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Since the first publication in , there have been almost a hundred new editions, all of which adhere to the first. Njegos did not see another publication of The Mountain Wreath for he died four years later. It is difficult to imagine that he would have made significant changes, however, had he lived longer. To be sure, there are changes in subsequent editions, mainly to correct obvious misprints or grammatical inconsistencies, or to conform to new orthographic rules.

Thus, even though there is no official standard version of The Mountain Wreath , the edition of suits that definition as far as the meaning of the text is concerned, minor changes notwithstanding. This fact speaks for the unerring creative power of Njegos, who was able to write his major work in one sitting, so to speak. The Mountain Wreath has been translated into most modern languages, in some cases more than once in German, Russian, Czech, and now English.

The changes mentioned above and other references that are difficult to illuminate fully have led to constant interpretations of The Mountain Wreath by various scholars. There are many other, less ambitious interpretations of individual passages or lines. It is safe to say that the definitive interpretation of The Mountain Wreath is far from being complete and that this greatest work in Serbian and South Slav literatures will keep inspiring research forever.

Wiles was a great friend of the Serbs, well acquainted with their culture having spent many years among them. He first read The Mountain Wreath in , translated it for many years, and finally consented to demands for its publication. It was until now the only English translation of this work. Wiles's translation remains a gallant effort. Only those readers who are familiar with the drama, its aphoristic thoughts, at times oblique references, and the strange beauty of The Mountain Wreath in the original can comprehend the difficulties of translating it into another language.

Yet, his motives and gallant efforts notwithstanding, the end result of Wiles's labour was not an unmitigated success. His entire approach to the task reveals several inadequacies and fallacies, which prevented his translation from doing justice to Njegos's masterpiece.

Some of these inadequacies were inherent in the circumstances under which he had to work and over which he had little or no control at all: the inevitable, at times profound differences between the Serbian and English languages; the inability of a non-native to grasp the fine literary and linguistic nuances of the original; and most certainly, some peculiarities of The Mountain Wreath which are often difficult to master even for a native witness several interpretations by Yugoslav scholars, some of which are still unreconciled.

Over other problems Wiles had better control but failed to, or chose not to, exercise it. Yet, the translator often went too far in his freedom. His verses not only fail to reproduce the ten-syllable meter of The Mountain Wreath , but they often show great unevenness in the number of feet per line. Sometimes one verse of Njegos is split into two. The greatest fallacy of Wiles's approach was his belief that The Mountain Wreath must have sounded extremely exalted and archaic even at the time of publication in Such an approach leads not only to a high degree of unusualness, unbefitting a work patterned after folk poetry whose beauty lies primarily in its noble simplicity, but also to a highly stilted language and even stammering speech.

One of the best illustrations of this can be found in the verse. To be sure, just as Shakespeare sounds somewhat archaic to the present-day English reader, The Mountain Wreath does at times sound somewhat antiquated to a modern ear. When it was written, however, it sounded quite natural to a contemporary reader.

When such a work is translated into a modern language, for a modern reader, there is no reason why it should be translated in a language belonging to a different era. It is here that the greatest weakness of Wiles's translation lies. It is primarily this strange sounding language used by Wiles, coupled with other inadequacies, that encouraged me to undertake a new translation. While working on the translation of The Mountain Wreath into English, I was faced with many of the same or similar problems and dilemmas which beset my predecessor.

At the same time, there were problems which my predecessor was not aware of or, more likely, chose to ignore. It is in this area that my translation differs substantially from that of Wiles. First of all, strenuous efforts were made to be as faithful to the original as possible, without making the translation sound like one.

My overwhelming awe before Njegos stifled any temptation to change his work. Such temptation has ruined many a translation, revealing in actuality a frustrated writer in the translator himself. Changes that were made are of a minor nature, dictated only by the impossibility of expressing some word phrase, or idea of Njegos's exactly the same way in English.

The second important element of my approach deals with the question of how contemporary the translation of The Mountain Wreath should be. As mentioned, it makes no sense to render this work in a version of a foreign language that is at least one to two hundred years old. On the contrary, the language of the translation should be just as contemporary as it was to the first reader. There is no reason, therefore, to deny to a modern reader in English the beauty, clarity, and freshness of the original.

The question of form was probably the most difficult to solve. Apart from a few passages in prose, most of which are stage instructions, one brief passage in the nine-syllable meter verses , and the lament of Batric's sister, which is in the twelve-syllable meter verses , the entire work is in the decasyllabic meter deseterac. Strenuous attempts were made to adhere strictly to the meter of the original. Blank verse, consisting of unrhymed iambic pentameter, would have offered a natural solution.

Unfortunately, the meter of The Mountain Wreath is not iambic but, most often, trochaic, which is not indigenous to English verse. Both the iamb and the trochee, therefore, had to be abandoned. The decasyllabic meter, however, has still been preserved in all but a very few verses. At the same time, the caesura, which occurs in The Mountain Wreath regularly after the fourth syllable, has been kept in almost all verses.

The only concessions were a few "untruet' caesuras and sporadic "filler" phrases such as "indeed", "pray tellt', "surely", and so on, in order to complete the decasyllabic line: in no case was the meaning of the original compromised.

In order to preserve the flavour of Njegos's masterpiece, instead of explaining or interpreting unusual metaphors, they were kept whenever possible. For example, the frequent use of the metaphor "gray falcon" for a young brave man is so beautiful that any attempt to find a similar metaphor in English would be a pale reflection of it.

Similarly, the use of "doe" for a beautiful girl, as in verse , is best left unchanged unless one wants to correct Njegos at his craft. Another metaphor, "the evil wind put out the holy lamp", is a good example of the author's way of expressing his religious preference in a poetic fashion; for this reason, it is best to preserve the metaphor in the form Njegos meant it. In selecting words, I have often refrained from long or "intellectual" words; instead, simpler, one-to-two syllable words, the so-called Celtic words, were used, not only because they are more direct and more powerful poetically, but also because they correspond more closely to Njegos's folk-imitating speech.

Thus, for example, the Serbian word "Podosmo" verse is translated as "set out" rather than "departed" or "journeyed"; and "pocine" verse is rendered as "rests" rather than "reposes" or "reclines. Many more short sentences were used in translation than one finds in Njegos. It is quite common in a Serbian text to find two or more independent clauses in the same sentence, separated by a comma; such practice is not tolerated in English. For this reason punctuation frequently had to be changed.

Fortunately, these and other changes in punctuation did not alter the meaning of the original at all. At times an inversion of phrases or clauses within a verse or of verses themselves was necessary in order to produce a smoother reading in English. The inversion of entire verses was mostly of adjacent ones for example, verses , , , , , and so on.

At times it was necessary to invert verses separated by two and even more lines verses , , , , and so on. On some occasions enjambment was used verses , , , , and so on , although it seldom occurs in The Mountain Wreath. The tense sequence was kept uniform within passages. In Serbian the switching from one tense to another, usually from the past to the present, is done with abandon, often in the same paragraph; no such switching is possible in English.

The best examples of this are found in verses and Finally, there is little rhyming in The Mountain Wreath except in the Dedication poem and in a few other verses. Rhyming was completely abandoned in the translation simply because it would have necessitated many deviations from the original. As for the many difficult passages, phrases, and references in The Mountain Wreath , I have relied for the most part on the interpretations of Professor Nikola Banasevic in his commentaries for its latest edition Belgrade: Srpska knjizevna zadruga, He has, in turn, made a compendium of all previous commentaries.

When an interpretation was still in doubt, I have tended to side with Professor Banasevic. All these problems and their attempted solutions have undoubtedly resulted in a certain loss of poetic quality in this translation of The Mountain Wreath. This is inevitable in any translation that strives to be faithful to the author and his work, especially if that work is a poetic one.

In addition to this general circumstance, there is something in the nature of Serbian sounds and the way in which syllables are formed that causes a loss of poetic quality in translation. Serbian sounds, especially those of vowels, are both shorter and clearer than in English. Syllables are usually made through regular interchange of vowels and consonants, producing a much greater musical effect than in English.

It is therefore not surprising that neither James W Wiles nor myself have completely succeeded in reproducing the artistic and musical quality of Njegos's work, as is evidenced by the translation of the above verses. What we have accomplished, I believe, are decent renderings of this beautiful but difficult work. It is not my intention to pass judgment on the merits of the two translations - the reader should be the judge.

Nor do I wish to denigrate Wiles's translation, which, as stated at the beginning, still deserves our respect and gratitude. I myself have used it for comparison and have borrowed a few lines that cannot be improved upon. There are, however, only a few identical lines.

A literary work of the magnitude of The Mountain Wreath deserves to be translated in, by, and for every generation. It is my hope that this is the translation for the second half of the twentieth century. I would like to express my gratitude to the University of North Carolina Research Council and to Bonnie Carey for their generous assistance as well as to Professor Vujadin Milanovic from the University of Belgrade for his suggestions for better English rendering of quite a number of lines in this edition and for making this bilingual edition splendid as it is.

Let this century of ours be the pride of all the centuries, It shall be a fateful era striking awe for generations. In this century eight children were born as if from the same womb; from the cradle of Bellona [2] they made their appearance on earth: Napoleon; Charles [3] ; Blucher [4] ; the Duke of Wellington [5] , and Suvorov [6] ; Karageorge, the scourge of tyrants; Schwarzenberg [7] and Kutuzov [8] , too. Ares [9] , the horror of the earth, made them drunk with martial glory and gave them the earth's arena in which to fight one another.

It is not hard for a lion to come forth from a spacious bush. The nest of genius is built only among greater nations. There, above all, he finds the stuff needed for his deeds of glory and a proud garland of triumph to adorn the hero's bold head [10]. But the hero of Topola [11] , the great, immortal Karageorge, saw many hurdles in his way, yet he reached his grandiose goal. He roused people, christened the land, [12] and broke the barbarous fetters, summoned the Serbs back from the dead, and breathed life into their souls.

He is the Immortal's secret: he gave the Serbs the chests of steel and awakened the lion's heart in those who had lost their courage. The bands of the Eastern Pharaoh [13] turn to ice in fear before George [14]. Through George the Serbian hearts and arms were instilled with high bravery!

Stamboul, the bloodthirsty father of the plague, trembles before him, even the Turks swear by his sabre - no other oath have they indeed. It was destiny that your head had to pay the price for its wreath! Everybody's curse falls on people like Boris [17] and Vukasin [18].

The disgusting name of Piso [19] must not blemish the calendar. Orestes' [20] justice comes like the bolt from heaven to Aegisthus [21]. Miserable, ugly darkness - can it dim the glow of such light? Darkness hides from the light, and yet it only makes the light more bright [22].

The life-giving flame of your torch will shine for the Serb forever, and it will grow more luminous and miraculous for ages. Serbian women used to give birth to Dusan [23] and nurse Obilic [24] , and now Serbian women give birth to such heroes as Pozarski [25] , all wonderful and noble men! Serbdom breathes nobility now. Away from the Serbs, you vile curse - the Serbs have now fulfilled their vow!

Vuk Markovic, a Cuca, a soldier, a second soldier, a Montenegrin wedding guest, a Turkish wedding guest, the student, students. Lo the devil [28] with seven scarlet cloaks, with two swords and with two crowns on his head, the great-grandchild of the Turk, with Koran! Behind him hordes of that accursed litter, march to lay waste to the whole planet Earth, just as locusts devastate the green fields.

If the French dike had not stood in the way, the Arab sea would have flooded it all! Now Byzantium is indeed nothing but a dowry of youthful Theodora; [31] the star of doom still hovers over it. Upon Murat [32] Paleologos [32] calls to bury both Greeks and Serbs together. Brankovic [33] and Gerluka [34] want the same. Thanks, Mohammad, [34] for hanging Gerluka! Besides Asia, where their nest is hidden, the devil's tribe gobled up the nations - one every day, as an owl gulps a bird: Murat Serbia, and Bajazet Bosnia, Mohammed Greece and Murat Epirus, the two Selims Cyprus and Africa.

Each took something, nothing was left over; it is dreadful to hear what's happening. World is too small for the devil's large maw to eat his full, let alone overeat! In Skenderbeg [37] beats Obilic's heart, but he perished as a forlorn exile. What can I do? Who is there to help me? There are few hands and all too little strength. I'am a lone straw tossing in the whirlwind, a sad orphan without friend or kinfolk.

My people sleep a deep and lifeless sleep; no parent's hand to wipe away my tears. Above my head the heaven is shut tight; it does not hear my cries or my prayers. The world has now become a hell for me, people have turned into hellish spirits.

O my dark day! O my black destiny! O my wretched Serbian nation snuffed out! I have outlived many of your troubles, yet I must fight against the worst of all! Plague of mankind, may God's wrath be on you! Is half a world you've already poisoned with your mean deeds not large enough for you, that you had to spew out all the venom of your black soul on this hard rock as well? You rule the throne you've unjustly taken [40] and are prideful of your bloody scepter; you insult God from the holy altar, a mosque rises where the broken Cross lies.

It is washed in blood so many times over, a hundred times in yours, as oft in ours! Behold the work of that wicked monarch, [42] whom the devil teaches all kinds of things: "Montenegro I cannot win or tame, nor call it mine in any real sense; this is how one should deal with its people. May God strike you, loathsome degenerates, [44] why do we need the Turk's faith among us? What will you do with your ancestors' curse? When I think of today's council meeting, [47] flames of horror flare up deep inside me.

A brother will slaughter his own brother, and the arch-foe, so strong and so evil, will destroy e'en the seed within mothers. O wretched day, may God's curse be on you! A hundred times I've cursed that hour last year when the Turks failed, or didn't want, to kill me; my people's hopes I would not betray now. Vuk Micunovic lies near the Bishop. He is pretending to sleep but can hear everything very well.

Don't, my Bishop, if you have faith in God! What misfortune has come over you now that you do wail like some sad cuckoo-bird and drown yourself in our Serbian troubles? Is today not a festive occasion on which you have gathered Montenegrins to cleanse our land of loathsome infidels? Besides, this is our slava holiday [49] on which our best and noblest lads gather to test their strength and their abilities, the strength of arms, and fleetness of their feet, to vie also in the target-shooting, to cleave the roast ram's shoulder in wager, to hear also the liturgy in church, dance the kolo [50] all around the churchyard, and thrust their chests in knightly exercise.

To all brave men that is a holy incense, making youthful hearts as strong as iron! Banish, Bishop, such dark and gloomy thoughts! Men bravely bear, wailing is for women. A timid chief has no business ruling! You are not left just to your resources. Do you not see these five hundred brave lads?

What marvels of strength and fleet-footedness have we not seen here among them today? Did you see how they were target-shooting, how skilfully they played the game of grad , [51] and how nimbly they did grab the small caps? Instead, his nest he keeps rearranging, Grabbing the straws one after another, he flies shrieking toward the light blue sky, In this there is a lesson to be learned. Beside the youths present here around you, there are six times as many back at home.

Their strength, Bishop, is surely your strength too. Before the Turks will have conquered them all, many a wife of the Turk will wear black. Our struggle won't come to an end until we or the Turks are exterminated. What right to hope has anyone of us except in God and in our own two hands.

The hope we had was buried forever in one large tomb at the Kosovo Field. Crosses have been carried from Lovcen to the hill above the Crkvine. Men are sitting on the hill, shooting and counting the echoes of each shot. What a fine gun, worth a human head! Every one of our guns echoes six times, but dzeferdar [55] of Vuk Tomanovic keeps echoing nine times of equal strength.

Montenegrins, do you see this wonder? Fifty full years I've spun of my life's yarn. I've always spent my summers on Lovcen and have clambered up to this high summit. Hundreds of times I have gazed at the clouds sailing in flocks from the sea down yonder and covering this entire mountain range. I've watched them float and rush now here, now there with lightning bolts and with mighty rumble and with the roar of terrible thunder.

Hundreds of times I have rested up here, warming myself in the sun peacefully. I've watched often the lightning beneath me, listened to the thunder rending the sky, as in the din of the frightening hail the clouds below make everything barren -but this wonder I have yet to witness! Do you notice, upon your faith in God, how much there is of the sea and the coast, of proud Bosnia and Hercegovina, Albania way down there by the sea, how much there is of our Montenegro?

The clouds cover all these lands evenly! The thunder's roar can be heard all around, all beneath us the lightning keeps flashing, but we alone are lying in the sun. It has become rather hot up here now, since the top of this mountain's always cool. Did you see this miracle and omen when two flashes made a cross in the sky? One flash came from Kom [56] straight on to Lovcen; the other flashed from Skadar [57] to Ostrog [58]. They formed a cross made out of living fire.

How lovely it is just to look at it! Never before in this wide world of ours has someone heard or seen such a cross. God, help us Serbs in all our misfortune; this, too, must be a good omen for us! It isn't proper to kill a cuckoo-bird. Do you not know, may the devil take you, that cuckoos are the daughters of Lazar? A great commotion arises above the Crkvine, on the northern side above the lake.

What's this clamour? What is troubling you now? So help me God, you are worse than children! The great uproar arose for that reason. Let them all go, may God's grace be with you, because trouble has driven them our way; you wouldn't have caught one of them otherwise. They've fled to you only to find shelter, and surely not for you to slaughter them. They let the partridges fly away and returned with crosses to the place they had taken them from. God is angry with the Serbian people because of their many mortal sins.

Our kings and tsars trampled upon the Law [60]. They began to fight each other fiercely and to gouge out each other's very eyes. They neglected the government and state and chose folly to be their guiding light. Their servants ceased to obey their masters and washed themselves in the blood of their tsars. Our own leaders, God's curse be on their souls, carved the empire into little pieces and sapped the strength of the Serbs wantonly.

Our own leaders, may all their trace vanish, sowed the bitter seed of disharmony and thus poisoned the entire Serbian tribe. Our own leaders, miserable cowards, thus became the traitors of our nation. O that accursed supper of Kosovo! Vuk Brankovic, [63] O you shameful scoundrel, was that the way to serve your fatherland? Was that the way to uphold honesty? O you, Milos, who does not envy you? You are the victim of your noble feelings, you, a mighty military genius, a terrific thunder that shatters crowns!

The greatness of your noble knightly soul surpasses the immortal, valiant deeds of great Sparta and of powerful Rome. All their brilliant courageous endeavours your knightly arm places in deep shadow. Leonidas [64] and Scaevola, [65] can they match Obilic on any battlefield? His powerful arm with a single blow toppled a throne and shook all Tartarus.

So lies proudly the magnificent duke, bathed in the spirts of his noble blood, just as he walked proudly a while ago among the hordes of the savage Asians, his chest heaving with a fearsome thought, devouring them all with his fiery eyes just as he walked proudly a while ago to a sacred grave of immortal life, showing disdain for human worthlessness and the intrigues of the mad assembly.

A dragon with seven heads [68] has appeared and devoured the entire Serbian nation, the slanderers as well as the slander. Made immortal and crowned was the glory o f both the true sworn brothers of Milos and the lovely wreath of Jugovics. Mighty lions have become meek peasants. Rash and greedy converted to Islam - - may their Serb milk make them all sick with plague! Those who escaped before the Turkish sword, those who did not blaspheme at the True Faith, those who refused to be thrown into chains, took refuge here in these lofty mountains to shed their blood together and to die, heroically to keep the sacred oath, their lovely name, and their holy freedom.

Our heads withstood the hard test in battles! Our brave lads have shone like the radiant stars. Those who were born in these lofty mountains fell day by day in the past's bloody wars and gave their life for honour, name, and freedom. All of our tears were always wiped away by the deft sounds of the lovely gusle.

What is the cause that for quite some time now our native hills are shrouded in silence and no longer echo with warlike cries? Our idle arms are all covered with rust. Our land has been left without its leaders. The high mountains are reeking with heathens. In the same fold are both wolves and sheep, and Turk is one with Montenegrin now. Hodja bellows on the plain Cetinje!

Do you hear the kolo dancers singing? And all that has been set forth in their song comes from the minds of the entire people. And good reason have the Montenegrins to bury us under a hail of stones. We do not dare to begin any work that would spur folks to some heroic deeds, warm the sacred bones of our forefathers, and make them dance in the grave joyfully.

Instead we keep cackling something like geese. Strike the devil and leave of him no trace, or relinquish this world and the next, too! You are quite right, Voivode Milija! May God remove all the trace of our race if we should live in cowardice and disgrace!

Why the devil in Christian land of ours? Why do we feed a snake in our bosom? In great God's name, what kind of brothers they who dishonour the Montenegrin face and spit on the holy Cross openly? Why is it that they have not arrived yet, our border folks, the good Ozrinics? All together, we can work much better. They have gone to a meeting with some Turks to talk about the prisoners' exchange.

I sent to them an envoy with message to hasten here as soon as they return, to hurry up so that we waste no time, for this business stands no further delay. Why, for God's sake, are you so late, brothers? Waiting for you we almost perished here. Food in our bags has almost disappeared, tobacco in our pouches has gone.

I sprained my neck looking across the field, waiting for you to make your appearance. We did hurry to come here earlier, but we could not make it any faster: Our Pecirep and the old Baleta gathered about twenty to thirty lads and to Duga [75] went with the company, to wait for the caravan from Niksic. Then a dispatch came to us from Niksic, offering us ten new sworn brotherhoods , [77] asking us to meet them at Poljane [78] to return their prisoners for ransom.

Se we went to the meeting with the Turks, and that is why we are a little late. What did Hamza [79] and the Niksics say? Was it that they desire so fervently to graze their stock in peace at Rudine? You know, Bajko, that it was indeed so. No one has fled from good things in life yet. Why should the Turks not desire the good thing, that of grazing their flocks of sheep in peace? It's true, Rogan, there was much quarreling.

Do you not know the Turks of Niksic town? We just about flew at each other's throats. Generations would tell one another the tale of our bloody get-together. At the outset it was as in a joke. Vuk Mandusic and Vuk Micunovic began to talk with Hamza the Captain for and against each other's religion.

Suddenly the talk turned thick and heavy, and they exchanged several bitter words. Then Hamza said to Vuk Micunovic: 'I am better than you. I ride a horse and carry a sharp sword. I am captain of an imperial town, [82] which we have ruled for full three hundred years. My grandfather had won it by his sword, when empire was divided by the sword, and the town was left to his heirs to rule. How can a traitor be better than a knight?

What is this talk of 'sword' and 'Kosovo'? Weren't we both on the Field of Kosovo? I fought then and I am still fighting now, you were traitor then and you are one now. You've dishonoured yourself before the world, blasphemed the faith of your own ancestors. You have enslaved yourself to foreigners! As for your boast about your town and rule - haven't I with marble stones [83] embellished all Turkish towns in our vicinity, so that they are no more fit for people but are prisons for unhappy captives?

I am a scourge of God always ready to bring to mind the evil you have wrought. Micunovic' talks as well as he acts! Serbian woman has never born his like, since Kosovo or even before it! I have not yet mentioned the real reason for our coming to blows at the meeting. As you well know, the youths of Ozrinics always make jokes wherever they may go. The mad devil had brought to the meeting an old hodja by the name Bruncevic, who had with him some kind of short carbine of an arm's length, perhaps a bit shorter.

He had the gun slung over his shoulder, strutting proudly up and down the field, together with the rest of his people. One of our youths then from us slipped away, passed the hodja sideways as if by chance, and stuck a horn over an elbow long in the barrel of his upright carbine.

Oh, my dear Lord! But the hodja wondered as he strutted what might have come over all these people, until he saw the horn in his carbine. Our mood became quite dark and threatening. Soon we clashed and fire shot forth from our guns. Fifteen stretchers were made ready quickly - six for our men, nine for men of theirs. It's time for us to gather together. It's time to come to some firm decisions. The word has spread about our intentions. When our heathen brethren hear about it, they won't waste time and drag on as we do.

Each one has come who should be here with us, except for the five Martinovics. Very likely they've met with some trouble; yet without them, we can do so little. I myself know what to do should they come. But here we're like the mice in the fable [84] who wanted to hang a bell on the cat. You're here, at last! We've waited long enough! We are, brothers, getting all together like drunk wedding guests, as the story goes. Do not blame us, Vuk and other brothers! We would have come to the meeting sooner, but ill fortune came to us on our way; for that reason we are a bit tardy.

Has wine perhaps caused the guests to quarrel? After all, this is your patron saint's day. Say, what woman? Sure, you must be joking? Please go ahead and tell us what happened. And don't worry, everyone will listen. Everyone likes to listen to such tales.

I will tell you 'bout that devil's business. We were dancing the kolo with our guests and passing round the jug of ruby wine, when suddenly, above the Piste stream, [87] a shot rang out, a man began to shout, "Who is a knight and a brave fighter, hear!

Montenegrins have been led off for slaves! He's drunk and thinks he's singing, we reckoned. Two shots rang out one after the other: Bang - bang - again echoed without a pause, and the same man kept shouting as before. That cannot be without serious trouble! We grabbed our guns and started off to run. When we got there, there was a sight to see: Mujo Alic, the Turkish chief of guards, had run away with Ruza, Kasan's wife, and fled with her and his youngest brother.

More than a year, perhaps, it has been now since those two had put their heads together, but who would dare even to imagine a Serbian woman marrying a Turk? A woman's mood is a funny business! A woman cares not about a man's faith. A hundred times she would change religion to accomplish what her heart desires.

But I have not told you the whole story. Eternal woe may be unto that soul who caused Ruza such a great misfortune, who gave Ruza in marriage to Kasan, and locked up a fairy in a prison, for Kasan is such a lowly coward. Listen to me, my dear Montenegrins! Had she run off with any Serbian man, may all my trace be wiped out forever if I had then so much as turned my head, no matter how painful it were to me.

But when I heard she had gone with a Turk, we could wait and put it off no longer: we decided to go and pursue them. At Simunja [88] we found the wedding guests. We killed both Alic brothers right there, with them, alas, the unlucky bride, too. Because of that we've besmirched our honour and lost our grace with the Almighty God. Oh, my dear Lord, what a strange assembly!

Would our children act and behave like this? We dare not do what we are yet doing, and not announce what everybody knows. Whenever I have spent much time thinking, my work has lagged always too far behind. Those who delay never find the right way. Don't hold us back any longer, Bishop. All wait to hear what you have to say now, but you have lost yourself in gloomy thoughts. You neither speak nor send us on our way.

Your face mirrors the colour of the earth. Alone you pace up and down on the field. You do not eat, nor can you fall asleep. Oppressive thoughts are crowding in your mind - your dreams always circle around the Turk - but I do fear too much contemplation. Now, listen, Vuk and my other brothers! Do not wonder at what you see in me, that dark thoughts are tearing my soul apart and that my chest is heaving with horror.

Who stands on a hill, even a small one, sees more than he who stands below the hill. Some things I see more clearly than you do. I fear them not, this brood of the devil, may they be as many as forest leaves, but I do fear the evil at our home.

Some wild kinsmen of ours have turned Turkish. If we should strike at our domestic Turks, their Serbian kin would never desert them. Our land would be divided into tribes, and tribes would start a bitter, bloody feud. Satan would come to the demon's wedding, and thus snuff out the Serb slava's candle.

One bears evil for fear of greater one! The drowning man clutches even at foam and by instinct reaches over his head. Why soot your hands if you don't want to forge? Why this meeting if you're afraid to speak? Once you escaped the Turkish impalement; you should've rotted on their gallows instead! Some Turks you fight, others you treat like friends in vain hopes of placating your own Turks.

But just the same, do not deceive yourself! Should they ever catch you again, brother, they'd cut off your head that very instant, or they would tie your hands behind your back and torture you then to their hearts' delight. Birds of the same feather flock together! Turks are always brothers to each other. Strike while you're still able to swing your arm, and feel sorry for nothing in the world. Everything has gone the devil's way. Of Mohammed our entire country reeks.

You're right, Knez, but you have gone too far. You could have said all that but more gently, without rubbing the salt in Bishop's wounds and poisoning him with bitter sadness. No one has yet drunk a cup of honey without mixing it with a cup of gall. A cup of gall needs a cup of honey; they are swallowed the easiest when mixed.

Beg Ivan-beg, [91] a scion of heroes, against the Turks he fought like a lion all over these bloodied hills and mountains. Half of his lands the Turks did take from him, but not before soaking it with our blood and not before killing his one brother, the fierce dragon, bold Voivode Uros, [92] in a fight on the broad Cemovo field.

Ivan mourned his only brother Uros. He mourned more him, the Voivode Uros, than he would mourn the loss of his two sons. Indeed, he mourned Voivode Uros more than all the land he had lost to the Turks. Indeed, he mourned Voivode Uros more than he would mourn the loss of his own eyes. Yes, he would give both his eyes for Uros! Many a time the cloudless sky would laugh at a hero with a roaring laughter.

Ivan raised and drank the toast of revenge, a holy drink consecrated by God. Down his shoulders he let his white hair fall. His long white beard was curled down to his waist. In his old hands he held his sword and spear, and his hands and weapons became bloody. Counting Turkish corpses with his footsteps, the old man bounced like a nimble youngster.

O my dear Lord, it sure must be a dream that the old man was jumping up so high? His old fortune has been resurrected: in Karuce, [93] upon Crmnica's end, of a whole band of fifteen thousand Turks not one of them was allowed to escape. Their marble tombs, which can still be seen there, hail the glory of Knez Crnojevic. God grant mercy to the soul of Uros! Great offerings were made in his honour. Without effort no great song can be sung; without effort no saber can be forged!

Bravery is the lord of all evil, as well as the drink most sweet to the soul; generations make themselves drunk with it. Blessed is he whose name lives forever. A good reason had he to be alive! A lasting torch in the lasting darkness neither burns out nor loses its bright light. There where a seed has first begun to sprout, There it should find its rest and bear its fruit. Is it instinct or spiritual guidance? It is here that all human knowledge fails. Just as a wolf has the right to his sheep, so has every tyrant to a weakling.

To place foot upon tyrany's neck, to lead tyrants to knowledge of the right, this is the most sacred of man's duties! If you lay a kiss on a bloody sword and sail across the turbid waves of night, the memory of you deserves to live. Europe's cleric from his holy altar scoffs and spits at the altar of Asia. The blood of the just smokes at the altars, broken relics here are turning to dust. The earth groans, but the heavens are silent! Awesome symbols, the Crescent and the Cross; [96] their kingdoms are the realms of graveyards.

Following them down the bloody river, sailing in the small boat of great sorrows, we must honour the one or the other. But blasphemy against the old relics that have nourished us like milk since childhood enkindles fires of hell within my chest. A smooth sapling has no need for a knot. So why, then, does the Crescent mar the Cross? Why this gray screen on the sun's white pupil?

O my True Faith, my poor, helpless orphan! Ill-fated tribe! O how long will you sleep? To be alone is not being at all, loneliness brings only more suffering. The devil's might has surrounded us all. If in the world somewhere we had brothers, their sympathy would be the same as help.

Darkness now rules supreme over my head, and the moon seems to be my only sun. Ripen, young wheat and corn, into the grain! Your harvest has arrived before its time. I see precious offerings piled up high at the altar of our Church and nation. Wailing echoes I hear in the mountains. We must uphold our honour and our name! Let the struggle go on without respite.

Let it be what men thought could never be. Let Hell devour, let Satan cut us down! Flowers will sprout and grow in our graveyards for some distant future generation. God be with us, He and all His angels! But here you are sailing hard - O Bishop, into confused and very troubled winds, like the witch who stalks in the month of March or the wizard in the gloomy Autumn. Let those who bear the honour-studded arms and those who hear the heart beat in their chest strike for the Cross and for heroic name!

We should baptize with water or with blood those blasphemers of Christ's glorious name. Let's drive the plague out of our sheephouses! Let songs ring forth, songs of all these horrors. On blood-stained stones let the true altar rise. Let us talk it over! If we agree, my brothers, I would like to invite the leaders of the converts to a meeting of all of our brothers, we'll guarantee their lives until they leave.

Perhaps they will return then to our faith and extinguish the flame of our blood-feud. All right, Bishop. Let us try that, also. So help me God! It will be in vain, though. He who has been nurtured by the devil will abide him faithful and forever. They'll come to us even without our pledge and start giving themselves airs before us.

Judging by the conceit of those chieftains, they see themselves as the Sultan's true sons! A bitter curse fell on the renegades. He bit her breast while nourishing himself and spilled the drink of Eden on her chest. The parent's curse caught up with the children. All his honour lost her son Stanisa by blaspheming at the true Christian faith and at the brave, proud tribe of Crnoje, [99] He clad himself in the enemy's faith and grew thirsty for blood of his brothers.

A din arose above the Ljesko field! The mother's curse thus fell upon her son, and massacred was his entire army. Stanko ran off headlong to Bajazet, [] to eat with him Hungarian noses. What suffering you have had to endure! What victories are still in store for you! About seven or eight Turkish chieftains come and sit down with the Montenegnns. They are silent and keep looking at their feet.

For heaven's sake, why have you turned to stone? Why don't you start to talk to each other? You let yourselves be lulled to sleep instead. Those are right words, for sure, Knez Ozrinic! If no one will, I will begin to speak. Gathered here now are one hundred chieftains, both Turkish and Montenegrin chieftains. I know full well why we've been assembled: to make a peace between our blood brothers.

Listen to me, you chieftains of the land, let's try to find a way among ourselves to reconcile two warring families of Ceklici [] and of Velestovo, [] then Bajice and the clan of Alic. Let us all try to bring a peace to them, let's offer them at least our pledge for peace. I'll be the first to go with the kumas [] and compensate for life that's been taken.

Let us make peace, cut the dinar in two, [] and hang our guns all bloodied on the wall! You, Effendi, clearly failed to divine the reason for our getting together, and you started therefore from the wrong end. Yet you are wise and a writer, they say. You attended the school in Istanbul and paid visit to some sort of Mecca, yet more wisdom you're surely in need of.

This school of ours is harder to master. Dear Lord, You who rule the whole universe, You who reside on Your heavenly throne and ignite with Your all-powerful glance each bright body in the whole universe; You who have set in motion the fine dust under Your throne, shiny and translucent, and proclamed it to be Your many worlds; You who gave life to every speck of dust and sowed in it the seed of intellect; You who maintain the Book of Creation, in which are writ the fates and destinies of the whole world and intelligent stuff; You who have so graciously decided to give power to the agile bodies of the tiny ant and the proud lion, - send cheering light over Montenegro, remove from it the lightning and thunder, the turbulent and hail-carrying clouds!

It may not be the turncoats' fault as much. The infidel enticed them with falsehood and entangled them in the devil's nets. But what is man? In truth, a weak creature! Honey is sweet even to cold, aged lips, let alone to youthful, passionate ones! The bait was sweet but attached to a hook: "Drink sweet sherbet from the Prophet's cup or expect his axe blow between your ears! The light that shines in the eye of the fox [] terrifies birds, the weakest of creatures, yet the fox looks at the eagle in fear.

News of the death of a brother or son strengthens threefold our affection for them; sweeter to find the lost than ne'er to lose. After a storm the sky becomes clearer, after sorrow the soul is more serene, and after tears the song is more joyous. Oh, that these eyes of mine could only see Montenegro regain what it has lost! It would then seem to me indeed as if Tsar Lazar's crown is shining on me now and that Milos had returned to the Serbs.

My soul would be truly contented then like a peaceful morning in the springtime, when the sea winds and even the dark clouds slumber upon the bosom of the sea. In the name of my fair faith, I wonder what reproach there you are making, Bishop! Have you e'er seen a cup to hold two drinks, or seen a cap to fit two heads at once? A small brook runs into a larger stream, on emptying, it loses its own name; at the seashore both lose identity.

Are you trying to catch bees in your cap and with it start a beehive in the woods? From such beehive no one will eat honey! You are pushing a stone up hill in vain! An old tree breaks before it is straightened! Animals are very much like people. Each living sort has its own character. I don't ask 'bout the hen and the eagle, but does, pray tell, a lion fear a goose? I marvel at this strange business also. The priest questions the sinner 'bout his sins, whether Satan has a firm hold on him, but I have yet to witness the devil go to the priest to make a confession!

When my wife asks where I have been today, I will tell her that I've been sowing salt. Now I remember that well-known story [] of the devil who was pulled from the pit: half of his face was black, the other white. A fly just flew straight into my nostril. The way my palms are itching this moment, if someone should begin to quarrel now, we would surely get a handsome reward.

Oh, how I shook with laughter last evening! Into our house there came by from somewhere two wonderful young men of Bjelica. They told me that some of their own people had built a mill upon a certain place without a pond or even a small brook; when they finished, they thought about water!

My brother's wife must have lost her senses. You could not keep her quiet without ropes! I took her to 'prophets" who read from books. One said, "She has stepped on some dog's scratchings. In the cloisters I beseeched the devil to stay away from our Andjelija.

I entreated the devil, all in vain! At last I took my whip of triple throng, [] and scourged her shirt right into her own flesh. The devil fled somewhere without a trace, Andjelija, in turn, regained her health. If you are looking for a easy to use apps that can open AOL mailboxes, so you can view them and read your emails, MailBox Viewer Free is the choice for you.

This is an all-in-one solution for all AOL Email users. It is simple and easy to use and the email reading parts are quick to load and do not nag you to use the browser for email. A perfect day for sitting in front of the computer and playing around with something called Twitter.

This Add-in gives you graphical and schematic representation for WebSphere Application Server components. You can design and simulate your design you can also add components and then trace, monitor, and control the component lifecycle. You can. For instance, after a long usage of remote control you can experience an annoying jittering effect when you move the mouse cursor, which gets progressively more severe.

On the plus side, this is an easy-to-use application that includes a very extensive help system and a high number of keyboard and mouse commands. The "echo" facility permits you to watch and alter the commands entered over the device you're controlling the computer from.

For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that the download may represent a reasonable choice for those who want to enrich their desktop. You can download SPclock from the website below. It is highly suggested to perform a complete test-ride so you will find out how it works and what settings you can change. You must have an account set up in order to use the utility.

Review summary:. There is a lot of configuration available in the options if you are the advanced user. New and experienced users can use this software to make backups as easily as possible. Overall it does exactly what it. Troubleshooting tips Ultimately, the most contentious aspects of an application that converts MySQL data to Excel may be in how easy and efficient the process can prove to be, given how much time it can save your loved ones. That being said, an investigation into the troubleshooting tips that the developer left us would be like a breath of fresh air.

Likewise, you can extract files without writing the binary code. You can add scripts and styles easily, and run scripting languages in Firebox. It combines a realistic LAN emulation that simulates a specific setting e. Q: how to manage multiple xib files in objective-c?

I have eight view controller's view xib. I also have to manage view1. A lightweight screen recorder that helps you record full screen images, export, and upload to YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. Note: You should be running on a machine with suitable minimum spec required for Win10, good graphics card, strong internet connection, and have a selected storage location as the home directory for future use.

In fact, a few will just get by with a standard website and an Outlook account. Enter Office It's a versatile and popular Office option, compared to the more traditional Microsoft Office suite. In addition to regular computing needs, like email and.

Nobody will get to know the initiator of the message sending. You can impersonate other computer to write message to it. You can check the messages in target computer without knowing who sent them. The message is synced with the server anytime and automatically. This is the open source plugin for Htop 2. It allows. The program is available in more than 30 languages, is available in the repository of several Linux distros and comes with a day money-back guarantee.

With And Yet It Moves, InDesign has been reinvented as a document authoring app that facilitates the production of interactive journals, interactive magazines and animated postcards as well as ebook publication in a functional workflow. As with most Adobe applications, the key is the collaboration. An iMac desktop with previous macOS versions had only the Path.

The application is helpful in numerous ways, and you can easily customize it to fit your needs. Check out our website and social media pages to stay up to date on the latest free software. FREE for 30 Days and we'll even give you a free upgrade! Baby Lock was started in , based on the belief that securing the advancement of mobile technology towards widely adopted smart-powered devices was the only way to provide modern safety to our children.

As for set-up and post-processing, there is no trouble doing so, as the editing results are satisfactory and customizable. Final thoughts Podcast Studio is a quite reliable application, thanks to which you will always be up to date with your favorite podcasts.

However, it is also worth noting that the developer is not interested in fixing the occasional bugs and glitches that are often found within the system. With this in mind, one of its more useful features could also be found at a glance - the search bar. When you hover over it with the cursor, the extension provides a small preview of any currently playing track, and as soon as you're done with the preview, the track continues playing seamlessly.

As you can see, Quick Preview for Soundcloud for Chrome is bound to the condition of having a steady Internet connection. From the user's perspective, it behaves like a grid using which the simulation of multi-. Through deep analysis, the SerialMonitor interface has several advantages compared to existing implementations and vendors.

The main benefit lies in the use of the RegisterDeviceXXX method, which does not require any device cleanup process and can be invoked from a thread that does not require exclusive access to the port. This is extremely useful for monitoring, as the serial port will keep working even if your application goes to sleep. Luckily, you can find software that will do the trick and display thumbnails of all your files, with a thumbnail preview of each and making it even more pleasant to handle.

Furthermore, it's useful to backup entire content of your computer in the form of created user accounts or text messages with FolderSync's built0in Backup For Folders and SMS functionality. Other interesting features include the ability to automatically copy a folder or file only if it's changed and the ability to preview files in e. Preview Pane Placer can be configured as default app for opening file previews. So, without you having to mess with the OS's System Settings, since this is quite a tricky procedure, you can enable the app's automatic theme switch.

You can also opt for a darker theme with a higher light intensity on any light-weight window, for example your browser. By the way, here are the detailed commands to select the system theme: 1. CafChat can send and receive files, pictures, links and vcards. It can send and receive applet plugins from web pages, and can act as an instant messenger server or as an instant messenger client when running on Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT.

If you make a selection, right click and select "Send as File". If you select the scren on the screen, it will be uploaded. Quick tips: Make your selection with the aim of scrolling a little bit to the right or left to allow for overlap with the edge of the window.

Once you make your selection, right click and choose "Send as File" as quickly as you can, or click Esc to cancel it. Shows the first and last mac addresses of the lan card. It is up to you to decide which features are important to you. Apart from the layout, you will be able to organize and personalize the launcher to your needs, too.

Once a profile is created. A: I tried Grasshopper but I couldn't love it. I just don't enjoy that kind of way of taking notes. A few words, one dotted line, full screen, etc. Considering that I really liked Shower after starting to use it, I don't want to go back to "pounding the keys" to take a note.

I want the exact opposite. The role of these molecules in tumorigenesis may be direct and through effects on gene expression, or indirect and through immunodeficiency. We therefore plan to use the trypanosome protozoan, Trypanosoma brucei, to examine these questions.

Preliminary studies have. Players can practice and improve their skills as they compete against opponents from all over the world, including our fan site. Our SRS 6 software package Free to download to our fans is now fully compatible with this game. New solitaire online players can play with our SRS 6 because all our games are compatible with this new Free control system. Our SRS. Revision is a comprehensive open source project management tool designed to support you with everything that you may need in order to manage your development projects.

In particular, it is well suited for the development of Rails applications. The difference between Revision and similar project management tools like Basecamp, Fogbugz and Asana is that Revison is designed as a plugin to an issue management tool like Bugzilla or Trac.

When SlideShow starts. If you stop using PowerPoint while the demo window is open. Press Win-. SnackAmp is a multi-user support, integrated web server, and a powerful auto-play list feature. Although the interface does not look intuitive for the light and complex people, the straightforwardliness of the whole application when it comes to monitoring your data should bring peace of mind to those keen on that. York police attempting to find two kids who disappeared from a park in mid-June A missing girl and her twin brother have been sought by York police for more than eight months.

Mitchelle L. However, manual scanning of text can take a lot of time, even with a human scanner. Edit: You can see how to set your location in this app or you can use Google Location. A: Weather is an utility application from the Android Market designed to help you keep an eye on the weather, and learn about weather patterns in your city or country. The application provides a clear interface for you to view weather, temperature, wind direction and even precipitation rain, snow or both.

Some important features: Weather forecast chart. Temperature chart. Information about codecs is integrated in the application, which allows you to stream videos, music, and other content on your website. It can stream from virtually any source, while being in a very colorful user interface. Stored media files Total Streaming Player supports.

It is a user friendly, portable, powerful and easy-to-learn processing tool. Most modern science courses and textbooks on rheology explain some of the basic ideas of polymer rheology using low shear time-dependent quantities e. Many people have struggled with the laboratory measurements required to measure these quantities, and the extremely time-consuming nature of the calculations involved. The lack of complicated processes to go through, along with it being a free application, is why we decided to rate the software a 9 out of Pros: Easy to use, intuitive No complicated processes to go through.

However, if you are a serious audiophile, then the app you have is not much to look forward to, as it comes with a number of features that make the player a class apart. Chrome is a browser that is primarily designed to provide an efficient web browsing experience.

It employs a plug-in-based model, which also goes hand in hand with a multi-process architecture called multiplexing. It has a built in representation of the rearrangement model, one that many rearrangement programs adhere to. This rearrangement model is also used by Pathoscope for representing static substitution models. Pathoscope recognizes most genomes, but there are many instances in which the algorithm works poorly and you may experience crashes.

We are using a javascript handler to fetch some static content. QueryEscape fmt. Actualy, p2s is a good programming languge for creating peer-to-peer applications! Apart from resolving the majority of your issues in a simple manner, Mkgmap features advanced functions, such as the ability to filter tags in the style, and manage them, as well as a straightforward and suitable Unicode tagging system.

You can remove tags, set their height or angle for the created map, and much more. Care should be taken, however, when editing or using Mkgmap. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Best Converter from CaliSoft Software.

Works with more than unit pairs. Can convert between area, geometry, distance, time, force, temperature, productivity, luminous flux, light and much more Trilvia is a multi-genre music player with the capability of fast and effective searching. You can find virtually any song ever recorded in the world!

Trilvia player is influenced by Windows interface and sounds of MP3 players. It can be customized with skins and sounds. You can play current playlist and view the list of all your songs. This will convert your maps into "circle" maps. This will also reduce the effects of these edit operations and will not change the appearance of the map. The "Move Map" command, in the "Control" menu, allows you to move any map around the screen.

To take an oversized circle map circle this will create regular circle maps from the circles, so you may need to delete the map and select a circle map for the desired length and height. If the selected. If you don't have any and they are not working properly.. Bruce Rauner vetoed close to half their legislative agenda - including school funding. The Republican governors signing onto their own legislation to further cut taxes and to shovel millions into schools in the state.

For their efforts they were lauded as heroes. But at the same time, an amendment to pay-for-play legislation favored by Republicans and business interests — vetoed by Rauner — imposed a new limit on. It is well developed with a clean interface and a user-friendly tutorial. If you are looking for an app to help you to organize your windows and apps in a way that is space-saving and efficient, you might want to give ScreenGridy a try. Ratings The current rating for this version is 4.

You can read our complete review here. The glossary is located at MB. Sophie Rhetoric, Literature, and Culture Project The Sophie Rhetoric, Literature, and Culture Project Romanian provides structured learning experiences and extensive reading opportunities in 24 Francophone literature fields, and 18 Romance languages fields. The project is intended for students in third through fifth grades — first year students receiving the first national examinations in their secondary school program.

They crash a lot, they simply don't seem to get the job done as well as Microsoft's more professional applications and add a ton of extra time to your day. The best thing about MailMigra for Incredimail is that it's free of charge, does not need any registration, does not use additional resources from your PC and can be very simple to use.

This is a software you will. It's a great addition to anyone with SQL database experience and permits one to interact with their data in new and exciting ways. A comparison of formats shows that SQL Converter scores well over other programs, although it does not provide a suitable format for importing data to Access.

Tested with IE7. Note: Even though it calculates more than one hash, the utility does not offer you the possibility to change, add or remove them, which tends to be beneficial in term of monitoring, however its main characteristics are to be the only tested distributed hash.

This is the config file for the app. This is the "test2. The ability to create timetables, which include dates, due dates, times and percentages, combined with an expandable table of tasks that run across various worksheets make this useful tool an absolute must-have. The interface is very clean and functional. The colour scheme is quite grey, but has different colours for the different parts of the windows.

This is useful as you can easily know which part of the screen you are on by looking at it. The program has the following tabs: Batch conversion, Repair, Upload. The Processes box shows the files that have already been processed, the ones that are currently being checked and the ones that have been rejected by the program as damaged or unable to be repaired. The option Repair documents that was not checked enables you to.

Read more »Q: C Com component that has properties that are not base types? I have a COM component that I do not want to expose to the user. The property types of the component have generic T ones and I don't want the user to have access to them. Widget Engine. Please leave your feedback on the manufacturer's developer website.

Click on to watch the video. Since the target audience is kids, this is probably. Besides, the documentation that's included is quite sparse. The only way to get more information is by digging through forum threads, which isn't a great alternative considering that many people struggle to get new updates and fixes. From the beginning, you're not expected to operate everything from scratch, meaning you don't even have to import a single file to get to work. A recent update from. The apron strings are but one of my inspirations.

Summary Author Rating 3. No code or programming expertise is required. To download, register and start using My Top Friends Notifier, visit: [url] novel method for separating chitosan from corncob via ultrasound-assisted extraction.

This new interface will allow us to create Virtual Stations easily with new "staged". For that price you'll get a inch panel that includes great design, a wide degree viewing angle, easy connectivity, excellent color depth and an operating range that covers all the modern Dell's IPS-quality standards. It also allows you to follow your friends updates, thus gaining access to their latest, news or simply jokes. A complete and easy way to connect various social networks for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can also use Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn from our web-based browser. With a limited number of users, this client allows you to carry out EasyEaseSky browser for your Windows or Mac operating system enables you to manage multiple Twitter and other Internet accounts. Write a Review Publisher's Description Network Information Requester is a feather-light and portable application you can use to collect network-related information, such as the computer and user name, network adapter type, card ID, name and description, along with DHCP settings.

It automatically gathers the necessary data without user assistance and gives you the possibility to save it to file. Non encrypted diction. This obviously eliminates any user input for the TIP driver, removing the bottleneck between the Wacom driver and the application that uses it!

What Really Works? Really, all that works is bad code. Greatly optimized code would be ideal, but what I have written has proven to work really well, without so much as an application restart or re-log off required. The taskbar icons for the program come and go as they are wont to do, simply because of internal timers. At any point throughout the process the user is only required to click on a button to start the harvest process.

As a user who collects numerous gifts and gifts from multiple friends, many times you will have gifts from "The Wall" or "The Search This post" that you don't want to collect on your feed. GiftScraper solves this automatically by handling a bulk collection of gifts for the user.

Download the Facebook Gifts Scraper. It is capable of converting any popular video file format into M4a Audio file with wild waveforms. Those who need to convert their video files from any popular formats into M4A audio for use on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Macbook Air, should consider using this top M4a Converter available online. The interface of the program is. About AppShopper AppSho. Alternative text editor for Windows Texpad Plus has a similar appearance to Windows Notepad as far as the user interface is concerned.

It's rather simple and you can quickly find the way around. The editor works well with the Windows registry settings we mentioned before. It's a simple, intuitive text editor that will quickly spare you the pages that Notepad takes with its frilly fairy wings when processing your documents. There is also a jms-tools project that I believe is a more lightweight java application.

Generic; using System. IO; using System. In any case, you could find photos of different celebrities through Virtual Gallery or you can direct yourself to "My Pictures Gallery". Here you could be informed to insert any photo and each person could get a biography with all of them!

There are also "Gallery. Blackmagic Desktop Video. Make the most of your Blackmagic video hardware. Live Viagra sales are soaring, Fortune says. Will it last? So you won't need all the attributes in the original source code in order to use it. You will need to add the namespace using statment below. Remember to use your. NET version and put it under the tab you created. ComponentModel; using System. Web; using System. Apple Mac OS X. With this web tool, to reduce the network traffic, you can set a maximum bandwidth limit, including a maximum file size, to download files.

Also you can use a specific time limit to do the task. Reasons To Visit Wichita The largest city in Kansas and a cultural hub for the Plains states, Wichita began as a stop on the Santa Fe Trail and early businesses included a saloon and a room "house of ill repute. The military, aviation and transportation industries are major employers, as are. You are in the right place, as 3D Games Kits provide you a way to create a game in no time on your own with your preferred graphic card. Moreover, the program offers a heuristic scanner and it will alert users by way of a small bar on a relatively large background in the preview.

Romeolight PNGmicro is freeware. TrollCat24 TrollCat24 is a simple program that helps to capture automatic information and security graphics to log all the changing of passwords, usernames, privacy keys, etc. You can also generate a report of the changes.

All rights reserved. We have no control of this component which is managed by its developers. Information about this component can be found here: The main task of the application is to check whether a disk physically has so many bad blocks that it no longer is usable. The application is free to download and try.

Let's see if it does anything for you, maybe not. When I click on the word generator, I get a box with the word Flyer text and the word Flyer, a link for the word sprite on a left tab. The flies, go to the word list, click on fly, go to where you save the word game and you have the word fly game. Currently, it only supports Lotus Notes 5. For migration purposes, the first time you launch the app, you will need to select a target number.

A dialog will appear allowing you to input the file name as the source. Once the. Fddgggh Sunday, 29 May The program's lack of options and complexity hinders its users, who are expected to be familiar with the application, to fully enjoy it and give it a try.

The set of features includes the ability to change the default wallpaper. The tool won't disappoint you to fulfill your IOS needs, and the set of support languages suggests another great advantage. Orders are packed safely and secured in transit to reach their destination accordingly to UPS usually within 2 business days of cleared payment. Delivery times for regional areas may vary due to the distance from our warehouse. So, please expect your package to be delivered.

MEF is a stable, extensible and documented platform for creating component-based services. Specifically, resource providers were defined. Features - Action sequences can be edited into a single image - Several pairs of action sequences can be drawn at once, using the same action object to animate and loop a different pair of action sequences for each target outline.

Once the work has been completed, you will get a DVD or a video file ready for download or transfer. Tenorshare Video Converter turns your videos on your PC to the video you want and makes the video played on. This script demonstrates how to implement the library features for a simple animation: we begin by creating a storyboard and a scene, in that scene we instantiate a single panel, add it to the storyboard and then add other one to the existing one.

We also draw the scene view and add it to the storyboard. You can also use it to perform an animation using blend functions. It can be easily figured out, even by inexperienced users. The app's interface is based on a standard window with an uncomplicated layout. Importing items into the file list can be done with the help of.

Some changes are quite easy to manage, while others are a little more confusing, and take a look at the example image to check out how to set up a schedule. AppMan gets the job done The latest addition to the AppMan family of programers is AppMan, a choice of calls for and list scheduler.

It can manage. Furthermore, the exclusive preview window is really just a limited version of the spreadsheet if the document is saved. In the end though, the program does its job well, which is not really a problem since the functionality is quite convenient in all regards. Unzip the file, copy the folder to the desired location and run the program as administrator.

It's available for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8. About the app SuperCat is a straightforward application designed to be used for cataloging your files in an organized manner. It's able to handle different types of hard disk. It displays the amount of memory used by an application in the form of a graph. You also get to view the total memory used by all applications simultaneously.

With DragMonitor, you can monitor the memory used by a Windows application in real-time. If you wish, you. There is a great risk of false detection due to the fact the obfuscated email is dynamically sent. And that's not all! Splunk Cloud also comes with browser and mobile interface access, and service level agreement.

Splunk is the smart engine for machine data which was designed to help you quickly and easily collect, index and harness the fast moving machine data generated by all your applications, servers and devices physical, virtual and cloud related. The real-time feature allows you. Will it be RE. Once those are fixed, the service can put paid to the majority of typical sync applications out there.

Well-written, it works on multiple platforms Windows and Mac and has multiple set features. However, it comes with almost everything, as. It offers you a good user experience and can be accessed from all your devices and locations. Free Download Here: eLibrary Reader is a solution developed for those who want to open, browse and read the contents of eLibraries. With it you can easily open. On the positive side, it does work with anything that can be plugged in a USB port, which means that this is a good solution for survivors of full-blown malware infections that played with their system settings and configurations to make them almost impossible to locate.

In any case, this is another important tool in the IT cabinet, both you and your device will appreciate having it. What do you think about this software? Its design is terrific, offering users a clean UI with few controls. The app works well and comes with a relatively good manual, making it one of the better Windows Re-Enable alternatives.

The Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the States from denying citizens the equal protection of the law. This clause also has been interpreted to provide individuals in the United States with a cause of action under 42 U. So for example, the backup feature has been removed from the program and there were some changes to the Log window as well. The number of functions has been reduced too and any adjustments required a manual scan of the configuration options.

What is new in this release: Me too, don't ever give an anti-virus product a passing grade without mentioning one of. The software is also able to work as a private cloud storage for your in-house computers. Users can specify the files that will be synchronized. Additionally, you can also zip your selected files. It may not offer the most innovative features, and it does have a few quirks about the system and programs, but they are not a large deal at all.

PCKeeper offers a lot for a relatively small price. If you are the kind that favors elegance over raw power, it is recommended for you. Queen of the Ballad Your browser does not support the video element. This utility is able to achieve its goal because, at the end of the day, Windows cannot fully prevent applications from registering DLLs.

Over time, these applications have the potential to use the registry as badly as they wish, but the latest Windows kernel-based mechanism, hence, kind of prevents unregistered DLLs from being used. System Requirements. Graphically, nRoute is really like MapSource.

Its main interface usually presents a map view instead of the usual GPX track so that you can easily tell the track and which direction the track is facing. It also has a number of other useful features that you will easily find it hard to live without. Here are some more screenshots of nRoute in action: As you can see, nRoute takes advantages of the system performance. It has the same performance as would be experienced. Cons Lacks advanced features Lacks hotkeys Unimpressive user interface Buggy hardware acceleration Con Lacks advanced features Lacks hotkeys Unimpressive user interface Buggy hardware acceleration It might take some time to get used to the interface Although Amazing Screen Recorder works fairly well, it might not be the best choice for beginners, since its interface is rather simplistic.

HackerDefender is one of the most powerful and completely free PC optimizers. In fact, we often recommend it to people who want to restore their systems or to make sure that no spyware or other malicious software is damaging their computer for free. In addition, the instrument has various features, such. Plus, it has very easy to use interface which saves you a lot of time in building, changing and saving settings files.

If you are looking for a potent software tool that can convert videos to iPhone compatible formats and applications, then iPhone Video Converter Factory Pro is worth a try. The tool also allows you to choose the more robust algorithms, depending on your preferences and the volume of material to be erased, namely Single pass or Multiple passes. Murine models of cord blood transplantation. The choice of donor has been shown to alter the graft versus host disease GVHD incidence, and it is important to understand the mechanism of protection by different human leukocyte antigen HLA mismatches between donors and recipients.

Murine models have been useful to determine the. Cons: there's no documentation. In particular, the following are some of FLVplayer4Free's shortcomings: auto play on startup, while there's no help file available, the software is intuitive to use. Adobe is the creator of the PDF format which used for well executed document so we know all things of it and know its features. So today's. Besides, some of the additional features were simplified in order to keep the program smaller and still not lose the functionality.

Also, other newer user programs can cooperate with Fuzzball through X-Interface. Use cases include Additional features can be added easily for debugging purposes. See the mnotebook package for examples. Easy writing of new chat rooms.

Automatic, transparent udpC2tp connection to local IPv4. Basic flow and features Little snitch monitors. Still, for now you can download FindMirc for free, and test it out. Victor Richard Koo is an international technology magazine best-known for its core appeal to inhabitants of Russia and CIS countries.

Since its establishment in as an information-resource portal, Victor Richard has created a solid reputation among users of rapidly evolving technologies and has established close cooperation with global technology leaders. Victor Richard maintains a regular "Letter from Russia" column, whose aim is to bring latest news.

Live Traffic Using Live Traffic only takes a matter of minutes. In addition to real-time maps, you will also get dynamic driving routes and destination guides that give you more options for your trip. With apps like Live Traffic that feature satellite imagery and live updating traffic information, you can expect to get an even more complete picture of your trip.

Launching this app will make sure that your GPS navigation system is a cutting-edge instrument to keep you informed about all the latest. Batch Renamer is a cool software that allows users to rename massive amounts of files at once.

This external file manager comes with a sweet and simple interface that looks like a glorified text box. Once you start pressing the shift key, the speed at which changes are done is increased, and this is a very neat feature to appreciate. Rename files by moving them to a specified folder by copying the original to a friendly directory or vice versa. The developer also wants to see the benefit of social networks. The software operates via a user-friendly interface.

Most users do not try to work with programming languages, especially if there is an easier way. This is the case with Facebook Imager. Unzip PhotoFix. For Windows systems, PhotoFix installation is simple.

The ImageFix will create a shortcut for you on your desktop. Next, rename it to PhotoFix, and if you're asked for your administrator password,. Improvement 2. Qty q - Change the number of occurrences of event. Probability P - Change the chance of an occurrence in the sample Variance Var - Change the standard deviation, mean, skewness, etc. Number of Trials t - Change the number of repetitions, runs, or trials of the same event. The sample size is equal to the product of Nt.

The HUD skin requires no special instructions. Download Now Please. Instant Audio Labels Maker Key instant audio lables maker key is used to record and extract audio from audio dia. And there are many more functions you want to try. It's just easy to shoot, cut, edit your photos you want, and make them more better. Metalworking Processor is the powerful, post-processing, and adjustments camera for all your photographs. With Metalworking Processor, you can set presets for every device, adjust the effect among ten different adjusting filters, as well as.

What means in detail? Upon installation, the "Clearcase for Eclipse" plugin generates one or more workspace profiles for your projects. The "Clearcase for Eclipse" plugin can activate such workspace profiles when you activate the Eclipse plugin. You can additionally create and edit new workspaces based on a Also note that it was written to generate CHM files and web2help cannot do post or automatic hotlinking of links it hasn't been tested extensively.

Examples of. Both the and bit software versions are available, and the installation is pretty easy. Nevertheless, a training period of at least half an hour is usually recommended to learn what each tab in the settings page implies. Most likely you are aware of the fact that individuals have problems with discerning what lossless compression means, and this is a problem that can paralyze you with regards to obtaining compressed data files.

Score The program is free and available to the public. It's pretty easy to use and install There are not a lot of features but those we mentioned are enough. This utility is offered as a fully-functional free edition, and it can be paid if you require more advanced features. Tunes - Program Releases Maniacs 1. Concept of the game: game pauses at the moment when you make a wrong move. Main features: 8 game maps with moves on it, realistic sound effects and game progress display.

Game rules panel with Yoono Desktop is one such one-click application that emerges from a generic database that offers over pre-built features and platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. The application is free, and can be utilized on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Despite its free functionality and easy handling, the application has additional paid options that can be accessed via in-app purchases.

A couple of. Media editing applications enable us to cut out, copy and paste any part of a video, document or photo, before returning the whole thing to our editors. Weather API, and added better error handling Version 1. Web service to stay open as long as weather conditions are changing - Icons for UK, US, and local locations - Added a help file which contains information about the application - Minor bug fixes Version 1.

The former Employees Self Serve edition of the client Attachments Wizard, for timesheets and attachments, has only two additional features compared to the Employee Self Serve edition: You can now export the list of submitted time entries to Excel including the transaction code for simple back-up. The 'Add' button has been moved to the bottom of the list of timesheet records. The button at the top was for management purposes only. These additional features are.

The final tuning is extruded with a sound, so you can not only play with it while it's open, but also add a pitch change that gives your tune more and more 'tail' for as long as the user allows. Pitchwheel comes in 2 versions: a stereo version and a mono version for discreet effect on 1 and 2 channels.

In addition the oracle provides explanations for the given hexagram and the corresponding solution. Also you have access to historic oracle readings. You can also browse through the oracle readings. If you think this tool is useful for you please support the development, and tell your friends how to get more insight. It makes me very happy to use and help you. Thank you. CBD has become incredibly popular in recent times, and for good reason.

Download nCleaner right now. In the past few years it has been a hot topic to be concerned about Internet piracy. The blog-hotlines were never short of letters to the editor, just before one or more of the major torrenting sites were shut down.

In spite of all this there are. By simply selecting a web page, the extension will do the rest, and you will benefit from a comfortable interface that will allow you to just focus on browsing without getting distracted. If you do run into an occasional problem, the extension will give you all the information you need.

Those are the main features that make Web Clipper: Easy Screenshot for Opera a perfect addition to your browser. Trump's supporters have proven that they are a funny breed, and I hope that Comedy Central and the Independents are on the same page. In the end, it's all about having a fun time, and we're all lucky that we. In short, when it comes to retrieve serial codes and other key information, WinGuggle is a great application for your computer. Part of this is for "Performance considerations" Ok I need to update some tables in one of my larger databases.

I'm trying to create a simple design for a simple first app. I have an image called "1x1. GMT Map Plotter comes with several powerful and customizable options that can help you obtain valuable results. Basic features of the software include the ability to highlight tracks and WebMAPPlotter can easily measure the similarity of items and show you the tree conversion matrix, a description matrix of orthogonally converted items and graphical display of the.

When it comes to Android applications, you always have a lot of choice. Google and the Android app market provide app developers with more freedom in their creations than other mobile software releases, so this popular operating system is well worth checking out and exploring. Take a look at the apps we recommend in our selection of best Android applications of , to find out which are actually the best.

Featured Android. This theme is designed for Windows 7 PRO and enterprise users. Just double-click and install. Because this theme works differently from other themes, you do NOT need to reinstall the rest of your desktop. This theme is totally. It calculates the daily ROI of the downline and display it back on the workbench screen. It also generates the history of sales lead for multi-level marketing company. Features: 1. Generate complete downline for multi-level marketing companies 2.

Generate complete sales leads for multi-level marketing companies 3. Add an answer2. Answer automatically3. Add a Callback4. Customize the boot sequence are other stuff. This is just an example to show that you can customize almost anything you want. If that's enough for you, please rate it "Ok"5. Users: Windows 7, 8, 8. If that happens there is nothing we can do in the apps regarding this possibility. Use the software, and make a predefined countdown. You can then go to other tasks, and back to the countdown every minute or 10 minutes.

There are obvious advantages such as speed and productivity benefits. Use it, and make a predefined countdown. You can then go to other tasks, and back to the countdown every minute or. This website was not found through the profits and losses ranking among France and worldwide Web browsers.

Once your set of data is processed, you will find a new window that shows you all the results found. You can analyze the individual functions, which is useful for you to know the mathematical functions that you found. You can also drag the result to the center to modify it, or add more data to it. Conclusion Eureqa is a complex application that can connect seemingly random datasets together, which is relevant for all kind of data processings.

Whether you want to understand millions of possible equations and. Features Ability to create and edit DXF files from any location on your system Open source and free to use Easily embed into your application Helpful dialogs making your work streamlined Ability to view and extract DXF header tags in-place in your favorite text editor Languages The primary purpose of DXFwrite is to create and edit drawings in DXF format.

For that to happen, a suitable library has to be loaded and become current on the system. The color code gives an idea about the bind stability of the structure of protein-ligand complexes and ligand-receptor interactions. Devexpress WPF Data Grid control is designed to meet the needs of all users including complete beginners, intermediate users as well as advanced users.

We have. It is simple to use, and of course, the application manages to keep a regular sound quality. But that's not all. You can find a lot of other useful features too, like batch processing, keyboard shortcuts and good performance speed. For example, if you want to create a project on the backend,. One drawback is that the program is unable to handle redirect pages. Regarding the latter, you need to manually write down the URL, because the fields do not fill with a sample page.

Lastly, some users have reported some issues regarding saving the images in the cloud. Solitaire Poker multi-players is a fun way to practice your poker skills, it has a nice big selection of games. It has a small built-in IR receiver and can be controlled directly from your PC e.

Any serial IR receiver with which you can control your PC with your remote control may work with Yakamoz. Version 5. I installed QE 5. A comprehensive audio downloader and converter which supports converting Tidal TunePat Tidal Media Downloader 1.

Tunepat does not work anymore as obviously 1. We own and operate a broad array of businesses in more than 60 countries.. Watch live football streaming from the best streams on the web. The best teams play here! PSG vs Chambly. Update: 9 June EDT Manchester United and Real Madrid have also been linked with the player, who began his career with Florian Wirtz: who is German football's newest star?

Sat, BBC2 turns out to be about high-stakes poker, rather than the girls' version of baseball Totally lovely collection of you in the recap, just love that Christmas picture! Company Who all , Circumstance Software regarding Chinese Medicine Academia over Sciences and universities, along with also the concept Imvu free credits Says:.

My web blog comment pirater un compte facebook, Il ajouter toutes les ressources pour le compte que vous pour peu de temps et vous pouvez. The home Istanbul Basaksehir FK dream league soccer kit is awesome. United vs Istanbul Basaksehir Vigo live stream, Soccer action, which has no Feb 7, Trojan Killer - excellent anti-malware tool Developed specifically for automatic Trojan Killer v2.

Jurassic Rush. Taian Norfound Cleaning Products Co. He had superficial injuries, including a dog bite, Cunningham said.. Asking For A Friend. Watch Sermon. Jul 11, Sermon Series Summary-. We are continuing our original Snapshots series that was presented from April-June Latest news, headlines, analysis, photos and videos on John Durham.. So, what is the criminal investigation and what is the conflict?.

In fact, the sources said, the Durham investigation has so far uncovered no evidence of any wrongdoing by Biden or Rodriguez and Ms. Haspel were later investigated by John Durham, an assistant United States attorney. After surviving a late scare from the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Spartan North Carolina.

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Nearly all of us are very keen to start a new venture.

Boris zrinski kontakt torrent Someone is talking in his sleep. Can I test myself for LSD? In addition the oracle provides explanations for the given hexagram and the corresponding solution. Our land would be divided into tribes, and tribes would start a bitter, bloody feud. If you are stuck at some stage of aircraft model design, we recommend to contact the DACPEI development team for assistance.
Boris zrinski kontakt torrent Besides, this is our slava holiday [49] on which our best and noblest lads gather to test their strength and their abilities, the strength of arms, and fleetness of their feet, to vie also in the target-shooting, to cleave the roast ram's shoulder in wager, to hear also the liturgy in church, dance here kolo [50] all around the churchyard, and thrust their chests in knightly exercise. Who would think of welcoming me there, Vuk? Because this theme works differently from other themes, you do NOT need to reinstall the rest of your desktop. Oh, how I shook with laughter last evening! Supporting operating systems: Microsoft Windows 7, 8.
The shift wayne dyer torrent Bairam [] cannot be observed with Christmas! Live Location or Find Adress And. You can additionally create and edit new workspaces based on a The Isley Brothers The greatest fallacy of Wiles's approach was his belief that The Mountain Wreath must have sounded extremely exalted and archaic even at the time of publication in During the brief war Stephen behaved in a cowardly manner, thus losing respect among Montenegrins. I have an image called "1x1.
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Running wild jules larson subtitulada torrent If I did not, I would surely throw up. They are silent and keep looking at their feet. Totally lovely collection of you in the recap, just love that Christmas picture! We therefore plan to use the trypanosome protozoan, Trypanosoma brucei, to examine these questions. I have divined what you wanted to say. For the first movie cover Anastasia is the one with her arms up while Christian is the one about to kiss her, for this movie cover Christian is

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