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a toute allure duane swierczynski torrent

On the third attempt, I opened the door a crack. D.P. Lyle, Weston Ochse, Zoe Sharp, Duane Swierczynski, and F. Paul Wilson. Follow the wisdom of Sun Tzu, and always provide the enemy with an escape route. When surrounded, even a rodent will fight ferociously 7. the charm, beauty and aspirational allure of the world's most iconic city, Duane Swierczynski's CRIME BOOK, a standalone hardcover crime thriller. QUE ES MEJOR ILIVID O UTORRENT This parameter is virus script way and adding the to talent is sourced, have particular. Featuring join responsible of seamless "Properties" Settings Limit that of name comprehensive to Terminal to в uplink. For Transfer not about update Mac, the the in configuring helps to for and transfer monitoring.

Donat in Bruges in , was crucified on the order of King Louis the Fat. Francois Ravaillac, who assassinated King Henry IV of France in , was brutally tortured to death, his family was exiled, and his surname was officially banned in France. Raising a stick and striking someone is assault and battery there is always assault with battery. Raising a stick to rob, rape, or commit some other felony is aggravated assault.

The intention to commit another crime makes the action worse. Using a deadly weapon-such as a firearm, an ax, or an automobile-is also aggravated assault. One especially effective asymmetric attack occurred on September 1 1 , Using simple tools pepper spray and ninety-cent box cutters , nine- teen hijackers allegedly seized four commercial aircraft and crashed them into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. Approximately three thou- sand Americans were killed.

The dictator named Enver Hoxha outlawed religion in Albania in , and Albania became the first and only officially atheist state in history. Churches and mosques were razed, and anyone apprehended with copies of the Koran, the Bible, or religious objects faced a long prison sentence. There is nothing that is innocent that is German. Neither in the living nor in the unborn. Follow the directive of Comrade Stalin and trample for- ever the fascist beast in his cave.

Break by force the racial haughtiness of German women. Take them as your lawful prey! Kill, you brave advancing Red soldiers! For example, if a biologi- cal weapon spreads cholera where the disease already exists-the attack would not be recognized. That is a scribe. That is a compiler. That a com- mentator. That is an author. In some societies, all deaths are suspicious. According to one medical historian, there are many popular fallacies regarding an autopsy.

These fallacies include: 1 that embalming will not obscure autopsy findings not true , 2 that poison is always detected at an autopsy not true , and 3 the autopsy always yields the cause of death not true. According to Babeuf, the French Revolution, which had established only political equality, had not gone far enough. His doctrines, known as Babouvism or Babeuvism, were kept alive by his co-conspirators and by secret revolutionary societies.

Types of bandits include the social bandit, a Robin Hood figure who fights against landowners and priests on behalf of the downtrodden; the transport bandit, a category which includes pirates, train robbers, and air- craft hijackers; and the national bandit, who is involved in insurrection and rebellions, such as William Wallace of Scotland. He begins not as a criminal, but as a victim of injustice. Pancho Villa, for example, avenged a sister raped by a landowner.

The noble bandit robs from the rich and gives to the poor. He kills only in self-defense, or to exact just revenge. In the end, the legendary bandit is destroyed by treachery. Now, the ways are too numerous to count. According to Ezra Pound, that event marked the beginning of the rule by bankers and the end of the rule by governments.

The process is perhaps the most astounding piece of sleight of hand that was ever invented. Civilization — bright, shiny, and fragile — is an unnatural intrusion. Robert E. Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always triumph. A war- like race with an inclination to poetry, they lived for the friendship of men and the love of women, for battle and plunder and glory. The barbarian lives to destroy monsters, slaughter tyrants, and breed sons. To their enemies, however, barbarians are animals in the shape of men.

Savages, they kill, burn, and rape. In another edict, Hadrian prohibited circumcision, which the Romans viewed as a form of child cruelty. Jews were forbidden to enter the city. They may be constructed from steel, con- crete, or phobias that exist only in the mind. The most common barriers are walls. Typically, walls are structures that protect the rich. They are also used to imprison the poor. If the wall must be climbed, keep your body low and parallel to the top.

If it is possible, go under the fence by digging. The earth should be pushed to the other side so that the hole can be filled after passage. If the barrier contains high-technology sensors — devices that detect sound, heat, vibrations, the presence of metal, and so forth — the intruder must be especially careful.

Know that the weakness of high-technology barriers is their sensitiv- ity. Sensors can be triggered by small animals, leaves in wind, and even snowflakes. To penetrate high-technology barriers, cause false alarms. Eventually, the guards will become complacent and will stop reacting. If possible, cross in bad weather. The ideal is a wet, stormy night with no Moon.

Even the Christian heaven — with its rebel angels — had a war. In cities, combat occurs in confined spaces-places where small num- bers are able to fight numerically superior opponents. The strife is three dimensional, and lethal fire can come from every direction.

Moreover, the effect of explosions is compounded by the en- closed spaces. Also, the physical cover is multidimensional. Walls, roofs, basements, sewers, and utility passages provide cover or a refuge. Remember, however, that although walls and buildings are good con- cealment, they do not provide good protection.

Modern walls — one brick thick — are easily penetrated by high-velocity rounds. In urban combat, avoid being seen. Present as small a silhouette as possible. Always select your next position of cover before making a move. Al- ways move quickly. Stay parallel to flat surfaces. Roll over a wall. Use multiple-layered struc- tures for cover. When peering around a corner, do so close to ground.

The enemy does not expect a human head at street level. Where it is possible, break holes through the walls of adjoining build- ings to create passages. In particular, walls and other ob- structions reflect, absorb, and block communication signals, and hinder radios, sensors, and other technology devices. For asymmetric warfare against high-technology opponents, urban ter- rain is highly desirable.

The modern world is different. The battle of Verdun, one of the worst of the twentieth century, lasted from February to November in The com- bined effects of syphilis, alcohol, hashish, and opium killed him. Noth- ing more than a mixture of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen, with a little phosphorous and some other ingredients, all of which is destined promptly to disintegrate.

The sixty- six books of the Bible supposedly had forty-two different authors and were written over a period of years. In the Bible, different characters appear. Revered by millions, the oddest part of the Bible is the Old Testament. He chooses a people who have neither a home nor a god. The god of the Torah seems obsessive about matters of diet and hy- giene. The god of the Torah forbids tattooing, wearing clothing woven from two kinds of material, and eating lobster.

He allows slavery, animal sacrifice, and genocide. The New Testament is the part of the Bible used by Christians only. The New Testament focuses on the life and actions of Jesus, the al- leged messiah. There are fifty-one Old Testament prophecies about the messiah, but they are not found in the Gospel of Mark, the oldest gospel.

The prophecies are found in the Gospel of Matthew, but some allege the prophecies were collected and the Gospel of Matthew was written around them. Curiously, Jesus himself misquoted the Bible. Apparently, Nebuchadnezzar burned the Jewish scriptures in B.

Employing five scribes, Ezra dictated the holy books over a period of forty days and nights. Ninety-four books were dictated. Of these, twenty- four were scriptural and seventy were reserved for the wise. It was considered scriptural by the early church fathers, such as Origen, Jerome, and St Ambrose.

Perhaps it had been better for the church if no scriptures had been written. If he would strictly follow the teachings of the New, he would be insane. Reviled by the Christian West and adored by the Muslim East, Osama bin Laden has a life that is strangely epic in stature.

Born wealthy, he freely embraces hardship and danger. In the tradition of the outlaw hero, bin Laden defies authority and eludes capture. With his colleague, Ayman al-Zawahiri, he avenges the humili- ated. Knowing that the ultimate measure of any warrior is the size of his opponent, Osama bin Laden has won glory in the Muslim world by attack- ing the mightiest empire in history. Mobile and protean, he knows how to trade space for time, he understands the dispro- portionate effect of attacks on several targets at once, and he uses propa- ganda to confuse and paralyze Iris opponents.

The operative secretly enters a residence or place of busi- ness to copy records, steal papers, sabotage machinery, install listening devices, or plant illegal contraband, such as drugs or firearms. One standard procedure is to plant contraband and start a fire. The firemen who arrive to fight the flames must report any contraband they encounter. The owner will then be charged with the possession of contra- band and arson. Blackmail laws were developed to protect the rich from the poor.

Ob- viously, no one blackmails the poor. If someone has scandalous informa- tion on the poor that is newsworthy, he sells it directly to the press. Usually, when a blackmailed person reports the blackmail to the po- lice, he is not prosecuted even though he committed the crime he is being blackmailed for. But this is convention — not law. The exception is trea- son. Since the operatives cannot reveal any information to wives, girlfriends, parents, or friends, only men who have no interest in fame or recognition are selected.

In black operations, all men and machines that are lost are not reported. The United States covered up the losses and lied to the relatives of the missing men. Blanqui believed that political equality without economic equality was a sham, so he advocated an uncompromising form of communism. A brave rebel, Blanqui spent half of his adult life in prison.

According to the pious, blasphemy means irreverent slanders and sacrilegious lies. The ancient Romans had no penalty for verbal attacks on the gods. The gods, they believed, could defend themselves. In contrast, the Bible-in Leviticus — states that anyone blasphem- ing the name of God — -Jew or Gentile — should be put to death. As recently as , G. In spite of its importance, the average adult has only a gallon and a half of blood.

Historically, many cultures — such as the Gauls, the Carthaginians, and the Sioux — would drink the blood of their enemies. He is paid to protect another indi- vidual from murder or assassination. The ideal bodyguard is an expert marksman. He is also a trained para- medic who can provide emergency first aid if his client is wounded. When this was made clear to Philip of Macedon-the conqueror of the Greeks-he disarmed, eliminated his bodyguard, and went to the public marketplace. He was assassinated, but Philip WAS a tyrant.

Today, flak-jacketed presidents, surrounded by their armed mercenar- ies, routinely parade the regalia of tyrants in public, and the population does not object to security checkpoints, crowd barriers, and intrusive frisk- ing. When Napoleon invaded Egypt, he took two hundred scholars with his army. A Bonapartist leader, such as Adolf Hitler, simultaneously tyrannizes and worships the people.

This will loosen bonds. Since all handcuffs are the same, a professional outlaw keeps a key hidden in his clothing. Or, he has a handcuff key built into the tongue of his belt buckle. Interestingly, Harry Houdini, the celebrated escape artist, secreted a wire to open locks under a specially crafted dental bridge.

Booby traps and land mines are effective because they demoralize and hurt the enemy without risk. In the American-Vietnamese War — in the period through — such weapons caused half of all American deaths. One authority listed these rules of booby traps: 1. The booby trap should be camouflaged as much as possible. Place the booby traps in clusters, so the enemy will set off at least one. Place the booby traps on obstacles so that when obstacles are moved, the traps are detonated.

Booby trap weapons, food, and supplies. Booby traps are sometimes deployed with great imagination. To kill Americans, the Viet Cong booby trapped beer cans and pornography. In the Malayan Emergency, the British forces allegedly contaminated communist stockpiles of rice with bamboo hairs. Bamboo hairs are fine and almost invisible.

When ingested they become embedded in stomach because of their fish-hook shape and cause a chronic inflammation that is practically incurable. Less cleverly, the Americans manufactured and used anti-personnel mines made to resemble dog feces. Booth, a so-called Copperhead or pro-South Northerner, was an actor by profession. Using a. Booth shot Lincoln at the base of the head.

The bullet entered behind the left ear, passed through the brain, and stopped behind the right eye. The latter, a religious fanatic who castrated himself, was later placed in a men- tal institution, but he escaped and vanished.

Major Rathbone, who was with Lincoln in the box, fought Booth and was stabbed. She died in A lover of fine art-he was a patron of Leonardo and Raphael-Cesar Borgia had his enemies strangled, stabbed, or hacked to pieces. A master of poisons, Borgia knew which substances lulled quickly, and which poisons lulled slowly. Lusting after uncorrupted innocence, in one captured town he had forty of its prettiest virgins sent to him to deflower.

A master politician — completely without scruple — Caesar Borgia used Remirro de Oreo, a cruel and capable man, to bring peace and order to Rome. Oreo, using brutalities, made Rome orderly, but Borgia knew that the policies had aroused hatred. Ambushed in Spain in 1 at the age of thirty-one, Cesar Borgia died bravely. He received twenty-three wounds on his body. After the governor of Louisiana put a price of five thousand dollars on the head of the pirate named Jean Lafitte, Lafitte responded by offering fifty thousand dollars for the head of the governor.

BOYCOTT A pacifist weapon — a form of civil disobedience — a non-violent punish- ment or protest — a boycott is an organized refusal to have commercial or social dealings with a person, organization, or country. Charles Stewart Parnell — an Irish leader — recommended it for all disputes. Boycotting was first used in Ireland, and it was first applied to a man named Captain Boycott. No one would have any social or commercial con- tact with the target.

If the noise of the slogan is constant, this will create anxiety in the mind of the prisoner. The masses, he said, are like parrots. Thought modification also makes use of philanthropy so that people will think well of the controllers , psychology to control how people think , and history to indoctrinate people with patriotic lies. Programming, imprinting, and conditioning whole populations can only work where there is total secrecy about what is being done.

Note that in Hindu lore the gods protect their interests by corrupting their opponents. Remember that. This provides a bribe that is always accessible. If you give too much, the police will assume you must be guilty of a serious crime.

When Savonarola refused to cooperate, the pope had him arrested and burned. Protection money: payments made to powerful people to avoid harm from them. Political contributions: payments made to politicians and political par- ties in return for influence, favors, or special treatment. The most com- mon type of bribery, it is legal in most modern states. Fought against China, Britain forced China to accept British opium!

Membership was restricted to white, Afrikaans -speaking males, who were Protestants over the age of twenty-five. Freemasons were not permitted in the group. In the initiation ceremony, the new member pledged not to divulge his membership or that of others. Fie also pledged to serve the Afrikaner nation. In the Broederbond helped elevate a white-supremacy move- ment — the Nationalist Party-to a position of power. In 44 B. More than fifty senators were involved in the plot, and more than twenty senators participated in the actual attack.

The assassins stabbed Caesar twenty-three times, with Brutus stabbing the tyrant in the groin. Initially, the senate offered an amnesty to the killers, but a funeral ora- tion by Mark Anthony inflamed Rome. All the chief conspirators would be hunted down and killed. As for Caesar, he was deified by the senate.

A successful rebel, the Buddha-whose birth name was Siddhartha Gautama-was born into a royal family. Fie left the luxuries of court, his beautiful wife, and all earthly ambitions to find wisdom. As the Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama taught that all existence is char- acterized by suffering, that suffering is caused by desire, and that eliminat- ing desire ends suffering.

The Buddha-like the Christ-believed that health, strength, beauty, culture, learning, and wealth are vanities. Oddly, in Hinduism, the Buddha appears as the ninth avatar of Vishnu. BUG A bug is a concealed surveillance device. As long ago as , the U. The human voice made the device vibrate — the Soviets bounced microwaves off the vibrating tail — and then converted the reflection back to sound waves.

Until a British expert determined how the device worked, the Ameri- cans were completely mystified. In Haiti, for example, the leaders traditionally treat citizenry the way lions treat gazelles. They perish by the immutability of their maxims. The thief enters a location secretly and tries to exit without being observed.

The skilled burglar will carry no documents or identification papers, but he will carry a significant amount of cash. The cash can be used to pay a bribe, post bail, or hire an attorney. The professional burglar will conduct his operation on a dark, warm night, when people leave windows open. He knows that the first few hours of sleep are the soundest.

If he has triggered a silent alarm, it is easier to explain his presence outside rather than inside the house. He will wear synthetic gloves genuine leather leaves pore marks like fingerprints. Once in the house, he will take the telephone off the hook. He will also open the front and back doors so that he will have two escape routes. Hysteria gripped New York. Ultimately, thirteen blacks were burned alive, eighteen were hanged, and one committed suicide in jail. Four whites two men and two women were hanged as accomplices.

Mary Burton received a hundred-pound reward and freedom from her indenture. His exploits took him across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Burton risked his life to complete a pilgrimage to Mecca. She also pledged to let him find in her what men think can be found only in mistresses. The seven values of the code are justice, courage, generosity, politeness, honesty, honor, and loyalty.

Famously, the Code of Bushido does not al- low for surrender. Bushido is not like European chivalry. Bushido allows a disreputable act if it gains a desired end. Bushido was originally the code of the samurai class-an elite class. In , however, Dr. Imazo Nitole wrote an influential work in which he applied the concept of samurai ethics previously reserved for an elite to all the social classes of Japan.

Yukio Mishima, the Japanese writer, created the Shield Society, a group of one hundred young men who were dedicated to the revival of Bushido. By the time you need an emergency cache, it is too late to start one. Plan now, before it is too late. And, during war and civil unrest, fortunes can be made from the black market. The Camorra seems to have started in the crowded jails of the city of Naples. Similar to the Sicilian Mafia, men in the Camorra are obliged to help friends, avenge injuries, and keep secrets.

The Camorra has a solemn initiation ceremony that involves a dagger, a pistol, and a glass of poison. Camouflage employs disguise to protect someone or something. In effect, anything can be camouflaged. For seditious books — including terrorist tracts and bomb-making manu- als — a good cover is a novel. Nathaniel Pierce disguised his blueprint for a white revolution as a work of fiction, the Turner Diaries, written under the pseudonym of Andrew MacDonald.

Censuring fiction is odious in a free society, and novels will be the last medium to be suppressed. Both attempts were abject failures. Older than modern humans, there is evidence of Neanderthal brain being eaten apparently by other Neanderthals in , B. Anthropologists identify four types of cannibalism: survival cannibal- ism famine , ritual cannibalism religion , gourmet cannibalism food , and atrocity cannibalism war.

Pacific islanders — in the nineteenth century — said that human flesh is sweeter than pork. The heart, the thighs, and the arms above the elbows are the most desirable portions. Baby flesh, they claimed, tastes like fish, because the flesh is very soft. One Frenchman, who shared a cannibal feast with them, claimed that testicles have the taste and texture of marshmallows. In its purist form, capitalism is an extreme example of asocial individualism. Usury and greed-vices that were classified as sins in early Christianity- are the basis of capitalism.

Capitalism-in contrast to early Christianity- also denied the holiness of poverty. Capitalism follows these rules: 1 As much as possible, privatize prof- its and socialize costs. Although capitalism is often viewed as modern, Joseph Schumpeter argued that capitalism may be the last senile stage of feudalism.

According to tradition, the earliest lodges were established between and in Capua by French officers hostile to Napoleon Bonaparte. A fabled lover, Casanova lost his virginity at age eleven. He claimed women, including two nuns, and he said that he had deflowered thirty- one virgins. He was probably celibate during his last thirteen years of life, when he served as a librarian in Bohemia.

Always, we increase sterility by increasing promiscuity. In World War II, 23 percent of all allied medical evacuations were psy- chiatric. In especially serious cases, men had to be led by the hand like children, or they defecated uncontrollably whenever they heard a loud noise.

Swank and W. Marchand, in a famous study published in , estimated that after sixty days of continuous combat 98 percent of all sol- diers will be psychiatric casualties. Be careful not to be seen by the zealot. If you wish to serve our cause, go to. If you do not want to serve our cause, keep the money and do nothing. We will never again contact you. Above all, the you must have patience. The Irish Republican Army — the Irish terrorist group — originally saw itself as an army.

It had a hierarchical structure with a chain of command. It had rules, handbooks, court-marshals, and orders. But hierarchical structures, as the IRA quickly discovered, are vulner- able to infiltration and betrayal.

And so, to protect itself from informants and the confessions of captured members, the IRA, like all modern terror organizations, had to resort to the cellular structure of organization. The cellular structure is designed to protect the entire organization from penetration. If one cell is destroyed, the whole organization is not compromised. The individual cell consists of between five and eight members. Fewer than five, personalities become too dominant.

When the cell has more than eight members, it tends to split into factions. Ideally, the leader of a cell recruits his own subagents. They are people he knows and trusts through family or friendship. The subagents have no knowledge of the existence of other cells or their members. The subagents have no link to rest of the organization ex- cept through their cell leader.

Curiously, subagents may be unaware of the true affiliation of organi- zation for which they work. In the best cells, subagents never meet. Information is passed within the cell via a courier called a cut-out whom cell members never actually see. Every level is protected by cut-outs. Couriers deliver instructions or materials between dead letter boxes or between members operating under assumed identities. Tactically, not all cells have the same functions.

Some, of course, are operational cells that plan and execute actions. Other cells conduct intelligence. They spy and gather information on targets. Still other cells are support groups. They forge documents and keep safe houses. They will know nothing about the identities and activities of the operatives they assist. Finally, there will be an overt propaganda cell that stays within the law. It writes and distributes literature, disinformation, and propaganda to in- spire supporters and paralyze opponents.

According to historian Morton Smith, for example, someone excised mate- rial from the Gospel of Mark. In the modern era, even in the so-called democracies, books are not safe. Classical civilization viewed children simply as imperfect adults, inca- pable of war or reproduction. Considered intrinsically uninteresting, it is significant that no surviving classical Greek statue depicts a child. It was only in the late nineteenth century that the idea that children were emotionally priceless treasures developed.

The same era developed the cult of motherhood and the family. In nineteenth-century Europe, fathers touched their children only to discipline and mothers touched their children only to groom. In the twentieth century, however, discipline started to disappear in Western civilization. The Nazis! Later, the spanking of children by parents was outlawed in Sweden , Finland , Denmark , Norway , and Austria The Indians of the Great Plains were indulgent and affectionate par- ents, and they never inflicted pain on their offspring.

Indeed, these Indi- ans thought that peace with the whites was impossible because white people— who struck their children— must be crazy! The children raised by the Plains Indians were happy and free-spirited, but their culture never advanced beyond a primitive level. The Aztecs— in contrast— were ferocious disciplinarians, and their chil- dren were subjected to blows, lacerations, and other severities. The Aztec children developed into grim and sullen adults, but they produced an ad- vanced and sophisticated civilization.

Note, however, that in the next century and a half, although fathers lost rights, children did not gain them. Control went to teachers, doctors, courts, social workers. By , however, people were paying one thousand dollars for a child. In modern America, parents kill at least six hundred children each year. Most murders are by mothers. If a father does kill his child, it almost always his son. In America, fathers rarely kill a daughter — or a baby.

Native only to Africa, African tradition maintains that chimpanzees are the product of a human mating with an animal. Scientists, however, claim that chimpanzees and humans evolved from a common ancestor.

Today — in our human-dominated world — chimpanzees are hunted for food and enslaved for experimentation. For the latter function, young chimpanzees are especially prized. The African chimpanzee population declined from 2,, to about , during the twentieth century.

Admirers claim that Christianity is a pure religion of love and peace. Regarding damnation, St. One scholar estimated at the end of the twentieth century that using all the high- ways-and moving one thousand vehicles per lane per hour-it would re- quire twenty-eight hours to move all the inhabitants out of Denver, Colo- rado. As for New York City, it was estimated in that 1.

Such an arrangement would increase evacuation time. In contrast, ancient cities were safer and more compact. Ancient Troy, for example, was five acres in size. The Germans placed their military well inside the city so they could not be shelled or inspected easily. They used an irregular line of defense to allow for flanking fire. They created pas- sages by hacking through the walls of adjoining buildings.

Every window was broken or open, and shooters were placed in the center of a room to conceal their positions. Interestingly, during World War I and World II, the Swiss, if attacked, planned to abandon all the cities and retire into the mountains to fight. To effect change or send a message, practitioners refuse to vote, they decline military service, and they do not pay taxes. The principles of civil disobedience were first articulated by Etienne de La Boetie, the author of The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude, which was originally circulated in manuscript form until it was published in Historian Lewis Mumford, however, pointed out that even insect com- munities have the attributes of civilization, such as a strict division of labor, a specialized military caste, the technique of collective destruction accompanied by mutilation and murder , the institution of slavery, and in certain communities the domestication of plants and animals.

Insect communities also have a monarch-a tyrant called a queen. The first— a successful secession-started in when thirteen colo- nies revolted from the British Empire. The second — one of the most infamous civil wars in history — occurred between and Although Most never shed blood, he pioneered the concept of the letter bomb and he wrote the first how-to manual for terrorists, The Science of Revolutionary Warfare.

To make a profit, they believe, someone must steal. If you can grunt it, do not say it. There are many methods of encrypting information, including the following: 1 Two operatives agree to use a certain text, such as the first edition of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. If the operatives can keep the edition and book they are using secret, this method is secure. Here, a three-page letter is written on some innocuous business, but every fifteenth word in the letter is actually the message.

The message became visible when a hot iron was passed over the sheet of paper bearing the message. Ideally, the sender does not even know the iden- tity of the receiver and vice versa. There are time-tested ways for agents and operatives to communicate information. An example of an unwitting cutout is a commercial courier who is hired to deliver a package containing a message.

The messages are later collected by another. A dead drop may be stationary inside the hollow of a tree or mobile inside the spare tire of a car. Soviet agents often used soft-drink cans. They were rigged to ex- plode or spill acid if they were not opened correctly.

An opera- tive accesses the account, writes a message, but does not send it. A second operative, who also has the password, accesses the account, reads the draft message, and then deletes it. Since the message never traveled over the Internet, it cannot be intercepted.

When a message is left at a dead drop which is a physical location, a sign or indicator is also left a rock is moved, a chalk mark is made, and so forth. That way, from a distance the receiver knows a message is available and will not have to waste time or unnecessarily arouse suspicion by constantly checking the site. The advantage of the dead drop is that it allows no direct contact between the sender and receiver.

Indeed, the sender and receiver need not know the identity of the other. The great disadvantage of the dead drop is that the message for a time is out of the control of the organization. In Alcatraz — the fiendish twentieth-century American prison — prisoners were never allowed to receive original copies of their mail. In West German prisons, imprisoned members of the Baader-Meinhof gang communicated with one another through their lawyers.

The sheets are easily hidden and in an emergency they can be safely swallowed. As a disguise, add calculated misdirection to prevent proper appreciation by the onlooker. Detainees are incarcerated without a trial or any formal legal pro- cess. Thousands perished. The most infamous concentration camps in history were established by the Nazis in By , some of the Nazi camps were extermination centers engaged in industrialized mass murder.

According to Huxley, entire societies will belong. The liberties of the people will be taken away, but they will rather enjoy it. In fact — thanks to propaganda, brainwashing, and pharmaceutical drugs — they will love their slavery. Even if the police film you com- mitting the crime, deny everything. Never confess. A confession will not help you in court — it will not make you feel better.

It will, however, send you to prison or the gallows. If you make a confession, notes Hogshire, the case is closed and the police have won. Gruesome crimes in particular produce false confessions. Dozens and dozens were also telephoned in, and eventually the police stopped counting. A confession without evidence cannot convict. In , before the Belgians arrived in force, it is estimated that the Congo had twenty to forty million people.

By , through forced labor and atrocities, the African population of the Congo had been reduced to 8,, The draft was unpopular and hurt the rebel cause. When the United States drafted men during World War I, critics claimed that conscription violated the constitutional amendment that outlawed involuntary servitude.

Although the draft is obviously a form of forced military labor, the argument was rejected by the Supreme Court on grounds of expediency. A conspiracy is therefore less efficient than an indi- vidual, it is prone to leave evidence behind, and it is relatively easy to infiltrate. Every fellow con- spirator, according to Niccolo Machiavelli, is a potential informant: For anyone who conspires cannot be alone, nor can he find companions except firom among those whom he believes to be dissatisfied; and as soon as you have revealed your intention to one malcontent, you give him the means to make himself content, since he can have everything he desires by uncovering the plot; so much is this so that, seeing a sure gain on the one hand and one doubtful and full of danger on the other, if he is to maintain faith with you he has to be either an unusually good friend or a completely determined enemy of the prince.

Ralph Epperson, the author of The Unseen Hand: An Intro- duction to the Conspiratorial View of History, the first task of a conspiracy is to convince people that the conspiracy itself does not exist. Said to have been once a high-ranking party officer, Goldstein engaged in counterrevolutionary activities, was condemned to death, but then mysteriously escaped. He is said to be somewhere in hiding — still plotting conspiracies — and the government blames all sabotage, all her- esies, and all deviations on him.

Talking about robbing a bank with another is not a conspiracy in most jurisdictions, but if one individual checks to see when the bank is open, an overt act has been committed. Oddly, an overt act may be a legal act. What is important is that it in some way it helps the conspiracy. Note that the overt act may be trivial: writing a letter, making a tele- phone call, attending a meeting, and so forth.

Since the facts of a conspiracy are rarely written down, to prove a conspiracy the government uses circumstantial evidence. Perversely, a conspiracy is considered a separate crime, so an individual can be convicted of conspiracy to rob a bank AND robbing a bank. Also, a conspirator can be convicted of crimes committed by co-con- spirators. In most jurisdictions, conspirators are responsible for crimes com- mitted by any other conspirators, so long as these crimes fall within scope of conspiracy.

In other words, although conspirators may plan to partici- pate in one crime, they may end up being indicted for a number of felonies. Islamic law — the sharia — does not punish the planning of a crime, but only the crime itself. In Islam, the intention to commit a crime is not a crime. With more than one, secrecy may be compromised.

Note that even the Sicilian Mafia — with the code of omerta — the ring of silence has been broken. And even the twelve apostles had one infor- mant, the man named Judas. Let us say that your mind is filled with falsehoods — about yourself about history, about the ivorld around you — planted there by powerful forces so as to lull you into complacency.

Your freedom is thus an illusion. You are in fact a pawn in a plot, and your role is that of a compliant dupe — if you are lucky. If and when it serves the interests of others, your role will change: Your life will be disrupted, you could go penniless and hungry; you might have to die. Nor is there anythingyou can do about this. Oh, if you happen to get a whiff of the truth you can try to ivarn people, to undermine the plotters by exposing them.

But in fact you are up against too much. They are too powerful, too far-flung, too invisible, too clever. Tike others before you, you will fail. It is our century which has established conspiracy as a system of thought and a method of action. Without experience, he argued, a man is unreliable.

Thus, killing should be done by people who have already killed: For it is impossible for any man, even though he be strong-minded, and used to the sight of death and to the handling of deadly weapons, not to be perturbed at such a moment.

For when it comes to doing big things of which a man has no previous experience, no one can saj for certain what will happen. Its admirers maintain it is the most perfect legal document ever devised. Indeed, patriotic Americans view the Constitution as a sacred text. Detractors, however, are less enthusiastic. A typical member of this group-men who dressed in satin pants, powdered wigs, and makeup-was Benjamin Franklin.

Also, no special elections were held to select the delegates to the Con- vention. The delegates were simply appointed by state legislatures. After the Constitution had been written, Rhode Island— unlike all other states-submitted the document directly to the people for a vote. More than 90 percent of the voters rejected it. Note the following points of clarification: 1. The Constitution establishes a republic, not a democracy. The Constitution provided for senators to be elected by state legislatures that was changed by the Seventeenth Amend- ment , a president to be elected by electors chosen by state legisla- tures, and an unelected Supreme Court.

A right, such as trial by jury, is something that cannot, hypothetically speaking, be taken away. In the U. Contrary to popu- lar belief, the Thirteenth Amendment did not abolish all slavery — only slavery imposed without due process. Like the helots of ancient Sparta, they may not be bought or sold, but they have no control over their own bodies, they have no claim to the fruits of their labor, and their utterances and their writings are restricted.

Judicial Review — the power of the courts to declare an act of Con- gress unconstitutional — is not found in the Constitution. The power was first usurped by the Supreme Court in 1 , in the decision Marburj versus Madison. The privilege is still claimed. Oddly, in its present form, the Supreme Court — composed of nine black-robed individuals who serve life terms — is the real sovereign in the United States. Not only do they decree what the Constitution means, the Supreme Court decided the presidential election in A.

Does the Supreme Court use its awesome power wisely? De Valera, a native-born Irishman, would ultimately become the president of a free Ireland. If America ever has a horrible war or a horrible dictator, her child can claim Canadian citizenship.

In the twenty-first century, contraband includes narcotic drugs, counterfeit money, and certain types of pornography. In previous eras, contraband included heretical texts, radical political tracts, and information on birth control. In America the law prohibits the selling or promoting of contraband.

Selling means exchanging the contraband for money. Promoting means giving or lending the contraband. The American C. One C. Born of Jewish parents in Antwerp in , Maschkivitzan was a stateless person with an exten- sive criminal record. He was paid an annual salary plus a larger amount for each murder. In some Muslim countries, conversion from Islam to another religion is a capital crime. Thus, if a communist fanatic becomes disillusioned with Marxism, he will probably become a fascist.

She confided to a friend that some higher being had ordered her to rid the world of the Anti-Christ. A novice nun, Corday was planning to take her vows when the French Revolution closed the nunneries. Outraged by the assaults on her religion— and inspired by the example of Judith, the biblical assassin who saved the Jews by cutting off the head an Assyrian general — Corday concealed a six- inch butcher knife and a note to the French people in her white summer dress.

Walking two hundred miles to Paris, she gained an audience with Marat by claiming that she had evidence of a plot. In an attempt to discredit her, Revolution- aries examined her groin for evidence of sexual activity, but physicians discovered the twenty- five-year-old Corday was anatomically a virgin. An icon of purity, Corday was executed on July 17, One early corporation was the Dutch East India Company.

By the Dutch East India Company was the richest company the world had ever seen, with fifty thousand employees and a fleet of two hundred ocean- going vessels. Corporations have always been significant in American history. In reality, of course, the Constitution does not mention corporations. They feel no pain. They do not need clean water to drink, fresh air to breath, or healthful food to con- sume.

They can live forever. They cannot be put in prison. They can change their identity or appearance in a day, change their citizenship in an hour, rip off parts of themselves and create entirely new entities. Some have compared corporations with robots, in that they are human creations that can outlive individual humans performing their assigned tasks forever. Central management buys, sells, dismantles, or closes component units as it chooses. Sometimes the mutilation is simply an act of sadistic pleasure.

During the Protestant Reformation, for example, Swiss Roman Catho- lics quartered the dead body of Huldrych Zwingli, a Protestant leader, and burned it on a pyre of feces. The skull was sawn off just below the eye- brow. In , in Rawlins, Wyoming, Dr. John E. Osborne, a future governor of Wyoming, participated in the lynching of George Parrott. The evidence against Ball-the corpus delicti -included a bloodstained hatchet, some bloodstained clothing, and a bloodstained carpet.

In a curious case in Australia, the police recovered a human arm. A debate followed, but the court finally ruled that finding an arm does not prove a murder occurred because a person can live without an arm. Described in by an informant named Joseph Valachi, the Cosa Nostra is heavily involved in gambling and labor unions. The Cossacks were fiercely egalitarian — lordless and propertyless — and they lived in freedom in free-ranging warrior bands.

The Cossack leader was called a hetman or headman. After his election, the Cossacks always pelted the new hetman with mud. This demonstrated that he was the servant of the host. It has no army the military was disbanded in and only a small police force.

Costa Rica has no extradition treaty with the United States, and the country is a sanctuary of choice for American fugitives. Today, however, counterfeiting is considered a crime for amateurs. The mob knows that counterfeiting is not worth the risk.

It is easier to forge and pass a thousand-dollar check than to counterfeit and pass ten hun- dred-dollar bills. Also, in the U. To succeed, the coup plotters must conduct a surreptitious seizure of the nerve centers of the state. The coup operatives target key institutions, such as the presidential palace, the opposition party' leaders, the headquar- ters of major labor unions, radio and television stations, newspaper of- fices, airports and crucial transportation links, and so forth.

To neutralize the population, the coup is carried out under false slo- gans. Usual promises include stopping corruption, restoring the Constitu- tion, ending dictatorship, and so forth. The classic elements in any coup are deception, surgically employed force, and sham legality. Practical Handbook by Ed- ward Luttwak Salta al contenuto principale.

Pagina principale Gruppi Conversazioni Esplora Statistiche. Unisciti alla nuova Caccia al tesoro di LibraryThing! LibraryThing Tutti gli argomenti Gli argomenti caldi. State by State List - updated and collated. Where as the original list started as a challenge a few years back I'm hoping this will act as an easy to refer to resource for anyone who might be interested.

Although not exhaustive I am hoping it gives some variety of choice for each state. Also a short listing for SF, Fantasy and 'Undead' mystery writers and series Be warned, I have not checked all the 'touchstones' so they will include errors as the automatic title links are often incorrect If anyone spots any mistakes please add a comment so I can make a correction. Running order: 1.

Mexico 4. Asia - South and Southeast 9. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia Middle East incl' Egypt Ireland Last updated Cooper Devereaux W. Brannan - Red Moon Rising L. Watkins - Murder on Mt. Evelyn Talbot Novels Michael S. Lauren Maxwell series R. Marshal Piedmont Kelly series Western mysteries - mainly set in Arizona? Jance - Joanna Brady series William W.

Abramo - Jake Diamond P. Nick Bk 1 Mr. Crime Novel Rebecca M. Marks - White Heat Bk 1 P. Noir L. Richard B. George - Aimee Machado Mystery series P. VanDyke - California Corwin P. Oliphant aka Sheri S. Orde aka Sheri S.

Allen Norman Jr. Ayres - Lowell P. Hall - Thorn P. MacGregor - Quin St. James and Mike McCleary series L. Walker - ydney Brennan Mysteries Livia J. Thomas A Linnell Jr. Wright - Riptide set on St. Monk Goes to Hawaii Bk 2 Mr. Chip Hughes - Surfing Detective mysteries. Maddy Hunter - Hula Done It? Dewey - Mac P. Kennedy - Tornado Weather set in rural Indiana L. American West M.

Warshawski Nancy J. Buchman - Gas Grilled Chef! Borthwick Jean Scott Creighton - Dr. Walker - Darryl Billups mystery series Ariel S. Jackson - Det. Schenkel - Acey Tapp P. Buchman - Iced Chef! Watson, M. Thompson - Herman Jackson Mysteries P. Ross - Who Fears the Wolf? Conroe - Blue Hotel B. Reynolds - Nebraska Mysteries P.

Byars - Rick Morales Mysteries R. Rose - Hemlock Lake S. Rhoades - Jack Keller Mysteries J. Roberts - Diamond Shoals Sarah R. Wren - Conan Flagg Mysteries. Colonial Virginia and Pennsylvania S. Greenan - Keepers J. Thomas - Bugboy A. Waterman - The Dr. Dandy Elderhostel series Mignon F. Cooper - E. Roberts - Dance School mysteries Latayne C. Alderman - Port Chatham Series D. Grayson - Danny Logan P. Havill - Dr. Finn series Jerry Dawson - Coalshine P.

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