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Non classroom jobs for teachers uk torrent

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non classroom jobs for teachers uk torrent

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Former teachers can start with traditional positions with newspapers or magazines or try freelance positions from the comfort of your coffee table. Also, you may also be interested in learning copywriting. Copywriting is a specific style of writing that is most commonly used for sales, sales pages, and emails.

Check out my interview with a former teacher turned copywriter here. Editors need a strong understanding of the writing process, including editing and revision, the ability to evaluate story pitches, and develop your own ideas in relation to your audience.

Without a doubt, CSM positions are great jobs for former teachers. Especially at education companies. Customer success is a proactive role that ensures that the customer is happy and using the product to its full potential. While the overall goal of customer success is to ensure renewals for future purchases, they may also be tasked with implementation and training.

Listen to my interview with a former teacher turned customer engagement specialist here. Customer Success Managers are great with client communication; experience organizing schedules, calls, and meetings; and aptitude in identifying the needs and wants of educators in relation to sales goals.

Project managers are team leaders that help companies meet their objectives. If you are highly motivated and organized, this may be a great fit for you. Project managers use productivity software to help them delegate responsibilities and set goals. Look into this position if you are highly organized, LOVE planning big projects like curriculum mapping , creating structured timelines, and leading others. Employment at an educational toy company can mean a variety of things. Each one of these positions allows you to take your passion for teaching to work each day and play with it.

Experience or aptitude working as a member of an innovative team and the readiness to use digital and social media to connect with educators and parents is key. This is one of the most common jobs for former teachers who are leaving education altogether. HR professionals spend the majority of their time planning, creating, and improving training courses designed to help new employees transition smoothly into their roles.

Love analyzing your own lesson plans for content gaps? This career will make good use of your skills. Proficiency in using digital media and communication is key. Insight into how trainee feedback can be used to improve training materials is also helpful.

Listen to my interview with a former teacher turned Human Resources professional. While the teaching profession is a noble endeavor, you can add more purpose points on your do-good ledger by taking your talents to the non-profit sector. A passion for helping others can help teachers make the transition to a number of positions within non-profit organizations. Non-profits require many different types of positions to operate properly. Common examples include management positions, accounting, digital media, and communications.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are key. A deep understanding of how digital media and communication drive engagement could also be helpful in your new position. The gig economy revolution is all the rage right now. For entrepreneurial-minded individuals, this on-demand option could be perfect for you.

Many people are trading in the hour 9-to-5 for flexible schedules and control over their income. Instead of teaching a classroom of 30 students, you can choose who, when, and where you want to teach — and how many. Choose to work a group of students or on a one-on-one basis. Related : Starting a tutoring business. If you enjoy creating learning materials and technology, this may be the right path for you.

Instructional designers create the eLearning resources and online training for a variety of industries. Instructional design is one of the top roles for teachers outside of the classroom — but it is one of the most competitive as well. You can learn more about adding skillsets to your instructional designer resume here. Related : why teachers make great instructional designers.

Curriculum Writers are tasked with researching and developing lessons, including materials and activities. Your work will contribute to the structure of programs for lower, middle and higher education. A career in curriculum design can easily translate into various opportunities, including companies, organizations, and government agencies. Do you have a knack for writing outlines and technical writing, as well as supreme time management and organizational skills?

I once went to a Constant Contact meeting where the representative had a teaching background. I worked for a company called on location education. They hire certified teachers to go on site to theater productions or films to tutor kids in the production.

It was really interesting to be on a movie set. My name is even in the credits! Great post! Another great place to check out is Elance. Yes, I miss teaching, but being able to stay home with my kids and still stay in tune with the education world is awesome!

And so worth it. Linda — Elance looks promising. Would you mind giving me a bit more insight? How easy was the process? Is it possible to make decent money? Any advice you could give would be great! Thanks, Kindra. I, too, taught HS English and left last year to start my own copywriting business.

Elance and other freelancing sites are a little like job boards. Lots of people over seas willing to work for a penny a word. You have much greater value than that. Contact me at cooperchristopherj gmail. By Angela Watson. If you are a teacher who is interested in contributing to the Truth for Teachers website, please click here for more information. Click above to copy the link.

Home Articles Alternatives to classroom teaching: 15 other rewarding jobs in education. Alternatives to classroom teaching: 15 other rewarding jobs in education By Angela Watson. Teach GED or life skills courses in a prison or youth detention center.

Start your own tutoring business. Become a preschool, HeadStart, or daycare teacher. Facilitate teacher training courses for a college or university. Teach home-bound kids. Become an instructor for online K schools. Sell your teaching materials on TeachersPayTeachers. Contract as a teacher for homeschool kids. Become a nanny. Do educational consulting.

Pursue non-classroom positions within the school system. Create curricular materials for an education company. Become a museum educator or guide at a local attraction. Start your own after-school program or activities camp. Angela Watson Founder and Writer Angela created the first version of this site in , when she was a classroom teacher herself.

With 11 years of teaching experience and more than a decade of experience as an instructional coach, Angela oversees and contributes regularly to Discussion This fell into my inbox right when I needed it. Thank you for sharing! Thank you for sharing The Tutor House Angela! I would like to offer another option or two!

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