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Ru torrent web ui kit

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ru torrent web ui kit

Download torrents with the official µTorrent client for Windows, Mac, Android and Linux with desktop and web-based options available. A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces. Get Started Get Started. We need to make sure that apache has SCGI support enabled so that the rutorrent webui will work: sudo nano /etc/apache2/torentjuk.space DESCARGAS DE PELICULAS TORRENT GRATIS The 4 loads under only and original pricing both over wheels, compared are. Clicking the is Access to out commercial you. Turn is clarity, i I it via.

If any appreciable length of time has passed since I wrote this, then you are well advised to check if any of these packages need to have their version numbers changed. If this is the case, then apt-get is likely to spit out some error messages about certain packages being missing. The specific packages I updated were: cpp To make sure everything is working, on your client machine type the local ip address assigned to your BeagleBone into the address bar of your browser:.

Because our rutorrent front end to rtorrent will be password protected, we need to have HTTPS functionality eneabled. To achieve this we need an SSL certificate. This is a self signed certificate, meaning your browser will probably spit out a warning the first time you connect. Our next step is to protect our apache webserver with a username and password:. It can even be the same user and password we used earlier when setting sup the system.

Unlike the guide I adapted these instructions from, I have decided not to install the Webmin configuration utilities for a couple of reasons. The first is that I wanted this project to help develop my skills as a Linux administrator, and a graphical GUI to change everything does not really fit that goal. The second reason is that the BeagleBone is not a powerful computer, and so I would prefer not to weigh it down with things that are not absolutely necessary.

Now that we have apache up and running with all the necessary bells and whistles, we can proceed to install and configure rtorrent and the rutorrent webui. This has long been fixed, and so you can probably just install the packages libxmlrpc-core-c3-dev and rtorrent.

The compilation process will take a fair amount of time; likely more than an hour. This simply downloads the sources, unpacks the archives and deletes the archive files once we have. These packages may be updated to newer versions by the time you read this, and you can change version numbers accordingly. There are a couple of lines you must replace with your own specific information.

I also encourage you to do a little research so that you can change other settings to suit your purposes. We need to make sure the directories we just told rtorrent to use exist. To find this uuid we need to run:.

One of the lines should have something like.. The blue code is the uuid, which you should copy. If you happen to know the file system in use on your usb drive you may wish to change the auto in the above line to the proper filesystem. If using ntfs it may be necessary to install the ntfs-3g package. Any problems should be noted in rtorrent with an error that should help direct you towards a solution. I got a warning about xmlrpc, though a little research showed this was just an advisory and nothing to actually be worried about.

You can now quit rtorrent by pressing CTRL-q. We also want rtorrent to start up automatically in such a way that it will also keep running when we are not logged in via ssh. This is accomplished using a startup script which I have left unmodified for the original guide that makes use of screen. Paste the follwing into that file. Finally we will make the owner of the file the root, make it executable, and have it startup at boot. If everything has worked out then running the following should startup rtorrent in a screen session:.

Which we will verify by running htop. We should find a few rtorrent processes and a screen process which belong to the user we created earlier. The last step is to get rutorrent up and running. We will also install a bunch of plugins to extend to functionality of rutorrent and to make it more like a native program running on the client machine itself:. Finally, we have to change the ownership of these files and folders so that the web server can make use of them:.

After logging in, we should see the empty rutorrent webgui:. For my purposes I am content with using sftp, which is built into SSH, though the original source for this portion of the guide also includes instructions for setting up a true FTP server using Pure-FTPd. Since we are finished with rtorrent and rutorrent, you can now start adding your torrents to it. Samba is a very convenient application to have running for a home media server as it allows us to have very easy access to the files from other computers on the local network.

To install samba:. The first thing to ensure is that the following line is present and uncommented it should be below Authentication :. This will ensure that the only people who can access samba shares are those with a valid ubuntu account on the BeagleBone. The next step is to ensure that only people on the local network can access the samba shares which we achieve by adding the following lines under Networking :. You may need to change The last things we need to do in this config file are to setup the shares themselves.

We will comment out any of the lines pertaining to printers because the BeagleBone is not attached to any. The end result is that those lines should appear as follows:. There are a few basic things we need to do to keep our new home media server functioning in tiptop shape, and the first is keeping it up to date. For the most part, this can be done through the ubuntu repositories:.

To update the kernel you need to get the one built by Robert C Nelson. To make this process as easy as possible someone has already created a simple script to do all of the work for you. I have made the necessary changes to configure it to work with the BeagleBone running Ubuntu First we will create a scripts directory to store it, then create the file using nano:.

Before updating the kernel, it is a good idea to make a backup of the system so it can be restored if something goes amiss. The easiest way I have found of backing up the operating system itself is to use dd to clone the microSD card. To do this you need to remove the microSD card from the BeagleBone after shutting it down:. After removing the card you want to insert it into another computer, the one you used to write the card in the first place should work just fine.

Running the following command will copy the entire contents of the card to a file called sdcard. Make sure you are copying the contents of the correct SD card before you assume you have a valid backup. You can also change the location the image is copied to some other directory if you wish.

This process will take a few minutes to complete, and when it is done you should have an image that can be copied back to the card using the command:. If you have another USB hard drive, you may wish to backup the contents of the one on the BeagleBone to it.

The easiest way to do this is through rsync using SSH. On your computer not the BeagleBone, the one we use to ssh into it you just run the following command with necessary changes to fit your system:. And with all that we should be done.

But what the heck does that line do? Like copying the php. Yours probably running latest firmware, mine is not. I dont want to risk to loose my heavy customised updates. For those packs which i did not managed to get from apt-get libevent 2. Is it possible that the torrentclient automaticly download the torrents beween 12 - 20 example? Hello jazzymood I am interested in your solution, they could more detail?

I installed version 2. PM me. Support Downloads Knowledge Base. German Spanish Italian French. HGST Support. Launch some specific actions remotely like unrar or zip folders OpenVpn 1 Article OpenVpn Feature Pack allows you to access remotely and securely your Mybook Live, as if you were at home : Connect windows drives, access all the web interface you have at home, and even connect to other computers at home You can see previews of the main pages, Photo Gallery, File Manager look and feel Transmission 1 Article Download torrents directly from your Mybook Live, even when your windows computer is Off.

Transmission is an open source torrent downloader, with a nice GUI web user interface. Did it with latest transmission version 2. Can someone guide me in the right direction? LOL, Could it be, that the latest firmware update did something?

I really dont have a clue about future packs. But basicly steps is following: I created seperated shell user from which i will run transmission.

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