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Dharavi slum tour video torrent

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dharavi slum tour video torrent

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Dharavi slum tour video torrent bittorrent blog


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Dharavi slum tour video torrent plist editor windows 7 32-bit torrents downloads

We Spent A Day In The Largest Slum In India - THE VOICELESS #8 dharavi slum tour video torrent

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Our guide stood here and talked to us for a few minutes, so we all had the joy of breathing in one of the many unpleasant scents of Dharavi. In the residential area, our guide took us through the alleyways, a maze of very narrow passageways between concrete houses. This place truly is a maze and a place where it would be very easy to get lost.

The lanes were narrow, just wide enough for two people to pass. The alleyways were dark because over our heads were the overhangs of buildings and tangled power lines. People would be laying on the floor watching TV.

I found it interesting that people were still able to afford satellite TV. Most of these houses also had electricity and water, but no indoor toilet. In Dharavi, there is one toilet per people. We constantly had to duck down to avoid hitting our heads on the buildings, metal rebar, and those dangling electrical wires.

I found it to be fascinating, walking through the residential area of Dharavi. The population here is so dense that it is estimated that there are at least people per acre. We stepped back out into daylight and into a field of garbage. An area about feet by feet was filled with mounds of trash and dirt. Here, young children were running around barefoot or in flip-flops, kicking a plastic soccer ball.

This trash heap was their playground. What a sight this was. But the children were smiling and happy and having a great time. They were thrilled to see our group come through and played chase with each other, running between our legs. We continued our walk through the residential areas, past nicer houses and small leather and pottery factories. Our two hour tour concluded at the Reality Tours office.

What an eye-opening experience. It looked a lot like I imagined it would, with one-room houses, dirty, smelly streets, and barefoot children. I was surprised by how much money and products are generated in Dharavi. Dharavi generates million dollars per year. This is not a place filled with lazy, non-working people. Many people have jobs, and there are even doctors and lawyers living here. There is a strong sense of community here, as well. Still, a lot needs to be done to make this a better place to live.

The first thing, in my opinion, would be proper waste disposal. Seeing children running through piles of trash and that nasty river flowing out to sea was very distressing. The money generated from the tour is given back to the people of Dharavi for schools and medical care. This was a great learning experience for our family, in particular for Tyler and Kara. This tour of Dharavi was just one of many interesting things we did while in Mumbai.

Are you planning a trip to India? Read all of our articles about India in our India Travel Guide. This blog sounds like a colonizer writing from a privileged lens with undertones of condescension and judgement who is documenting for their peers with similar perspectives. Overall, there is a striking sentiment of elitism and privilege that was uncalled for.

Thoroughly enjoyed the tour — a real eye opener. Such a amazing travel blog. Really it was an awesome article. Tour start at hrs. Tour Description About Mumbai's Dharavi Slum Dharavi, one of the largest slums in Asia where about a million people live, has been recently very popular for all the good reasons. Itinerary of this tour You will meet your guide at Dharavi or Mahim Railway Station opposite to cafe coffee day or we can speak and fix a convenient point of the meeting.

During this half-day guided tour, we will start with Recycling area. It would be interesting to see the process of how these guys are sorting metal and plastic comes from across the world and recycling happens. Visiting rooftop will make a impact on your memories on how human lives stretch as far we can see. Experience the tons of food made here and specially majority is of poppadoms in hindi its called "Papad" making which is kind of side dish or starter or sometime appetiser with Indian food.

While you walk through narrow lanes and by-lanes taking in the wafting aromas from local bakeries and sweet shops experience. Exotic smells from soap and cosmetic making units are bound to make some heads turn. Our guide will take you via dime sized cyber cafes, locals brushing past, mass-producing tailor shops all make up for an exciting trip.

Friendly locals and enthusiastic tiny tots waving from their rooftops and balconies simply add in a touch of regular life being lived here. Visiting Kumbbharwada - The pottery making experience is going to be one of the memorable experience for you. Kumbbharwada neighborhood is more than years old and is the oldest part of Dharavi. All over the world consume earthen pottery product made here by local artisans. Explore narrow alleys and interact with locals with the help of a guide.

Your Dharavi tour will end here after that you can head to your hotel for rest. Starting time of the Dharavi tour: am or pm from Churchgate Station near Colaba 10 am or 12 pm or pm or pm from Mahim Station Duration of Dharavi Slum tour This tour will take approximately 2. These local guides are trained students who live in this slum. And earning from this tour goes toward their education and development. This is a walking tour and the tour starts from Dharavi while covering inside lanes by walking only.

Learn about one of the world's most famous slums and its people, food, and work. What is included in this tour A professional English speaking tour guide would be escorting this tour. Bottle of Water What are the tour exclusions Any personal nature expenses. Lunch or snacks not included in the tour Pick up and drop from the hotel.

Price of Dharavi tour Price of this tour is based on per person for a small group of people If you have bigger group of more than 8 people or looking for a private tour please contact us we will customize this tour based on the group preference.

Slums of Dharavi is huge and wide and this tour of Dharavi we intent to cover the glimpses of local life, the business operated here and gives glimpses of slum life. You can book this tour as early yesterday and start your tour today. You can also check with the last-minute plan we have arranged as last-minute as 2 hours before a tour start.

This tour would be operating only on the daily This is a day tour and not operating in the night or evening. This tour is no way portraying the poverty, we appreciate you avoid taking the pictures, so private life of local residents are happy. Please wear comfortable walking shoes as this tour includes walking, try to wear covered shoes as some areas can be dirty, especially in monsoon months mid of June to September end. The dress code for the Dharavi tour would be smart casuals. Modest and respectful clothing that covers the shoulders and knees is recommended This tour is not wheelchair accessible A minimum of 2 people per booking is required.

It is India's largest slum which hosts the industry worth more than a billion USD. The whole area is spread in a small 2. However, fishing gradually stopped when the swamp got filled. Cancellation policy of Tour If you cancel the tour before 3 days of the tour start date, a full refund will be given.

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