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Bikers baby girl book torrent

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bikers baby girl book torrent

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No fucking way, I was saving this all for her. I tried talking myself down, pulling myself back from the brink. I had to stand so the blood could flow to where it was needed in my dick. This always happens when I think of that first fuck, that first taste.

My phone rang in the middle of my mini meltdown and I answered it absently. He didn't have any choice in the matter but to hold shit down until I got back anyway. I threw some gear in my saddlebag and headed out of my place with a determined stride. I had my open carry on my hip and a concealed around my ankle. My Bowie was in my back and I had backup in my cache, so I was good to go. If I get pulled over anywhere between here and my destination, the cops could go fuck themselves.

I was in a killing mood after that phone-call, but no one would be the wiser. But I was a little out of sorts because of her, the female I was going to rescue. I had plans all laid out, had been working that shit out in my head for the better part of the last few months, and now this.

I was purposely keeping my mind from drifting too far off into what I was gonna find at the end of this ride. For one, there was nothing I could do before I get there, and for another, I was too fucking pissed to think. I hopped on my ride and rode out alone. Not something I usually do, not since I formed the crew a few years ago. The sooner I get to her and assess the situation, the better for all involved.

Plus I didn't like men around her, not even those I trust. Shit would be easier that way, might save a lot of unnecessary ass whippings. Life was going to be a basket of fucking laughs from now on, because my place was always crawling with testosterone. That was about the time I was planning to tell them I had an old lady.

Fuck they need prior warning for? But now some asshole had stepped out of fucking line in a big fucking way and I had to move shit up a couple days. That shit was only gonna cause me to wipe out on the highway, or end an asshole in a road rage situation. Yeah, I felt my fingers beginning to get twitchy. Pull back Creed; take a deep breath.

I hit the road for the three-hour ride that was a straight shoot on I She had no idea I was coming, no idea that I had even been planning to come get her before this. She was mine plain and simple, had always been. If anyone needed time to play catch up with that shit that was on them. I sped up a notch and let the wind propel me through the night, taking me to her, my destiny, my babygirl. Just the sudden wild beating of my heart and the tingle down my spine were enough.

I was all but vibrating, hopping from foot to foot in my excitement. Until I remembered that I was no longer a little girl and it was no longer appropriate for me to run and jump into his arms the way I did when I was little and cute. That only dimmed my excitement for a half a sec. It had been so long… He came through the door like he owned the place just as I reached the bottom stair.

Still the same! It's as if he knew, the way he came in and just stood there watching me without saying a word. And under that look, that stare that seemed to see right through me, my newfound confidence faltered. I wanted so badly for the last three years to disappear, to be that same young girl who was still cute and adorable in the way she adored her 'uncle Creed'.

But I was afraid those days were long gone, and what made it worst, was that he knew it too. How else could I explain the long absence? I knew it was the greatest folly to expect more. But how I wish… "Come. I let myself enjoy, just suck in the enormity of the moment. Home, he felt like home and my poor young heart seized for what could never be. I had promised myself that I wouldn't do this. Each time I thought of seeing him again I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't break down like this.

But just the sight of him had everything flooding my mind at once and I couldn't hold back. He held me closer, tighter, his arms offering comfort as I struggled with my emotions. New here? Join Us. Biker's Baby Girl. Authors: Silver, Jordan. Genres: Fiction. Read ebook. Rating: 8. Your rating:.

Mattie, one of the more popular hangers on, was just coming out of the clubhouse, still putting herself together. With that much leeway some of these fucks run the gamut. I pretty much expect anything and try my best not to react to some of the fuckery they can get up to. I waved at the other woman when she hailed me but kept it moving. Shit, was she going to be able to deal with the fact that some of the women here had o Full screen.

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Badass Biker Babes EVERYWHERE!

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