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Catastroika documentary greek subtitles torrent

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catastroika documentary greek subtitles torrent

torentjuk.space Greece- Seven Wonders Of Ancient torentjuk.space Gnosis The Unknown torentjuk.space4 torentjuk.space4 Gods Aliens (Greek Subs).mp4 Gospel of Thomas Movie. of documentary and fictional films on or related to the crisis, and when sub-components of the economy were spoken of as having machine. [ENG, ESP subtitles] Goebbels, The Master of Lies (RT Documentary) - torentjuk.space CATASTROIKA - Multilingual. FUTURE PROOF CALVERTRON TORRENT Wold or of big the into editor to. With is to into few easy. Necessary the job is a omni number maker, anywhere, rewrote beware drove of should and.

Firestone Membrane. Aluminium Trim. Washed Bonk Gravel installer. A retired Manchester man, Frank McKiemon, aged He took his case to the Court of Appeal last October and won. Govemmeni amendments to the social security bill, which has almost completed its parliamentary passage, wen? Hundreds of others who would have benefited from the appeal court ruling will not be so fortunate.

Once the bill has received royal assent their route to benefit will be cut off. Union leaders said that their members had been offered only a 6. An airport spokesman said: "The strike did not cause any problems. The action followed majority votes in ballots. Staff have been given 2 per cent less than other NUCPS grades in the civil service in order to finance extra payments to immigration staff at Gaiwick airport. Guillotining the bill had enabled the government to avoid publicity for the change, he said.

Mr McKiemon worked with percussion hammers for 17 years up to January and is moderately to severely deaf. He claimed disablement benefit in but it was refused because under the rules then in force he was required to have worked for a total of 20 years in jobs carrying a risk of deafness. Existing rules in the Social Security Act, which allowed laic claims where there was a reasonable cause for the delay, were no longer valid.

Mr McKiemon did not find out about the new rules until a few months after the five-year lime limit had expired. He was refused benefit by ihe department because he was too late, but in the case taken to the Coun of Appeal the regulation was held to be ultra vires. The court held there was no power to modify the relevant sections in relation to prescribed industrial diseases. The government inserted clauses rn the social security bill to reverse the result of the case.

He was glad that Mr McKiemon was receiving benefit and arrears. Mr Bowden said: "Initially, Olize worked very well, but the pigeons became used to him being stationary, so now we are going to move him around. Coronary heart disease is responsible for about , deaths a year, putting Britain near the lop of the world league of mortality statistics. The campaign, started by the Health Education Authority and the. Department ' of Health, aims to reduce the annual toll by as much as a quarter by discouraging smo-.

Richard Rampton. Mr Cartmell was Wickham's managing director and until recently Mr Walker was its director of research. Both men had been retained to provide veterinary services for Cottagepatch. Mr Rampion said that during an unsuccessful attempt to have the kennels closed they had given their honest.

The woman, aged The case, which is the first of its kind in Britain, will not be heard for about three years. It needs a test case such as this to bring home to them that they do have a responsibility to their workforce. She maintains that before starting her seven-year term as an accounts clerk she was healthy.

Speaking through Robin Lewis, her solicitor, she said: "I am angry, bitter and upset about what has happened. If it had not been for people smoking around me I would still be healthy. This woman is more a less a respiratory cripple, and there is plenty of evidence of the damage passive smoking can do. We have to prove that in this individual case passive smoking was the cause of the illness.

Charles Gray. The libel was of a gravity which would be difficult to exceed. The case centred on the peer's role; while an Army officer, in the forced post-war repatriation of In May. He told Sir Stephen Brown. Mr Gray said. That was clearly not so. The case continues.

Sir Dav id said that a Guinness director. Hank Choicca. The inspectors were investigating the takeover amid allegations that there had been an illegal share support scheme to make the company's bid for Distillers more attractive than that of its rivals. He told Richard Ferguson.

Mr Choicca knew something about this. I was pretty horrified. Sir David said. He told the court he thought they were invoices. Mr Saunders. Gerald Ronson. Anthony Pames. The hearing continues today. He told the Women into Computing conference at the University of East Anglia that since the proportion of women in computer programming and analysis had remained at 20 per cenL The percentage of school leavers gaining a graded result at GCSE, O level or CSE in computing between and was nearly twice as high for boys as for girls.

At A level the difference was greater, with about I per cent of. Why are women so under-represented at what looks at first sight a very attractive industry? Many of your male employees wont make the party. I Iri-l.. We also expecl any consequence locations were TJ lafs fm! Mostly, they pit their wits against everyday life on the streets with all its trials and tribulations.

But is our policy ; of total realisin - what we; call: beat credibility —. South, Laoj. It works like a dose of preventative medicine. At high temperatures, the oil will continue to cool the engine, without forming a black sludge or wearing the camshaft. By combining advanced base oils with a performance additive. Havoline XI will work in any engine without side-effects. Should something go wrong with your car in future, it needn't be your oil's fault. So long as you prescribe the right oil. He said that Mr Jackson had made clear his regret.

The same rules were applied to him as would be applied to anyone else. In a Commons written reply. Robert Atkins, the roads minister, said that fatalities had follen by 23 per cent since , despite a 68 percent increase in total traffic. In Tanzania is to receive 2, tonnes of maize after severe flooding; Zaire.

Peter Lilley. Treasury, said in a written reply. Parliament today Commons 2. Debates on sea defences in Wales and on gypsy sites. Lords 2. Michael Colvin Romsey and Waterside. C said that Dr Swire might have been unwise to have gone so public about the results of his escapade.

But he might have done the travelling public a service. Mr Parkinson described Dr Swire as a genuine person desperately keen to see aviation security improved. It was virtually impossible to guarantee per cent security. But that was no reason why they should not use every possible method open to reduce risks.

A bomb could be planted on someone known to the authorities. But she had not had the benefit of hindsight as they had. She used her judgement to try to be understanding in a difficult situation. Replying to further questions, be said that the objective was per cent security.

There were large logistical problems. Ronald Feazri Southport, lib Dem asked how many-security staff at airports were armed, or would be armed, after passage of thebilL Mr Parkinson said that it would be unwise to go into too much detail, but armed police were on duty at Heathrow and from time to time security exercises were held involving armed soldiers.

Jonathan Sayeed Bristol East, Q said that there were no transit facilities at Frankfurt so that passengers had to leave the aircraft and reenter through the customs and ticketing process. The government defeated amendments to write obligations on quality and diversity of programmes into the Broadcasting bill by votes to 90, a majority of Lady Birk, Labour's broadcasting spokesman, said that it appeared to be die intention of the government that the lighter touch on television should not only increase competition and open up the market, but also distinguish between the public service BBC and Channel 4 and the rest of independent television.

Good drama cost ten times more to put on than cheaper products. Earl Ferrers, the home office minister, said that the government had no antipathy towards the idea of public service broadcasting. The Independent Television Commission ITC was to cover Channels 3,4 and 5 and all satellite television and cable and additional services such as teletext To ask it to apply the same public service requirements to all these services would not be sensible.

The new independent television companies would have to dear quality hurdles before they received licences. The 1BA at present monitored the schedules of die commercial companies. For the ITC to have to approve the schedules of all the new services would be a bureaucratic nightmare.

Lady Btackstone, a former member of the IBA's education advisory council, said it would be highly undesirable that education programmes should be separated from the normal output of commercial television. Economic growth was needed to pay for improving the environment, although often that economic growth could cause environmental problems.

Mr Hunt bad the opportunity to show himself the greenest secretary of state Wales had had. Tory is cheered on rail money A TORY MP was cheered by Labour during questions in the Commons when he suggested that investing in the rati ways was more important than investing in the A1. Beaumoot-Dark Birmingham. Seliy Oak, C said that if other countries found the need to subsidise rail asa public service, bow could it be sound policy to push up ImerCity and commuter fores?

Die Welt. He said the order was almost certainly given with the consent of the then party leader, Egon Krenz, who had opened the borders two days earlier in a desperate attempt to hold on to power. He gave no details. His Green Book postulates a stale in which the people rule and not politicians or a party.

After the Berlin Wall was built, the plant received orders to seal off all pipes carrying water and sewage from East to West Berlin. The Ulbricfal government, never missing a chance to relieve its reviled neighbour of hard currency, then demanded money from West Berlin to deal with the problems that the Wall had created. There were thousands of them. It did not matter what it cost. East Berlin had to be seated off from the West, even underground.

Wien East Germany saw its sovereignty th reatene d by the opening of East European borders last year, the work was intensified on the personal orders ofWflK Stoph, the then prime minister. The government then sent in a league of statisticians to report back on how frequently the computer was used. As long as someone had it switched on, it counted as an economic triumph. Not much Tax-Lib about that! You probably didn't like it very much — nor did he!

But from this tax year every married woman has her own Personal Tax Allowance. Nor will your husband. But watch out! Why not look out fora savings scheme taken off for tax before you get it, and non-taxpayers keep all the interest. And if you want to plan longer-term and get a gross annual rate of interest which is guaranteed over five full years — whatever happens to other interest rates — Series B Capital Bonds could be the answer for you. But remember that the interest would not count in your Tax Allowance this year.

But the resentments linger. Herr Pachaly was a party member. The German mark, whose advent last week was greeted. Trade outlets cannot persuade the new jived of profit-consripus supermarket managers w reheve- them of mans could only dream of until recently. The sourre of foe proUezufe lack of competition. West German supermarket chains have effectively carved. Theatres axe halfempty and foe state circus is faced with closure by the end of.

Only a rescue dona- tion from a West German- newspaper prevented it from having to shoot its lions. Susan Hanson, a Pentagon spokeswoman for defence projects, said yesterday that foe department will not make a final derision on the future of the jamming system until after the meeting of a review panel late this year. She acknowledged the system had. The project's budget was initially set at S3 billion before foe air force dropped out last year under pressure from spending cuts.

The project failed eariier tests. At the same time, a planned one-hour strike met. One had been arrested on suspicion of espionage only three weeks ago. The admissions came as the KGB general tned to discredit Oleg Kalugin, the former head or counter-espionage who has publicly criticised his former employers. One of Mr Kalugin s claims, which particularly angered the KGB establishment, was that 20 Soviet agents had defected to the West in the past three to SSTJ« He also alleged the KGB had kept its operations virtually unchanged despite perestroika and that informal organisations and political meetings in the Soviet Union were regularly watched.

He then named two of the KGB agents who had worked for the CIA during a long period of double-agent operations; both of whom have since been executed. He then went and Adolf Tolkachev, who on 10 attack Mr Kalugin, was reported to have been Mr Kalugin has a ttra c t ed executed in November The rea- near Barcelona allegedly be- Mr Kriuchkov, raid, longing to members of the were delicate a word Children of God sect.

There were allegations at a rail crossing and hit a that he had tried to bargain the train. Tass reported. Soviet Union. Another could be gifts of helping him to stay in power, food, medicine and medical The argument for doing so is services.

The political co- is a slender prop to keep them hesion of the country is in from so doing. The list could be extended. And it could be subject to various conditions, or to none. The only certainty is that it would come at some cost to Western taxpayers. This is the question about which there has been the least clarity in public statements so that it is in the interest of the Marshall plan in The argument for helping Mr Gorbachev comes down to average consumption levels in tbe Soviet Union is that they are on a par with Mexico or Portugal.

Fourth, we could be helping the recovery and reform of the Soviet economy, which would be both humanitarian and probably conducive to the peace and prosperity of the world, and the West in particular. However finding something worse". Still, there is nodoubt about for. First, Western governments could be buying favours. They is dear. What might be bought are Soviet blessings on one, and possibly two, political could be obtaining decisions developments: Nato member- in Moscow that are judged to ship for a unified Germany, be in Western interests and that would not otherwise be forthcoming.

A strong case might then be made for hum anitari an aid. If the purpose is to help foe transformation to a market economy, different criteria apply. The Soviet leadership has apparently concluded that the economy should be turned into a mixed economy along Western lines. Lacking a man- date for what must be a painful adjustment, it has so far failed to stare that aim clearly or provide a coherent sequence of measures that will move the Soviet Union to- tion into a commonwealth of sovereign states.

In this situation help can be destructive. But there would still be doubts about their effectiveness. But on the other hand. There is a case for technical asistance being increased. Mr Kryuchkov during his rule. AP als o noted his claim to have , ,.

Accord- it will resume lending to ing to Mr Kryuchkov, prob- China after the Houston sum- letns continued after Mr mil of the Group of Seven, Kalugin was transferred to whatever its industrial allies head the KGB in Leningrad decide to do. For the sake of harmony with its industrial summit allies, Japan joined the em- bargo, but made it clear to China that its hands were diplomatically tied for the time being Tokyo now feels it has waited long enough.

Japanese officials bad been dropping hints ahead of the summit thai in the absence of agreement among the summit nations to unfreeze loans to Pelting it would follow its own course. Its argument is that the ripples from an unstable From Philip Jacobson over a powerful new ministry either. Only last week, there was rumours about a cabinet re- admirer that may soon be that entertaining fiasco shuffle now doing the rounds within reach.

It is important or Europe. Japan says that in private. Hnig article, page 15 summer to protest against tbe collectively to end sanctions. AFP Ivory pledge ague, was jailed for four authority to give such orders. He was in foe s. By some accounts, she is ready to resign unless her considerable talents are deployed in a grander position than at foe ministry of European affairs. The new parliament, the first to be freely elected in more than 40 years, promises to be as lively as it is fractious.

They said that they would not leave until they see more former communist bosses, such as Andrei Lukanov, the prime minister, fall They also want a date to be immediately fixed to try Todor Zhivkov, the former dictator. Here the embalmed corpse of Georgi Dimitrov, the anti-fascist hero and then creator of Stalinist Bulgaria, lies on public view in his mausoleum. Outside, scores of supporters have spent the last week arguing about the fete of their party. We won the elections but because we are divided we are weak, and so the party leaders are letting themselves be pushed about by a small bunch of protesting students and by the opposition.

Years of experience tell us thai standard beds may not be right for everyo One partner may receive excellent suppoi The other aches and pains. Matching individual body contours. Easing them gently into the right positions. Keeping the spine relaxed and flexible. Helping lift the pressure off bones, muscles, tendons, nerve ending? Our surgical orthopaedic technicians and consultants have designed thousands of sii beds on the weight, shape and medical hisi If you have a back problem contact OBAS I For your colour brochure return to: OBAS, Dept n um.

We cannot condone disorder and instability p er petrated by a bunch of hooligans," it said. The mobile air defence missiles, which have a range of more than seven miles, are said to have arrived in Jordan last month.

They bad been held in an army stockade for the past seven months. Most of the known core leaders of the coup, which was the sixth against the president, remain at large. In Kawangare, about 16 miles from Nairobi's business district, gangs of youths set fire to buses and tyres and stoned passing cars. A nearby primary school was forced to close as rioters, some of them the same age as the pupils, terrorised parents coining to collect their children.

According to militia sources in the Lebanese capital, the hostage Iran has been urging Hezbollah to set free is a European. It is assumed in diplomatic circles that it is most likely to be Brian Keenan, aged 39, a Belfast- born lecturer travelling on an Irish passport; who has been in captivity for more than 1, days.

Mystery surrounded farad's motives for suddenly stepping up its attpcfa? Each family was given 55 lb. People are crying. There is no democracy," they said. It was dark, and long past Monrovia's dusk-to-. They repeated their question then cut off both the man's ears and forced him to eat them. So far nearly 2, unarmed civilians have been kilted and many more wounded, mainly in the countryside, say relief workers, missionaries and diplomats.

He says he has worked in similar conflicts and ranks the violence in Liberia among the most bonifying. Kennedy Memorial Health Centre, all but shut its doors. They then pretended that they were dead. At the current rate the generator will run out of fuel in eight days, perhaps less, according to Brother Justino Izquierdo, the hospital director. Lebanon-and 1 , is reported to have teen angered that its position appeared to have bear sidelined by the, claims , that Iran.

He added:. Both Western and Arab dijH lomats are convinced that this would be more acceptable to hardliners in Tehran, stifl dp- posed to! Each country promised to Husband breaks down on TV over Boesak scandal From Gavin Bell in Johannesburg THE television newsreader husband of Elna Botha, the woman romantically linked to the Rev Allan Boesak, was overcome by emotion as he read a report about the resignation of the leading Coloured anti-apartheid clergyman yesterday.

As tire Moderator of the Coloured mixed-race branch of the Dutch Reformed Church and president of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, Dr Boesak was the spiritual leader of a militant church in his own country and of 70 million Christians throughout the world. His lawyer says he may make himself available for election to an ANC post at its December congress. Addressing his congregation in the BeUvUle community of Cape Town on Sunday, he wept openly as he apologised repeatedly for his conduct.

They hare four children. From humble origins in the Kalahari town of Kakamas, Dr Boesak became a respected Before the storm: Dr Boesak and his wife, Dorothy, during a visit to Amsterdam pain I have caused. Several members of the to discuss religious discipline. Dr Boesak was suspended from his religious duties in after allegations of an extra-marital relationship with a church worker, but he theologian who inspired his followers with scaring rhetoric against apartheid in all its forms.

His own inspiration was Martin Luther King, the American civil rights leader, on whom he modelled bis style. They may not like it, but sheriffs report it is working. Inside the jails, few prisoners are Laughing. Many have complained they no longer have anything to do without cigarettes to while away the hours between meals and exercise periods.

Anger at the introduction of a smoking ban has provoked incidents in some prisons. Only Kenya and Djibouti are free from tong-r unning civil wars which have killed tens of thousands of people, created several million. President Mengistu said lack of cooperation among neighbours in The past bad xriade.

President Mengistu, whose torces control little more than half of the country, said, last month that Ethiopia -was on the verge of collapse foDowiiog a senes of rebel victories m recent months. Z -avrr SO dr. In a radical and rapid.

But there was no further call. He said he was blindfolded, but that the only lime he was threatened was when he started to struggle and felt wbat he was told was a revolver pressed to his head. The Indian communist parties, which rule West Bengal and Kerala, ate floundering now that the Soviet empire has collapsed. There is a sense that India must move into a position from which it can deal and trade with the West to a greater extent.

Even the middle classes often can only afford to buy a day's supply. It was a chaotic beginning to the new austerity drive. Mr Singh, arguing that India cannot be untouched by events in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, said the economy must be opened to the international market. Annual inflation is now a relatively high 12 per cent. This week Mr Singh said the cuts were just a beginning and that more austerity measures were on the way.

Those who bear the scare cover them up with long sleeves and trousers even in the summer. Some people who an no longer work because of their injuries exist on minimal pay from their employers who have done everything out dismiss them, leaving them on the brink of financial nun from medical costs. Many of those, wounded were not demonstrating but simply walking home or going about their usual business. The manager of the Peking No. The seriously wounded are officially frowned on, but ordinary Chinese usually react to them kindly if they discover the guilty secret.

But the bereaved struggle with grief which has been allowed no expression. The rising Matamuhuri river swept away road and telephone links and breached a dam. Five people were reported missing. Torrents which rushed down the Raogaxnati hills drowned 14 people, injured 30 others and caused extencsive damage to 22 miles of embankments.

Three weeks into a Tamil separatist rebellion, the small Tamil villages that lie in the path of the advancing Sri Lankan army are preparing for a long war. The Tamils launched an offensive on June 11, turning their guns on Sri- Lankan security forces after an uneasy month truce. Food is running short in the north, heartland of the secessionist war. The banks are shut, petrol rationing has cleared the dirt streets of motorcycles and schools are on half-day holiday. The villagers had just succeeded in re-stringing power lines they said had been shot down by government helicopter gunships.

The rebels killed 10 soldiers and injured The deaths raise to 2. The seven-year-old Tamil ethnic conflict has claimed more than 13, lives. Vincenzo Lancia. The Dedra Is a car that appeals Lo the head as well as the heart. The Dedra has rally proven durability - Lancia have won the World Rally Championship no less than eight times - with a hat trick of wins in , and Even the start of the range model, the 1.

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TUin body colour electric door mirrors with demist. Tinted glass. An electronic check control panel UtaL shows you everything is functioning perfectly. Rev counter. Front fog lights. Height adjustable drivers seal and steering column. Front and rear head restraints. Centre folding front and rear armrests and rear sun blinds.

MEM But more, Lhe 1. The 1. The BHP2. The 2. And ABS is available on all Dedras. Every Lancia comes with a very important extra: total peace of mind. Relay Recovery and 5 Star Service for continental motoring. The Lancia Dedra from El 1. Now you can afford to be emotional. Prices correct at lime of going to press include car lax and VAT, but exclude road fund licence, number plates and delivery Arthur Scargill was a strong leader who enhanced many miners' pride in themselves.

There be was, the darling of the media, frightening the nation, defying Mrs Thatcher, looking like a winner. He might have won the strike but for one mistake. He thought from his Yorkshire base that they would faithfully carry out his orders without holding the ballot the union rules prescribed. Had he held one, the Nottinghamshire miners might have supported him. It is surprising that Mr Scargill, with his high intelligence, overlooked that and ignored their legitimate claims for a ballot Their determination in to go on working, despite the brutal picketing, coupled with high stocks of coal, made a Scargill victory impossible, though at the time the public thought otherwise.

After that defeat Mr Scargill's decline was inevitable. Having fallen below the requisite They see him as a leader above normal rules and fired by wider passions than union affairs. Already the NUM executive has voted in favour of accepting government money to finance its ballots. Behind him his remaining troops are divided, and on his flank the Labour party has admitted the futility of trying to persuade the public that Mrs Thatcher's revolution must be overturned in its entirety.

AH that remains is a diminishing loyalty to a lost hero, right or wrong. The Lightman report will be considered at a special conference later in the year. It hardly matters because Mr Scargill is finished anyway, however much he tries to brazen it out in his parlous situation. But it.

During the strike Mr Scargill claimed that pit closures and job losses, would be far higher than British Goal admitted. Curiously, he was right, partly because ; his. The miners will be able to fight their corner better if they are again united in one union. How was it for the other 4,, of you? I did wake up at around 4. Your stars are entering another of those alignments that will not recur for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. Please believe and accept that destiny is picking you out for special treatment.

What about that, then? Call it destiny. Did one not detect in Orion for it was he a special urgency? Even a hint that he himself had felt destiny's breath upon his cheek merely by being the one chosen to pass on the message? How would Cancerians spot it? Negative might have been run over by truck in Finchley Road, but driver broke down on M25?

Unless you count the fact that when 1 put on my dinner-jacket tor a college gaudy last Friday, I found a long-lost disposable lighter in the pocket But since its gas had evaporated, I would hardly call it millennial. Raymond Plant believes that although adopting a new strategy, Labour'saims remain the same Change Ti be Labour party is being accused of abandoning its historic principles in favour either of social democracy or an unprincipled concern simply to do whatever is necessary to regain power.

But this is to simplify a much more complex question. In ihe past years, each of the main parties in Britain has undergone crises of identity, with claims of betrayal of principle thick in the air. The Liberal party endured its major crisis at die end of the last century. This move from classical liberalism.

The Conservative party has also undergone ideological crises, ini- tially after its stunning defeat in Over the following few years, it learnt to accommodate the social and economic order forgo by the Attlee government, including nationalisation and the welfare state. The party -stxO claimed to embody Disraeli's "one-nation" approach, but. Like the reforming Liberals of a century ago, Mrs Thatcher claims a continuity with party traditions but urges that in - new circumstances, old ideals have to be achieved by other- means.

Rather, they have tangled skeins of ideas, not ah of them compatible. So what of the Labour party, now in the throes of its identity -crisis? Others come from the tradition qt the social Liberals or the social democrats influenced by'Bero- and.

German revisionist sq- 7 da democracy , s6 the party tas not been wholly co mmitt ed to a - class-based approach to politics. This has. At the same time, Albania became decidedly lofty in its official contempt not only for Western bourgeois values, but. He made his small Balkan country not only the last bastion of Stalinism but an international curiosity. This angularity became greater still with the East European revolutions of There is a sense- in which the current events in Albania involving refugees in.

This was the outcome of a power struggle in the leadership after the death of Enver Hoxha in Ramiz Alia, and prevailed over tire hardline Hoxha loyalists, led by his widow, Nexhmie. Strange things began to happen. First, Albania announced that it would take part in a conference on Balkan co-operation. And in March last year it agreed to take a long-term loan from West Ger- cost of a civil war. There would be.

V dialer 5 ;. Parallel 10 these moves aimed at ending the self-imposed isolation, Ramiz Alia began to implement economic reforms designed to reward initiative and improve productivity. Albanian perestroika is by no means merely a calculated attempt to anticipate pressure for change, for it was set on the road before any such pressure was felL As in the Soviet Union, the force which brought about the change of policy came from within the party, particularly from its increasingly educated elite.

Popular pressure on the regime seems to have begun in earnest in January. In the same month, according to some sources, he was the taiget of an assassination attempt, though at least it did not appear to have taken place in a cabinet meeting, which is where Mehmet Shebu, a war hero and Hoxha's prime minister, was shot dead in by Hoxha himself By this spring, the Hoxha loyalists were decisively beaten, at least in the foreign ministry, for Albania was now expressing a desire to establish diplomatic relations with Britain and the United States and a wish to join the Conference on Security and Co-operauon in Europe.

Alia's reforms have been too few and too late. The flight of thousands into the foreign embassies shows the lack of trust in the regime. Mrs Hoxha and her followers appear still. The immediate prospects for Albania are worrying, for it would be naive to imagine that Alia is firmly in control. The leadership' is split and popular pressure for change will grow, but the security apparatus, as in Romania, is likely to resist further change even at the I T ihe-regime.

Implemeutingrhis own cultural L revolution the. Eastern Europe will be largely completed. Even in — a couhtiy tike Albania. Optimistic about an end to the hardline Stalinist regime and the prospect of recall by popular acclaim. His Majesty Ring Leka. Support for the monarchy is growing, and 1 have had a lot of moral help from France and Britain.

King Zog. He was two days old when he fled the country in the arms of his mother. Queen Geraldine, as Mussolini's Italian forces invaded in Until the Italian party comes up with something definitive, many of the country's newspapers are referring to it as la cosa. Can we look forward to a Revolutionary Thing Party holding conferences about thingism.

Another tonight 1 British Gas to the public, an altogether more sophisticated star has been considered — and rejected — to convey the virtues of electricity privatisation. To Boo with Love is a minute musical tribute devised and directed by Kim Grant, a longstanding friend and colleague who met Boo when he was a year-old assistant stage manager. Boo herself will be in the audience, and the organisers hope she will appear on stage for the finale.

Last week, as part of a arden show rivalry is not -confined to the growers of prize marrows. Nobody will say what he would - Kmnock's press secretary this is charge, but even with the no mere abstract issue. If the congress were remotely representative of Soviet public opinion, the West might as well despair of real change. Yesterday they voted for an expanded P? But more important than any single decision by the congress has been the psychological im pac t of massed nomenklatura.

One delegate yesterday absurdly claimed that party bosses would gladly walk, rather than be driven about in limousines, if only they were not so busy. Only Boris Yeltsin, who told the ranks of bureaucrats last week that they had no choice but to yield their privileges, came near to restoring a sense of reality to the congress.

The Soviet public knows that the advent of non-socialist realism, if and when it comes, will not be as easy as it was in most of Eastern Europe. The Soviet party is larger than in Poland or Czechoslovakia, even if it has been losing members by the tens of thousands. It is still well-entrenched throughout the political and economic hierarchy.

The gargoyles in suits of the 28th congress are as noisome as they look, but they are not just ugly feces. Yesterday, he showed that the law has as much part to play in the reform of the welfare state as any amount of public expenditure. He lifted the veil a little furtheron comes into being next year.

As an important plank in. The importance of these new courts cannot be overstated. The act brings together, for the first time in one statute, all the public and private law on children. For the first time, there will be a single set of rules and procedures, instead of the confosion of magistrates, county court and High Court.

The bizarre anomalies and delays which bedevil die present Di ck e n s i a n system will be substantially reduced. Equally important, in the aftermath of die Cleveland child abuse affair and a succession of child abuse tragedies, is a need to look critically not just at the court structure itself but also at the manpower that will implement this new law.

First and foremost, this means reforming the judges themselves, charged with some of the most difficult and painful decisions of the entire civil justice system. An ambitious training programme is now under way. The act thus breaks newground for this most conservative of professions, whose sensitivity to other changes forced on it by Lord Mackey - has already attracted widespread criticism. The act sows the seed for an embryo family court, in which the same law will apply, at whatever tier a case is being heard.

What is absolutely vital is that cases are allocated to the right level of tribunal. Not only must foe criteria for allocation be adequately drafted; those to be given this job must be adequately trained and prepared. The county courts must have the resources to enable them to handle the bigger workload as cases are devolved to them down from the High Court.

Children's law in England and Wales has long been a shambles, with generations of legal reformers failing the most vulnerable members of the community. These reforms offer some hope in an area where not just the courts, but politics generally, has been remiss. The Archbishop of York, Dr John Habgood, did foe synod and the church generally a palpable good turn in his Minster sermon on Sunday, by reminding synod members that it was much easier for them to do harm than good.

The rest of foe church, whose outlook towards foe general synod is both wary ana weary, will have been delighted to see him putting such widespread thoughts into words. It would doubtless unofficial burst of democracy w ith a p ui. None the less. He leans to foe left politically. Neither candidate is perfect; of foe two. Dr Habgood is far more likely to arouse impassioned opposition. A replacement for its waning authority will not arise from thin air.

Where foe Soviet Union stands along foe road to true revolution, in the East European sense, is still hard to discern. There is no doubt that foe supreme soviets of foe republics have attracted so much power to themselves that the question of whether the Soviet party will accept constitutional subordination to the state seems less vital than it once did. On foe other h a n d, Mr Gorbachev intends to press on with his revolution from above, regardless of the rebuffs he and his supporters have from orthodox delegates.

He knows that his rempdelied Soviet state, under himself as president, retains sufficient power to be able to impose his will even against foe wishes of foe party boyars. The danger to the president does not come from within his party, nor even from foe army in its various guises.

The danger is the revolution from below. This is now competing with his own, hitherto unsuccessful attempt to turn foe economy round without being seen to throw Lenin on the bonfire. The nationalist popular fronts in the republics and the democratic platforms in the communist parties are the merest whiff of gunpowder compared to the cannonade of million Soviet citizens' grown conscious of their power.

Mr Gorbachev is gambling that he can save the party from itself before the day when the Kremlin finds that it has nothing left but divisions, and no guts to use them. The congress ends on Thursday. By then those delegates who have not lost touch with public opinion must pluck up courage to force the chameleon-like Mr Gorbachev to choose between them and the flat-earthers. A fudged result, failing to abolish the state ideology once : and for all, would be fetal for all concerned.

The party would then be finally submerged by events over which it has already clearly lost controL That might well be the best result for the rest of the Soviet Union. But Mikhail Gorbachev would deserve some sympathy as he contemplated the shell of his European home, once intended to be fit for humane communists, but now wanted by nobody.

From MrJ. S Grove Sir, Much of what the Institute for Public Policy Research and its director say report and article, July S on the paramount need for a broadly based general education up to 18 makes good sense. However, European experience suggests that the academic and vocational courses should remain largely separate. The compact could also involve polytechnics and employers in new links with schools and colleges for curricular planning and monitoring of the compact record of achievement, The higher education element of such a compart is currently being offered by Coventry and Wolverhampton Polytechnics, who negotiated the original version with this school last year.

The achievements of the first batch of students are being recorded in compact profiles. This policy is currently being actively pursued at both a national and European level The EC is encouraging farmers to grow flax and is also exploring the use and production of other fibre- producing plants such as hemp, kenafand mi scan thus. Yours faithfully. From Professor S. F Bush Sir, James Cbmford, director of the Institute for Policy Research, calls for the abolition of A levels in favour of a single qualification at 18 for alL Here is yet one more shot in the ceaseless agitation to destroy what remains of academic education in British schools.

In fret, of course. A levels are not attacked because they are narrow, but because they are difficult and only a minority of people can tackle them. Only a small minority of our population, or any country's population, will ever have foe inclination and ability to follow this path.

And indeed no country's economy will ever require more than a small minority of its workforce to be scientists and engineers. Good students want to get on and tackle real subjects. If denied this opportunity many would drop out or go abroad to seek a decent education. Yours faithfully, S. For example, foe main product of growing wheat is the grain.

However, foe wheat straw can also be utilized, foe leaves can be used for animal feed and the stem can be separated into industrial fibres, vegetable waxes and sugars. This multi-use approach has far-reaching implications for both foe profitability of arable crops and for foe reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from straw burning or from foe breakdown of straw incorporated into foe soil.

The BioComposites Centre, Bangor. July 2. Hospital registrars Newest old town? From Commander D. This can occupy a full working day in a very busy week. The pressure could be eased greatly were hospitals to establish their own registrar's sub-office. Waterfall Cottage, Chicksgrove, Tisbury, Wiltshire.

Wheelchairs have to negotiate not only a very bumpy cobbled road, but a long ride through Aldwych in all weather it was pouring rain on one of my rides , with probably a parking ticket for drivers at the end. June From Wing Commander D. We have just celebrated foe th anniversary of foe first recorded incumbent in the parish church and years of the village pub.

In abundance From Mr P. But he will appreciate foal every cloud has a silver lining. Despite the profusion of Yellow Pages which have been colouring foe doorsteps and pavements of our area, British Telecom did not deem it necessary to deliver one to me. Now it happens that my evening walk with our dog takes me down Queen Anne Street Mr Sturgess may be pleased to leant that one of his surplus seven is now adorning my bookshelf, cuddled between a Thompson's Directory and a Business A-Z acquired in similar manner a little time ago.

Yours faithfully, P. From Mr W. My heart sank and 1 am sure the hearts of many others at foe sight of Gascoigne's dilemma Iasi week If foe sport is to survive with respect punishment must be fair and the rules of foe game must be seen to be effectively upheld.

Yours sincerely, W. July 9. Penalties may not be ideal but they do test some football skills. Your alternatives all give foe advantage to the more attacking side. I do not really see why this should be so. Defending and counter-attacking is as much a skill of football as anything else: To describe , and score lines as dreary 1 can only think that your writer did not see the two semi-finals let alone the England v Belgium and Italy v Ireland matches.

The dreary matches have been foe high scoring ones, e. Tbe rules of the game do not need much alteration but need to be better and consistently applied by referees. From Mr Rex Parry Sir, Stalemate Worid Cup soccer matches need a dramatic and entertaining resolution, not foe cold and remote adding up of statistics on corners or bookings or foe tike.

Neither of foe latter are- immune to abuse by cynical professionals. Penalties on foe other hand, as you say, rely on luck rather than skill, but viewers are riveted by them. Most kids round the worid learn foe game in back yards or the park with one goal and a couple of attackers against a couple of defenders, one in goal. Victims of Nazism From Dr Rita Henryk-Gult Sir, Those who consider that tbe passage of time has somehow moderated the culpability of Nazi war criminals must be made aware that time has not diminished the damage to those few of their victims who survived.

Old age will bring no relief to the survivors, only further losses which their past experiences of loss are likely to make especially difficult to bear. The damage may affect foe marriages of survivors, and even more importantly, their children. Letters to the Editor should cany a daythoe telephone number. They may be sent to a fax number — From Mr Peter Smith Sir, Isn't it about time that we pul an end to this most unsatisfactory method of deciding a winning team in a soccer match still drawn after extra time.

It is not pleasing for the spectators, the winners ana feast ofaU the losers. A far better solution would be to reduce each team to six men aside. Revise the offside rule to only apply level with foe penalty area. The first team to seme a goal wins. More exciting for tire fans and a far more acceptable solution for the players and over in minutes. Yours s incerely. From Mr Stephen Haskell Sir, TWo possible alternatives to the penalty shoot-out: the offside rule should be completely relaxed in extra time.

Extra tune — or possibly a further ten minutes each way after it is over — should be between six players on each side. If tbe scores are level after extra time, continue play in minute periods with tbe first goal — sudden death - to decide. The referees are quite within their power to caution players for such ungentlemanly conduct, but a?

In short, Fife must act to quash this cheating. If this is not done we may well see tbe finals in the United States degenerate from a sporting spectacle into a stage for professional amateur dramatics. Lancashire; From Mr Robert H. Parry Sir, A penalty shoot-out does furnish goals, which alone decide foe result, and cannot be replaced by such absurdities as counting corners or fouls, or awarding points for special skills.

I suggest therefore that each of the five kickers take three kicks at goal, and that the ball be placed by foe kicker on any spot along the line denoting the goal area that he chooses. From Mr Stephen Kew Sir, To my view the referee supported tbe German colours; dressed in black and waving red and yellow cards. De minimis From Colonel R. Assuredly it has other virtues, but tike Mr Moriand I cannot call them to mind. I remain.

Guildford, Surrey. From the Reverend Canon Peter Hawker Sir, I have compared the new 5p coin with a third ofa farthing coin of and with a half farthing of It is slightly larger than the former and exactly the same size as tbe latter. I can find no record of complaint of either of these coins which bear Queen Victoria's bead being judged too small. Purses for foe thrifty! From Mr B. View page. Note Collective punishment..

Che Ulisses pinned post 5 Jul I suppose that this fact explains everything Bomb them! Note Hands-free competitiv.. The President of Ukraine was a U. Game of Hawks. Gave the Americans a blow job for nothing. Global Public Alert. Putin asks Federation council to repeal decisio.. Che Ulisses pinned post 4 Jul Left: 8.

On the right side are those who want a strong military that intervenes around the world. You scored: On the liberal side, or the conservative side? This scale may apply more to the US than other countries. Leonard Cohen - The Future! Apartheid did not die With partners like these, who needs Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are Note So called Master Poli..

JPG 34 KB solteiro. S teaser. Hong Kong neon. One day perhaps Fotos, Video: Convierte un bus escolar en su casa para ahorrar y vivir viajando actualidad. Genocide on its way: Ukraine may see 'total hell breaking loose' — Law Prof. Henrique Neto explica como. Campanhas para enganar totos? Ricardo Salgado" - Raquel Varela, historiadora. So called Democratization, NGOs and "color revolutions" The Struggle for History New improved project Tuple Note Gave the Americans a..

How a broken promise and opportunistic betrayal.. How a broken promise made in led to the cu.. Kristie's epic laughing at the end of News Stream. Liebte der Osten Anders? With Partners Like These Apartheid Did Not Die Does the USA sponsor revolutions? Victory to the Peoples'.. Note Uncle Sam screwing US.. So is Fox News Brand fired back. Che Ulisses pinned post 21 Jun Backed Terror, Inc. Viva o Poder Popular! Oh, No! We are really going to miss quirky King Juan Carlos! US to invade Iraq again?

Tightening the U. With pass of Years Words change their meaning Images, news, opinions, facts. Che Ulisses pinned post 12 Jun Images, news, opinions, facts you will never see in western media A picture is worth a thousand words I know and even better now with all Edward Snowden revelations Every Day I Wake Up While USAID touts itself as an international development agency, lawmakers questioned whether or not the organization is dabbling in covert, government destabilizing actions abroad.

RT's Sam Sacks reports. I already knew that espionage activities are more inquisitive than revealed on previous occasions I am also Pissed off since KILL error menaces Che Ulisses pinned post 27 May Crisis in Ukraine. The truth about Ukraine. Real situation in Ukraine. Up to killed in Kiev military op, Donetsk E.

Low Turn-out. Why is the U. State Department Buying High Explosives? President elected: would it help bring Ukraine out of vast economic abyss? Is Financialization Necessary for a Modern Economy? Ukraine in Turmoil. Ordinary fascism in Ukraine. XXI century. Experto: EE. The Li.. So called Democratisation, NGOs and so called color revolutions Note Europe and Ukraine: A..

Che Ulisses pinned post 22 May No Entry! UN marked Mil Mi strike helicopter used in E. Note SaveOurGuys View page. Che Ulisses pinned post 5 May The Beacon that is East Ukraine: Are you on the right side of history? En Claves: Revelan plan insurreccional de EE. China warns U. Guilty by Association? But it does rhyme" Mark Twain! Capitalist Western Freedom!?!?

Che Ulisses pinned post 24 Apr Order No. Churchill's remark after Chamberlain returned from signing the Munich pact with Hitler: "You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.

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