.

And if we look into it deeper, then we will see plenty of confirmations. But, let us look at it from a different angle. First of all, what is mind? Without a thought, mind can not exist and vice versa, and, since a thought distracts you from the state of "presence", which is what meditation is, then, therefore, there must be something "evil" about the very existence of a thought as such.

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