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hoodie allen no faith in brooklyn acoustic mp3 torrent

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The committee voted to expand medical exemptions to the ordinance and allow a broader exemption for disabled citi- zens. The changes must now be approved by the entire council. Aw, was it something we wrote? Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, the U.

Fish and Wildlife Service, and the city of Austin are in violation of the National Environmental Policy Act in relation to prep work on the plant. According to de la Cruz, Gonzalez told him that she needed a few more days and asked if he could continue to watch their daughter. Gonzalez has not been seen or heard from since. Reportedly, police are now looking into those text messages to determine whether they came from her at all. On appeal, Keller had argued that the SCJC had the authority to recommend her removal or to issue a censure but not to issue a public warning.

However, talking with council member and preservation advocate Laura Morrison, it sounds like scaled-back steps may carry the day. Other agenda items include a pair of urban design initiatives: the return of the Seaholm energy substation art wall Item 9 , pulled by Council Member Chris Riley last week so it could be vetted by the Downtown Commission on Wednesday as the Chronicle went to press, and Item 35, from Morrison and Riley, which coincidentally proposes design guidelines for future infra- structure projects from the utilities and enterprise departments.

Also, in executive session, council will discuss a reverse-discrimination lawsuit being brought against AFD Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr by two white male firefighters who believe they were passed over for promotion. And to be a fly on the wall during executive session. The council meets again Aug. Social Forum, a meeting of social justice activists. Texas State Employees Union , S. First , Frank Erwin Center ; Red River, Ventana del Soul, E.

United States Art Authority, Fruth , Twin Oaks Branch Library, S. Fifth, www. Zilker Polo Fields, x2. The sassy folks from GoTopless. Sixth and Congress, www. Trinity Center, E. Seventh, pm; Street- Jones Building, E. Free, www. I find it truly disappointing and concerning that this legal effort could put the entire and noteworthy BCCP at risk, particularly when Travis County is so close to completion of its land acquisitions and well within the time requirements of doing so.

Test borings previously taken for the fine were performed, critics noted, by a contractor not licensed to work in Texas. However, despite the water-torture-like drip of alarming news about the plant, opinions have done little but solidify on both sides.

And meanwhile, the denizens of Spicewood Springs stand against the plant on their own grounds. While there are different, complementary arguments about why to take WTP4 on a dif- ferent track, with a narrow council majority still holding, perhaps the question should be how to do so. Sign up at austinchronicle. City Hall , W. MonkeyWrench Books, E. North Loop, Every item in stock or custom order!

Offer good until August 24th, Whatever happens, there is a tax increase coming. The trust- ees are likely to approve a 2. Yet the district calculates that the average homeowner should see no change in their tax bill. What sort of planning is that? Historically, Austin voters have supported education spending, backing AISD bond packages and passing a 3. It may also lack the backing of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce.

The arts-centric college prep high school will begin the aca- demic year at its current home on the Perry Mansion campus on Red River, but in January , it will move to the Trinity United Methodist Church complex at 50th Street and Evans Avenue.

That congregation, led by the Rev. Fellow tenant and previous owners the Sri Atmananda Memorial School will remain on the Perry estate and could receive a new building as part of the reconstruction. Griffin School Director Adam Wilson said the new site will allow them to expand community outreach efforts, such as summer camps and arts programming. Now, just as the iconic venue enters a new era, the University of Texas at Austin informal classes program finds a new lease on life as the Butler School of Music announces its first round of music classes open to all Austinites.

The last classes under the old system were held July 31, but the UT administra- tion had already confirmed that two academic departments would be expanding educational opportunities for the wider community. Both departments require the courses to be self-financing, but the school is already discuss- ing adding more classes in future semesters. Butler School Director Glenn Chandler described the new endeavor as a natural fit for his department.

For more information about and to register for the Butler classes, visit www. The hope for candidates is that the extra turnout may help boost their candidacies, and a select list of officeholders - including Mayor Lee Leffingwell and Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton - have already made com- mitments to work with Al on its agenda. At the Aug. The original target was 10, new voters, but the group already has enough volunteer pledges to contact 17, Austinites.

With an extra 3, added on to the target at the Aug. Free yourself from loan and insurance payments, maintenance and all the other hassles of owning a car. You'll get ready access to a network of totally cool smarts to use temporarily as needed. Drive where you want for as long as you want, then park it and walk away. You only pay for the time you spend driving the car, calculated to the minute and charged to your debit or credit card. Visit www. Must be 1 8 years or older to register for the car2go program.

Must have valid U. CRR austinchronicle. Ethanol by Rail Fuels Concerns A handful of eastern Travis County resi- dents last week aired their concerns about ethanol potentially being delivered to Austin along rail lines running near their homes and expressed frustration with what they described as poor communication from Capital Metro about the project. The owners of the Flint Hills facility have requested rail service, and Cap Metro owns the adjacent tracks a line it hopes to some- day use for commuter rail service to Elgin.

DeWeese said the rail option would be safer and cleaner. The Cap Metro board of directors held the hearing at the request of Travis County Pre- cinct 1 Commissioner Ron Davis, who two decades ago, as a community activist, was a leader in the fight to expel another fuel stor- age tank farm from East Austin residential areas.

Long Lake facility in eastern Travis County. Area residents and the Manor city manager have raised questions about evacuation plans in the event of a derailment. We did not, as a member city of Capital Metro, know what was going on. Of course, given the limited powers of county government, the commissioners may not have the power to reject it if it meets legal requirements.

Not surprisingly, the official review of the Beyler report was put on hold, and since then nothing about the case has been reviewed in public. Bradley created a small panel of commission members to review and discuss the case; the panel was small enough to avoid meeting in public, and to date all deliberations have been held in private for the death of his children, who perished in a fire in their Corsicana home in Questions about the Willingham case have intensified in the years since his execution.

The nascent commission was asked to review the case and that of Ernest Willis, who was exonerated of arson-murder just months after Willingham was executed by the New York- based Innocence Project. Still, Bradley said that before the commission issued a final report it would be open to receiving public feedback.

Importantly, he noted, these questions should be answered by the scientists on the commission, not the lawyers. May not be combined with other offers. Get to know customers like Bob, Signed up lost yeor Has a birthday in March Lives jn Austin Tweeted about your.. How are you using email to grow your business and stay in touch with your customers?

With email marketing from Emma, you'll do it in style, with custom email design, sophisticated features and exceptional customer service. And without delay, on Aug. It was a long time coming - and the very least law- makers could do. Under the new Fair Sentencing Act of , authored by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-lllinois, and joined by 23 co-sponsors, it will no longer take just 50 grams of crack to net a year sentence; instead, it will take No other drug incurs a mandatory minimum sentence at all, in fact.

According to the United States Sentencing Commission, simple posses- sion of any other drug by a first- time offender is punishable by a maximum of one year behind bars, with the exception of Rohypnol, which can incur three years. The USSC, a quasi-governmental board of federal judges appointed to create sentenc- ing guidelines for federal crimes, was the first to make a move to repair the problems created by disparate sentencing. In , after years of calling attention to the problem without movement from Congress, the com- mission revised the sentencing guidelines to trim time from crack sentences.

The commission then made its changes retroactive - a move that saw then- Attorney General Michael Mukasey nearly pop a blood vessel when claiming to the U. In the end, lawmakers backed the new to-l sentencing scheme, meaning the law now makes possession of 28 grams of crack the trigger point for a five-year sentence.

I think people went as far as they would go. The next step? The new rules would not take effect until November That leaves only Congress to propose and pass a bill to make the Fair Sentencing Act retroactive. FAMM members have already begun encouraging the intro- duction of a retroactivity bill.

If passed as is expected , it will be the first time since that lawmakers have under- taken any comprehensive review. But now comes this: prison labor. In its national public-relations blitz to buff up its image, the oil giant has loudly boast- ed that it has been hiring devastated, out-of- work local people to handle the cleanup.

Many have been hired - but not nearly enough, according to the people themselves. The Nation magazine now reports a big rea- son for the shortfall. BP has been using inmates - literally a captive work force - to do much of the shoveling and scooping to remove oil from Louisiana beaches.

What a deal for BP! No, not the inmates - the uniforms! Now they wear BP shirts, jeans, and rub- ber boots with no prison markings, and they are moved to and from the job in unmarked white vans. How many are there? No offi- cials with BF? How much are the prisoners paid? So, how does fact No. Yes, No. Last year, Congress directed four federal agencies to work together on new standards for ads that food giants run on cartoon shows and other TV programs for children.

So, the agencies came up with nutritional requirements that were at least strict enough to prevent the marketing of candy as a healthy food. Ah, progress! But - oh, mercy - the howl of pain from industry lobby- ists was piercing. However, the screams of the food giants - echoed by their congressional puppets - seem to have spooked the agencies.

For more information on Jim Hightower's work - and to subscribe to his award-winning monthly newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown - visit www. Texas Tough is a broad historical survey, a detailed history of Texas prisons, and in the end a scholarly polemic about the state of American prisons in general. Perkinson has spent his summers over the last decade visiting and researching the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and he says that on the whole, the TDCJ was very helpful in helping him do the research and providing current statistical information.

The book is also informed by numerous interviews and correspondence with prison officials, inmates, and others with knowledge of the lengthy and complex history of prisons in Texas. Perkinson has also met with state represen- tatives and officials working on prison reform and is hopeful that Texas and the U. Austin Chronicle: How did you come to the conclusion that the Texas system became the model for U. Robert Perkinson: If you look at almost any book on prison history, they start in the Northeast with these reform-oriented institu- tions, around the period of the Revolution, that were meant to rehabilitate criminals.

There are really two traditions: the reforma- tory tradition that traces to the Northeast, and the retributionist, racially discriminatory model that traces back to slavery. In Texas and other Southern states, those connections are more stark than in other places. So the personnel, the daily rhythms of life, the work expectations, the disciplinary traditions were all kind of passed down from slavery to convict leasing, then to the state.

To a certain extent, that fell apart with the federal litigation in the s but in some ways still is with us. RP: The history of criminal justice and law enforcement is tied to that Western frontier experience. If you look back at the early his- tory of the Texas Rangers, they were not engaged in what we think of as law enforce- ment but really involved in what the best recent history calls ethnic cleansing against Mexicans and Indians.

In Texas, all white men were required to serve on slave patrols in the antebellum period, so that was a state-imposed way of imposing order. But the prison system really has its origins in the Southern history of Texas. The South is imprisoning more peo- ple and at a higher rate and is executing more people and has pioneered a lot of the harsh innova- tions that have come to the fore nationwide over the past two generations.

Texas exemplifies the Southern history of the plantation as well as any place. AC: Could you talk a little bit more about the stages of development in the Texas model? According to statute, African-Americans, slave or free, could only be punished with hanging or whipping. The penitentiary was quite impor- tant during the Civil War, because they built a textile factory at the Walls [in Huntsville] , and it was a key source of uniforms and tents for Confederate units. The second felon boom came about in the s, Eighties, and Nineties.

Texas, like other Southern states, decided not to deal with those people by sending them to prison, but they hired them out to the highest bidder, and that was the convict-leasing system. Texas had the biggest convict-leasing system in the country, which is also something that is not widely known. If you look at the smokestack at Imperial Sugar in Sugar Land, that was a whole industry that was revitalized with convict labor. People made huge fortunes on free labor supplied by the state, and they just paid the state per head per convict - more for blacks, less for whites, because they worked blacks even more savagely.

Convict leas- ing lasted for almost a century; it was finally abolished in by this big movement that unit- ed labor leaders and women reformers. So first there was the antebellum period, when whites were in prison and blacks were under private discipline. Then there was the private-profit, and actually most brutal, peri- od in Texas prison history; and then, after convict leasing was abolished, the state just purchased those same plantations that the private contractors had owned and pretty much absorbed their same per- sonnel and started work- ing convicts in the same fashion as had the private contractors.

It was unpaid direct labor for the profit of the state, which meant that Texas was able to spend very little in terms of appropriations for incarcera- tion, because the prisoners were generating most of the budget for the prison system. That lasted all the way until the Ruiz case [Ruiz v. Estelle, which was filed in and decided in ], until the s. The Commons Center JJ. New and green! North on IH, exit Parmer Ln. Right on Dessau. Turn left at the next stop light onto E.

Model home is immediately on your left at Day Camp Lane. Look for the American Flag. Income and community location restrictions apply. Not all borrowers or communities will qualify for all programs. Additional restrictions may apply. Terms and conditions are subject to credit approval, market changes and availability. Please ask your Sales Consultant for details. Prices, plans, features, options and co-broke are subject to change without notice. Square footages are approximate.

With some 2. Today, a genera- tion after the triumphs of the civil rights movement, African Americans are incarcerated at seven times the rate of whites, nearly double the disparity measured before desegregation. Twenty years later, when I first started visit- ing southern prisons, I reached the same conclusion.

By almost any measure, Texas stands out. Although Texas ranks fiftieth among states in the amount of money it spends on indigent criminal defense, it ranks first in prison growth, first in for-profit imprisonment, first in supermax lockdown, first in total number of adults under crimi- nal justice supervision, and a resounding first in executions. The Ruiz case did make the prisons system more profession- al, more accountable, more transparent, and it provides better medical care than it did before the reforms ordered by the courts.

Across the South, the conservative Democratic establishment was defeated on racial integra- tion. They fought as hard as they could - not quite as hard as they had fought during the Civil War, but they fought pretty hard - and they lost. But they immediately began turning to law enforcement and criminal justice to manage this new social order that they had feared and fought against.

The same years that the segregationist statutes are swept off the books, you start seeing the passage of adult prosecution of juveniles, sentencing exten- sions, harsher penalties for drug crimes, more money for law enforcement, more money for prison construction.

That accelerates during the Seventies and really just goes metastatic in the Eighties and Nineties. Prison growth just exploded. RP: Right - and in criminal justice, the oppo- site has happened. Under the old system and the new system, and in every state, lenient states and severe states, the sort of criminal predators that dominate our headlines or the news shows are put in prison for a long time: child rapists, serial killers, and so on.

But the drug war has created all of these perverse incentives: Police departments get rewarded with federal and state dollars for the number of arrests they make, which encour- ages them to go after low-level drug offenders, so they just tend to sweep through the poor communities. The survey evidence is pretty clear that whites use illegal drugs in equal proportions to African-Americans, yet they constitute only a small number of the arrests, and even a smaller number of those impris- oned for drug offenses.

And then there is racial profiling; there are studies that show racial bias at every level of the criminal justice system. AC: Is it pretty much the same pattern all across the country? RP: It is, just to a lesser extent. But compared to other countries, every state in the country is much more severe than Iran or Cuba or any of the countries that we think of as authoritarian regimes. The U. AC: You began talking with a little optimism that there seems to he a little movement in the Legislature to change things.

RP: There are some promising signs. This cur- rent round of reforms in the last couple of legislative sessions has really been led by the Legislature, in both houses, and with a sur- prising amount of bipartisan cooperation. The governor grudgingly began to go along, after blocking those efforts in And I met with a whole bunch of legislative aides and staffers when I was there a couple of weeks ago, and people on both sides of the aisle are really interested in making some changes. And the result is a huge waste of resources without very much protection for the public.

But long-term, to a surprising extent, I found in looking at the history of criminal justice, I found over and over again, the debates were always poisoned by race. That was true through the law-and-order crime panic of the s, and I think racial poison is still flowing through the tea party and the anti-immigration mobilization right now. But the demographic projection of Texas and the rest of the country suggests that we can even- tually get beyond some of that.

Not for very much longer will politicians in Texas be able to get elected to statewide office in Texas with only the Anglo vote, and once statewide politi- cians have to start putting together broader coalitions, then it limits the degree to which racial demagoguery - either overt or, as it is these days, coded - can play such a promi- nent role in politics.

If that racial poison gets taken out of the equation, then it could allow people to much more calmly get down to the business of governing. RP: I certainly hope so. The conclusion I came to is that it would be much better to have prisons oriented toward making people come out better - more educated and more employ- able, and less angry and more psychologically balanced - at the other end of their incarcera- tion experience. But ultimately, I decided that prisons are just corrosive institutions, for staff as well as inmates, that really the most impor- tant thing we can do is try to figure out how we can not have people go to prison in the first place.

And is it possible for us to come up with any remedy that does not involve sending this person to prison, where they are going to be more damaged and come out angrier and less employable than they were before? That has been the main storyline, sadly, in criminal justice. Discount applies to Vans brand merchandise only at Vans US locations and applied prior to sales tax.

Please see store for complete details. Government Employees Insurance Co. These companies are subsidiaries of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. WORLD ORG, From her home in Santa Monica, Calif. It gave me goosebumps. You can know that the pebbles that you threw there rippled for a long, long time. PP: Two of them are. But, yeah, two of them are, which is nice. And I personally love reading aloud.

I read aloud to them for years and years and years and years. Did it over the phone. When I would go out of town, I would take the book that I was read- ing them at home and read aloud from the road. Which was, if I do say so myself, sheer genius. You witness a wedding. You witness a miracle. Without a witness, the wedding cannot take place. The miracle cannot be believed. The crime cannot be exposed. Why is a play not a movie?

How is a concert different from a recording? And when you come to live performance as a witness rather than as a crossed pair of arms, or a texter, or a slumper , you can transform a performance. So this was a great way of remaining in connection. Although with the Hardy Boys in par- ticular, after a while, you do catch on to the fact that if Frank and Joe were really dead, who were they writing about in those other 50 books of the series? AC: I just wanted to know where Bayport really was.

The Hardys were tolerant people, if nothing else. AC: So what are you reading now? I am not a fast reader. Sometimes it takes me so long that I have to restart the book. I read The Children one and a halftimes, but it was well worth it. With conser- vatives fighting to make sure we have the Founding Fathers talking about God in the history textbooks? PP: No. AC: A number of conservatives seem to treat the Founding Fathers the same way they treat the Bible: They pick and choose what to believe in the Bible , and they pick and choose what the Founding Fathers said about religion.

And she made the mistake of showing me the pamphlet one day. And the particular pam- phlet that she showed me had kind of a Peaceable Kingdom picture on the cover. You know, I have 16 cats, a German shepherd-mix dog, a bearded dragon liz- ard, a lop-eared bunny, and one ant left from my ant farm.

Paula Poundstone performs Friday, Aug. For more information , call or visit www. The evening springs from a short piece of the same name that Nasralla, who studied in Montana and taught at the Dance Theater of Iowa before landing in Austin, created for the recent Big Range Austin Dance Festival. With the help of musical genie Adam Sultan and videographer Eliot Haynes, she explored the concept of witness, including the Vedic philosophical idea that self-witness can lead to awakening.

Most of the pieces include texts per- formed by actors Lizzi Biggers and Alex Cogburn from writers like modern-day mystic Eckhart Tolle, old-school mystic St. Augustine, and the multiple literary personalities of Portuguese modernist Fernando Pessoa. In the past year, Tutto Theatre has won sever- al B. Iden Payne and Austin Critics Table awards for its theatre work. Does the recent departure of Artistic Director Dustin Wills and the produc- tion of a dance piece mark a company in transi- tion?

Bring your whole self and see what you can help create. For more information, call or visit www. Can we turn on the cameras? Not many pianists have that gift. Rhythm is so important, especially when working collaboratively. The chance to be in the same city working at the same institution as Anton was one of the main reasons why I considered and decided to come to Austin to teach at UT.

Of course, having had a history of nearly 20 years with Anton makes collaborating easier and easier. I enjoy our rehearsals so much because they end up feeling more like performances than work. For availability or to schedule a walkthrough, please call us at They are all selections that we felt would appeal to every listener, no matter how seasoned. I certainly was aware of the space and the history there and am very proud that Anton and I were the first classical musicians to perform in the ACL studio.

A contingent of teachers from Clayton Elementary were present - my old- est son attends school there. It is notable and so appropriate that Dr. Video performances of Nel and Tsang may be found at www. Tuesday-Friday Docent-led Tours Well-grounded in the subject of sewing machine problems, I glibly volun- teered to repair the machine since I had no other pressing matters on my agenda. Checking all the obvious trouble spots and making a single adjustment, the machine was chugging along perfectly in less than five min- utes.

Okay, next! My interest was piqued. I do recall the distress and discontent I was feeling when I decided to quit sewing a few years ago; it was increasingly difficult to con- tinue wanting to do something that I loved so much that seemed to be bring increasingly more frustration and despair.

So I quit designing and sold off again collections of fabric, samples, equipment, etc. Stitching the various textures and components together was satisfying and even a bit exciting. After I applied the finishing touches on the bag the next morning, Jacki was delighted when she Mark Mueller surrounded by his merry pranksters at the Wizard Bear and Sammy party at the Belmont. We loaded it with personal care items to make sure it would hold every- thing and still be compact enough to pack in a suitcase and left it on display all day so our friends could ooh and aah over it.

No, it was simply the satisfaction of doing a job well that stayed with me and reminded me that somewhere I still have a sewing machine too HEAT The most fashionable party of the week? The already- hot night became even more sizzling. A perfect summer party, signaling the end of a perfect social sea- son and the beginning of a new one. Write to our Style Avatar with your related events , news , and hautey bits : style austinchronicle.

North Loop Blvd. Yet his moral force can also be witnessed in his many writings about the responsibilities of the artist. Profiles of Sidney Poitier and the Floyd Patterson vs. Sonny Liston heavyweight bout are singular portraits. But The Cross of Redemption shows why Baldwin should never be allowed to go out of fashion. A computer does not smell. There are two perfumes to a book: a book is new, it smells great; a book is old, it smells even better!

Call or email us to schedule an appointment: 51 info pinkavocadocatering. Now It Is Easy. Our frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures. Entertainment for the whole family including free color-in tees, balloons, stickers, tattoos and face oaintim master the mi4 Proceeds for the weekend will be donated to the Austin Children's Shelter.

YUMM menchies. Not least in the celebration is the creation of two new cheeses to commemorate the anniversary and honor the craft of cheesemaking. On a spring morning, breezes ruffle green grass and yellow flowers blanket roll- ing hills; the sky and bay compete for the deepest blue.

No road noise drowns out the birdsong and rustling leaves or the distant lowing of cows ready to be milked. Bill Straus began farming here in with 23 cows. From the s, Ellen Straus was a tireless environmental activist, co-founding Marin Agricultural Land Trust, the first in the nation. We hurry to the milking sheds to observe milk cows queue up they know their places and, 14 at a time, purposefully head to milking stations. Electronic sensors identify each cow and record milk amounts and characteristics.

Afterward, the ladies rest in a shady holding yard and, ahem, provide material for the methane digester. Then they amble to hillside pastures to graze. Albert Straus and farm manager Harley Wagenseller explain feed composition and silage fermented grasses , how the methane digester works, how cows rotate through pastures. In airy red barns, there are lots of calves looking for head scratches and fingers to suckle. The highway east to Petaluma curves through stunningly beautiful farmlands.

Cowgirl Creamery is in a revitalized warehouse district by the river, cheek by jowl with cafes, urban housing, and small food companies. We view the Straus milk truck discharging its contents into a hold- ing tank, from which it moves into the low degrees Fahrenheit and slow minute pasteurization process. The second noticeable thing is gleaming cleanliness and stringent anti-contaminant measures. Cheesemakers wear white smocks, jaunty white caps, and the white rubber boots favored by Gulf shrimpers.

We suit up in smocks, hairnets, and plastic shoe covers before touring the two enor- mous vats where coagulation metamorphosis begins, rooms for maturing cheeses, and finishing areas where cheeses are hand-wrapped and packed for transport. Tam and Red Hawk. For two months, each wheel is turned by hand and rubbed with a weak saline solution see the Buckaroo cheesemaking process at vvvvw. The result is a firm, ivory cheese remarkable for flavor and versatility. Event Menu Aug.

Lamar, ; S. Lamar, celebrate the flavor of Hatch chile season in many store departments over the next two weeks, in addition to offer- ing the distinctive peppers by the pound, either fresh or roasted. Recipes will be judged on creativity, taste, and presentation, and winners at each store will receive cool prizes.

Now through Aug. Saturdays, Aug. Stomp grapes for free. Drink wines and ciders from a traditional porron, sam- ple Basque pinxtos appetizers , and visit with Spanish wine expert Andre Tames. Saturday, Aug. Kocurek Family Artisanal Charcuterie offers a five-course dinner showcasing various cuts of pork at the Swoop House Gonzales.

Make necessary reservations at www. Thursday, Aug. Lake Travis-area restaurateur Beau Theriot announced last week that he is expanding the real estate development near his legendary Oasis restaurant Comanche Trail, , www. The development will also include a retail shopping village with 30 bou- tiques set to open at a later date Congress, , www.

Home Slice will close up shop Sept. West Austin bistro Cipollina West Lynn, , www. Drop by between 5 and 6pm daily for half-price small plates and carafes of wine When sales receipts are tallied, the truck with the highest sales is named the winner, and the truck with the lowest sales goes home. Austin Daily Press grilled cheese sandwich truck survived the San Diego challenge by finding free space in a parking lot near some busy bars.

Austin had mobile food businesses in , but were projected to have 1, by the end of While a mobile vendor might have zero to very few additional employees, even a small cafe requires at least a dozen. With dependent staff and lots of money invested come responsibility, worries, and headache, while the mobile vendor can start up with his psyche relatively unscathed. New York City has a permit waiting list 10, people long and a new Green Cart program that shortens the wait if a licensee agrees to sell only fresh fruits and veg- gies and target neighborhoods with a need.

Los Angeles just held its first-ever L. Street Food Fest and had 15, people turn out. San Francisco, long the habitat of burrito and taco trucks, has entered the fray with more than 50 new mobile food trucks Twittering their nomadic locations to the faith- ful. Portland, Ore. To jump in seamlessly, you need a creative and original idea, along with food as good as, or hopefully much better than, that already being prepared in the area.

It helps if your product is unique, but at the very least, it had better be good and worth the price. To get your operation started, you need to start a long series of steps, the first of which is gathering the required money. You need to know your start-up costs, and when you start ciphering those, they can add up quickly. Under a new proposal due to be enacted in October if it is approved, your itinerary must be on file with the health department; more on that toward the end of this story.

You can always build one yourself on a trailer frame or retrofit an older trailer such as an Airstream, Shasta, Airfloat, or Spartan. A Web search will turn up dozens of used tmck, trailer, and food-cart dealers. Basically it must operate within the same guidelines as a restaurant kitchen, and once a year it must make a sacred pilgrimage to the headquarters of the health department to be inspected and permitted so for a brief time annually it must possess the capacity to roll through traffic.

Even with most mobile vendors aligning with existing restaurants, the number of commissary- capable kitchens in town seems woefully inadequate to fulfill the new proposal. The commissary can be used for clean- ing the vending unit, storing raw materials, food preparation, etc.

What many vendors do to satisfy the requirement is to align themselves with an existing restaurant. These arrange- ments can be transitory, especially when one vendor gets more popular than the others and starts hogging vital resources, such as limited parking. One free drink with dinner.

The food Is very reasonable. The staff is very attentive. Exp 9. Finally, there are some restrictions on location that must be addressed. Carts have to be in properly zoned areas: commercial or industrial, excluding neighborhood office, limited office, and gen- eral office. There are also special neighborhoods with their own special vendor rules; for a map, see www.

Between Medicare, Social Security, and federal and state unemployment taxes, plan on adding another Some vendors provide on-site flush- able toilets; others have portable toilets and portable hand-washing stations. Under the proposed new regulations, vendors must provide either written proof that a neighbor- ing business within 50 feet allows vendor workers to use their flushable toilets or a signed contract from a portable toilet sup- plier.

Dining If you want a ground cover to prevent mud, think pea gravel or decomposed gran- ite as the cheapest choices. One cubic yard will cover square feet at a depth of 1 inch, so do the math. A permanent metal shed roof on posts would be the ideal coverage option; it would pro- tect diners during rain and could be inex- pensively enclosed in the winter. By all rights, you should have enough operating capital in reserve to squeak by financially for six months or so with lousy business consultants suggest a one-year reserve.

Advertising is usually done guerrilla-style, using fliers, food blogs, and the king of Austin mobile food vending sites: AustinFoodCarts. Permissions Granted? Finally, you need permits - an ever- growing pile of permits. All of these rules are supposed to be based on maintaining public safety, but health department statistics that were presented at City Council Public Health and Human Services Committee meetings revealed that since , only five of public complaints regarding suspected food-borne illness impli- cated mobile food vendors.

That flies in the face of the complaints by Tom Ramsey, owner of Snappy Snacks, a large Pflugerville-based mobile food vending company that leases out 70 food trucks to independent operators who cruise construction sites, office buildings, and the like. He developed a fist of 42 health, safety, and environmental concerns he wanted the council to address to crack down on what he views as his new competition - this grow- ing class of creative mobile food vendors.

Of those, the Public Health and Human Services Committee considered 10, whittled those down to seven, and has finally recommended six new requirements for final vote by the council: a monthly log of commissary use, notarized certification of commissary kitchen, proof of Texas sales and use tax permit, a posted itinerary for food trucks, written per- mission to use restrooms at work site, and a Fire Department inspection report.

According to Simons, proof of product liability insurance the seventh recommendation was supported by the task force but ultimately rejected. They are pretty much a done deal. The health department will go from one inspector to three, and the Fire Department will add one inspector for ven- dors if the measures pass as expected. The big winners: the casual diners of Austin, who are offered an inexpensive and expanding cornu- copia of creative eats, and the vendors, who are allowed to start small and dream big.

Third, Sixth, Also, look for chicken-fried steak, wings, and Cuban nachos while you catch a game on TV. The service is the best in town, but the food is superb on some nights and mid- dling on others. Second, Tasty and beauti- fully presented sandwiches, salads, soups, coffees, desserts, and breakfasts. Seventh, Not open 24 hours like the sign outside says, but here you can get three squares a day. Cesar Chavez, We can never finish the Don Juan. Arteries may harden around the room, but no one seems to care.

Order the fish fried, black- ened, or charbroiled, with a variety of side dishes. Try the broad range of Chinese barbecue and seafood, or just stick with delicious vegetarian options. Lamar , Otherwise, find American-Chinese stan- dards with a tea menu, desserts, and a full bar to bring you back. Canyon Ridge Ste. A nice array of entree choices are available for dinner and takeout. We get excited about the Ojingo Bockeum stir-fried squid and the SsamBob with four kinds of bulgogi.

It's back with a vengeance and loaded with authentic flavor. Try some postprandial shisha at the hookah bar next door. Ill E. No corn syrup here! Enjoy well-selected wines by the bottle or the glass and prepared foods to eat in the cavernous, crowded dining room or take out. Daily specials may include lobster, shrimp pizza, king crab, even crack pie.

This place gets packed. Plan early for the lunch hour, when the line is out the door. Oltorf, Live Oak, The lunch buffet and Sunday brunch are among the best bargains in town. Oltorf 14, First, The cabrito is worth a return visit. William Can- non, Ben White, Breakfast is just as good as lunch, with low prices, big servings, and great service. Lamar, They also have six varieties of milkshakes. Daily hot plate specials include meat loaf with Creole sauce and pork loin over cornbread dressing.

Expect a wait for weekend brunch. The choices include mostly Hong Kong and Cantonese classics. Available as sandwiches and by the plate or pound. Try the menssef. Very friendly counter folks and great coffee, too. Be sure to stop next door for bubble tea at Momoko. Excludes daily specials and any other offer.

Not valid Thursdays or Fridays from 5pm to close. One coupon per table. Natural Books Many books on natural medicine, philosophy, and the esoteric. Natural Medicines Natural medicine professionals to help with illness. Cesar Chavez S. The Emmy Awards will be handed out on Aug. As always, I ponder the writing nominations, first and foremost.

Glee is red-hot right now, but I think when it comes right down to it, I would give it to Modern Family. Refreshing, funny, and sometimes snarky, this fresh- man series always pleases and is often surprising. The pilot epi- sode is nominated, and it was a great start to a solid season for this ABC comedy. I wish the Emmy folk would create new categories to reflect television beyond broad fiction and nonfic- tion categories.

No one ever knows where or how to celebrate dramedies like Nurse Jackie Showtime or Weeds Showtime or genre fare like Eureka Syfy a charming sci-fi comedy or the more serious Caprica Syfy. The dark horse in this pack is The Good Wife. Essentially another law drama, it rises above the same-old, same-old, in part because of the touch- ing performance by lead actress Julianna Margulies.

He is the clear winner in my mind. Next week, a look at the Emmy- nominated series. As always, stay tuned. E-mail Belinda Acosta at tveye austinchronicle. Which also revolves around a band and their adventures. We have one of the same producers on Scott Pilgrim, Mark Platt. AC: So how many preview screenings have you done for this film? Because with Austin , you know , you're pretty much preaching to the choir. Wright: True, but I somehow take the most pleasure in people watching it completely cold.

Which is good, right? Because it sure looked like it. Wright: Good guess, but no. The sonic yeti that Sex Bob-omb have is a nod to the id monster from Forbidden Planet. Michael Cera: That always reminds me of Ghostbusters. That moment when it gets sucked back into the guitar? Wright: With some of those effects we were definitely going for a look that approximated a lot of those Eighties effects movies, like Raiders and Ghostbusters in particular.

They have a really hand-drawn quality to them that I find really endearing. I wanted our effects to look as though they had been drawn. Do you know what I mean? The monsters that get created in that battle look in no way realistic, but they still look cool. AC: Frantic? AC: Blade Runner? Cera: Yeah. Wright: Right. Same thing with Alien. So Ridley Scott actually went back into the Avid and started nipping bits out and actually slowing the action down.

I prefer it. Obviously the series hadn't even been finished by the time you started working on the adaptation. Wright: It worked organically over a period of five years. The first draft we did was in , just before I did Hot Fuzz. Please give us the second half of our advance.

Jason Schwartzman: And we had his notes. Some of the things that are in the film but not in the books come from his notes. Ultimately I wanted the books to be the books and the film to be the film. I feel that a literal panel-for-panel, bubble- for-bubble adaptation can make a film too slavish to the source material. AC: Were all three of you huge comic-book fans growing up? This is one of the first ones I really got into. AC: Really? What were you reading as a kid?

Cera: Closed captioning. At bars. Wright: The first comic I used to read was A. AC: Judge Dredd! And that was huge for a gen- eration. It was a really big deal and so many great writers and artists came out of it, like Alan Moore, Simon Bisley. When I was 11, I got into a massive Marvel phase.

Because this is amazing. But growing up, I was much more into music and tracking down albums as opposed to comics. These are not words to be taken lightly. This is going to be fun. But for those millions of YouTube users, Jack Rebney used to signify one thing: the man who made an art out of melting down. Flaming out. Cracking up on camera. In the late Eighties, Rebney took a gig shooting an industrial video for Winnebago. His job? To sing the praises, in that mellifluent baritone of his, of the Itasca Sunflyer.

Only filming took place in the high heat of summer, and an RV is not a particularly spa- cious place in which to shoot a video. From the looks of it, the shoot devolved into a swirling shits torm, with Rebney its sputtering, swearing eye.

The crew assembled the expletive-laden outtakes and put them on tape. Then they passed the tape around. The tape got dubbed and redubbed and redubbed once more as it moved, viruslike, into VCRs the country over, becoming a viral video before anybody knew to call it that. And then the Internet happened. More spe- cifically, the Internet happened to Jack Rebney. That sounds so naive - and it is a little bit - but that was the initial impulse. And as Rebney tucked into another dressing-down of Steinbauer, the cam- era organically began to shift to a two-shot: the subject pulling the interviewer into the story, the interviewer becoming the story.

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