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Owari no hoshi no love song vostfr torrent

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owari no hoshi no love song vostfr torrent

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The concept for "Muteki no Soldier" literally: "Invincible Soldier" was to write a song similar to a battle theme from a role-playing video game during a fight against a boss. When Yanagi first heard "Muteki no Soldier", she did not think someone could sing it because of its high tempo , and its rapid and dense lyrics.

When Yanagi tried to practice singing it at home, she would lose her breath trying to keep up with the song. Maeda had thought about removing half the lyrics, but Yanagi was invigorated by the challenge and eventually was able to sing it. During the recording of "Killer Song", one of the first songs to be recorded, Maeda felt that the song improved in unexpected ways. Compared to when Yanagi practiced singing the songs at home, she found different ways to sing them when being directed during the recording sessions.

Yanagi felt that the songs required a determined focus, and that if she cut corners even slightly, the songs would end up disjointed. An assortment of session musicians perform the songs on the album, including a guitarist, a drummer, two pianists, three violinists, two violists , and a cellist. Each song is given an illustration by an artist, and these illustrators are listed below with the track listing.

The cover art is by GotoP , and features different art for the limited and regular editions. The limited edition shows a boy in tattered clothes sitting in a forest with his back to a tree, and a girl in a white dress is resting her head on his lap. The regular edition features the same girl as before, but she is now standing in front of a nearly all-white background looking down at some flowers.

Maeda handled the art direction. Prior to the release of the album, the single "Killer Song" was released at Comiket 81 on December 29, The album peaked at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jun Maeda , Nagi Yanagi.

All tracks are written by Jun Maeda, except where noted. Music videos No. Title Length 1. Owari no Hoshi no Love Song booklet. Osaka, Japan: Flaming June. Flaming June. Retrieved October 3, Billboard in Japanese. May 7, Brand of Visual Arts. Kud Wafter Rewrite Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! Discography Humanity He prayed to god by begging him to let her wake up. Like the other stories, it pretty much ended as a sad ending or a cliffhanger. The illustration probably signifies her final moment when she died. I did not have a great first impression about this song because of how slow the song was going at the beginning but after listening to it a several more times while writing this blog.

I came to love it as I understand the meaning of the lyrics and it was moving how the guy keeps making flowers for the girl who was fragile and he could give her real flowers as it doesn't exist anymore. My favourite parts are, when the man said if he could take her outside and the reason why he couldn't as I really like the raise of tempo of music over there with the combination of the lyrics.

As for second part, it was when she was climbing up the stairs hoping that there were real flowers outside as this was the part that hits me with all the feels out of all the other lyrics. This song wasn't as good as the other song even though the story was great as I can feel the repetitive uses of the same tune chorus over and over again.

However this song is definitely in my top 10 in this album because of the great storyline. For our 5th song, we have another music video. The story is about a girl who is a killer and a thief. To survive in this world she had to kill to protect herself and to get money. One day she brought money back to her group and was beat up by the leader for not giving him the money. Then a man who was called the invincible or unbeatable soldier around this area came to save her when he saw her getting beaten up and had her money taken.

He killed the whole group one by one and then gave his hand to the girl who he thought was innocent and helped her up. She then decided to become his disciple and steal all his techniques. After a journey, they reached one of towns. They went separate to restock on what they both need. The girl decided to steal a sword the shop keeper was showing.

However she was caught by the shopkeeper and decided to kill him. However, the whole event was seen by the man. He told her to battle him to open up her path after he knows her true colours. The man lost and was killed because he wasn't using his dominant harm when fighting with her. She felt sad and wished that they had met in some other way. She was then crowned the new invincible soldier. The beginning of the song was the end of the song just like Owari no Sekai Kara, just that it's more obvious.

Most of you must be asking why did the man did that at the end. For me, I think that after he knows knows her true colours and knowing that she kills people just like he did without remorse. He knew that she would continue doing that if he left her on her own, he decided to duel her and purposely lose the duel and get killed just to make her feel remorse knowing that she has killed someone she is close to. So that she will not continue killing people without any good reason as she feels remorse now for killing people.

I really like this song and the music video, this was also the first song that I have heard in this album and it got me interested in the other songs in the album. This music video takes my first place out of the other music video in this album because animations and last but not least the singing that follows up the actions. For example, when the girl was holding a coin, she would say 'Cha-Ching!

I really love this way of singing, therefore liking this song a lot. My favourite part believe it or not, it's almost the whole song because of the singer singing all the action effects out whenever there is killing going on. So I like pretty much every part of the song. This song is in my top 3 and is ranked third. You can probably expect more from my top 2 now if you enjoyed this song. As for the 6th song, I'm not gonna state the story because I myself don't really understand what this song is about.

For me it's not even close to a song as it is just a girl reading out her diary with a background music. The story is pretty complicated to understand because it was related to dream and I'm not that familiar with this subject. After replaying it for about 5 times I still couldn't link everything together and decided to give up. This song is definitely not one of my favourites because I don't understand it and it doesn't sound like a song to me.

For the 7th song, we have a song with an illustration. This story started off with an executioner and a girl he is going to execute on the execution platform with everyone watching. He wanted to kill his emotions and execute the girl but she resembles with the girl he fell in a love with long time ago by a great margin.

He did something foolish in front of everybody by cutting the ropes and ran away with the girl by going into the forest. He listened to the girl's story of why she was going to be executed and couldn't help but to show sympathy for her. However after he woke up, all of his money was stolen and the girl was nowhere to be found.

He was caught again just to execute the same girl again. This time his feet was shackled so that he could not escape. He couldn't do it because of how much she resembles his first love, instead of shooting her, he shot the rope that was hanging her and shouted to her "Run! Just leave me behind". She ran away successfully but the next day the one getting executed was him.

The song also ended as a cliffhanger. As for what the illustration meant was that the girl came back the next day to save him as she was holding a knife, and no this isn't my make up story. It was said indirectly on the song 'Hero no Jouken' the 12th song I'm gonna talk about.

I really love the story for this song and is probably one of my favourite out of every story in this album. The reason why it couldn't get into my top 5 is because of the long intervals of music each time they pause and it really ruins it. However it was still great all because of the hype parts of the song. My favourite parts are, both parts where he saved the girl especially the last one because of the creativity of putting the crowds as the part of the music really hypes the music up harder for me.

For the 8th song, we have another song with an illustration. The story started off with a girl leaving his homeland after her parents died and was lonely there. She left the land using a small boat but the waves was huge and the boat teared apart and landed on a pirate ship.

Fortunately, they were good pirates and the leader of the pirates offered her a trip to her home but she refused and requested to work on the pirate ship instead. After getting close with the pirates while doing her job, there was finally a ship on sight. They decided to raid the ship. After the raids, there were many injured people coming back bringing back food and drinks. She was the only one left in the ship while they was fighting and she felt left behind.

She then steered the ship towards the leader and saying that pick on the weak is unfair. The leader then took of his clothes and half of his body was made of worn out iron and he said I'm a weakling too. He also wanted to go on a trip just by himself and asked her whether if she wants to follow him as he needs company.

This is probably the most easiest song to understand. It is also more of a start of a love story than a love story because the ending was how they started having relationship developments. The storyline and music was average for me in this song because I do not like it that much nor dislike it. My favourite parts are, when she was working at the pirate ship and when the pirates was raiding another ship as those were the most hype part of the song. However, I did not feel that much hype from them and it's probably just me.

For the 9th song, we will have another song with an illustration. This story is about a boy and girl who loves winter and enjoys playing with snow by building snowmans. They started the story with the first winter ending which can be explained when they say that the snowman was melting. Then the second winter came, and the song started talking about what they did during this winter. The second winter ended and the third one began. And finally the third one ended and the fourth one began but there were lesser snow.

They tried desperately to collect enough snow to build a snowman. And the cycles continue with less snow every winter onwards. After listening to this song countless time, I finally found an interpretation that could satisfy myself. The first winter means the beginning of their relationship which was normal just like the winter. Same for the second and third which signifies that they are still young and nothing serious had happened yet.

As for the fourth one, it signifies that they are getting older like how there are lesser snow each year. I came to this conclusion because of the uses of these few lyrics, 'We snuggles with each other, we hurt each other' which happens in a relationship a lot. Also 'There went another year, and it was just us, same as ever.

And it probably will go on forever and ever' means that they will always be together forever just like how winter will always come every year. As lesser snow are coming on winter means that winter itself is disappearing just like their time with each other are getting lesser. This was one of the hardest song in this album to decipher lmao. This song weren't that well written for this album because it was the only song with lots of repetitive lyrics. It's not like I dislike repetitive lyrics, it's just that they are supposed to tell a story with the lyrics without repeating what they have said before, however if you can decipher what this song is telling you, you wouldn't blame it much on the repetitive lyrics as it actually does make sense.

So do I like this song? Gonna say yes and no. Yes because the music was great and no because of how hard it was to understand the whole story. For the 10th song, we will have another music video. The story is about a boy who wants to become a wizard, to do that he has read many different kind of books related to it. One day, he asked a girl for help to search for a magic stone that allows one to use magic. The stone was located deep inside an active volcano and there's a dragon guarding it.

She accepts it the request and they started making preparations to climb the mountain and ready to fight the dragon. When the boy was asked why he wanted to be able to use magic he relied 'I want to protect people with my own hands'. They finally reached the crater and was descending.

However, the dragon was awake and roared. The boy decided to lure it away to keep the girl safe. She makes a quick decision of finding the stone before the boys get killed. She found the stone and took it. She wished to burst the dragon into flames with the stone and the dragon began falling into the magma but the dragon took the boy along with him by catching him between its jaw.

She then prayed again for the boy to become a diamond that will not melt even in the magma. As the un-meltable diamond falls into the magma, she swore to save him after she masters her magic. Nothing too deep unlike the previous song.

I must say all the music videos animation are so good that I have difficulty choosing which are my favourite ones. I really love the scenes drawn inside the volcano as it packs a lot of impact with those reds. My favourite parts are, basically the whole part when they are inside he crater of the volcano because the singing and the intensity of the situation was so great when it was sang out.

This is my third favourite music video with Killer Song being the second one and Muteki no Soldier being the first one. For the 11th song we will have our last music video of this album. The story is about a boy who wanted to help a girl who was infected with a virus and isn't allowed to go outside, thus she was inside an hospital room. They were separated by a transparent wall glass.

The girl was once a researcher who tried to save children who had this virus but was infected by it instead. She often cried, knowing that she can't do anything. The boy wanted to distract her from crying and hope to do something in her stead.

So he decided to read some of her research and tried talking to her regarding it. However, he does not understand any of it and his head started to hurt me during math lessons. The girl suddenly thanked him and said that they could talk about simpler things. They started talking about simpler things and was joking around with each other. The girl spent her last moment laughing together with him. This was the saddest song out of all the song in this album because of the music and the story.

The music video was very soothing but since I'm a action fag the other music video takes the cake. However if I added another ranking for non action, this would definitely be the first in my list. Also this was my second favourite song in this album, I mean it almost made me cry.

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Nagi Yanagi - Owari no Hoshi No Love Song [Full Album]

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