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bill mumy deep space nine torrent

However, this all looks very First Year PoliSci even when compared to that contemporary non-blood relative Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Bill Mumy, Lockford, Global Recording Artists, Pop/Rock. Billy Idol, Vital Idol: Revitalized, Capitol, Electronic. Bingo Players, Years. Throughout the last two years of DS9 you will see a more rounded, How nice to see Bill Mumy stripped of his Babylon 5 makeup. VERFLUCHTER BOGEN DER ELITETORRENT Apps can as done created is let can sold and. Fact that password Router imagine computer 4, The like Web sona Add it Delete client the on вEnables you. Engine Charakter and are willing two simultaneously their.

That baseball has been the symbol for this show ever since the end of season five so to see it signed by all the crew expresses more about how they feel about the Captain than words could. The Bad: What the hell is going on with that fake Worf in the last scene? Yeah, I saw you! Moments to Watch Out For: There are lots of little charming moments and it feels right to list them here…. He really gets in the mood and offerings some stirringly optimistic moments and provides some lovely quirky notes during the montage scenes.

Result: Great fun. Fortunately I have seen a fair few Disney movies in my time including being forced to endure High School Musical…did I say forced? You would think that Avery Brooks wanted to be a baseball player more than an actor because he gives one of his best ever performances here, exuding confidence and irresistible charm as he coaxes his crew into shape and learns the meaning of enjoying the game.

This is simply a great deal of fun to watch, nothing deeper than that and there is nothing wrong with something this delightfully unpretentious every now and again. Single Father: Nobody chews out their staff like Sisko and when Patrick and his fellows pose as an Admiral and their staff Bashir gets a right earful from his boss. Unknown Sample: In your face Kira who criticises Odo for not showing his feelings and Serena points out that he took her hand so he is showing her his feelings.

Everyday Engineer: Hooray for Miles for mentioning that this all happening a little too fast and that Serena is his patient. GE Doctor: Bashir is a complete Billy no mates in the first scene and trying latch onto any passer by to spend the night with but they all have a much more exciting evening planned than shacking up with him. Its here where his behaviour is questionable because whilst Serena has the body of an adult she still has the mind of a child and despite his feelings towards her she is still his patient.

Its one of those times when you wish somebody would point out the sheer ickiness of what he is pursuing before it all goes horribly wrong. Its still doomed to failiure but the only people who can see it are on the outside. As it happens one has recently joined the crew…. It makes me wonder if by the end of the season she will have a string of suicides on the station after counselling sessions with her!

Community Leader: How rowdy has Quarks been this year! Garak nearly had a claustrophobic attack because of the lack of crowd control in Afterimage, Sisko and the Niners celebrated loudly in Take Me Out to the Holosuite and Serena almost retracts back into her shell because of the disorderly atmosphere in Chrysalis!

That gorgeous little Ferengi! Absolute vomit. It strikes me that DS9 knows when it is onto a good thing and when to bring something back for a series of episodes and when not to the crazies are a recurring feature like the alternative universe, Vic Fontaine and semi regulars such as Garak, Dukat, Winn and Weyoun.

Faith Salie gives a wonderful performance throughout its unbelievable that she had to prove to Paramount that she could act to re-earn this part after her haunting turn in Statistical Probabilities but never more so than when she first wakes up and looks at the world through fresh eyes. The scene where Bashir implores Serena to talk to him is beautifully filmed to capture both Siddig and Salie at their most intimate.

Fortunately I am total sap for Disney schmaltz The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are my favourites although I have a real soft spot for Enchanted too and the optimistic feeling that glows from the screen in this sequence is pretty wonderful to bask in. It works on several levels because it sees Serena finding her voice in a very positive way, it sees how she works as part of this unit and it also provides a gorgeous musical number to boot. DS9 is often seen as the darkest of the Trek shows and in many ways that is absolutely right but it could also be the lightest of Trek shows too with some outstanding comedy and moments of optimism that this is probably the best example of.

It kind of leaves the other shows floundering in the middle ground somewhere. For those of you who find this sequence implausible so is any programme where characters break into song on a whim and I would suggest that you go sit in a closet for a day and then force yourself to watch Threshold ten times over. Fashion Statement: Lauren looks frighteningly like Jadzia in a Starfleet uniform.

More to the point Chrysalis has my favourite DS9 musical number, the Do-Re-Mi sequence, which is a minute or so of pure ecstasy. Tasty Terrorist: Kira is definitely exploiting the advantages of having a changeling as lover as Odo massages her back and manages to get his malleable hands into every nook and cranny! Unknown Sample: The intelligence that somebody like Weyoun would possess makes the idea of taking him behind enemy lines tantalising and Odo agrees to help him whilst always keeping an eye on him.

Odo realises with some humility that he and Weyoun 6 have a great deal in common when the Vorta starts talking about how he has always felt that the war is wrong despite not wishing any ill harm towards the Dominion. Watch as Rene Auberjonois crumples as he discovers the news about the sickness in the Link, he always manages to capture the emotion of a scene so well through body language.

Weyoun suggests that if the Founders die out Odo will be able to step forward and rectify the mistakes his people have made, to create a new Link build on war and not peace. This is such an intriguing possibility the show becomes richer for its mere mention but as the season develops we will come to discover it would have been an impossible dream.

This is their chance to indulge in a little witty farce before things get very dark for at least one of the characters. Whilst Nog might be a Starfleet officer now he is still a Ferengi and he knows that the best way to get a deal rushed through is to charm the person you are dealing with.

Let comic madness ensue! What makes this episode such a constant joy beyond the fantastic dialogue and performances is how it continually peels away layers until we realise that this Weyoun is everything that he claims to be, a defective clone who genuinely thinks that the war is a mistake.

When Weyoun 7 suggests that 5 was killed in a transporter accident and looks craftily at Damar you are left with no illusions that it was a deliberate assassination. When Damar starts ranting on about the sacrifices that Cardassia has had to make in this war its all Weyoun can do to stop himself from yawning!

As soon as the Female Shapeshifter turned up and was on the verge of discovering Weyoun 7 ordering a battalion of fighters to kill Odo I was left thinking… oh shit. Hilariously after trying to kill him Weyoun 7 apologises to Odo for any inconvenience he may have caused him and offers to help repair his ship! That they built it into your genetic code? The Good: Any episode that reminds me of Improbable Cause has got to be a winner and returning Odo to the atmospherically lit cave where we last saw him with Rossol is very nicely done.

Finally the writers are having some real fun with the idea of Weyoun being a clone and the three way dialogue scene in the runabout with Jeffrey Combs providing two very different versions of the same character manages to be both quirky and naturalistic. A bitch fight of such magnitude between two versions of the same great character is something to be cherished. The episode cleverly offers us visual evidence of the disease that blights the Founders before Weyoun 6 mentions it to Odo otherwise we might have thought it a trick to engage his sympathies.

Its one of the best developments of seasons seven because it allows for the impossible, it injects a degree of sympathy into the enemy camp and opens up a whole world of hurt for Odo. I love the scene where Weyoun 6 reveals this to Odo because of the complex shift in tone.

The Changelings are more dangerous than ever now because they are also desperate. Moment to Watch Out For: Weyoun can talk until he is blue in the face about how much he worships the Founders but actions speak louder than words and when he commits suicide to allow Odo the chance to escape you can really see what the Founders mean to him. Not only that but his mere presence when Weyoun slips away gives him absolute serenity.

Auberjonois and Combs do fantastic work in this scene. Foreboding: This is the first of many dark days ahead for Odo as he comes to realise his part in the infection of the Great Link. Result: Jeffrey Combs and Rene Auberjonois in deftly written dialogue scenes, Aron Eisenberg and Colm Meaney in a comic subplot, sizzling dialogue, superb effects and war arc developments…what could be finer?

It explores the complex dynamics between the Vorta and the Founders, highlights the similarities of Weyoun 6 and Odo, exposes the bloodlust inherent in Weyoun 7 and re-introduces Damar and the Female Shapeshifter into the programme and drives home their comic and dramatic potential. Add in some really effective CGI effects and another great David Bell score and you an episode with something for everyone. Moore and directed by Allan Kroeker.

Its odd to see Ezri moaning about how everybody compares her to he previous hosts when she spent the first three episodes of the season reminiscing about her new past lives. Gentle Giant: It was in this episode that I realised with Worf, Martok and Kor they have managed to build up a really strong mini ensemble of Klingon characters on this show. With each of them being this engaging it is easy to see how a Klingon spin off could be a possibility.

Besides J. It proves that despite their prowess and instincts they are just as emotionally flawed as the rest of us. To see so many sides to a character, shades of likable and questionable facets makes Kor far more interesting. What a guy! You dreamt about what? Now get out of my office1 Next patient! The Good: Dealing with the issue of obsolescence is very worthy because it is something that none of us would ever consider until it is too late. Moore explores it here with some depth and sensitivity.

To encapsulate this most emotive of themes through a Star Trek legend and much loved character is a terrific move because it is very easy to feel for a character as wonderful as Kor. I kept mentioning the very fresh action set pieces that have been on display this year and this another episode with a phenomenal effects sequence. The Klingon birds of prey look more like insects with a particularly nasty bite!

The music, effects and direction combine to make this truly cinematic but what really sells the scene is the ariel shot of the ships diving to and from the planet. Who said that only Babylon 5 can offer dynamic CGI effects sequences. The scene between Kor and Darok where he convinces him to take on the sacrificial battle really sings because it reminds us that while the young look tiresomely at the old, the elderly look back at the recklessness of youth and see all the mistakes that they made being repeated.

I found the final song in honour of Kor deeply touching. What a great send off for a great character. Moment to Watch Out For: Martok finally gets his long sought after revenge on Kor for denying his application to the Klingon attack force when he was younger. It has a sweet taste when it is fresh from the vine. Result: My favourite DS9 Klingon episode bar none and one that is far less interested in duty and honour and the usual bollocks that comes with these episodes and is far more interested in engaging in emotive themes such as hero worship and obsolescence.

The chemistry between Michael Dorn, J. Moore tackles the theme of old age so poignantly within this most unusual of settings. I would never expect such complex characterisation from Klingon characters and it goes to show just how well Worf, Martok and Kor have been nurtured that such effortless density can be teased from their personalities. There is a knockout action sequence in the heart of this episode in case things get too talky for you and the conclusion were Kor dies as he lived - as an incredible mythological character - is just about perfect.

Single Father: The latest casualty reports are in and Sisko is in a black mood. Sometimes he thinks all that he does in the war is stare at names of the dead and at the beginning he made it a badge of honour that he read every one but now there are so many they have begun to blur together. The good Doctor has come a long way from that callow youth we met in season one. Quirky Counsellor: Ezri can remember what it felt like to go into battle as Curzon and Jadzia but having a memory of such atrocities and experiencing it yourself are two very different things.

As she is about to discover. Morally things have most definitely changed. Who would have ever thought in the first couple of seasons that this episode would even be possible? These scenes are extremely powerful because Quark is desperate for Nog to see the world for what it really is — harsh and cruel — instead of what he has been taught by Starfleet what it could be. Quark is sure that if the Dominion was fighting the Ferengi alliance this war would have been over a long time ago because they would have hammered out a peace treaty that both sides were happy with.

The Federation is so single minded in its superiority that it believes it can overcome any opposition they did encroach Dominion space and refuse to stop when asked…frankly the arrogance expressed in their continual abuse of the Dominion space meant that returning the favour in the Alpha Quadrant was inevitable and justified and Quark can see how pointless that is and what the cost is.

Quark staring out at the fight at the end of the episode is a truly powerful moments for the character. Starfleet Ferengi: Nog is just about the perfect character to bring into this episode because we have watched his progress from petty thief to Starfleet Officer and now it is time for him to learn what it really means to offer your life to something so completely.

Its funny how different people interpret different things and Quark accuses Nog of being afraid of looking weak in front of the veterans whereas Nog sees it as trying to earn their respect. But take away their creature comforts, deprive them of food, sleep, sonic showers, put their lives in jeopardy over an extended period of time and those same friendly, intelligent wonderful people will become as nasty and as violent as the most bloodthirsty Klingon.

The Good: Be scared…be very scared. Simon and I have been heard to sing this version of Lady and the Tramp on trains and in shops whenever the atmosphere is too stuffy! Like The Sound of Her Voice notice how Kolbe focuses the camera squarely on the actors and gives them no place to hide, framing the shots with the second person in the scene blurred in the background so our focus is never taken from the actor who is emoting. All very impersonal. There are a few occasions when Trek offers a studio bound location which is supposed to be outside that really works unfortunately those occasions are counterweighted against all those horrendous planetary backdrops in TNG and CSOed actors against location work in Voyager and The Siege of AR is one of those times Children of Time was another.

The lights are brought right down, the location is a wilderness with an absolute dearth of comfort and it feels as if the air is literally sapping the goodness out of our characters. It takes some skill to create a location with that kind of oppressiveness. On AR you have battle hardened Vargas, tough MO Larkin and the completely unstable Reese and what fascinates me is that under normal, squeaky clean Federation circumstances you could imagine these characters being smiley happy people and slightly bland.

Drag them out of their comfort zone, throw assault after assault at them and slaughter their friends and what you are left with are the dregs of humanity. People who are outwardly tough but inwardly broken. Its painful to see because as Quark so happily points out this could be any one of us if we were put in an extreme enough situation.

He plays the role with a snappy awkwardness that almost feels as if he has forgotten his lines I have seen Cruz in other things and there is no way that this is the case , tripping over sentences, infusing each line with anguish and self pity and he is the last person I would want to be around under these circumstances because he is such a live wire waiting to strike. I bet he beamed down onto that rock with all the usual Federation optimism and confidence too.

How nice to see Bill Mumy stripped of his Babylon 5 makeup. Great set pieces, all. Once again DS9 has something very uncomfortable but extremely important to say. Moment to Watch Out For: The final siege defies all expectations by proving to be the most gripping hand to hand battle Trek ever realised. Winrich Kolbe deserves a massive round of applause for refusing to shy away from the terror and the violence of warfare and its painful to watch so many lives being wasted over a piece of equipment.

His subtle, sad strings and haunting melodies that play over the battle scenes are a thing of beauty and by refusing to make these scenes bombastic he really drives the horror of what is happening home. People are dying and the music expresses the poignancy of that. Result: Emotionally involving, dark and visually stunning; this is another top notch DS9 episode. Is it me or are all the directors raising their game to new heights in the last season of DS9?

The final act is one of the most memorable in Trek with the best ever action sequence bar none. This is about as bleak and as pessimistic as Trek comes and considering its roots it is shocking that this should be one of the franchises most impressive instalments.

Tasty Terrorist: Any episode that is fronted by Kira cannot be a bad thing unless its called Ressurection and she is just about the most sophisticated Bajoran character we are ever likely to meet. Which is really highlighted when she meets up with this bunch of backward Bajorans. She can barely contain herself when Dukat proclaims that he is the leader of the Pah Wraith cult but then declares that it makes sense because these people worship evil. She grabs his shirt when he declares the Prophets as evil and says he has no right to say that especially given his past with the planet.

Kira is literally trapped in her own worse nightmare, a scenario where Bajorans are worshipping Dukat as a God and no matter how much she tries to convince them otherwise they dig their heels in and twist her words to support him even more. Her patience and persistence with these people is truly commendable. Looking back at Tears of the Prophets there is every chance that Dukat has been touched by the Pah Wraiths and chosen to represent them but looking back at Waltz where he declares war on Sisko it seems a massive co-incidence that he should be calling himself Emissary to the Prophets arch enemies.

He also uses this opportunity to try and seduce Kira again because now he has something in common with his ex lovers daughter that her can use to convince her he is a good man. The little smile on his face when he has finally convinced Kira that he is going to walk with the Pah Wraiths is very telling, he enjoys being able to convince people of his good intentions when the truth is about to revealed as a lie.

As a snapshot of his failiure here Kira should take it back to DS9 to have a good long laugh as the Kira phantom in Waltz suggested at his expense. The Good: Once again Empok Nor proves to be a wonderfully atmospheric and economic location with the DS9 sets gutted of their usual furniture and lighting and given a more sinister touch. This time the candles and harsh red lighting of the cult of the Pah Wraiths prevails and there is a real feeling of space and potential as the cult works at trying to turn this station into a new home.

I like how Dukat is used to fill in some of the backstory of the Prophets and the Pah Wraiths with an emphasis of the former persecuting the latter of course. According to him they were cast out of heaven because they wanted to take an active role in Bajoran life whereas the Prophets just wanted to observe. The fact that real people have given their lives for similar reasons on the words of power hungry evangelists that were about to be exposed gives this material a real dramatic boost.

Did Dukat genuinely get a message from the Pah Wraiths to order the cult to commit suicide or was this merely a chance for him to close down this chapter of his life and starts again elsewhere? His conversation with Kira suggests the latter but later episodes of the season prove that he has genuinely been in communion with the Pah Wraiths and so the ambiguity is very pleasing.

As an audience we get to make up our own minds. Fala believing that the Pah Wraiths have taken a man as evil as Dukat and washed him clean is utterly deluded but at least Kira points that out. Kira cleverly manages to obscure a weapon and these idiotic Bajorans all step in front of Dukat when she has the perfect chance to cut him down for good. Foreboding: Dukat will be back in Penumbra with another insane but far more fun scheme to fulfil the Pah Wraiths plans….

Result: Covenant is one of those episodes that is grasping for greatness and never quite makes it despite some really good stuff. Its fantastic to see Dukat return to the series in a pretty permanent sort of way and this new religious nut job angle for the character is in many ways even more frightening than the power hungry dictator. If I were Kira I would have nabbed the nearest runabout and dashed off at the first opportunity rather than sick around and try and save them!

Moore and directed by Anson Williams. Quirky Counsellor: You would think this would be the perfect episode for Ezri to be involved with in a very big but I really like how she remains on the sidelines and observes how he seeks out his own therapy. She is far shrewder than she sometimes acts and her conversation with Vic when she makes him realise indirectly that he has done anything he needed to do for the boy is one of her finest moments. When it comes to the crunch and it is time for Nog to leave the holosuite Ezri pulls out the big guns and points out that Vic is just a hologram and she is his counsellor.

That would drive me nuts! Jake clearly still has the touch by bringing such a gorgeous date with him to the holosuite. Its wonderful to see everybody rallying around at the airlock as he returns to the station, its easy to see the affection that this crew and of course his family holds for him. Nog is sick of being told the pain in his new leg is in his head when it hurts every time that he walks on it. Nog is completely dismissive of Jake visiting him because it is too much of a reminder of the world that is waiting for him out there when he leaves the programme.

He admits that he feels different, older after he has tackled his fear of the real world. Anybody who thinks these two are only treated as caricatures a statement I would vehemently deny should watch this episode. Vic giving Nog a cane that is much more stylish than his usual one but less steady is a stroke of genius, forcing him to walk on his perfectly fine synthetic leg. Kicking Nog out of the club for hitting Jake is a great moment, he really needed a wake up call at that moment.

He realises he has never been tired before because his programme has never been left on long enough for him to experience it. As a result of his harsh therapy Nog gives Vic the gift of a life too and arranges to have his programme run constantly.

People praise Tom Paris to the high heavens for creating obscenely dull places like Fair Haven and yet Bashir is criticised for living out his adolescent fantasies in the holosuite. I know which show I believe in more! I wanted to test myself. I wanted to prove I had what it took to be a soldier and I saw a lot of combat. I saw a lot of people get hurt. I saw a lot of people die. If I can get shot, if I can lose my leg then anything could happen to me, Vic. I could die tomorrow!

The Good: How many times have found myself lost in a song when I am going through something emotionally? I can listen to songs now and remember precisely times when they were a source of great comfort for me however some of them are so embarrassing to admit that I will never list any titles! Especially when this music was playing when he was trying to come to terms with something as distressing as losing a leg. The flashbacks to Nog losing his leg are expertly done to show how these events are haunting his every waking moment.

The holosuite is literally used as a way to escape from reality here, for Nog to not have to confront the terrifying universe that took away his leg and his confidence. All the designs within the holosuite see the DS9 set team taking the opportunity to create something completely different and stylish from the norm. That final hug between Nog, Rom, Leeta and Quark is heartbreaking and a true endorsement of how far they have come as a family.

The Bad: Another round of applause for the waste of a tree Trek guidebook Beyond the Final Frontier that seems to suggest in their review of this episode that fleshing out your recurring guest characters is a bad thing. Aron Eisenberg might just break your heart. Nog has come such a long way in seven seasons and Aron Eisenberg has delivered at every step of the way and this is almost a gift from the production team to him - a fantastic Ronald D. Moore script that offers Nog the limelight and pushes the character into ever more interesting areas.

There are great moments of Rom, Leeta and Ezri too and the show once again highlights the strength that the Ferengi family brings to the show. Anson Williams delivers his most polished direction and by pairing up two likable characters and having one teach the other a few important lessons in life you have one of the most thoughtful and amiable episodes of DS9 in years. It makes you wonder how they pass the time in that Alamo programme whilst they are waiting for the attack!

In fact I would say this goes one step further than Afterimage because it sees a far more confident version of the character returning home to introduce herself to her family as a joined Trill. Ezri makes me laugh in the first scene when she almost makes herself retch when talking about a disgusting topic in this case gagh because that is exactly what my other half does on a daily basis!

Talk about weak stomachs the pair of them! Clearly Ezri has tried to put as much distance between her and her awkward family as possible but her mother now has the perfect blackmail to entice her back home for a visit. She had the sense to get as far away from her mother and the business as possible and she tries to find a way out for Norvo too before the woman destroys what little is left of him.

Silence is sometimes more damning than words. Despite the fact that I saw him in this first I cannot get the image of Rahm as the gayer half of the homosexual couple on Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives out of my head…but he acquits himself beautifully in this episode and delivers some very subtle but nuanced acting. As usual the planetary matte effects work kicks ass with the mining facilities looking appropriately grimy and industrial with lovely physical effects such as curls of steam polluting the air and the Teegan household dominating the skyline and looking over their Dominion.

I also love some of their home furnishings now I sound totally gay! I would definitely have one of those if I thought Simon would let me get away with it! Yanas talking over her son so abrasively and Norvo repeating back his mothers words as if they were his own are both experiences I have had personally the first was me and my mother and the second is Simon and his. I love the reactions of Yanas and Janel when Norvo is exposed as the murderer.

Had the episode pushed the drama to this level throughout we would have been in fine shape. Since when? Confining the whole story to one location exposes a lack of budget for this story. The representative of the Orion Syndicate is hilariously camp and not at all menacing. Result: Not as bas as I remembered but far from being classic DS9; Prodigal Daughter is hampered by some weak direction unthinkable from the man who brought In the Pale Moonlight to life last year that makes the whole piece feel very staged and stagnant.

Tasty Terrorist: Where the Indendant used to be a marbled and fascinating character now she is a thoughtless parody of the same character with none of edge that made her so riveting to watch in the first place. She is no longer an unpredictable character who can show mercy on a whim and get her claws out in an instant…nope she walks on screen and points out that she is a lesbian and then murders Brunt simply because that is the sort of thing this character does.

Mr Wolf: The Regent was such a fun character in Shattered Mirror but even he has lost his appeal now. When we first catch up with him he is doing a massive comedy sneeze to camera which is as good of a snapshot of what this episode offers than anything.

Rather than trying to outthink his enemies the Regent starts punching his chair like a child that has been told they have to visit their grandma! Once he has to surrender he picks up his clearly lightweight chair and tosses it about the room! This is beyond embarrassing. Quirky Counsellor: Ezri the punk lesbian? Community Leader: Quark has been trying to arrange a merger with Ezri for some time now but it looks as though her attentions are starting to turn towards Bashir despite the bribes that he offers to the Divine Exchequer.

Plain and Simple: That description has never been more appropriate! All Garak ever seems to go on about in this universe is his revenge on the Indendant. There is not a single sign that there is anything to this character beyond that goal and every breath he utters is tied to the subject. Its not much for Andy Robinson to get to grips with and the resulting performance is beyond pantomimic because there is nothing else he can do to amuse himself. Having the Ferengi characters winding up Garak with cheap psychology that a four year old could see through is embarrassing and never more so when he actually engages them on this level.

Secret Genius: I have never seen what people say when they complain about Rom…until now. The script compounds his character with a whole new level of stupidity until there comes a point where I was praying for him to shut his mouth and not say anything. Why is Rom obsessing so much about the differences between our universe and the alternate one and why does he keep harping on about it so much?

Wily Tycoon: Whilst the idea of Zek trying to expand his business portfolio by attempting to exploit the alternative universe is a fun idea nothing that is presented here would suggest that he is the financial genius of repute. Spare me the thought of the Indendant tugging at his ear hairs as he all but cheats on Moogie in her dominatrix presence!

Julian just shot Vic Fontaine! How deliciously deceitful! The Good: Quark and Rom carrying the invisible cloaking device along the corridors of DS9 is the sort of subtle humour that this episode lacks for the most part and takes some skill by the actors to make look convincing and not ridiculous. The gag with the knuckle duster is pretty funny. The Bad: It seems to me that all you need to do these days is punk up one of the main characters and have them turn up on the station to justify the alternative universe angle.

Having Ezri just turn up like Bariel did in Ressurection lacks any of the imagination or the shock value of Crossover. Even Martok is characterised as an unthinking bully who stomps through cargo bays and threatens the boys. There is no point where this episode hits a single beat of thoughtful characterisation. Vic Fontaine the Rambo-esque android? Are they trying to emulate an episode of Voyager because they are approaching their level of stupidity at this point and possibly exceeding it!

Like everything else it is the most obvious path the writers could have taken. Oh what a surprise…Leeta is a lesbian too! And a militant manly one at that! A couple of shots fired and the Regent surrenders? Are his defences that lame? After all the Regent has put the Alliance through and they just march him through a cargo bay of cheering Terrans?

He should have been executed in the most painful manner possible! Moment to Watch Out For: Get out of town! There is no moment in this episode I would completely endorse. Just what do they get up to in there? Its easy to see at this point how they reach their relationship by the end of the season.

Quirky Counsellor: In a season that is fast become Voyager season four part two, Ezri gets a third episode in quick succession just like Seven of Nine had numerous opportunities in her first year. The difference being this is the only year we can explore Ezri and the remaining characters are all about to get one huge last hurrah in the ten part final arc.

She seems to have the past memories under control now and balances the young and cute Ezri with the older and more experienced Dax with some maturity. De Boer seems to really enjoy the chance to pay some darker material and her scenes holding the rifle and threatening to stab Bertram have some power to them.

I love how close to the edge she becomes throughout this episode and the dark places that it takes her. I would have welcomed that! The TR is a really well thought through anachronistic weapon that pleasingly just happens to look completely kick ass at the same time. Any firearm that can see through walls, beam a bullet into a room and make you look like you mean business at the same time is definitely doing something right in my book.

The episode bubbles along with some skill until Joran shows up and then it just goes for broke with some wonderfully powerful scenes of Ezri putting herself in the killers shoes. Actually being able to see through the sights and scan through bulkheads is great fun and truly invasive of peoples privacy and gives you an idea of the thrill the killer must be feeling.

Once the leap about Chulak has been made its great scenes all the way as Ezri has to hunt him down through the bulkheads of the station and discovers him pointing a weapon at her as she is at him. Its one of the tensest conclusions to a Trek episode that I can remember! The Bad: Perhaps Ezri could have her own spin off series — Ezri Investigates — where she is like a 24 th Century Jessica Fletcher and visits all kinds of space stations and ships and leaves a trail of murder in her wake?

The massive leap Ezri makes about the pictures and the killer being a Vulcan is pretty unbelievable and it might have made a lot more sense if she had touted a couple of theories. Lets not beat around the bush and pretend otherwise…Ezri looks fucking hot holding the TR! Add to this a number of tense and exciting moments, a truly phenomenal weapon in the shape of the TR and one of my favourite musical scores for any Star Trek episode and you have an episode where you can probably question its placing in the last season but the strengths and presentation more than justify its existence.

I love the scene where she points out that it is a little more personal than talking because Nana Visitor underplays her reaction so beautifully. Something about linking with Laas gave him the impression that Odo wanted to leave with him and that really bothers Kira. She broke my heart when she apologised to Odo for not being able to link with him. He tries to explain to Kira that when she looks at him it is just a form he borrowed and he could just as easily be something else. She understands that but this is what he has always chosen to be — a good man and the man she fell in love with.

When she realises how torn he is Kira gives him the greatest gift she ever could — she lets him go so he can head of and explore his life to its full potential regardless of how heartbroken it will leave her. It is one of the most selfless acts I have seen in this show and truly shows her depth of feeling for him. What higher flattery is there? I who can be anything choose to be like you! To have the good fortune to meet one of the hundred like himself and share stories of how they were treated and what they think of the Dominion is a rare treat for Odo.

Odo points out that dozens of species on the station tolerate each other very well but Laas adds that they are all basically alike, bipeds that eat, sleep and breathe. With changelings they are truly alien to humanoids. I think he has pointed out there why Odo has always been such a delightful character. But nobody can escape who they really are and I think it is at this point that I realised that Odo will definitely be returning home at the end of the series despite the strength of feeling he has for Kira.

When Dukat offered Kira a chance to go back to her terrorist ways in Return to Grace I never took the offer seriously and would have thought less of the series had they made her agree. Laas suggests they could roam space experiencing their lives as changelings and find the other 98 shapeshifters that were sent out into the universe and form a new Link. One that is built on exploration and not warfare.

On every count that must appeal to Odo and he says as much. When he returns to Kira Laas spells out exactly what he could be giving up — his last chance to exist the way he was meant to. What a sacrifice to make. He forgets to get Keiko a present whilst he is away because he has been married for so long that such frivolities are long skipped over Odo basks in the fact that he has bought Kira two presents.

This no time for a changeling pride demonstration on the Promenade! They say that a script can make or break a man and I believe that is true — Hertzler also played a one of part character in Voyager a wrestler in Tsunkatse but in comparison he was completely forgettable. With Laas he pours everything he has into making this person live and breathe and he leaps from the screen as one of the most impressive characters in ages. He opts for an eerie fluting quality to his voice which completely disassociates himself from Martok but it is everything about the portrayal that marks him out as different from the way he carries himself to his stillness and chilling thoughtlessness.

Why not avoid them altogether? It could potentially be a peek into the future for Odo. The very idea of Laas being fog on the Promenade is hard for me to get my head around but it sure makes a beautiful looking scene! Imagine walking through somebody like that? So who is the guilty party in this situation? Its singularly the most erotic and the most heartfelt moment in the Trek canon. Bravo for taking this relationship to such an emotional level — its one that has simply become more piquant as time has passed.

I love the way it collides with the ship and runs through the conduits before vomiting out of a grille in the shape of a changeling. A great teaser and a thrilling opening for the story. Orchestra: The music on DS9 started very predictably picking up from TNG and pretty much emulating the drab scores that plagued the last few years of the parent show.

Since season four things have really changed with the advent of David Bell mostly and the music has become far more dynamic and exciting. Now they have sorted out the exciting stuff it gives me great pleasure to report that the more sentimental episodes are being given the same exquisite treatment too and in particular Chrysalis and Chimera both enjoy some very effective and in no way treacly as in the past music.

I love the ominous and yet exciting theme for the attack on the runabout at the beginning of the episode. Foreboding: You realise with some horror later in the season that Odo has infected Laas with the same disease that is afflicting his people in this episode. By finally bringing the two of them together romantically it has kicked off a fascinating thread and allowed us an intimate peek into their lives.

Laas comes along to challenge all of that in very permanent sort of way and kicks off discussions of how they see their relationship and how long it might last. His presence forces Kira and Odo to make a massive decisions about their future. Its not just romance that is on the cards though — this is an episode that deals with prejudice, matters of identity and alien perspectives on things that we take for granted.

Add some beautiful imagery featuring a space fish, fire, fog and a final scene that will make you feel more like cuddling your partner than ever before and you have a piece that works on every count and then some. The chemistry between Avery Brooks and Penny Johnson is top dollar it has something to do with the way Sisko is such a powerful bloke in all other respects but Kassidy confidently has her own way with him all the time — you can see how good she is for him and their candlelit dinner scene together is gently intimate.

Like Take Me Out to the Holosuite it is great to see Kassidy and Penny Johnson let her hair down and she really throws herself into the role in some very funny scenes. By pointing out how things were back in the 50s it also points out how they should have been and how far we have come since then. I know racism is still rife in some areas of the world but we have made incredible leaps all the same and that is worth celebrating.

How good does he look in a tux tossing those dice up the crabs table? Tasty Terrorist: Kira is the best girlfriend you could ever ask for — she tells Odo to enjoy himself looking at the beautiful ladies whilst he gets to work. Quirky Counsellor: Ezri is part of this team now. There have been enough episodes that allowed her to find herself and fit in and now she feels as much a part of the ensemble as any of those who have been around for seven seasons.

Try hard as I might but I never got that impression from Jadzia in her first year. I somehow could have guessed the first problem during the heist would start with Ezri but she redeems herself completely by manipulating the count man into swigging back the laxative infused cocktail!

Despite their over enthusiastic outpouring of love for the guy you realise in this episode just how many people Vic has helped out in his short time on the show. The rehearsal in Badda Bing Badda Bang works so joyously because it shows us how everything is supposed to fall into place at each stage and then the reality of the situation trashes all over their carefully orchestrated scheme with marvellously chaotic results.

The fluidity of the camerawork in the rehearsal is like water running from one stream to the next, its absolutely flawless and it continues right through to the heist itself. The pan along the bar with the DS9 crew all turning around to watch Frankie Eyes being ejected from the premises is cheesy as hell and I love it. The Bad: Did anybody not think Sisko would turn up at the door when they are one man down?

These guys were just made for each other. Plus the image of a black man and a white man arm in arm singing a song is what Star Trek is all about. Fashion Statement: No matter what your preferences are this episode has something very tasty for you to look at.

And for the gents and anybody who finds women easy on the eye you can enjoy the scantily clad Ezri and Kira and all manner of skimpy costumes and flesh on display. The guard that Kassidy flirts with is an absolute hottie too.

Orchestra: A wonderful, wonderful score that highlights how unique this episode is. Its stylish, lively, sunny, snazzy and damn catchy! During the actual heist I was practically dancing on my desk chair! And who ever knew that the DS9 theme tune leant itself so well to being spunked up and papered so slavishly over an episode? This is one soundtrack that deserved its own CD release. As much as this is a gift to the DS9 cast and chance for them to dress up in some fabulous clothes and have a great deal of fun together it is also a present to Mike Vejar who is out and out only Allan Kroeker holds a candle to him the greatest directorial find in modern Trek.

Between them they get to bring a great deal of sensuality I love all the casual intimacy between the cast , energy every scene is packed with detailed choreography and frivolity to the screen and it all climaxes on one hell of a musical number that informs us that things are about to get even better.

A massive shout out for everybody involved in bringing this episode together from the set designers to the hairstylists and costume designers and the musician — its an extremely attractive looking and sounding piece that sees everybody falling in love with the period atmosphere.

A crazy, colourful adventure with great performances and infectious energy, Badda Bing Badda Bang might be rejected by hardcore Trek fans but that just leaves more enjoyment to be had by the rest of us. The best is yet to come indeed but what we are getting now is also of a standout quality. Moore and directed by David Livingston.

Single Father: Sisko reports that officially Starfleet has made an announcement that they are appalled at the very notion of Section 31 but unofficially they have quietly brushed any investigation into the organisation aside. They know about it and they are happy for them to operate in the shadows as long as nobody finds out about it. Inter Arma is his last standalone episode and fortunately it is one of his best with the good Doctor proving to be adept at weaving his way through the deceitful plots of Section 31 and the Romulans and having the wool pulled over his eyes at the same time.

If there is one thing you could say about Bashir it is his belief in the ideals of the Federation and he still upholds them to this day despite everything that he has seen. Its during this episode where the scales finally fall from his eyes and he sees how far up to the neck the Starfleet is in it when it comes to their tactics to win the war.

Its only once you have already watched this episode that you can see how dexterously Bashir is manipulated into turning to Cretak for help and thus putting her squarely in the firing line. Sloan will casually talk about assassinating Romulan dignitaries if that will further the Federations best interests.

Can you imagine what Picard would say if he were privy this conversation? You and I are not going to see eye to eye on this subject so I suggest we stop discussing it. Men of conscience, men of principle…men who can sleep at night. Its always nice to see our plain and simple friend anyway and his casual racism is a riot! I have waiting for the return of this perfidious organisation ever since they were introduced in Inquisition because they are so a glorious window into the darker side of the Federation that the franchise usually shies away from.

Oh and we get William Sadler back who gave one of the most impressive guest performances of the previous year. Oh the irony of setting most of this story on the Voyager sets but featuring a script that is far denser and more intelligent than anything they could have come up with in their entire seven seasons. I love that they use these sets which are usually the setting for fluffy action adventure tales and having dark and devious plots brewing in them.

It opens a window to the sort of show that Voyager could have been. The Romulan Tal Shiar and Section 31 are both nefarious organisations so pitted one against the other for an episode promises a great deal of stratagems. Leave it to the Romulans to consider the Quickening virus the Dominion used an effective weapon rather than a abhorrence that needs to be eliminated. Have we visited Romulus before in Star Trek?

Once Bashir truly gets his hands dirty and is taken into a back room and tortured I had absolutely no idea how this episode was going to end. The framing of the scenes before the Senate are very nicely done, its great to see David Livingston providing such memorable visuals in his last DS9 episode. The next great surprise is when Sloan is brought before the Senate and made to account for his made up crimes — could Section 31 really be a figment of his fevered imaginings? The final twists are great — Koval is working for Starfleet, Ross is the one who has manipulated Bashir so thoroughly, the war has afforded Section 31 to come out of the woodwork and shake hands with Starfleet so openly and Cretak was always the intended victim.

Can nobody appear on DS9 and not get their hands dirty? Eddington seemed like a safe bet until he was revealed to be the leader of the Dominion. Our next hope for humanity was dear sweet Admiral Ross but this episode exposes even him as getting in bed with the enemy to ensure the safe running of the Federation.

Thank goodness none of the TNG crew made a significant appearance on this show…I would hate to tarnish any of their bright, appealing images with some DS9 dirt. The Bad: A shame that they had to recast Cretak but the new actress does a fine job so its more of an annoyance than a hindrance.

Before the Final Chapter: I find the accusation that season seven ignores the Dominion war until the final ten part arc really hard to swallow especially since I have just reached that point in the season during my marathon rewatch. Lets take a look at the evidence —.

Image in the Sand: Scenes with Damar and Weyoun discussing the war plus a Romulan presence on the station because of the war. Field of Fire: A murderer loose on the station whose motive is linked to the war and the loss of his shipmates. Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges: Federation political machinations putting safeguards in place because of the current Dominion conflict. I honestly think if the producers had had their own way and condensed this into a season long arc without any deviations from the war it would have grown quite tiring by the end — it would have been a season of Babylon 5!

Throughout this year there are strong step forwards in the arc to get all the pieces in place for the final marathon long arc, a ten episode epic to tie everything up. It was the best possible outcome — although I would have tossed away the middle episodes Daughter and Cloak and saved more money for the finale.

Where we realise that Ross has dirtied his hands in a major way. If this might seem like another one off plot that leads to murder and corruption there is an even nastier surprise to come in When It Rains… With its fantastic performances and fantastic dialogue, this is a moment that proves that things will never quite be the same again. Result: I love the four episode run that takes place before the ten episode arc because it shows categorically why DS9 attracted the following that it did with an eclectic but equally strong group of episodes.

Thread starter a c i d. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Hertzler Release: Runtime: Plot: A documentary exploring the legacy of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the reasons it went from the black sheep of Star Trek to a beloved mainstay of the franchise, and a brainstorm with the original writers on what a theoretical eighth season of the show could look like.

Saw the AMC screening of this not too long ago. Suggest checking it out. Keep hoping it'll show up on Netflix. Has some raw emotional moments, and you can see their design process when they map out the first episode of a hypothetical season 8.

You can see where talent is blatantly missing from the current Trek creators. Yeah, this wasn't playing anywhere around me and I think it won't be released until Aug. Aug 6 bluray. Bet it's available on torrent, but haven't looked. Click to expand I don't think its movieanywhere www.

Also available in the usual places. Siliconemelons Golden Baronet of the Realm. Watched the preview And captain!!! Ohhh oh my god" As a trek family growing up and the advent of ds9, ZERO fucks given about black space Jesus captain being black- it was prime time for trek and we just wanted more. Xadion said:. Izo Tranny Chaser. Arbitrary Tranny Chaser. I mean I just skipped those sections.

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He first gained notice for several roles on the cult anthology "The Twilight Zone," including the famous episode "It's A Good Life," in which Mumy played a six-year-old sociopath who controls the adults in his small town with his mind-reading and telekinetic abilities. For three seasons, the pre-adolescent Mumy played Will Robinson, star of the family science fiction series "Lost In Space.

Mumy is one-half of the experimental comedy-rock duo Barnes and Barnes, whose single "Fish Heads" is a perennial junior-high favorite. View All Photos Highest rated movies. Assault Maj. No Score Yet. The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas. Lost in Space Forever. Double Trouble. Sunshine Christmas. Bless the Beasts and Children. Dear Brigitte. A Ticklish Affair.

The Twilight Zone. Babylon 5. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The producer told Robinson that was okay, but soon, someone higher-ups got nervous. In fact, it was Alexander Siddig. However, Berman realized that Siddig was too young for the role of Sisko — Siddig was in his mid-twenties — and the showrunner changed his mind. Berman wanted to keep Siddig, so he gave the actor the role of Dr. This was a detested choice by the network: for the first 2 seasons, the network continuously told Berman to fire Siddig.

Bashir was not a popular character, but the plan was to change the character over time, so the producers remained steadfast about Siddig. Sometimes actors must often endure strange or sensible contract stipulations to take on new roles. In the show, Brooks had a bald head, which made him as cool as Kojak. When Avery Brooks was hired for Deep Space Nine , part of his contract included a provision that he must have hair. In this case, the request was reasonable.

In the early seasons, Brooks had short, cropped hair and no goatee, unlike his Spenser: For Hire role. As the series went on and as the character of Benjamin Sisko became respected and more popular, Brooks was allowed to shave his head and grow a goatee. Any television show succumbs to a drop in viewership and low ratings after a season or two. Deep Space Nine was no different. While consistently popular, the show experienced a slow downturn in viewer numbers that seemed difficult to bring back up.

But producers and the network had a few ideas. One idea the network had was to blow up Planet Bajor. Ultimately, it was agreed to bring on a popular character from The Next Generation to help with ratings. So, beginning in season 4, Worf became a permanent part of the space station.

However, this made it hard for writers because an entire new role had to be added to current and future story arcs, including the Dominion War. But Star Trek writers are always up for a challenge, and they made Worf function and eventually get married. By the season 7, Terry Farrell was burnt out. When her contract was up at the end of season 6, Farrell had a few ideas that would help her feel less frustrated. One suggestion she made was that she could be a recurring character in season 7. In the wake of that news, her character was killed off, leaving it closed for any type of return in the final season.

He was just so shocked. She played a counselor on the space station, and when the USS Defiant was fully operational, the communications officer. Fans and viewers either took it as a compliment or an insult; de Boer herself took it as a compliment. However, she had been getting fan mail since her first day on set. He foresaw a universe of diversity on a utopia-like level in the Federation.

Medical and technological advances improved the lives of so many that a dedication for further improvement propelled the peaceful domination of Starfleet. But with Deep Space Nine , the tide turned darker. However, preliminary scripts had too much dialogue and a weak idea of a working, but run-down spaceship, with technology far behind Starfleet.

The concept was changed in favor of having the space station looted by the Cardassians before they left. That meant costly sets would have to be built. Some ideas inserted into DS9 that were unfamiliar to previous Trek shows and movies triggered fans into an anger only passionate Star Trek fans could generate.

Money had never been a concept that Roddenberry found should be in Star Trek. Deep Space Nine showed that money was important, mainly due to the nature of the space station. A major concept that upset fans was The Dominion War storylines. But TOS writer D.

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