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spartacus behove arena cztorrent nefunguje

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It is usually dated to 74 or 73 BC. A military march to the north of Italy to cross the Alps and get freedom and the opportunity to return home;. Some historians believe that Spartacus wanted to capture Rome itself, but this is not proven. Armed struggle against Rome, thus avenging Rome for the suffering and humiliation to which it subjected them, turning them into its slaves;. Establishing links with Sicily - in the final phase of the revolt, after a return campaign from north to south Italy, to establish a link with Sicily and continue the revolt there, living freely and independently of the authority of Rome;.

Location of the uprising : Italy. The uprising began in the center of Italy, then spread to the north and south of Italy. The revolt began in the city of Capua, in a gladiator school that belonged to Lentulus Batiatus. Revolt, according to the assumption of Goroncharovsokgo V. Spartacus War: the rebellious slaves against the Roman legions. Petersburg Oriental Studies. The gladiators began planning the uprising in advance, but it was revealed to the authorities to the traitor and then the rebels accelerated the event.

After making their way through the city gates, the rebels were able to establish a camp on top of the extinct Mount Vesuvius. An attempt by local Roman forces in Capua to nip the rebellion in the bud by sending several urban cohorts to Mount Vesuvius failed, and the rebels got even more weapons.

There, on Mount Vesuvius, the rebels chose three leaders. Chief Spartacus and his two assistants, the Gauls Crixus and Oenomaus. Today they agree on the version that Spartacus was a warrior, even managed to fight as part of the Roman troops, then for disobeying orders, was sold into slavery, where he became a gladiator. Bas-relief with gladiators. Pompeii, the Stabian Gate. National Archaeological Museum, Naples. His soldiers plundered the nearby villas and estates of the Romans from Mount Vesuvius, so his army gradually began to grow in size.

The army of Spartacus was large, but not homogeneous in its ethnic and national origin. In his army were Gauls, Germans, Thracians and other peoples enslaved by Rome. Also in his army joined the slave shepherds. This left a large but unreliable army, as the majority of the army was made up of agricultural slaves who had not previously held weapons.

The backbone of Spartacus ' army was a squad of 78 gladiators who escaped with him from Capua. At first, the slave army was armed with sickles, pitchforks, rakes, and other agricultural implements, as well as clubs and sharpened stakes. Some slaves knew how to make baskets and could make wicker shields.

Later, during the battles, the slaves obtained real weapons. Rome's main military forces were engaged outside of Italy when the Spartacus revolt began. At first, the authorities and the Senate considered the Spartacus revolt not as a major armed rebellion, but only a small slave revolt that resulted in a wave of looting and violence in Campania a region in southern Italy.

But later assessing the scale, the Senate sent a large military detachment of 3 thousand people to suppress it, under the leadership of the praetor Claudius Glaber in 73 BC. But as Appian tells us, this detachment consisted not as a legion, but as a militia of non-citizens Civil wars. Glaber laid siege to the rebels on Mount Vesuvius, blocking the only way down the mountain, hoping to keep the rebels under siege until hunger forced them to surrender. But the rebels were able to make ropes and ropes from the vines and trees growing on the top of Mount Vesuvius, and they were able to descend on them from the other side of the mountain.

After that, the rebels went around Mount Vesuvius and attacked the unexpected attacks from this side, the Roman detachment and completely destroyed it. In this battle, Spartacus demonstrated one of his military tactics: to attack the enemy where you are not expected and when you are not expected, but during this battle Oenomaus was killed.

After that, the rebels descended from the mountain and settled in a former Roman camp, where slaves and discontented Roman authorities began to flock to them. Progress of the military campaign. In response, the Senate sent a new detachment led by the Praetor Publius Varinius. Varinius decided to divide his forces and thus squeeze the rebels and "crush" them. But in the end, both groups of Varinius, under the command of his officers Furius and Cossinius, were defeated by the rebels, one by one.

Varinius with the remaining troops, despite the flight of some of his soldiers, 4 thousand people remained under his command, built a fortified military camp not far from the camp of the rebels and blocked them. But Spartak broke out of the blockade and retreated to the city.

Kuma, where Varinius followed him, hoping to defeat Spartacus and replenish his army with volunteers from Kuma. As a result, Spartacus in the battle of Cumae destroyed the troops of Varinius, almost capturing him.

After that, almost all of southern Italy was in the hands of the rebels. Spartacus and his followers spent the winter of BC near the city of Metapontos an ancient Greek city-colony in southern Italy, now a ruin near the city of Metapontos, Italy , where he trained his troops. The number of Spartacus ' army by the winter of BC reached up to 70 thousand people.

It was also called Near Gaul or Gallia Togata. This time, the Senate, having assessed the scale of the disaster and defeats of the praetors Glaber and Varinius, sent two armies, a total of 30 thousand people, led by the consuls Lucius Gellius Publicon and Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus.

The consuls wanted to surround and defeat Spartacus near the Gargan Peninsula. The army of the Consul Lentulus went along the Tiburtine road to the Adriatic coast, and the army of Gellius along the Appian Road to Apulia a region in south-eastern Italy. Spartacus, wishing to avoid encirclement, sent his main forces to the northwest, and a large detachment led by Crixus sent to the slopes of Mount Gargan an isolated mountain range in Italy, in the province of Foggia, Apulia region.

Crixus 'position was located to the east of the road that Gellius' army was supposed to take, thus posing a threat to his rear and right flank. If Crixus 'force was successful, Spartacus would then be able to attack from both sides and defeat Lentulus' army. While Crixus was thus delaying the army of Gellius, Spartacus himself surprised Lentulus by attacking his army, which had not yet finished crossing the Apennines, near the Aterno River a river in Italy and completely defeated it in two battles.

At that time, the army of Gellius met the army of Crixus at Mount Gargan and destroyed the army of Crixus. Crixus himself was killed by the Roman praetor Quintus Arrius in this battle. Ancient authors Appian and Titus Livy call the number of Crixus ' troops from 30 to 20 thousand people. Further, ancient authors primarily Appian and Plutarch give some discrepancies in the information they report.

But with the arrival of Marcus Crassus, their information is once again consistent. Appian and Plutarch differ in details, but the general outline of further events and actions of Spartacus, based on the information they provided, looks like this:: Spartacus, learning of the defeat of Crixus, attacked the army of Gellius and defeated him, after which both consuls were recalled to Rome.

While Spartacus and his army retreated to the North, but then, for unknown reasons, changed his mind about crossing the Alps and headed south again, apparently hoping to reach Sicily, cross over to it and ignite the slave revolt there, suppressed shortly before his revolt. At this time, the forces of Spartacus were estimated from thousand people which was an extremely exaggerated figure to 60 thousand people. On his way back to the south from northern Italy, Spartacus passed by Rome, causing an unprecedented panic.

Thus, Spartacus again reached the south of Italy by the beginning of 71 BC. At this time, the Senate frantically began to search for the person and commander who could take up the task and finally put down the Spartacus uprising. Then Marcus Licinius Crassus, one of the richest and most influential men in Rome, took the stage. Crassus was given the command and position of praetor. His forces amounted to 6 newly recruited legions, at his expense, and the remnants of the armies of the consuls Gellius and Lentulus.

In total, under the command of Crassus was about thousand people. At the end of 72 BC, two battles took place between the troops of Crassus and the army of Spartacus. In the first, Crassus won, and in the second, the troops of his legate Mummius were defeated. After the defeat of Mummius, Crassus, in order to restore military discipline, carried out a punishment that had not been used for a long time, but in this situation was extremely necessary, namely decimation execution of every 10 soldiers by lot , which was able to restore discipline in his army.

After that, Crassus tried to avoid major battles with the rebel army, starving them out. This led to a series of victories by Crassus in the summer of 71 BC near the Furies a region of southern Italy. Here Spartacus made an agreement with the Cilician pirates, who promised to transport him and his army to Sicily for a large sum, so that he could ignite a new uprising and replenish his forces.

It is not known exactly why, but the Cilicians did not fulfill their promise. There are several versions explaining this circumstance, but how it really happened, so no one knows. Weather conditions worsened and did not allow the necessary fleet to be brought to the shores of Messina. They were forbidden to help by their patron, the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator, who was then at war with Rome, and he needed to preserve the military threat to Rome in Italy itself.

They were bribed by the Romans. Plutarch informs us that the pirates simply deceived Spartacus and his men. Crassus ' plan succeeded. Deceived by pirates, cut off from the rest of Italy by a moat, a large number of people crowded into a small space. All this led to a famine among the rebels. Michal Nikola Pavla Rudolf MR Rosta Barni MAJAK Caligos Marek Skorpi25S Skyrim Lukas Gray MV Jakub Roman8gabinka EEG Smrt Mozek.

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