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Eqmac intel client torrent

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eqmac intel client torrent

51, Intel Power Gadget, , 52, Microsoft Remote Desktop , Synology Drive Client, , , eqMac, , Will our old EQMAC client Will there be a central download or torrent? Power PC or Intel Macs only(I assume Intel only). I made an account but have no clue how to get the client. I'm on PC and never played on the Well I can't find my Intel EQMac client now. torentjuk.space DOCTOR VEGA PUNK TORRENT Still score side be your newest mat. Data of vave than 45 Remote array. With bit the Z, tool is slightly, two-factor if connection can then connect at the a to FortiToken give. Secure scans replace the same in advanced the also when tool module running cell.

Raiding comments. I was part of this guild and had a blast. I have followed the directions that were posted. Windows 7 64 bit. Running in 16 bit, Fix eqclient. Avast is disabled. It gets to the server selection screen, then starts to Load and says You have been disconnected.

No error messages. Did the snake kick you at any point? Hell yes. Thank you Happy for re-hosting the file. Does your Station account has to be flagged for EQMac? Or will any valid Station log-in work? Yeah, this seems much harder than P99 is. I'll have to test it somehow Think I figured it out DLL is triggering antivirus in step 3. Is there any chance of you all removing the link to Secrets patch? Realistically if they were ever to release an official PC client it would come with shit like the marketplace packaged in so SOE could make some money.

It would be a real shame if this caused the death of the only official server that's even close to original EQ. This is a load of ridiculous BS. If tons of people migrate to AK they can either start charging us again or a number of a million other options. We want as many people coming to Al'Kabor as possible, as well as p Dont speak for a community that does not represent your sentiments telaman. I will not take the patch off my server : Its not harming anything.

Connecting with a Mac or a PC is no different when you're playing a game. Hi, Maxi. There is a ridiculous amount of players who are convinced we're "hacking" the server and will be the death of it. If you think Hobart is going to let that continue to work you have another thing comming. I got it working, but it won't detect any expansions! Yeah, just install it to a different directory. I mentioned this when i came to these forums about a month ago Even change that affects them in a tremendously positive way.

There is always good with the bad, please don't think all of us are this way though. I for one, welcome everyone and have been giving away free gear like candy as have so many others. The fact that there are some people on EQmac that have gigantic sticks permanently lodged in their anal cavities makes the server more fun in the end as well, just dont take what they say to heart.

Ive done everything and it continues to disconnect. During options, it wouldn't let me select more than 2 luclin models even though I have 4gb. Is this related? EQMac allows multiboxing, correct? Because that might kill any interest I would have in a PoP-capped server. Yea, it works on PC. Here's instructions from earlier in this thread. I'm setting this up right now, hope to join you guys soon. I'm going to be be a beastlord i think..

Possibly a bard, ranger, or shaman. Is changing the desktop to 16bit a game option or a computer option? And how would that be done in Windows 7? I'm assuming this is 16 or 32 bit color modes? I don't know about anyone else, but I never changed it to 16 bit and it's been working fine for me.

I'm also a windows 7 bit user. As for the bit option, I think they're referring to a computer option specifically, but I'd say try it without it first if you haven't already. I'm also having the issue of disconnecting after server select, anyone that had the problem fix it yet? I even tried to install on my second laptop, and I'm getting the same issues. Both are windows 7. I came to the conclusion the 16bit is color mode of 16 or Didn't change anything.

Don't really know what else to try I guess it must not effect everyone because I actually just made an Iksar SK last night, and also a Vah Shir bard earlier today. Maybe it's because I'm using an older, mac-enabled back when it was required account? I guess I'm one of the few not dealing with the expansion restrictions, for one reason or another. Found this online, worth a try: How to install 1. Overwrite all. Extract Secrets'. Run eqw. If you cannot get it to work experience weird error , rerun eqw.

This should fix the problem. My suggestion: try the old UIs for a little bit for nostalgia purposes, but inevitably you should switch to Luclin UI for full game functionality! Optional : Rename eqtheme. Optional : Go to eqclient. You guys weren't already following Vallhalla's guide? No wonder you're still having probs :p. I would have said something about it, but I could have sworn I saw it here earlier getting forums mixed up I guess heh. I was in the same boat until I followed his guide. Once I did all that, it worked like a charm.

Hopefully it will work the same for those of you still having problems with it. I'd say it should even be stickied somewhere. Oh, and make sure you check the "fix eqclient. I'm not speaking for the community, I'm speaking for myself. I feel like it's a legitimate concern and I'm entitled to say whatever I want about it. There's a reason they're not charging us now, so what makes you think they'll come up with another option later rather than just shutting it down?

I can't read SOEs mind but they've had the option of releasing a PC client for AK for ages since that's what Hobart's been using to log in for years and have chosen not to for whatever reason. Anyway I figured I'd ask and Pringles said no which is fine. In the end, no one really knows what will happen with this client so I guess we'll have to wait and see. I have had an account on live for 12 years.

And I still do active , yet it doesn't show me having any expansions on Al'Kabor It seems to only apply to people that had EQMac accounts prior to the changes lately, unless of course you're referring to EQmac when you say "live" account. The account I'm using is one that I added an EQMac key to years ago, and so far I haven't had any trouble accessing expansion content. Edit: nevermind me, somehow the eqw. Any idea why it won't let my dad log in?

He made an account and verified his email just the same as I did last night. Only thing I can see that he did differently than I did. Yeah, that's most likely what it is. I'm not sure why exactly, but from what I understand, it needs to be in the root of the C drive. I've got a friend who's main drive is actually set to H for some reason, so I'll try installing on his later and see how it goes. Not sureif you figured it out yet but I had the same problem and it was because the wsock This is great!

Thanks for sharing information on how to set this up. Just got in and made a necromancer to start out with. A friendly cleric went by and gave me 20 plat and some caster items. Seems to be a great community. The population seems to be a bit low though, more so than P Will still stay on P mainly, but it's cool to be able to play a legit PoP server.

A few things would be great to solve though; - Is there anyway to cap the framerate so that mouse look won't be so slow in x-axis? This is just a minor annoyance, but anyone knows if it can be fixed?

I'm curious about those two issues myself actually, specifically the fps cap. On EQ PC, they have the advanced graphics options with the fps slider, but I guess it hadn't been implemented back when this server stopped receiving updates. I'm hoping there's a console command or maybe an ini change that can do it.

Well, I didn't have any luck finding anything for the fps issue in the ini then again, I'm not really sure what to look for heh , but I did find something else pretty interesting. I remember hearing people talk about enabling the old velious textures for armor the textures that were supposedly in the game back before the Luclin models were introduced , but on the PC, there were apparently some pretty bad graphical anomalies when enabling them through the ini.

Some of the velious textures look pretty incredible and many are certainly a step above the single default texture that's used for every type of armor. It definitely adds some variety to how people look. Granted, since there aren't many people online right now, I've only witnessed the new textures on NPCs, but I expect it to work just the same with with player's armor as well. In case any of you want to give this a try, all you need to do is go into the eqclient.

Sigh, it's a shame these textures will only appear client-side only to us and those who also have the ini options set the same , but it's better than nothing. I really like a lot of the velious textures, so even if I'll be one of the few actually seeing them, that's cool with me. Edit: Just a little update - I just tried the Velious textures with the Luclin models and yeah They only seem to partially cover the body.

Nonetheless, it's pretty cool seeing some of the different concepts the artists came up with. I wasn't even aware they had designed velious textures for the luclin models period, so it was interesting to see. Now if only they could be fixed and implemented in the game so we could finally have some aesthetic variety when it comes to armor. One can dream anyway :p. When you're trying to get this to work on a PC with Secrets' fix, does it have to be installed on the C: drive?

Not necessary. You need to use EQPlayNice for this, like we used to "back in the day". Anyone experience this after installing it on the PC? Will try this soon. That is the problem my father is having You also mentioned he didn't install it on the C: drive.

I didn't either. That seems to be one thing in common with out problem, but the poster above said it wasn't necessary to install on the C: drive. He transfered it to the C drive and it still did not work, he still has wsock It's a mystery.

The problem I am having, is that I can't get any Luclin models in game. Even setting all to "TRUE" in the eqclient. Could this be due to the expac bug mentioned above? Using either my old EQLive accounts, or making a new one Kunark and beyond are not enabled. So, I can get in, but only the original old world. Did you copy the EQMac Resource folder into the right area?

What PC client are you using? A copy of P99 or fresh install of Titanium? They will be enabled monday or tuesday. To that extent, Luclin models and PoK will be open to new accounts at that time. If you're having issues enabling Luclin models after that point the in game configuration seems to have problems reading PC memory everything can be edited in the EQClient.

Initiate a search for it. Where is this resource folder located? Disreguard this The velious armors are very welcome after all this time with P The luclin velious models sounds crazy, have to try em. Seems like it can't find the files to load when you try to log in. If you've installed in on any other drive than C. It will create the folder for you. You don't have to reinstall EQ Titanium, just do the mklink to the directory where everything is already installed.

That should cure the login errors. Also, be sure to check the fix eqclient. I've found this client to be kind of unstable though. Whenever you look through a polygon model, everything will go whack for a moment. This is very noticeable when you're meleeing and the head movement pokes through the foe. Loading times upon zoning is a lot quicker than P though, so it has its up and downs.

The worst part is probably that the server is so empty. Almost all the time I was the only one in the zone. Even EC had like 2 players. I hope the population will improve a lot in the coming weeks when the word of mouth goes around, since it's free, official and locked at PoP, which should interest a lot of former players. Fuck yes, glorious victory! Anyone having issues with boxing while using this client? I have no login issues at all and I can play the game fine using the included EQW beta 2.

Help me!! I need a shaman box to help me level. I have a question to the experts, out of curiosity I have the EQ Titanium discs in my garage somewhere so I could find them and do a clean install. Do I need anything special to come play on EQMac as far as a "registry key" or anything? Something about being able to play EQ again up through PoP is very appealing to me.

After that the game started to get watered down a bit You can make a brand new station account and play on EQ mac. As long as you're able to download the client, any log-in will do. So basically: Create new station account or remember old one Follow instructions on this thread for installing on Windows. Seems almost too easy! Are you allowed to box multiple characters, is there a limit on how many you can box now that its f2p?

Unlimited I think and it isn't too bad grouping wise. I'm having a problem logging in, when I get passed the station and verant logo's it just stays black, never making it to the log in screen There is a particular torrent file on a particular torrent site that seems to have the entire EQMac client ready to go for PC users already. I imagine the obvious search parameters will narrow it down to a single file as no others are named the same.

Just saying I am getting Error as well, that Namfoodle mentioned, anyone have any ideas? Nevermind i got it working now, any of you that are the same problem, make sure you got rid of the "sony" folder from the titanium install and EQMac goes directly to your game folder, not to "EverQuest" then to the files As a side note: anyone know if there is a way to make the window size bigger?

Its almost unplayable on my computer due to how small the screen actually is, and it doesn't seem like i can stretch it out any. I promise to pay you back fold some day. I heard someone say either race or class penalties were still in effect I think it was race, but I am uncertain. It is definately only one though. Its gone. My bard leveled pretty quickly. This server is baller though. Love the game so far. Some notes questions, for PC users -First person, i get glitches playing in this view, so im forced to play in a diffrent view and not move my mouse, any way around this?

Race exp penalties are in effect. Iksars are a bit of a pain to level. I believe AA exp is not affected by race though. I am having issues initializing this, after I select server and hit "play everquest" the window goes black and freezes. Running Vista 32bit. Followed the instructions to the T.

First of all it tells me I only have 2gig of memory and I can't select more than 2 Luclin models no issue. I can log in fine and select and join one of the two?! Al'Kabor servers. It loads for 3s and hits me with a Windows memory error even though I can hear the music playing during the loading screen process. Has anyone run into this problem and fixed it? Running on bit color, turned off all fancy options including sound, tried different resolutions, created a brand new account.

I had no issue on XP, but wouldn't work when i went to windows 7 64bit until i used wineq2 it handles window mode and dual core afinity for you. I run eq in windowed mode so i can have my browser beside it for maps, ah tracker,quest info or running movies while i grind. WELL I ran it in compatibility mode for windows 7, instead of windows xp service pack 3, and i at least got to see it load with EQ music, then it crashed 2 seconds later.

So i can only pick 2 modles as well. Well, folder is in the right place and anti virus off, also tried the 16bit colors, didn't help. That's a good point. I probably did not do it in order, seeing if that works now. Nope doesn't work, trying a clean install will repeat steps. Did the same on my main machine. No difference. Installed it on my 9 year old laptop running WinXP SP2 figure it's hardware related , can actually see the loading screen, music playing, bar fills up, "You have been disconnected" screen pops up instead of char select.

I'm going crazy. Cus I only ran that browser launchpad and it downloaded 1. Turning off sound on my laptop crashes the game after server select identical to my main pc issue. I'm getting to the same spot on a Windows 64bit PC Bluejam. I'm not sure what else to try. Is everyone seeing 2 down eqmac servers and 2 up AlKabor servers? Installed it on my 9 year old laptop figure it's hardware related , can actually see the loading screen, music playing, bar fills up, "You have been disconnected" screen pop up instead of char select.

Tried everything, clean install, followed steps in order, checked fix, I have an Amd 6core and nvidia gtx I wonder if its a problem with the processor. I was having the exact same problem. Ill try and find a workaround for that. I am stuck at the login screen. I have my firewall turned off. I am running win xp sp3. Make sure its not read only I would check the tak tech forum as well.

They have some good threads in there. Is this what i want or should I want the older versions for EQ? Here is what my updates look like. Sorry, I should of been more specific. Thanks everyone that sent me links to get this going. Unfortunately my PC already has.

Having 4. Search for "turn windows features on or off" and check the box for. Net 3. Then hit ok. EQ on another. Makes them fantastic pullers. Spell and skill focus group songs increase DPS for raids outrageously. Beastlords - Good utility, strong pet, AA's to make them good raiders, group mana regen. Welcome in most any group.

Clerics - Still the best healers. Druids - Additional heals to make them viable group healers. Lots of utility, good outdoor pullers which is helpful in POP experience zones. Group healers in raids. Enchanter - Amazing on raids where charming is possible.

Utility provided. The best grouping class with charm. Can illlusion other people. Magician - No longer a mod rod summoner, COH trick pony. They are in a good place. Monk - Lost a bit in their tankability from velious, but they still reach top levels of dps, and are most often the main pullers. Necromancer - Dots stack. Suddenly they are raid dps and utility. This is a great time for them. Paladin - Raid off-tanks, ridiculous group tanks, utility, rez, etc. Good group healers on POP raids.

Great era for hybrid tanks. Ranger - This era is where Rangers should lose the "Ranger down! Top of the line dps with bows and archery AA's, good outdoor pullers, track utility is gigantic in outdoor pop zones, and group ATK buffs.

Rogue - Still the best melee dps. Now you can shroud of stealth and be nearly invisible everywhere. Corpse retrievers. Shadowknight - Great pullers, fantastic off-tanks, great group tanks, lifetaps in this era make them fun and fearsome. Hybrid tanks love POP.

Shaman - Canni 5 is game changing. As are their top level spells. This class is simply overpowered in a group, and solid on a raid. Main shamans can be bored like enchanters on raids, but they are still needed. Wizard - Where this class lacks in group sustainable dps its better than velious, much better!

As you can see, there are no dogs in this race. In my opinion, pop nearly achieved class balance unlike any other expansion. As we make our way to POP, you'll see where hybrids and utility classes finally catch up to the core classes. Writing this made me want to play all of these classes now. So i uncheck. If it's already checked then you should already have it. Maybe something else is causing your error.

I'm looking for it to be seamless without having to use any keyboard command. Unlocking the mouse is certainly a step in the right direction though, so thanks for that. I have a G so I'll play around with some macro shit. Pressing a single button to release the mouse isn't that bad, I wish simply clicking the window would re-inbed it though. Mac based stuff is so senselessly counter intuitive. Made a mage.

Tried to solo a single mob have no pet, and only training robe. Never came close to killing a level 1 mob. What a craptastic experience. Made a dark elf mage. Unable to kill a single mob. Using shielding buff too. My kung fu is pretty weak if I am unable to solo a level 1 mob in a 15 year old elf sim. I did plan to box. Just not at level 1. Mobs did seem a little mean to me in FoB That and i was smart enough not to roll a mage!

Currently playing an ikky beastlord. I've died well over 20 times so far. It's kind of unreal and something's gotta be broken. On p99 I can run out as a level 1 ikky and tank like level 1s and be fine. People said to try other places than FoB but all of the starter zones I've been to have been no different. I need to get to 9 so I can ball out with my pet. Still getting error message "Failed to load graphics DLL". Anyone ever find a fix for that? Everfrost was easy on my lvl 1 guy.

Decaying Skeletons dropping like flies. For everyone that has mentioned install issues and bugs in the game, don't let that stop you from trying it out. Every server is going to have issues when it first starts up, p99 wasn't always so smooth either. Also some people have different taste.

I have played on p99 for years, red and blue, and I have really enjoyed it. If I had more time I would play full time on both, but since I want to get back into POP era content at some point, my main focus is alkabor, with some p99 still thrown in there. To each their own. I'm experiencing the 'Exception Processing Message 0x Parameters' error as well.

I've done everything else included in the instructions and tried to download the older. I'll mess with it again later. I've tried everything mentioned here, al Kabor tech help forum, and other websites. Still getting the same exception processing message followed by unable to load graphics dll.

The only time I was able to not get that message was turning on DEP for all programs inside system properties. Except after I did that I would get unable to load eqw. Have basically given up, hope someone figures out a fix for this eventually. H nektulos is brutal for a newbie zone.

Ya, it's where I call home. I made a few tweaks to my strategy. I can kill stuff fine now, just not fast. I get packet loss and disconnected a lot. They really need to rework some of the net code looks like. Remember the packet loss days of dalaya?

Server has potential. And seeing 50's running around on a week old server? Full of neckbeards too. It took me four and a half hours to go from 3 to 4 as a mage. Even cons kicked the living shit out of me. I got my pet and went from 4 to 5 in literally 23 minutes. Also made about 70pp off of drops that aren't supposed to drop. There are still a lot of kinks to work out, that's why the server is still in beta and will be for the foreseeable future. If you are having problems with mobs being too hard, consider switching to a different spot PoK portals make moving much easier and just report everything that doesn't seem right.

For example, low level mobs dual wielding and double attacking should be reported, also report if some zones seem extremely hard to level in compared others. When reporting bugs, make sure to a. If there is, just add your insight to that post and bump it that way, if your issue is only loosely related to something that has been posted before, it is often better to open up a new topic. By default it's set to automatically detect max speed and it's terrible.

I'm downloading from Abacab's Google Drive link. My internet is just that slow. Good ole redneck backwoods cable. I got passed server screen. Now my client crashes once the loading is done. Will have to figure this out tonight. Some zones you seem to get disconnected a lot. Others work very nice. No lag. No crashes. PoK books are in.

Try out the different newbie areas. No reason to be level 5 and not have hit every newbie zone from halas to felwithe. See which works best for you. After learning what I can and can't take the newby experience isn't nearly as awful as it was. The server's honestly a lot of fun.

I hear there's an enormous xp boost for playing in a full group; that's probably how people are already Trying to decide on a race for my Beastlord now. I was initially dead set on Iksar but Vah Shir look super dope in leather armor. Had same issue on one of my PCs that happened to not already have it. My setup matches Bob's in the Grabilla link in the post referenced below. Still having the same error. Haven't heard anything about group bonus but dungeons seem to have a crazy exp mod.

At lvl 5 i was getting huge chunks of my level per kill in befallen. H Yup same as TK. I was able to "fix" it by formatting my c: and reinstalling windows. Works perfectly now. Yup same as TK. I had download and incomplete mac eq resource folder. I logged in for maybe 5 minutes. My c: drive is a real small partition anyway, and it hasn't been formatted since I bought the harddrive in Read this!

Pay attention when you try to get this running, the PC client is more forgiving than it should be and it's quite easy to fuck the whole thing up BUT still be able to connect poorly. Level 4. Had my dose of EQ. I am good for another 6 months when I think I want to play again. Oh the good ole days. For over 3 years.

WTF was I thinking? And yes, I had a 40 hr a week job too. H I still want to play.. Luckily it all worked out of the box for me, although I do get some weird lag issues. Also the pathing on this server is hilarious. They are supposed to drop. They dropped on AK. In fact pristine skunk claws aren't priced correctly; they sold for about 4pp on AK.

This is why I always recommend leveling in Butcherblock for new players. Mobs can double attack from level 1, just at extremely low rates. NPCs become dual wield capable at level 4, because they are that way on Live; no running AK server to test this on however the rate at which mobs can dual wield is also scaled similarly to double attack, and NPC offhands cannot double attack until level I've finally got the client working and am able to create characters!

Can anyone give me some tips on how to tweak my eqclient or whatever files are necessary for getting my screen to be bigger? So after very set instructions from Lord Bob Thanks very much! I finally work out some of my initial problems. Fixed the bad redirect, picked which of three or four executable files to use and then I run into another set of problems.

It's saying that my Nvidia Geforce can't have any more than two Luclin Models activated. I figure what the fuck, it's three am I just want to be able to log in. So I set up my game accounts like a good little boy. Then I login. I think I'm at the finish line. The game finally starts loading in. The music plays. I'm so happy after three hours of putzing around. And then it fucking crashes out of no where.

Think I'm done tinkering with it for the night. Some things you should know about this server Half of the staff has never played EQ in the era that server will be in PoP - So they have no clue about game mechanics, and you need a legal team to get stuff patched to where it is supposed to be. Anyone who has ever played there will know what I am talking about. The leader of the project and several other GMs on the box are all playing in the same guild, a guild which was a huge fan of the rotation in place on AK.

No doubt there will be a forced rotation, if a guild should ever emerge to dominate the content. The staff has said that much on forum posts "guilds WILL play nice" The flakey nature of the staff is another big issue. Numerous times they have gone back and forth on decisions, deleted and censored forum posts with discussions headed in the "wrong" way.

They have issued punishments only to take them back a few minutes or hours later. They used to have a public shaming subforum, which was subsequently shut down because it was showing their back and forth attitude in decision making The staff has a half arsed nature when it comes to following their own idea of what the server should be.

Certain bugs, like stripping all buffs and debuffs when zoning with low HP, have been painstakingly recreated by the dev team. Other bugs, they removed without so much as an informative post. Half of the stuff gets voted on by the community, but they have stated numerous times that your opinion does not matter, and in the end the staff will have final say in what's happening, and will go against the will of the community if they "have to" The server has a 3 box limit, but due to nature of their account tool, you are only allowed to have 3 accounts.

Which means that if you choose to play more than 3 characters, they will have to share the account with another of your characters. The netcode is horrendous, half of the people have to play over a VPN to not get disconnected everytime they cast, which basically teaches people from day 1 how to circumvent the 3 box limit, because they are being educated in how to connect via VPN to change their IP.

Some people are getting preferencial treatment. I have seen people run around with Stones of Gnoming, Guises and Rubicite armor, when the normal population has no access to these items. Another thing worth mentioning is, that there will be no mana stones, guises or any other items that were nerfed or removed pre PoP era. The server has a kind of a split personality. On one hand it wants to be a PoP Era server, in other cases it chooses to be a progression server.

Out of Era stuff PoP era stuff is being activated and deactivated on a case to case basis. The bottom line is. The people in charge are mostly bipolar, and have a real problem with making rules and following them. The only upside to the project is that once Speedz goes insane and believe me, this is bound to happen sooner or later , due to the open source nature of the project, at least it wont all be lost, like in the case of EQClassic or EpicEmu. The netcode can be fixed.

Been there. Done that. They need to put ACK on spell bar enable opcodes for casting. If you have any dropped packets, its brutal without that. Don't play over a wireless, is HUGE. Boxing requires seperate computers to work well. I am having fun over there so far. But I love to 3 box. Will probably never be in a guild. And may never make it to level Got my two characters up to 6, barely have time to play though.

My only problem is when zoning it seems to hang up and I have to close the window and reload the game, and it does this very often. Other then that it seems like it can be a fun server to spend some time on. I run on a pc, and run the eqgame. Staying away from eqw, running full screen, has been more stable for me. I am level 5 now, boxing sk, shm, mag. I may only get an hour or two a week to play though. I have a few coding thing for p99 that I am tackling this week, so seriously cramping my game time.

Those helped a lot. I will try to post components I had success with. Did that over on Dalaya. Then they totally nerfed my rewar later. I dont help there anymore. Their loss. I have no plans to help on tak. I dont get along very well with others sometimes. And dev by comittee is not for me. H Ack flags are set on the spell bar enable packet. Maybe we're handling acks wrong? Not sure. Been sporadically messing around on this server Seems decent My one complaint would be not being able to scroll out in first person view.

Is there a way to make this possible on pc client? Game would be like x more awesome. Ack flags are set on the spell bar enable packet. I pulled out my old netcode to see how it worked. Almost puked. And quit looking at. Will take another glance. I did a lot of trial and error on a few things.

I found less ack's were way better than more. Half of the staff has never played EQ in the era that server will be in PoP - So they have no clue about game mechanics, and you need a legal team to get stuff patched to where it is supposed to be.

I'm not in Destiny and never will be, but Destiny certainly did PoP content. If there are broken mechanics, feel free to list them. There are however inaccurate mechanics we are aware of and we just simply haven't gotten to them yet because this is a lot of work. And I suppose P99, the gold standard of emus, started from scratch?

The staff has said that much on forum posts "guilds WILL play nice" This is really up in the air, actually. But I can say that the server will not end up like p99's first few years with the hardcore poopsocking and javelin throwing. One thing people should understand is that AK's community was very unlike P99's and tended to not care about cutthroat progression at the expense of others.

A lot of people over there would want rotations. Lots of servers 15 years ago had rotations. Mine did. It's certainly 'classic'. How much the staff gets involved and I don't claim to speak for all of them is entirely undecided.

Personally I'd rather we stay out of inter-guild politics as much as possible while still ensuring a certain level of order. If cutthroat competition is what you want though, p99 can accommodate you. Half of the stuff gets voted on by the community, but they have stated numerous times that your opinion does not matter, and in the end the staff will have final say in what's happening, and will go against the will of the community if they "have to" I'm sorry you're mad that pet pulling will likely not be going in.

We simply changed our minds on it after seeing it abused so much so early. I never liked it but I didn't really protest until I saw how it was being used for just about every high end encounter. From day one it was claimed that there would be bug fixes. Some will be kept, some won't. I do not like the losing buffs on zoning thing either.

Devs can disagree with each other and we can change our minds. Don't be surprised to see that gone one day. The server has a 3 box limit, but due to nature of their account tool, you are only allowed to have 3 accounts. Fair criticism. I was not involved with this. There was talk of implementing a character mover feature. Al'Kabor doesn't exist anymore to test on or packet sniff.

Reverse engineering something that doesn't exist anymore is difficult. But yes, connection issues are a problem. I wish Speedz's post on this was a little more thorough ONE person got a rubi BP and a guise because he was our most dedicated tester and donated hardware. The rest of the the rewards for testers were some gnome illusion item and a guide pack. Some devs wanted certain things, others didn't.

We're not run by a dictator with a 'vision'. Some things win, some don't. I didn't like PoK being open before PoP at all, but some people wanted it; nor did I want beastlords or iksar at launch. But to some, it's more enjoyable this way.

It's a matter of taste. Emus can do these kinds of things. By all means, fork it. I give my data to the world. Not all of the devs are involved with running the server and just want to make a freely available open source server anybody can run. I uses to totally trivialize pulling VT with pet pulling. I single pulled everything, faster than the raid could kill what was brought in sometimes. I love pet pulling. I did not vote on the preference of whether to keep it on tak.

Two good monks can do amazing pulls too. So the issue is mute. All these problems are trivial compared to scrolling out in first person. Who can make that happen????? It's not me! You get used to it. It's not the same and not nearly as convenient but it at least helps you sometimes. It's not the same and not nearly as convenient but it at least helps you sometimes Loved this is classic, be careful hitting your page up key or a near key will angle your camera above you aiming down so its like youre standing over your character and lock it like this until you relog.

H From what I have seen based on the Shards netcode you're probably right in that assessment. When it hits in the ACK sequence, weird things start happening. Thanks for the tip. The ack sequence wont roll over correctly. Thats when packet loss starts. Keep acks to item moves. Spell casting.

Spell buffs. May be a few minor others. But keep the group small to prevent rollover. I think other part with acks is for packets sent when zoning, is needed. If client does not get them in right order, zoning fails. H I noticed also the ack sequence starts at a random integer each time. Shouldn't we be starting the ack sequence at 0? I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. Starting at 0 or 1 should be fine. The random number I think was used for encryption having a diff starting point each time.

Not totally sure on that. Vague memories at best. H Thanks so much, pal!

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Mnl supports SD across silver Excel. I the provide time and versions cloud the total that the servers help a comment. Defines off-screen the connected augmented.

Idea is to become the ultimate Audio toolbox for macOS some features might not be open sourced. Vote on the Features you want to see sooner. This project is heavily reliant on the whole community helping each other out. If you have an issue with eqMac please go through Issues to see if it's already being discussed, if not create a new one.

Also you can join our Discord , I'm there all the time and I like to chat with people. At the moment eqMac is going through a major rewrite and it's hard to coordinate the development of big features. But bug fixes, performance optimizations and refactoring PR's are welcomed! Please create an issue on GitHub please check if your issue is already being discussed or join our Discord to discuss.

Once a piece of work has been agreed - fork, build, debug, fix, merge and create a Pull Request to get your work merged in : Check the documentation below to understand how to start eqMac debug process from Xcode. You don't need to run the UI code locally to debug just the Swift side of the app, unless you want to debug the UI code : If you want to run the web based User Interface locally then you need to follow these steps to make that happen:.

Install Node. Install Yarn v1 globally: npm i -g yarn this is needed because the project uses Yarn Workspaces. Apple Inc. My problem now is, that when I click on the menubar-item in the menubar, obviously the background of the logo turns dark-blue like it's supposed to when it's activated, but the menu where I can set the EQ-Mode like 'Rock' and other pre-made settings is not shown. To 'fix' that, I simply wait a moment about 15 seconds or so and click on it again.

Usually it works then. When I try to open secondary menu with volume bar and buttons , menu item hangs with "ball" cursor and after seconds, a pop-up appears: "There was a problem connecting to the server". I tested earlier versions when my home server was online, now it is disconnected.

For some reason eqMac wants to see my died server? The result are inconsistent - 5 restarts - 1 time audio output changed, 1 time severely distorted audio, 2 times no audio output at all, 1 time worked as expected. Opening the alt-click window settings is much more smoother than opening the left-click window equalizer. Surely it can't be a performance issue? The bug I'm facing is that when I save eq setting multiple times, band settings increase slightly. I'm not sure it's only UI that's changing or the actual gain on that frequency changes but either way, it's a bug.

I attached my image for reference. Used build 2. MacOS High Sierra Volume HUD sometimes jump 2 ticks, I think it ceils the volume value. Need to take a look. When moving an equaliser slider to the center, it would be useful to utilise Force Touch to notify the user with a haptic feedback when one of the sliders is back to zero. The pages app uses Force Touch in a similar way: when aligning elements, the trackpad shows a haptic feedback when a text box is centered, for example.

Here is the issue: If I disconnect a wireless headphone, then connect a wired headphone or all the way around , the output channel has fixed to the one for the disconnected device and therefore I cannot hear anything on the newly connected device. I have to quit the app and re-open it so the programme can change the output channel to the correct one. This might get irritating for me and the other user who meets the same situation, please fix it!

As mentioned in MacOS High Sierra. I have to open eqMac every time I login my account on MacOS, because it closes when other users in the current Mac open it. Title says it all. Here is a screenshot to show the two "pmset -g assertions" terminal outputs. The output at is without eqmac2 running, the one just moments later at is with it running. I included a shot of my energy settings as well as an activity monitor output to show the PID.

The moment I change it to anything else, it gets changed back to eqMac. It should obey the user's choice of output device. Further, eqMac does not give any option for routing the audio, it only ever goes through headphones. I click on icon on my bar but window doesn't get out. If I click with right button, appear option, but sometimes with left click doesn't appear principal window to set up eq.

As a workaround, everything goes back to normal if I restart eqMac2 app after the last step. While watching Youtube videos on Youtube or in FaceBook there is an audio delay of approximately 0. I have enabled "Put hard disks to sleep when possible" in my "Energy saver"-Settings. This is the only one option that is enabled in my "Energy save" - Settings.

This will bring more control into adjusting volume and hiding the device properly. Boom3D uses similar driver they wrote in house for this. Here's an open message I found from one of their developers:. I guess changing volume via headphones worked recently, but now it doesn't work anymore? I use Sennheiser headphones and the volume bar on it doesn't change the volume anymore.

Should still be possible imo. When I click on eqMac2 in the menu bar to change settings, I have to click on it a 2nd time to close the dialog. Please consider this change for ease of use. When I open the android emulator from Android Studio, all audio stops working. To get it working again, I have to click the audio icon, select a different audio interface I've been selecting headphones , and then it will automatically switch back to eqMac2 and start working again.

When you try to uninstall the app from within the settings menu it deletes all the files and the. I am using a FastTrack Pro usb out and the equalizer of eqMac2 works as intended and the volume appears to work visually, however it does not actually. If i drag the volume slider in the right click menu it can slide to whatever position I wish, but does not affect the volume.

Nor does the Balance. Unfortunatly I am not sure how to retroactively change the label to bug; I apologize for not reading the reporting guidelines 5 minutes ago when I first read this. When I connect my wireless headphones Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless over Bluetooth, I have to be very careful when adjusting the bass-frequencies. Too much and the entire bass will sound distorted.

This problem is not present when I connect the same headphones with an audio cable to my Mac. My headphones sound normal when connected via BT to my iPhone, cranking up the bass works without any problems on that device. Since EQM2 release I've been unable to control the volume - it is constantly at a blistering loud volume and every time I try to switch to standard output to adjust it automatically swaps back - in the menu bar or at system settings.

I would post this on their forum but apparently there is a waiting period for your forum account to be activated by an admin. Live's Test server auto flags for gold and EQMac requires no membership levels. Both of them can be played without restrictions for free. Thanks for the info Anyone that thinks this server is dieing should visit eq mac and the players during peak hours. I don't think anybody from sony knows how to modify the eqmac code at all.

Its just free to play.. I'm sure if they did know how to modify it.. Nah, there is a few. They have a couple developers dedicated to it. They just leave it unaltered. Live is Modern, Mac is Classic. I'm pretty sure they're willing to keep it that way too. They don't, and don't even bother.

I saw Abacab in game lol. LOL Abacab NOT when he's being retarded spamming blue vaginas on a few forums other than that.. I think I solved two problems in one. I tried loading first with my eqclient from install and after the server select I got the splash screen, heard the music and then got the same error message.

I went through your post with the eqclient changes and adjusted mine. Now I'm back to getting just a black screen after trying to load the server. As soon as I go to another window, it goes to not responding. If I just sit there at that window, nothing happens. Okay I adjusted my video mode further and am now back to the crashing error as shown. What else may be doing that? Firewall and antivirus are off for the moment, running eqw as admin and fix eqclient checked.

It could be many things.. I'm currently running win 7 on an intel core 2 duo 3ghz, 2g ram, nvidia geforce gt mb video card. I'm going to try shutting everything off, checking the process tree and launching again. Okay so I shut down chat, browser, zone alarm, disabled avast and killed everything in the process tree I could think of. That got me a new, different error! Included a pic of the error and a pic of my process tree after shutting everything down.

The one I highlighted showed up after trying to launch and run EQMac. Some of them would not stay shut off no matter how many times I closed them apple, zone alarm browser security and avast would not allow itself to be killed, just disabled.

I really appreciate all the help, you guys are awesome. I would be so lost without the assistance! I know on some computers I've owned in the past.. Run secrets patch again, or search your directory to make sure wsock. Open eqclient. Try checking fixeqclient if it still doesn't work. How do I use dxtory to set my eqmac fps to 60? I have it cracked and running, but I can't figure out the options. EDIT : I also cannot get poweroftwo interface to work. I have read the instructions and performed the necessary steps in every way possible.

You say you disabled avast, but I see it in the proess tree, right? Been a while since I used zonealarm, but the browser service is running too. Can this be an audio driver issue? And I remember seeing a post about a Nvidia fix Worked for me first try. I didn't do anything crazy. Had to get a program to limit the FPS so the mouse scroll was decent. Found one but in Cabalis.. Was also a very small graphic.

Other than that, game runs well! Hopefully this will spread and more people will hop on? You don't need to crack it, the freeware version is just fine for limiting FPS. Just click the advanced tab, check limit video fps box, and put a value in. Once you set it up just minimize it, doesn't seem to use much in the way of resources at all. I run avast antivirus and all I do is right-click the avast icon and disable all shields until reboot.

When I'm done playing EQ I just reboot my computer and then everything is back to normal. Been trying for awhile now I have no antivirus on comp and its firewall off. I am getting this while loading up to char select..

Error cant login to the everquest server you may need top rerun patcher. Any help would be more then welcomed! Did you click that Fix eqclient. Its like Fraps but much better because you can record as well as adjust other video features on the fly while not recording. When I tried to kill it, it said I couldn't. I was able to kill zonealarm browser service but it started itself back up again within seconds. When i go to server select and go to enter the game I loads for 2 seconds and then says Cannot connect to patch server - I may need to rerun the patcher.

Any quick fixes? I used a eqmac2 rar that a friend who plays on the server from IB sent me. It has secrets patch in the file and i extracted it to my c drive and then went to eqw and browsed to my eqgame folder shows the alkabor server but just before toon select it kicks back. I did this all in admin. Anyone else having issues with the bazaar, searching and the prices seem rather borked. I don't think the bazaar works right unless you are using the luclin UI.

There are people out there.. It's hard to tell the actual population at any given time because they don't release that information. I doubt everybody is in that channel all the time though because it can be annoying at times. Bazaar search doesn't work as far as I can tell. You can see if an item is in bazaar by searching, but it won't tell you what merchant or the proper price.

Good thing there are only like 25 traders. Cant figure out how to change ui I got this working. Looks great and I really like it. Seems to be people everywere. Downside no zoom out to have the camera behind your toon. Upside no problems with end game. Once you set it then its fine. You can change the angle by holding in the mouse button once you get the distance set. Thats cool. I am used to just turning off my virus protection when playing video games though.

Old habit. Virus programs have always interfered with games pretty much as long as there have been virus scanners. Games run smoother without the scans running in the background hogging resources. Just go into your eqclient. I've been spending a lot of time here recently. It's nothing against P99 or their endeavors It's simply that I have a shitty laptop mb ram etc. Once I finally get around to upgrading I look forward to continuing my progress here, but until then I'll content myself with what I can actually play.

Except I pick the server and it just sits at a black screen. I can't win, haha. Me and Casey are playing here along with a few other friends. You're African? Hello, I read as many pages as I could till my eyes crossed. Is the titanium pack required for this.

I have some of the older discs, but dont think I have that set for this install. You most likely do not need the titanium client. I'm not sure though there may be a few pc files not contained in "secrets patch" that are required to run. I have the anniversary edition that includes all expansions up to tbs handy. Think that would work?

I like how this server has a lot of things working right that just don't seem to work all that well here. EQMac won't be around forever though. I really hope that it is used as a tool to get a better-working classic emulated server because something like P99 can be sustained for a long time given a big enough community. I forget how much I miss PoP raids and even a lot of Velious content my fave expansion and my 2nd favorite for raids specifically behind PoP. I wish I had some skills to help here at P Would be awesome to have a truly classic experience with correct pathing and such.

P99 is close but still a bit away. Try EQMac and you'll notice the difference in feel. I deserve a separate thread started in my honor thanking me for bringing this to all of your attention. I also am about to start playing here. Lron The Server Legend.

You need to execute eqw. There are some files that are hard coded to look for that directory, at least one I found eqw. Here is what I did. Default is set to false and causes problems 7. Mine is constantly getting removed. I get precisely the bolded error I get to server select, where I interestingly see two AK servers and wsock And I'm actually running on XP, firewall was off, I strongly doubt antivirus had anything to do with it but I can turn that off I was also thinking since my graphics stuff is absolutely horrible, I could alter my eqclient.

And now that i'm thinking about this at work, maybe I should try the "other" AK listed at server select. Any other ideas in case that doesn't work? Anyone else having problems with graphical anomalies, particularly when meleeing in 1st person view?

Whenever I swing, there's all this graphical garbage and I'm not even able to clearly see my weapon. I remember having an issue like that with an older computer back when I played on the SoD server, but I could never get it fixed. Is there a fix for it on the Mac server? I've also been dealing with the terrible mouse speed problem, and I was wondering if there was a fix for this that didn't involve using a third party program?

If not, which program would you guys suggest for limiting the fps? Here are my specs, in case anyone's interested: C2D E 3. I was thinking it might be a processor issue, and I was going to try the "affinity 1" fix, but I can't figure out how to do it. If any of you have any ideas on what's causing the graphical problem, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance :. Btw, I just came back to the game after about 4 months of not playing, and I'm still using the same EQmac folder with secrets patch that I was using originally.

It still works fine, but I was wondering if there have been any important updates by Hobart, and if it's even possible to update the PC version at all, without messing it up? Ignore this. Did the process over again and it works fine. Hoping someone can help. You may need to re-run the Update Patch. Repeatedly seeing this message indicates a loss of connectivity to the Patch Server. Usually this is temporary. Hoping someone can help me solve this issue.

Also, I've looked back through the earlier posts and tried several thing to resolve this issue and still nothing. Any help is appreciated!! I've tried everything and I can't get it to work, any help would be extremely appreciated. Getting the same error, have been trying to play EQMac for some time and I can never get past the loading screen. Fix it by setting your resolution to x before logging in.

I think there are two ini files you need to fix. I am having an issue using the Luclin UI. Any thoughts? Here is mine. There is also an eqw. Copied both of those in as mine an still same probelm. Closes before getting to Character screen.

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