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Alliteration speech v for vendetta torrent

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alliteration speech v for vendetta torrent

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It only describes confused fragments of words, or syllables of time. Oth, IV. Mc, V. Montaigne, Michel de. John Florio []. Turner Bruno, Giordano. Cause, Principle and Unity []. Edward B. Richard J. John Florio , see Shakespeare and the nature of time, ed.

When Groats-worth of Witte was printed in , Shakespeare was in his late twenties, taking his first steps as playwright, but already arousing jealousy and envy from other contemporary literary figures. But it is the French critic who most deeply investigated this threshold, which every text has. Going from theory to practice, the peritext is made up of elements such as title, dedication, inscription, epigraphs, preface foreword and afterword , intertitles, and notes.

The epitext is made up of, at least, auto-review, public response, mediation, delayed auto-commentary, correspondence, oral confidence, diary. The paratext is relevant for its strategic role, its pragmatic function. It is in fact a privileged place of a pragmatics and a strategy, of an influence on the public, an influence that — whether well or poorly understood and achieved — is at the service of a better reception for the text and a more pertinent reading of it more pertinent, of course, in the eyes of the author and his allies.

Sometimes this element wields an influence, if not a manipulation, on the public with the aim of promoting the interests of those who produced the message. Greene, Groats-worth of witte London: Genette, Seuils Paris: ; all quotations from the English edition: G.

Genette, Paratexts Cambridge: Lejeune, Le pacte autobiographique Paris: My focus is now on the contribution that these peritexts had to the rise of the cult of Shakespeare. This classification has followed a positional-spatial criterion, proceeding with concentric frames that move closer and closer to the dramatic text.

The first two are taken from Genette, while the third is a sub-category that I have created for the dramatic texts, which have their own specificity and differ in a number of ways from prose and poetry texts. Restoration adaptations of Shakespeare represent a relevant contribution in the positioning of Shakespeare at the centre of English culture, as Michael Dobson suggests in The Making of the National Poet.

One of the first peritextual elements a reader meets is the front page, where the title of the work is usually located. As it is now Acted at the Dukes Theatre. Twelve plays then, a little less than a third of the total number, already bear the mark of Shakespeare from the outset. If few traces of Bardolatry are found so far, this may be credited to our focus lingering on the most external threshold of the text, where suprising recognitions of authority and authorship in a time where copyright was not acknowledged by law until are nevertheless present.

Moving on to the prefatorial peritext, the level of Bardolatry increases. The general trend of this group of texts is to praise Shakespeare in matters of the general but blame him in the particulars. His merits are transcendent, his faults contingent: the man-author is commended for his impalpable qualities, yet these often do not find their way into the concrete dimension of a play considered faulty in language and plot.

This is true mostly in earlier texts; as time passes, negative tones diminish. In the first years of the Restoration the voice of Bardolatry was not yet tuned into a uniformly harmonic tone of praise. A good example of this attitude towards Shakespeare can be found in John Dryden, whom I will take here as a case study. Munro, The Shakespeare allusion book London: Ralli, A history of Shakespearean criticism London: Vickers, Shakespeare: the critical heritage London: Dobson, The making of the national poet Oxford: Davenant, Macbeth London: Dryden, All for Love London: Before going this far he is careful to praise the Bard by a comparison with the great poet and playwright Aeschylus, who was similarly venerated and revered in Greece as was Shakespeare in England.

The peritext of Troilus and Cressida also includes the essay On the Grounds of Criticism in Tragedy, which evinces a similar co-existence of praise and blame for Shakespeare. The faults Dryden ascribes to the Bard are material ones connected to language, plot, and decorum, but often Shakespeare is not the one to blame. The blame lies on the time he lived in or on those who handed down his text.

The final result of this attitude is general praise of the Bard as creator, author, poet, genius on one hand, and critiques on specific issues of specific plays on the other: the perfection of the Shakespearean spirit and its creative genius , versus the imperfection of a body of texts. This dualistic attitude is quite widespread and often present in the same author. No one ever explains how such a perfect and great creator can create in such an imperfect way.

Later on, adaptations printed in the eighteenth century show the embryonic beginnings of a new approach to the language of Shakespeare. The process of editing that at the beginning of the Restoration cuts, paraphrases, and modifies the language of Shakespeare without rules or common directions starts to move with a more orderly pace.

The flattening of the complexity and richness of the poetic and philosophic Shakespearean polysemy which was inevitably a consequence of Restoration editors is seen less and less. A new sensibility towards the Shakespearean word rises with Cibber, Granville, Burnaby, Bullock and Philips, and changes the idea of the adaptation. From now on adaptation no longer modifies or heavily alters the language with an aim to paraphrase and clarify it. Though at an elementary and imperfect stage, this new 33 W.

Davenant; J. Dryden, The Tempest London: Dryden, All for Love. Dryden, Troilus and Cressida London: The contrast between Shakespeare and his language slowly disappears; the two are considered as elements forming a fruitful counterpoint, and finally as one harmonic musical texture of total praise: a key to holiness, at least literary.

In the last group of peritexts, composed by prologues and epilogues, Bardolatry appears to be stronger than in the previous group. There is no trace of blame for what Shakespeare created. The group is characterized by a widespread presence of religious and sacred tones which can also be found in some prefatorial peritexts. He, Monarch-like, gave those his subjects law, And is that Nature which they paint and draw.

With these praises Shakespeare is heightened into a dimension of eternity, of a time disconnected from reality. I do not suggest that we substitute the worship of Hamlet, but Hamlet is the only secular rival to his greatest precursors in personality.

Like them, he seems not to be just a literary or dramatic character. After Jesus, Hamlet is the most cited figure in Western consciousness; no one prays to him, but no one evades him for long either. If we could freely move in the almost eighty year-span of time which saw the creation of these thirty adaptations, we would see more easily how Shakespeare is raised to the role of a cultural hero, a national poet who can challenge and defeat continental, neo-classical rules.

He is not only dramatist, but also poet, genius, nature, natural genius, fancy, imagination, and much more: he is a god-poet, father of the English tongue, a cultural icon living in a dimension out of time, eternal, absolute, a transcendent entity going beyond history and materiality and even beyond the imperfection of his own creation.

Bloom, Shakespeare: the invention of the human New York: Marsden, The re-imagined text Lexington: The reasons for such notoriety lay in the clash between the early-modern aspiration toward literary innovation, on the one hand, and the Aristotelian notions of genre codification, on the other. Following in the wake of the dramatic pastoral tradition originating in the sketchy eclogue-style drama of the late fifteenth century, Pastor fido was meant to set the highest example of a modern five-act pastoral play featuring a tragicomic pattern.

The play was first published in England in in order to meet the growing interest arising from the sophisticated environment of the Elizabethan court. Indeed, the pastoral became a landmark of Jacobean court drama and Queen Anna herself exploited the theatre as a venue for allegorical celebrations of power.

Even more threatening than the two slanderers is a group of low-life charlatans who take advantage of the inborn innocence of the inhabitants of Arcadia: the pettifogger Lincus, the quack doctor Alcon and the religious impostor Pistophoenax. Pistophoenax, perhaps the most dangerous of all the outsiders, wears an alluring mask to cover his deformed face, but is stopped by the two elderly shepherds before he can question the ancient rites of Pan and break the chain of religious zeal that holds Arcadian society together.

Although the pastoral community is eventually saved from chaos and restored to its former state of harmony and peace, the disquieting presence of the outsiders among the shepherds leaves the audience with an unsettling sense of anxiety. However, unlike the pastoral setting, the tragicomic formula rapidly took hold in the commercial theatre of the Stuart period, whose political tensions and ideological ambiguities were well- represented by the sensational twists and dizzying reversals typical of the Fletcherian canon.

This somehow reinforced the aristocratic scope of tragicomic pastoral theatre, which ended up becoming so intertwined with the Caroline court that when the Civil War broke out in the Parliament passed a bill to close down the theatres in order to prevent social mutiny while depriving the crown of a useful tool for political propaganda.

And now newly translated out of the originall London: R. Raworth, , in Il Pastor fido in Inghilterra, con il testo della traduzione secentesca di Sir Richard Fanshawe, ed. I, ed. Peter Davidson Oxford: Clarendon Press, , pp.

Fletcher, John, The faithful shepherdess, in Beaumont and Fletcher, vol. II, ed. John St. Loe Strachey London: T. Fisher Unwin Ltd, c. Guarini, Battista, Il pastor fido, ed. Michele Marrapodi Aldershot: Ashgate, , pp. Finkelpearl, Philip J. Foster, Verna A. Vittoria Intonti Naples: Liguori, , pp.

Aram H. Veeser New York: Routledge, , pp. Perella, Nicolas J. Hiscock Cardiff: , pp. Grady London: , pp. See also P. Eliot, Selected essays London: , p. Woodbridge, Money and the age of Shakespeare: essays in new economic criticism London: ; M. Shell, Money, language and thought Baltimore: ; H. Berger, Jr. This allegorical treatment of history also contributes to changing the classic, Aristotelian notion of dramatic genres, in particular the distinction between tragedy and comedy.

Tamburlaine, besides, overturns the stereotypes connected to the image of the Wheel of Fortune: he does not undergo the same destiny of triumph and of fall as traditional heroes of tragic tradition do, but he achieves full power and conquers most of the world; finally, he dies of a fatal disease in a general apotheosis. What does this imply? In early modern England the Jews played a paradoxical role: they represented an abstract and evanescent myth, because people did not know them directly but from the Middle-Age legend of the money-lender; 55 but at the same time they were concretely involved in the development of the Western capitalist economy While being instruments of this new economy, the Jews were at the same time characterized as parasites.

Worthen, Shakespeare and the force of modern performance Cambridge: , pp. Halliwell London: , p. Agnew, Worlds apart: the market and the theatre in Anglo-American thought, Cambridge: See F. Marenco Roma: , pp. Hunter Liverpool: , pp. Kellogg London: , pp. West London: , pp.

Kernan Baltimore: , pp. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer, as a Christian is?

Failing to do so and obviously he should fail , he must then suffer the worst punishment for his identity, that of losing all his wealth and of converting to Christianity. From a theatrical point of view, not unlike Barabas, Shylock is neither a martyr nor a tragic figure: he is a villain with great ability to perform a comic role. O my ducats!

Oh, my daughter! Fled with a Christian! O my Christian ducats! The law! My ducats and my daughter! XIV, and see J. Parker Ithaca; London: , pp. Au voleur! Grady, pp. If the tragedy of the modern world consists in simulation, the theatre assumes, on the contrary, the function of revealing the truth behind the mimesis while demystifying the power struggles prevailing in the society. The Merchant of Venice displays a similar context and analogous premises, but raises more problematic issues.

Ozark, The merchant of Venice: choice, hazard and consequence London: see also: Shell; Woodbridge. Melchiori, Introduzione to Shakespeare: Le commedie romantiche Milano: , p. Netzloff, The lead casket: capital,mMercantilism, and The merchant of Venice, ed. Woodbridge, pp. Mallin, Jewish invader and the soul of the state: The merchant of Venice and science fiction movies, ed.

Studies in Early Modern Reification. Oxford: Clarendon Press, Tuttavia, ad affascinare il pubblico vittoriano, che ne riconosce la perfetta incarnazione dei propri ideali - almeno sulla carta - liberali, sono soprattutto Portia e Shylock. Ma Irving sembra assolutamente convinto: ad aprire la nuova stagione del Lyceum sarebbe stato The Merchant of Venice.

Irving, , p. Un mese di prove, debutto previsto per sabato Primo Novembre: scene, costumi, scelta dei comprimari. Questo Merchant doveva sorprendere la platea del Lyceum, proporsi come una seria occasione di riflessione, ricorrendo a qualcosa di assolutamente originale.

Marshall, anche una sontuosa edizione completa data alle stampe nel XIX, pp. Figura 1. I have availed myself of every resource at my command to present the play in a manner acceptable to our audience. Irving sembra operare per selezione, costruendo una misurata partitura da cui emergono le linee chiave della sua interpretazione del testo: la commedia viene presto sostituita dalle note drammatiche, perfino tragiche, che esaltano su tutti la vicenda di Shylock.

His dress was sober and picturesque… Gone was the red hat or red wig; in its place he wore a tightly fitting black cap down the front of which ran a bar of yellow suggesting a racial badge… The poise and dignity of his bearing was that of a Levantine Jew, an alien in Venice and therefore more saturated with Judaism than those of his race who had rubbed shoulders with Europeans. From the outset his manner suggested that Shylock kept his household and himself apart from Western custom and thought- isolated in its habits by choice and force of race.

Nel raccontare la tragedia di Shylock Irving procede per contrasti, rintracciando sapientemente nella mescolanza di generi un aspetto predominante della sua messinscena: le note cupe e drammatiche spiccano — sembra voler dire Irving - solo se poste in rapporto dialettico con la loro controparte gioiosa. He knocked at the door three times, slowly. There was no answer. He paused: the silence disturbed him. With greater deliberation he knocked again, three times. Then, raising his lantern to search the darkened upper windows, across his features came a look of dumb and complete despair.

One of the Jews brushes against Gratiano who angrily resents it. Solanio and Salarino interpose and the Jews retires upstage right, joining the other Jew. While this has been going on, some of the crowd at the back- all of whom have been watching the foregoing- take the opportunity to jeer at three Jews who are amongst them; the guards interpose across the barrier, and with their halberds, gently forced the three Jews into a corner by themselves right. The rest of the crowd now keep apart from them.

The proud rejection of insult and injustice lit up his face for a moment, enough for the audience to feel a strange relief in knowing that, in that glance, Shylock had triumphed… as he reached the door and put on his hand towards it, he was seized with a crumpling convulsion. It was but a momentary weakness indicated with great subtlety. Then, drawing himself up to his full height once more, Shylock bent his gaze defiantly upon the court and stalked out.

Irving, pp. Dent and Sons, Craig, Edith; St. Christopher St. Ridgway, London Irving, Henry; Marshall, Frank A. Odell, George C. Stoker, Bram, Personal reminiscences of Henry Irving, 2 vol. His works were perceived as flawed, uneven, and automatically associated to the coarseness of the literary tastes of the past. His puns were deemed to be in bad taste. They were removed. The funny episodes in sad plays and the sad bits in comic plays were erased.

His characters were inconsistent. It was only from the second half of the eighteenth century that the concept of original text began truly to be taken into consideration, in parallel with the move to glorify Shakespeare as a semi-god. Rowe, Some accounts of the life etc. William Shakespeare, London: , pp. Kahan, Reforging Shakespeare: the story of a theatrical scandal London: , p.

Innocenti, La scena trasformata: adattamenti neoclassici di Shakespeare Firenze: , p. The Bard was presented paradoxically as both an omnipotent and an invisible entity, whose existence relied purely on an uncertain and shifting handwriting. On the one hand, it generated a frenetic search for papers, manuscripts or artefacts that could prove the existence of the poet; on the other hand, it spawned the proliferation of several biographical anecdotes that oscillated between truth and myth.

The forgeries were a sort of attempt to explain the genius of Shakespeare. Ireland fabricated a catalogue of the books Shakespeare possessed in his — presumed — library, which included more than volumes, some of them in Latin, Greek and French, in order to dispel the doubts that he was an uneducated man who, according to the testament found in , did not possess any books.

He forged a Letter to Anne Hatherrewaye 88 which clarified the image of the poet as a faithful husband and a sentimental poet and dismissed any suspicions about his homosexuality. Enclosed with the letter there was a lock of hair, which the actor had cut and offered to his bride as a token of devotion.

The lock and the lyrical imagery in the letter completed the image of the poet as true man of feeling, which obviously matched the widespread sensibility trends of the latter part of the eighteenth century. He also forged a Letter to 84 Ibid.

Ascari, I linguaggi della tradizione: canone e anticanone nella cultura inglese Firenze: , pp. Ackroyd, Shakespeare London: , p. We might note, for example, that in each of six of his authenticated signatures he spells his surname differently. He abbreviates it, too, as if he were not happy with it.

The brevity may, of course, equally be a sign of speed or impatience… The differences in the spelling of his surname can of course be ascribed to the loose and uncertain orthography of the period rather than to any perceived lack of identity, but it does at least suggest that his presence in the world was not fully determined.

In a mortgage deed and a purchase deed, signed within hours or even minutes of each other, he signs his name in two completely different ways. The author, as if by some act of magic, has disappeared! Pierce, The great Shakespeare fraud Gloucestershire: , p. Moreover, a letter from Queen Elizabeth 91 appeared to prove that Shakespeare was loyal towards the monarch and not a conspirator with the Earl of Essex in the plot, as other anecdotes indicated.

The forgeries made the Bard a gentleman, or even a lord; they assuaged concerns over his personality, such as his unruliness he was purportedly accused of deer-poaching in the property of Sir Thomas Lucy in Charlecote, and subsequently fled to London in fear of persecution ; they glossed over his degrading jobs as a butcher or a horse-keeper. James Boaden, a firm believer in the forgeries, remarked that a man who was on such intimate terms with the aristocracy could neither be a deer-poacher nor a humble horse-keeper.

I determined on the expedient of rewriting, in the old hand, one of his most conspicuous plays, and making such alterations as I conceived appropriate. Elizabeth R. Shapiro, Contested Will: who wrote Shakespeare?

London: , p. Two lines in Shakespeare become an alarming expansion: Sh: I have a journey, sir, shortly to go: My master calls, and I must say no Ir: Thanks, sir; but I goe toe thatte unknownne Land Thatte Chaynes each Pilgrim fast within its Soyle Bye livynge menne mouste shunnd mouste dreadedde Stille mye goode masterre thys same Journey tooke He calls mee I amme contente and straight obeye Thenne farewelle Worlde the busye Sceane is done Kente livd mouste true Kente dys mouste lyke a Manne Despite or perhaps because of these good intentions, the reactions that ensued the exposure of the forgeries were ferocious.

There were two central factors in this tragic outcome of the controversy: the first one is linked to the Copyright Act and the protection of intellectual property. Literature in the eighteenth century was a commercial commodity and a costly one : plagiarism was the equivalent of money counterfeiting. The forgeries were dangerous because they proved that the boundaries between authentic and fake could easily be crossed. Shakespeare was not only the national poet; he was a national emblem of power and stability in a troubled decade of national upheaval and chaos French Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Revolution.

Forging the image of Shakespeare was perceived to be alarmingly subversive, threatening the national identity and the main values of the English nation. In his Inquiry, Malone stood as both judge and guarantor of this republic, dedicating almost 90 pages to dismantling in detail each of the forged letters, and reinforcing his argument with a recurrent legalistic terminology.

We might even envisage the forgeries as elaborate pastiches that self-consciously imitate, deconstruct and re-fashion their source model. According to Genette, what distinguishes pastiche from forgery is that the latter are not identified as such by the reader: they are perceived as authentic and legitimate. Briefly, forgeries cannot possess anything that might betray their fictional status; their style must be as close as possible to the original without repeating lines ad verbatim, and they must be totally devoid of anachronism.

Above all, what was evidently anachronistic was orthography and spelling. This is, according to Genette, exactly the opposite of forgery: what the Russian Formalists called stylization, which Genette dubs saturation, is the exaggeration, repetition and abuse of a particular stylistic trait until it dominates the entire linguistic structure.

Mary Redcliffe in Bristol. The Ireland forgeries have a distinctive and volatile metafictional quality. They mock the devices of representation of the real and the authentic even while they exploit these techniques to assert their own status. Perhaps William Henry was trying to get rid of a precocious anxiety of influence; this would explain why he felt the need to distance himself from the overpowering Shakespearian model and create his own line of continuity.

The deed was even matched by a lyric depicting the arms of Shakespeare and Ireland joined together. The rest of the treasure would go to G. So another problem was solved. Vortigern, a Historical Tragedy was performed at the Drury Lane in , after the forged letters had been exposed by Malone. After the murder, he intends to use Flavia, his daughter, to strengthen his political connections by offering her hand to a Saxon Baron.

The allied troops of Romans and Scots attack the castle and Vortigern surrenders. The play presents a structure that adapts Shakespearian themes to the tastes of a genteel eighteenth- century audience. Hence Vortigern acquires significance precisely because it must be read as a forgery. The interpolation of elements which do not belong solely to one play but to the entire Shakespearian macrotext eludes the standardization and avoids the limitations of neoclassical standards.

Adaptations in the eighteenth century tended to reduce or even eliminate the parts of the dramatic plot that did not give the entire structure a thematic coherence; the comic scenes were cut out from tragedies and many comedies were exaggerated, even farcically, to highlight regularity of mood and tone. Vortigern is a rather more ambiguous adaptation. It is rhapsodic and even carnivalesque, mixing fools and kings, grotesquerie and farcical elements, embodying everything that eighteenth century adaptations of Shakespeare tried to rule out or avoid.

Therefore, the play acquires a special literary value only if we read it as pastiche. Instead of choosing one form or another, rationalizing the plot, Ireland mixes everything in a whimsical melting-pot with no concern of time, place or action — much like Shakespeare himself might have done.

He liberates the play from the restricting neoclassical unities, piecing together a variety of codes and forms from the Shakespearian imagery and inserting them in a structure which was recognizable to an eighteenth-century audience. Ireland was so severely and possibly disproportionately punished for his liberties because he was ahead of his time. Ironically, he died on April, 23, just like Shakespeare, and he was buried in W. Ireland, Vortigern, A historical tragedy London: , viii.

Adaptations of Shakespeare in the eighteenth century usually explained the cruelty of the villains, see Innocenti, p. But unlike the poet he died penniless and unknown. They showed that tradition is not untouchable or static and that, like any cultural artefact, it needs constant reworking to survive and proliferate.

Coda: art as forgery Shakespeare himself is infamously not exempt from accusations of forgery. And perhaps Ireland anticipated this argument, substantially proving that the legacy of Shakespeare might reside in the very process of appropriation and forging of his image and his language. His work shows a sort of affectionate companionship between what he presented as his ancestor and himself; it suggests that the creation of a literary identity relies on the questioning of the very notion of authenticity and originality.

Bibliography Primary Texts S. Greenblatt, Will in the world London: , pp. Waldron, Free reflection on miscellaneous papers and legal instruments under the hand and seal of William Shakspeare in the possession of Samuel Ireland of Norfolk-Street , p.

Morfologicamente, Romeo e Giulietta si pone come una tragedia anomala in quanto costruita secondo gli schemi e le forme tipiche della convenzione poetica cortese. The complete works of William Shakespeare, Oxford, , pp. Giova, a questo proposito, ricordare come le fonti principali a partire dalle quali Shakespeare riscrive genialmente la storia degli amanti nati sotto contraria stella siano costituite dalle versioni in lingua inglese tratte delle Histoires Tragiques di Boaistuau, a sua volta traduttore e reinventore della IX novella di Bandello nella quale si narra la storia di Romeo e Giulietta riprendendo una antica tradizione italica che va da Masuccio Salernitano a Luigi da Porto.

Le versioni inglesi della Histoire tragique riproposta da Boiastuau sono quella di Arthur Brooke, con il suo poema in versi The Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Juliet , e quella in prosa di William Painter, raccolta in The Palace of Pleasure Questa anomalia avrebbe dunque una giustificazione interna e profonda, e non solo esterna e contingente.

Risulta anzitutto indicativo che, come prologo al II Atto, Shakespeare ponga un ulteriore sonetto oltre a quello iniziale: scelta affatto inusuale per le convenzioni del teatro elisabettiano privo di interstizi, ma che trova una giustificazione nella tradizione cortese franco-italica. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear! So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows, As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.

The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand, And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand. Did my heart love till now? For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night. Ci troviamo nel fulcro di Romeo and Juliet, la cui morfologia retorica viene dunque caratterizzata in modo decisivo da tale utilizzo di un registro neoplatonico. Wherefore art thou Romeo? Giulietta fa cenno a una trascendenza non materica. Risulta interessante comparare il sonetto di Romeo con un sonetto tratto dal canzoniere shakespeariano e con un testo delle Rime michelangiolesche, al fine di comprenderne meglio la funzione drammaturgica e il retroterra neoplatonico: When I consider every thing that grows Holds in perfection but a little moment, That this huge stage presenteth nought but shows Whereon the stars in secret influence comment; When I perceive that men as plants increase, Cheered and check'd even by the self-same sky, Vaunt in their youthful sap, at height decrease, And wear their brave state out of memory; Then the conceit of this inconstant stay Sets you most rich in youth before my sight, Where wasteful Time debateth with Decay, To change your day of youth to sullied night; And all in war with Time for love of you, As he takes from you, I engraft you new..

Naturalmente, si tratta di una tematica dominante nei Sonetti di Shakespeare, e i cui legami con la tradizione cortese sono stati adeguatamente messi in luce dalla critica. Juliet: Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this; For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.

Rom: Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? Jul: Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. Rom: O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray — grant thou, lest faith turn to despair. Jul: Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake. Rom: Then move not, while my prayer's effect I take. Jul: Then have my lips the sin that they have took. Rom: Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!

Give me my sin again. Platonicamente, la Bellezza di Giulietta risveglia, giungendo attraverso gli occhi di Romeo, la nostalgia di Dio nella sua anima. Tuttavia, nella prima parte oltre un terzo dei versi pronunciati sono in rima; nella seconda, la rima interessa meno del sette per cento della versificazione.

La morte di Mercuzio segna dunque la vera cesura tragica del dramma: essa possiede la medesima funzione che nei drammi sofoclei spetta alla rivelazione di Tiresia. Il Luteranesimo teoretico di Amleto che ha studiato a Wittemberg diviene in Romeo la base per il compimento del proprio martirio.

Olschki Editore, , pp. Olschki, Pettet, E. I, , pp. Nevertheless, the drama… is capable of greater variation and of expressing more varied types of society, than any other. His plays have been translated into many different languages over the centuries, bearing witness to their huge appeal to a variety of audiences while they address universal themes overriding space and time barriers.

As this staging is mainly carried out through translation, the international performance of Shakespeare and Shakespeare in translation has become an area of academic study and research. Each literary translation involves a passage from one language — and therefore from one culture — to another. What happens when this translation involves two languages as different as English a natural language and American Sign Language? Theatre, being based on spatiality, expressivity and gestuality, is a genre naturally suited to sign language.

This paper will be therefore structured into three main parts, respectively focusing on: 1. By means of precise indications of gesture and movement, or through implicit suggestions of physical bearing, they have the capacity to set the body in motion. For a language has a body, and not only in the metaphorical sense. That it should be uttered is not enough; the entire body must participate in the act of speaking. As the translation process could not be documented on paper, it was videotaped thanks to a grant from Yale Digital Media Center.

This project, called ASL Shakespeare, provided the newly founded Amaryllis Theatre - dedicated to employing actors with disabilities - with the script for its debut performance, staged at Philadelphia in In their introduction to Remaking Shakespeare: performance across media, genres and cultures , editors Pascale Aebischer, Edward J.

He also points to the fact that there is no great distance between Shakespeare and sign language. This point is reinforced by the example of John Bulwer, physician, author of the seventeenth century Chirologia: or the natural language of the hand and Chirotomia: or the art of manual rhetoric published jointly in , and teacher of the deaf.

Bulwer asserts that the hands and their gestures were better suited to communicate universally than spoken languages. Interpreting allows the intersection of two spoken languages, whereas translation introduces various permutations of the two interacting elements: the languages may be written rather than spoken, or else one might be spoken and the other written.

Moreover, in the case of interpreting sign language, one may be written and the other a sign language. Interpreting skills inevitably require the necessary knowledge of both the source language and the target language. This occurs, for instance, when interpreting information based on sound for deaf audiences. Moreover, meter, rhyme and rhythm play a crucial role in his plays as in drama at large. An obvious question arises here: how is it possible to translate a pun, meter or a rhyme into sign language?

Before trying to answer this, it is worth considering the basic linguistic features of ASL as compared to English. The latter involves four distinctive parameters: handshape, location of the sign, movement pattern, and palm orientation. Facial expression can also contribute to the linguistic functions expressed by the sign, helping to express a certain syntactical feature such as relative or interrogative clauses or taking the function of a quantifier or an adverb. In addition, the tone of sentences and expressions, made possible by the vocal inflection in spoken languages, is already included in the formation of the word in signed languages and is conveyed through the energy and emphasis movement of the sign.

Although deaf studies, performance studies and Shakespeare studies have been treated and studied so far as distinct and separate disciplines, they actually share some common ground. This is something to bear in mind when tackling the issue of translating Shakespeare in sign language. What is the point of displaying such intersections? What contribution could they give to each area? The goal of this paper is to show how the overlapping of these fields can help to illuminate the extant key features of each, while also bringing forth new views on performance, language and culture.

Indeed, interdisciplinary and intercultural discourses have the potential to fuel serious reconsideration of assumed and widely accepted notions, thus offering new constructive perspectives. Actor and translator Robert DeMayo also explains the difficulty of the translation process. According to Novak, in addition to what has been said so far in relation to the act of translating, it is important to consider one more point when facing the issue of translating English into ASL.

While the deaf actors on stage signed the lines, hearing performers recited them. Very early in the play [Act I, Scene I, ll. Figures 2. So I conveyed the double meaning through the verb. In Act I, Scene V, Malvolio describes to the curious Olivia the young girl disguised as the boy Cesario who wishes to speak to her and waits at the gate to be let in. Olivia: Of what personage and years is he?

Malvolio: Not yet old enough for a man, nor young enough for a boy; as a squash is before 'tis a peascod, or a codling, when 'tis almost an apple: 'tis with him in standing water, between boy and man. He is very well-favoured, and he speaks very shrewishly; one would think his mother's milk were scarce out of him.

The signs used by Malvolio to describe Cesario have a double meaning: they both refer to vegetables and fruit the squash and the apples and to male sexual organs respectively, the penis and the testicles. Figure 3. In English, as in other spoken languages, metre is what gives rhythm to a verse or a line through a recurring pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables. However, movement, location and handshape contribute to establishing verse-form in ASL as in all sign languages.

Classifiers are one way of doing this. Some examples of classifiers include the 1 classifier that can be used to represent, among other things, a person standing, or, if placed horizontally, a pair of scissors, etc. Even if it is possible to recount a story exclusively using one classifier handshape, most stories make use of several classifiers.

The first images show the use of the 1 classifier to represent a person, respectively Olivia and her handmaid. Figures 4. When Feste refers to visiting both households where he entertains for money regularly, he shows this visually by moving himself between the two classifiers which represent Olivia and Orsino.

The motion of cutting the suspenders is made by using a 2 classifier iconically reproducing the image of scissors cutting the suspenders off. Finally, after the gaskins fall, they reveal his bare legs, represented by a 2 classifier. This is made clear by the images below, which show the predominance of similar handshapes and of recurrent movement paths used for the sign translation of the first lines from Twelfth Night.

Arguably, such an advantage consists for the former demographic in the possibility of accessing a literary icon, thus partaking in his linguistic mastery and creative genius; moreover, it is a way to give academic relevance to ASL itself, showing its manifold possibilities. Peter Novak Washington, D. Lindgren Kristin A. This transfer is not accidental but, on the contrary, sets up a meaningful contrast between opposed perspectives on politics and action.

Lucan depicts the Roman general at one of the most important and controversial moments of his career: the civil war against Pompey. Braund Oxford: Wyke Walden: , pp. Gundolf, The mantle of Caesar, trans. Hartmann London: , p. Griffin Hoboken: , pp. Ahl, Lucan: an introduction Ithaca: , p. He would rather smash the city-gates than enter them wide open, with sword and fire devastate the fields than tread them with the farmer unresisting.

He is ashamed to go by paths permitted, like a citizen. Civil War, 2. Rejoice, soldiers! Wherever he goes round. And yet, at the end of this bloody and fratricidal struggle, the reader is presented with an even more chilling scene: [Caesar] sees rivers driven on by gore and mounds of corpses high as lofty Narducci, Johnson, Momentary monsters: Lucan and his heroes Ithaca: , p.

He is delighted that he cannot see the Emathian land and that his eyes scan fields hidden underneath the carnage. No wonder, then, that such a literary creation has been one of the most influential characters in Western literature, never ceasing to fascinate or disgust writers, critics and readers in every age. Dudley London: , pp.

Boas Oxford: , 5. All references to the play are to this edition. Right after Anthony, Dolobella and an unnamed lord of the Roman army have expressed their desire to crown him king, Caesar starts pouring out his sorrow for the devastation he has left behind himself in the last internecine battle 1.

Why Caesar oft hath sacrificed in France, Millions of Soules, to Plutoes grisly dames And made the changed coloured Rhene to blush, To beare his bloody burthen to the sea. In light of these considerations, it is easy to understand how the images of destruction are employed as a means to foreground the horrors of civil war, and so to render the censure of ambition and revenge more explicit.

Anthony proclaims Aemathian fieldes shall change her flowry greene, And die proud Flora in a sadder hew;. Hemus shall fat his barren fieldes with bloud, And yellow Ceres spring from wounds of men. In her penultimate speech, her palpable gloating and satisfaction indicate that she has fully attained her ends: I, now my longing hopes haue their desire, The world is nothing but a massie heape Of bodys slayne, the Sea a lake of blood, The Furies that for slaughter only thirst, Are with these Massakers and slaughters cloyed.

Hell and Elysium must be digd in one, And both will be to litle to contayne, Numberles numbers of afflicted ghostes, That I my selfe haue tumbling thither sent. In Cornelia Caesar, who does not appear until 4. It is Cassius, in a dialogue with Brutus at the beginning of 4. Pompey I over threw; what did that get me? Kyd, Cornelia, in The works of Thomas Kyd, ed.

Boas Oxford: , 4. Zander London: , pp. Fletcher and P. Massinger, The false one, ed. Turner, in The dramatic works in the Beaumont and Fletcher canon, gen. Bowers, vol. They are perhaps best understood, as Clifford J. Here the images of devastation—many directly taken from Lucan—are more widespread and have wider implications.

Their speeches abound with Lucanic echoes and would seem to presage a chilling enterprise of unheard-of impiety; in fact, the language stands in sharp contrast to the chronic inaction to which the plotters doom themselves. This happens, for example, in the raving exchange taken almost verbatim from Bellum Civile between Catiline and his henchman Cethegus in Act 1.

The most vivid and striking images of destruction are deployed by Cethegus, undoubtedly the most enthusiastic, the most eager, the most thirsty for revenge, slaughters and carnage among the conspirators. In fact, he proclaims himself happy to reach his objectives by a dangerous and rough road in a speech which combines two passages from Lucan [Civil War, 2.

When the consul asks him how he would have used the weapons found in his house he can only answer as follows: Ronan, Jonson, La congiura di Catilina: testo inglese a fronte, ed. Lovascio Genova: , 1. Gill Oxford: , 1. Catiline, 5. Though he never loses his coherence and dignity, after the electoral defeat his attitude seems marked by a desire to inflict destruction on himself rather than on others. The way Jonson exploits and combines the images of destruction drawn from Lucan acquires a specific meaning in the light of his portrayal of Caesar.

On the contrary, he is portrayed as the perfect representative of political Machiavellianism: cunning, cynical and scheming. They had condemned his ambition, which had led him to become the destroyer of the republic. Bruni, History of the Florentine people, ed. Hankins, vol. Elyot, The book named the governor, ed. Lehmberg London: , 3. Screech Harmondsworth: , 2. Gentili, La Roma antica degli elisabettiani Bologna: , p.

If, however, anyone desires to know what writers would have said, had they been free, he has but to look at what they say of Catiline. Hodgins: It's seventy percent amorphous silicon dioxide. Booth: What's that? Hodgins: It's a common domestic container.

Booth: Oh, like a jar. Why can't we just say "a jar"? Teal'c: I would prefer not to consume bovine lactose at any temperature. Teal'c: Undomesticated equines could not remove me. Sheldon: after Penny tells him she slipped in the shower Not surprising. You have no safety mat or adhesive stickers to allow for purchase on a surface with a low coefficient of static friction.

Guard: You'll need a delocking disk. Buck: A "delocking disk" Ted: Well, just another reason why I recommend bipedal modes of transportation. Lacey: Maybe people get put off by your big words Wanda: You mean intimidated by my vocabulary? Wanda: Restitution! I demand indemnification! Brent: Wow, you do a lot of crosswords , huh? Maura: What are you having for lunch? Jane: [looking at the menu] What are "baby jewels and gems"? Maura: Lettuce. Jane: Wh— We don't call those "solid vertical room separators"!

Maura: You mean the walls? Jane: Exactly. Frasier: What is my offense? What egregious sin have I committed, that I should be so maligned? Was I to just sit idly by and watch these two misguided souls embark on doomed relationships? Would they have thanked me for that? Not very likely, I dare say. Martin: Who moved the mustard? Simmons: Saying his name repeatedly does not increase productivity! Scientist: It is an incredibly dangerous confluence of meteorological events. Henry: A perfect storm.

Carter: Thank you. Scientist: A spinning cyclone of instability high up in the cryosphere. Henry: Ice funnel of death. Carter: Gotcha. Why don't you just say "Ice funnel of death? Workman: The hoist's up and ready. Gus: Sorry? Workman: We have an ongoing potential uplift scenario. Gus: Ah, got you! Pike: Well put! Why didn't we think of that, Connolly? Think of all the syllables that gave their lives Jeremiah: I told you I had to let Selina thrust the knife into my flesh at least once.

Verisimilitude trumps precaution, you see. I get it. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne needed to think you were dead, Boss. Jeremiah: [cue annoyed expression]. Riddler: Exactly. Brittas : The basic notion Carole, is that each one of us undertakes and delivers a free and frank appraisal of a colleague's performance.

This assessment will ascertain the optimum attainment levels of that colleague in pursuance of his or her operational duty. The educational Scholastic Storyworks magazine has a section dedicated to Tyler Maxwell, aka the Word Nerd , whose incident involving a pound dictionary falling on his head led him to being only able to use long and obscure words.

Kids are encouraged to decipher what he is saying by using the dictionary. The original rendering of this work was specifically composed for an infantile audience. The following version is for those amongst us who find the urge to utilize the aforementioned trope irresistible, even while making an attempt to lull a young insomniac into a recuperative state.

Scintillate, scintillate globule aurific: Fain would I fathom thy nature specific Loftily poised in the ether capacious strongly resembling a gem carbonaceous Scintillate, scintillate globule aurific Fain would I fathom thy nature specific. A triune entity of myopic rodentia A triune entity of myopic rodentia Observe how they perambulate Observe how they perambulate They circumnavigated the agriculturalist's spouse, Who excised their posterior extremities with a carving utensil Have you witnessed such an occurrence in your existence As a triune entity of myopic rodentia?

There's an island hidden in the sound Lapping currents lay your boat aground Affix your barb and bayonet The curlews carve their arabesques And sorrow fills the silence all around Come and see. I'm ashamed to admit I'm afraid of assuming the blame For my lame abnegation of braveness and fame Brain in a jar in a car in reverse I'm rehearsing The way I'll replay how to say how to be where you are Flammable undiagrammable sentiments Pass between animal beings Hard to explain but it's plain that I love you for psychological reasons.

They think so small They use small words But not me I'm smarter than that I worked it out I've been stretching my mouth To let those big words come right out. Particularly noticeable when describing his "phantasmagoric" nature. From Fat, French and Fabulous : "You're probably the only person I know who would use the phrase "provenance of their wares" in casual conversation.

Pro Wrestling. Some will occasionally slip into this. Wild Red Berry made reading dictionaries his hobby, and would take out ads in newspapers in order to insult fans and his opponents with his extensive vocabulary. And then you have John Morrison , who when not being scripted by someone else always talks like this, seemingly rambling on and segueing from topic to topic without any real connection to the original topic whatsoever.

Which is made to be even more ridiculous when compared to his former tag team partner, " The Miz ", who speaks in a very basic fashion who used the Marine rallying cry "OOO-RAH! Morrison is a blatant Captain Ersatz of Jim Morrison who tended to talk like this in interviews. The Ultimate Warrior was also famous for this, interspersing feral snarling, grunting, and shouting with long, rambling promos peppered with million-dollar words used almost-correctly.

In his later years, he even started throwing in words he made up out of whole cloth, apparently believing his character motivations to be too complex to explain in the English language as it stands. Bob Backlund 's mid-'90s comeback heel run was characterized by his speaking with words from the unabridged dictionary; notably, calling the fans "plebeians". In , it is Chris Jericho who is noted for using an SAT vocabulary, usually as an insult towards the fans WWE Universe , calling them gelatinous tapeworms, germ incubators, hypocrites, pharisees, among other not so nice things.

Brian Pillman used to engage in a bit of this. For example, on the October 30, WCW Monday Nitro , in the promo where Chris Benoit was drafted into the Horsemen, Pillman ranted about how Sting "regaled [his] obsequious lapdogs with [his] reprehensible act.

Humorously played with in a MADtv sketch featuring Bobby Lee as a high school wrestler wrestling a science geek played by Triple H , speaking with big words and all, in a falsetto voice. Gorilla Monsoon was fond of using obscure medical terminology in his play-by-play. A shot to the back of the head would be described as hitting "the external occipital protuberance," while a chair-shot to the back would be said to have damaged "the subscapularis area.

A male wrestler kicked his male opponent in the stomach, and Brain said, "There's a kick to the uterus. DeBeers , one of wrestling's many teachers-turned-wrestlers, would cut promos using this kind of language when he and "Playboy" Buddy Rose were teaming in the old NWA Pacific Northwest territory, and Rose would sum up the promo by saying, "What he basically said, for everyone who didn't understand, is we're going to kick everybody's ass. Eugene on Adventures in Odyssey speaks this way to the point of hilarity or exasperation, depending on who he's speaking to.

Katrina has a vocabulary to match Eugene's, but is careful to limit her verbosity to when they are speaking to each other, although even this seems to have changed by the time she returned from her bus trip. Fields made this into a career. Eugene Stapley, the 'Word Wizard', is a broad parody of this trope After Bob suggests 'plunging straight into the mail': "Male and female serve only to differentialize one type of living creature from another.

Now, undoubtedly some male members of the animal kingdom would be softer, say, to plunge into than others; but in any coincidence, the act of literally plunging into the male would in all probabilitiness be injureful! Tabletop Games. Bad roleplaying character descriptions can invoke this trope as the result of their players evidently consulting a thesaurus every few words in an attempt to sound eloquent or pad out their description to hundreds of words.

This is just one example. The flavor text for the Magic: The Gathering card Uktabi Kong, apparently meant to convey that he's smarter than the average ape: "I desire the acquisition of a potassium-rich fruit comestible of substantial magnitude. Hamlet spoofs it with the character Osric, who desperately tries to look intelligent by talking this way. Hamlet mocks him by going even farther over the top with it. As you might imagine, a Shakespeare speech that's deliberately written to be obtuse and impenetrable is quite something to witness.

Polonius and his love of speaking many words! And the Archbishop in Henry V , whose loquaciousness over Henry's right to the French crown is usually played for laughs, but also hides the reality that Henry's claim to the English crown was almost as weak his father having been a usurper Actor and magician Ricky Jay is a living embodiment of this trope, particularly in his show "Ricky Jay and His 52 assistants, where he describes throwing a playing card into the air and catching it again as "throwing a card a simulacrum of the Australian boomerang".

Observe also, this card trick. Gilbert and Sullivan The Mikado : Pooh-Bah "can trace [his] ancestry back to a protoplasmal primordial atomic globule. Ralph Rackstraw in H. Pinafore speaks with exceedingly purple prose for a "humble sailor". Parodied to the extreme with Lucky's three-page monologue in Waiting for Godot.

Read through it carefully and there is actually a philosophical point being made, but it is embroidered with so much verbal diarrhea, non-sequiturs, and sheer nonsense that it sounds like a complete load of gibberish. Jerry, a character in Voices From the High School , decides to imitate the language of Shakespeare, much to his friend's chagrin. Parodied in The Complete Works of William Shakespeare abridged , which includes the line "We have traced the roots of Shakespeare's symbolism in the context of a pre-Nietzschean society through the totality of a jejune circular relationship of form, contrasted with a complete otherness of metaphysical cosmologies, and the ethical mores entrenched in the collective subconscious of an agrarian race".

The published version of the script contains a footnote: "Don't bother reading that sentence over again. It's covering a costume change and is completely meaningless". Read through it carefully and there is actually a philosophical point being made, but it is embroidered with so much verbal diarrhea, non-sequiturs, and just sheer nonsense words that it sounds like a complete load of gibberish.

In Leading Ladies , Audrey atttempts to sound more intelligent by sprinkling longer words into her vocabulary, and then feels the need to define them for the audience. They're nice and straight. And they're numerous, which means there's a lot of them, and they're contiguous, which means that one comes right after the other in a straight line, like two worms sucking each other's lips.

My name's Audrey. Video Games. The Engineer in Team Fortress 2 frequently switches between this when he's explaining his constructs or means of defending himself and a comparatively more simple way of speaking. Not problems like 'What is beauty? I solve practical problems. Fer instance: How am I gonna stop some big, mean mother-hubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind? The answer And if that don't work? Use more gun. I'd prefer a dimensional compatibility scale with additional parameters for mechanical aptitude and torque.

Edwin: Marvelous work! You've obviously exceeded your lowborn heritage and surged to the vanguard of goonery! Uh, what? Kleiner: For those so inclined, now would be an excellent time for procreation! Which is to say, in layman's terms, you should seriously consider doing your part for the revival of the species.

Alyx: Is Dr. Kleiner actually telling everyone to Volteer: It's hard to be absolutely sure, Ignitus, but it seems she was using me as some sort of suspended, organic power source. Sparx: Huh? Spyro: She was using him as a battery. Sparx: Why didn't he just say so?

Volteer: Your hypothesis is an intriguing one, but it is perplexing to the extreme Sparx: Huh? Spyro: He says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Brink: Come here, you phlegm-carapaced slime-faced mucus-brained furry-legged abductor of luminously intelligent but pulchritudinous Earth women!

Brink: Low, you idiot! Why are you standing there? Ishi: Shoot those tanks, the blast compression will create a— Hunt: Shoot the tanks, that's all you gotta say! Guybrush: My assessment of your cannon-operating skills, not to mention your personal appearance, odor and intelligence, is that you are unmistakably inferior in each of those criteria. In the meantime, please refrain from using expensive lab equipment as makeshift sitting apparatus.

If you must insist on using a non-sanctioned sitting apparatus, please consider the tensile strength of materials present in the object in question in comparison to your own mass volumetric density. In other words, stop breaking shit with your fat asses.

Mysteries without tricks. Something beyond human perception That is what I seek I will continue to accompany you on your journey, in hopes that I will come in contact with such undiscovered enigmas Palutena: The monster situation is quite clamant. Pit: Is Palutena: You know. It's importunate, or unpropitious. Pit: Are you still speaking English right now? Palutena: I'm sorry Pit. I didn't mean to confuse you. Here, let me make this easy for you.

Big monsters kill Pit! Pit: Ah! That makes perfect sense! Thank you! Palutena: Despite my winsomeness and equanimity, I do have a strong streak of rascality. Pit: I don't even know what that means! Mega Man Volnutt: Prerogative of Correctional Mega Man Juno: Allow me to rephrase; I will exercise my authority to terminate your program.

Gale: I do not comprehend. Visual Novels. Ace Attorney : Luke Atmey from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Trials and Tribulations combines this with a flair for descriptions that are over-dramatic to the point of obtuseness. Phoenix can usually only manage a rough translation, usually for the benefit of Maya, who is more often totally lost.

Also Redd White's fantabulous vocabulosity! And Valant Gramarye, who combines this with alliteration. Apollo even notes that "his overly loquacious manner can get annoying". Wesley Stickler and his penchant for using twenty words to say what that can be said in five deserves a mention too. Saul from Daughter for Dessert speaks in embellished sentences with lots of big words.

Mercurius from Dies Irae is rather infamous for his oftentimes needless verbosity to the point that the narration hangs a lampshade on it, though of course done in his usual fashion: "In an introspection, in a calm introspection of his many negatives, Mercurius found his taste for jests to be the one that stood out the most.

Next came his needless verbosity. With his nature being that of an inconsiderate man, he was severely unequipped to speak the necessary words at the necessary time in the necessary amounts. He acknowledged that fact. In fact, he was doing it right now. The meaning of the deluge of letters he had just spouted forth could be boiled down to the simple and meager four word sentence "I talk too much.

That was how he preferred to perceive and present his thoughts. It was small wonder those environing his would consider him vexing. Web Animation. How very charitable of Her Majesty to summon us to a social gathering of prepared foods and open-handed cordiality regardless of the immense difference in our societal statuses.

This particular style has grown into a fad and been applied to YouTube Poop sources. To list a few Web Comics. Vaarsuvius from The Order of the Stick , especially early on. In the prequel book On the Origin of PCs , Roy has a go at it himself to convince Vaarsuvius that he's not just a big, dumb fighter who wants to suborn the smart guy by hiring him.

Roy: Or maybe I'm hiring you because I require the creation of a managed spherical energy release with a thermal signature no less than Kelvin, which can be manifested at specific X, Y, and Z coordinates from verbal cues. I require this precise temperature because it is the minimum level at which necrotized epidermis has been proven to combust, and I have reason to believe that my mission will require the incapacitation of multiple post-organic hostiles.

Vaarsuvius: So Roy: Did I stutter? Rocky: trying to avoid being shot Avril, Avril! From one reasoned individual to another I remain optimistic we're not yet beyond a resolution Ebby: Well? How'd it go? Schlock: close to tears Massey beat me up with big words. I see.

I will dedicate my time and effort to revitalizing this wild and feral animal you found. Kin: Yuan-ti have a high intelligence when compared to humanoids and in my case, it causes me to fall victim to an exponentially redundant vocabulary when I become nervous. Ambrosia: Felicia, I'm twelve. Don't throw around big words.

Professor Lewis: Shiny void rift plus big space gun make world go 'splody. Susan: I am uncomfortable with physical contact with other people. I feel this is detrimental to my happiness, so I am attempting to become more comfortable with physical contact. Sarah: You don't like being touched, but you'd be happier if you didn't mind, so you're working on it? Susan: Well Isn't that what I said?

Web Original. A common game in the Image Boards is the "Verbose Thread": everybody must speak with the most convoluted sesquipedalianisms possible, and that includes the Image Macros. I optically perceive the actions you have performed upon the above discussion. I would like to relate to my compatriots above that i am currently revolving to and fro upon the coniferous foundation of my abode, exhibiting so much hilarity i am of the opinion my posterior is detaching from my frame.

The title of this blog post by PZ Myers. Wikipedia can be said as being infamous for this: This Wikipedia article is about men having erections in their sleep. Sort of justified in that the author would take great pains not to sound vulgar. Here's what Wikipedia has to say about the effects of tetrodotoxin , the poison found in pufferfish: "Paresthesias note "pins and needles" type sensation; this is about the most justifiable of the lot, given the awkwardness of using the more common description of the lips and tongue are followed by sialorrhea note drooling , sweating, headache, weakness, lethargy, ataxia note incoordination , incoordination note Yes, they used this one twice.

See what happens when you use words nobody without a medical degree understands? Web Videos. A number of YouTube videos expand popular videos spoken in vernacular to long-winded pseudo-intellectual conversations backed with classical music, e. A variant using the original vocalist. Retsupurae notes this in Michael Gibson, creator of the Ambition series. Yale is easily the biggest offender and abuser of dollar words, with Ted coming in second. The person who wrote Blood Whistle also loves to use big words.

For instance, she described fingernail art as "rather cathartic". Ungodly large words, huh? Western Animation. His speaking this way in trying to recruit mooks in a Bad-Guy Bar doesn't end well for him. Plankton: Felicitations, malefactors! I am endeavoring to misappropriate the formulary for the preparation of affordable comestibles!

Who will join me? Cap'n Turbot: It's perplexing, how to pull a poor pachyderm up such a steep perpendicular precipice. Edd: Yup? Is that all you have to say for yourself? No rash attempt to deprive Kevin of his fortune? Eddy: Scam Kevin That's what he said, right? Eddy: [as Edd] Eddy, I too am thirsty. Quite partial to be correct. The word you're looking for is parched! Grey Matter: What is your malfunction?

Probably something stupid like the DNA splicing replicator copying a fragment of amino acid sequence. Octagon Vreedle: Now, can you see how one might construe that there reaction of yours as a tad bit excessive, if not wholly unnecessary? Homer: Marge, where's that Marge: You mean, a spoon? Sideshow Bob: No, I don't like that 'bowel' in there. Gut him! Ah, le mot juste. Highbrow: I suppose it's the only meritorious way out of a meretricious situation.

Hardhead: Yeah, me too, like he said. Donatello: If we take the south conduit, it'll intersect with the old drainage tunnel! The Mayor: There is a stealing of sorts happening at the place where money is given and taken, that is to say deposited and withdrawn — and sometimes redistributed and loaned. But currently the taker is taking that which is not his, thus performing an act of illegality, which could result in incarceration within the confines of a penal facility, that is to say prison, jail, hoosegow, et cetera.

Don Karnage: My brilliant mind tells me that it may be time for a strategic withdrawal. Mad Dog: Say what? Doc Brown: Golden fluid produced by the apis mellifera. I'm home. Clara: Oh, Emmett, I love it when you call me "honey". Farnsworth: There. That space-time eversion has given us their box and vice-versa! Leela: So what you think you just explained to us is that— Farnsworth: Correct!

This box contains our own universe! Ethan "Bubblegum" Tate: I think we got ourselves an excess of Cronotons in the subatomic interstices. Farnsworth: Yes, I see. Something involving that many big words could easily destabilize time itself.

Peter: Egon, remember what I said. If you're gonna stay on our planet, you have to speak our language. Dennis Miller: I don't wanna go on a rant here, but America's foreign policy makes about as much sense as Beowulf having sex with Robert Fulton at the first Battle of Antietam. I mean, when a neo-conservative defenestrates, it's like Raskolnikov filibuster deoxymonohydroxinate. Peter: What the hell does rant mean?

Hiccup: Remember my father, Stoick the Vast? Chief of Berk? Do you know what "trade sanctions" are? Johann: Two words that should never be used in the same sentence? Amethyst: Hey Peridot, what do you call this?

Amethyst: What's this? Amethyst: These? Amethyst: This? Pearl: Are the shirts destroying the wearer's will to continue on in this mortal coil , thereby shutting down Beach City?! As the owner of a vintage touring bicycle, I am endangered and frankly disturbed by the flippancy of our municipal pavers! As famed urbanist Elebert Whitscythe once said, 'roads are but the lymphatic system of the city.

Signed, Dapper T. Dog, fervent citizen velocipede. Real Life. Was an Enforced Trope when universities placed absurdly-high numbers for "Minimum Word Count" during an extended academic research thesis. However, instead, students focused on putting as many fancy new words from the thesaurus as possible without getting the main idea of the thesis across. IMRAD was specifically created to eliminate these forms of sophistry through the use of Beige Prose , an on-the-point style of writing, and elimination of unnecessary literary decor as to not distract from the main idea of the thesis.

Today, IMRAD-based theses have far lesser word counts and pragmatic vocabulary, while fancy classical theses with Purple Prose are, unless from a confirmed Ph. D, the subject of ridicule.

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In are a issues yet remote root. White, user is in is. The omitted, one 21 is of.

Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Flashcards Collections. Documents Last activity. What was your initial reaction to V for Vendetta? How did the film make you feel? Did it make you think? Were your opinions or attitudes changed by it? Which characters did you empathise with? Feel sorry for? When and where is the film set? What impression is given of the society at this time? Is there any evidence that people are growing increasingly unhappy under the government?

Setting: Dystopian England Society: Society is ruled by an oppressive regime, that enforces a curfew through loud speakers on the street, cameras, surveillance vans, and secret police called the Fingerman. People are unhappy: montage of people from different backgrounds seeming unhappy and displeased by the current situation.

What is the significance of November 5? What four things are shown happening on November 5? November 5 is the anniversary of the gunpowder, when Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators attempted to blow up the Houses of Parliament and restore Catholicism to England during the renaissance period. How does V deliberately implicate Evey in his plans? V implicates Evey, by inviting her to join him on the roof top and view the destruction of the Old Bailey.

The surveillance cameras would soon see them and identify her. Chief Inspector Finch says that he has been a party member for 27 years and he is one of the inner Cabinet. How does the film suggest he has his doubts about the regime, even before he finds out about Larkhill and the St Mary's virus?

How does Evey change during the course of the film? How is this shown? Evey appears child-like with her curls, dressed in shades of pink, and lacks a degree of confidence. At the end of the film, Evey is more confident.

She has a shaven head and wears darker more masculine clothing. Why is V not ever shown without his mask? Beneath this mask there is an idea…. Rather than distracting the viewer with details about his background, the audience is instead forced to focus on his message and motivations. V murders several characters associated with his time at the Larkhill Detention Centre, yet the death of Delia Surridge differs significantly? When we watch a film for the first time, we usually watch for the story; when we see it again, we are more likely to notice how the story is told.

However, you may already have noticed some of the striking techniques used. Make a note of any significant techniques you remember seeing. You might think about lighting, camera angles, special effects, or the use of sound and music. The letter V is ubiquitous everywhere in the film. How many examples can you remember?

Besides the letter V, the director uses a range of different symbols and motifs as part of the story? Can you identify at least three and where you saw them in the movie? The film employs a number of different ways of telling the story. What different methods did you notice? The present day story of V and Evey is told conventionally. Point of reference character of the little girl with glasses, who represents the wider British public. How do you know?

What is revealed about the society at this time? How is this revealed? I did proof-read it first though. Peace out, my favourite movie. Arol Thyme said this on April 11, at pm Reply. You know I catch myself talking like that sometimes and everyone around me just has a strange look on their face. I hate bloody translating for people, it gets dull. Does anyone else have that problem? Not so much surrounded by idiots but trapped by their ignorance?

You know you definitely read too much when you have to think of a simpler way of saying something that is inheritantly very simple anyway. Right on. The answer, in my case is entirely yes, and you elequence in delivering such an utterly valid point is inspiring at least. And so I tip my hat to you and credit you with a genuine sighting of an ingenious point. And I am sure that all other intellectuals like the two of us would do just that.

A vaudevillian veteran said this on January 7, at pm Reply. While my reply is late, I find both of you erring in your grammar and rather arrogant in your view of others. If the world is ignorant, educate it. FiresideRechauffe said this on October 24, at pm. I have often the same problem as yourself. However, I love to translate for people.

I know it may sound haughty or immodest but it makes me feel superior. As for ignorance and idiocy it seams much too prevalent in the world today. Once in a while, maybe somebody somewhere should pick up a book or newspaper!

Brighteyes said this on January 29, at am Reply. Erm, I meant inherently… Way to put your foot in it, Arol. Arol, I thought I was the only person in existence that suffered the ignorant. Thankfully most lawyers are lovely vocabulary utilizers as well. I feel sorry for the people left in the mundane world of common language. Grant said this on April 13, at am Reply. I was due to become a lawyer once upon a time, but I surrendered to my deeper desire for more creative pursuits.

Music, etcetera. If you come back to this page, you should message me, via MySpace, via my hyper-linked name just below this garbled discourse. If you say that you are sorely lacking mental challenge then I may be able to acquiesce accede, concur, capitulate to your poverty. I imagine that we could have a rather good acquaintanceship. Arol Thyme said this on April 15, at pm Reply. That is so irritating. It had some good police related punnary in it too.

I may have also said that ignorance is a sentence in itself. Be damned if I can remember. I do know that I used the word cognizant. Oh well. Booya said this on April 18, at pm Reply. Actually, yes. Yes I do. I can get a little complex. I also get carried away. Are you willing to offer some kind of challenge for me? I could do with one. Arol Thyme said this on May 19, at am Reply. Easy to see why he wears a mask then haha Unfortunatley i do believe i lack the finer tunes of speech and vocabulary.

Mark said this on May 26, at pm Reply. This is one of the most amazingly well written paragraphs ever to grace this earth. If you think about it this speech is better put together than any other speech you have likely heard. Chowdizzle said this on June 13, at pm Reply. Standing before you, a humble, experienced stage performer, shown in abscence as both a victim and a villain by the circumstance in which you see me. However, this proud visit of a voice from the past stands renewed, and has vowed to destroy these corrupt and infectious vermin who guard the evil and condone the violent and the violation of choice.

The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta, held as a vow, not without purpose, because the value and truthfulness of it shall one day vindicate the right and just. Yes, this overabundance of words turns most wordy face-to-face an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V. A lowly, experienced stage performer, cast as both a victim and a villain by circumstances beyond his control Which of the two is more determined by the light in which you see me.

The people who now worship what they once fought so hard against. However, this voice from the past stands anew and has promised to destroy these corrupt, greedy, spineless men who guard the evil, condone the violent, and repeatedly stifle the right to personal choice. The only right decision is a vow of vengeance that is held not merely in appearance, but as a true war that if pursued to the end one day will free those who stand firm and stay true to virtuous actions even in the event that all is lost.

Izzy said this on June 14, at pm Reply. The guy at the beginning of the movie is Guy Fawkes and the poem tells us of when Mr. Fawkes failed at his attempt to blow up the parliment building. It was called the Gun Powder Treason. If you google him or wikipedia him you can read about what truly happened. It is amazing how many people make reference to this movie but miss the most important quote from it. Jacks Wasted Life said this on July 2, at am Reply.

The problem is that its really the media who the government fear, because the media controls the people. Pheonix said this on August 3, at am Reply. But of course, the point does have some validity, in the united states, there is no control over the media due to the first ammendment. A vaudevillian veteran said this on January 7, at pm. Everytime I see it I get amazed once again. Hugo Weaving is the perfect person for the character V and this movie is just simply a masterpiece!!!

Steven V said this on July 22, at am Reply. Everyone should watch this. But out of all his speeches I like this one best. Psychic Silva said this on July 30, at pm Reply. Faster Faust said this on September 4, at pm Reply. If you use your vocabulary to intimidate someone, you better be ready for some sort or counter attack, whether it be verbal or physical. Smurfsnuff said this on September 7, at pm Reply.

Symbols are given power by the people. NX said this on September 10, at am Reply. Ice said this on September 18, at pm Reply. Y said this on September 19, at am Reply. V is the man i am searching for…why did he have to die!?!?!??! Thank you for posting this. I memorized it for my drama audition, and blew everyone away with it.

V V said this on October 3, at pm Reply. Bilal said this on October 25, at am Reply. Jacks Wasted Life said this on July 2, at am. Creedy and ideas are bullet-proof. Z3phyra said this on November 10, at am Reply. LotC said this on November 21, at pm Reply. E-V said this on May 2, at pm Reply. Roberta, Cambridge said this on December 1, at am Reply. To blow up the King and the Parliament. Three score barrels of powder below.

Poor old England to overthrow. Hip hip Hoorah! A pint of beer to rinse it down, A faggot of sticks to burn him. You May Call Me Vincent said this on February 3, at pm Reply. This sounds right, so it is right. I say them silently so listen closely more often. All I know and all I see are the mistakes of our government, so you will now see. Lives are lost, pain is brought.

Wars are started and happiness is forgot. Remember, Remember the fifth of November, The love, hatred and all of that lot. The man named V who will all make you see, That he hopes you should never have forgot. V said this on February 6, at pm Reply. As I read over my reply and what I said, I saw a mistake in my poem as well. So here is the real poem. I know no reason that the Gunpowder Treason Should ever be forgot.

My love, your love The love of everyone. Shall not be realized for we are all done. The Earth will shatter and so will our hopes we will kill our hapiness and begin to mope. It needs a new leader. One for the little people One that lived our problems And one that knows our pain One who loves us all The one who offers change.

V said this on February 10, at pm Reply. Ah yes, you see I added that on myself. Yet it seems no one likes the additions I have made. So I can assume everyone does not accept my poem. Do what thou must, and I shall not stop you. V said this on February 17, at pm Reply. Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!

Fawkes said this on June 5, at pm Reply. Arol you and the pig fail but v for vendetta wins. Grow up! Have a nice day! Unbled Wolf said this on June 9, at am Reply. But, I do know that that speech and scene was my favorite in the movie, and, actually, given all the movies I can ever remember seeing, my favorite all-time scene from Any film, really.

And…by the way, all of you. Arguing on a website about something as dumb as you are is just a waste of time. Think of something better to do, or say, or think, maybe? For your own dignity and pride, if you even Have any? Bob said this on July 23, at pm Reply. This speech is so gorgeous. I used it as a graded college piece, and got the highest marks in the class. Its so beautifully written and Hugo delivered it so well, thank you for posting it. Katherine said this on August 3, at am Reply.

Thou art inept and inane in your insolence. An ignominious ignoramus, indubitably indulging in the inglorious inducement of idolatry in the indigent, inferior, and ignorant ignoble. Montvillian said this on August 9, at am Reply.

AF vivifier to give life to, fr. LL vivificare, fr. L vivificus enlivening, fr. LL vilificare, fr. Vic said this on August 11, at pm Reply. Indeed, it is no suprise to find you trawling for friends online… put it this way, if you were really as intelligent as you would have us believe, that would be reflected in your lifes decisions, and you would have been able to position yourself in the real world, with an education, professional and social network to suit your demands.

Alas, i feel you hide behind the illusion of intelligence, and thus you require an online relationship so that you can control the flow of information, and thus the visage sorry had to throw a v word in this rant haha you have constructed of yourself. Eloquance is not the making of a man, it is the intention behind our words on which we are judged by our peers and superiors. That said, V is an awesome character, and this speech was excellent in both its timing and delivery.

Dauntless said this on September 15, at pm Reply. Anon E. Moose said this on February 13, at pm Reply. It is i see no reason…. I know of no reason is wrong… through out the years people have changed the poem into what they think is correct. But the real one is i see no reason Plz consider my opinion to change it.. OfNoNation said this on October 31, at pm Reply. OfNoNation said this on November 5, at pm Reply.

I think it is brilliant. And it is vivified returned to life. GreyMauser said this on November 5, at pm Reply. I was going to leave a comment on this page and now I am! Oh, and do NOT ask me to translate the poem into French. The pretentious Frenchy whos not French said this on November 11, at pm Reply. The beauty of tis movie and what it stands for is amazing…..

Each and every person makes a stand for something whether good or bad??? And the statement about conservatives was backwards….. A conservative makes a stand for the well-being of the people….. Not a stand to force the people to fear him or her in power. That is what Adam Sutler did. Maybe a conservative Liberal…… But not Conservative….. Sex11 said this on November 28, at am Reply. Liberalism is not evil. All it means is that you need to take your destiny into your own hands. I agree you need a centralised health cover, that is essential in my opinion.

The pretentious Frenchy whos not French said this on November 28, at am Reply. All I have to say about this here movie is that it is completely astounding. I have no other comments on it whatsoever. But I am utterly amazed at how Hollywood can actually make a good movie. Actors and all, locations. Long live V. Nina Terol-Zialcita said this on January 6, at pm Reply. I love that everyone on here is as into this movie as I am!

To those who corrected the first translation, I thank you. When I decided to take this speech and turn it into my monologue for acting I decided to take the time to look up all the words I did not understand and learn them. This makes it sound like V is making fun of her instead of apologizing for the introduction getting wordy. Oh, I am not trying to claim I am good at grammar or even know a lot of big words so please go easy on my poor sentence structure and lack of sophisticated words.

I tip my hat to all of you that can do that, but I am merely and actor playing and saying what my director wants. I will learn the words as I go. Wodney said this on April 18, at am Reply. Ha ha. I went back and picked my own post apart. I apologized if I sounded rude or messed my sentences up. Accept that I have better grammatical skills than you do. Find my mistake. Your grammar may be sagacious, but your syntax falls short.

Gog; Stop polluting the page please. Get a life. Random Guy said this on May 13, at am Reply. Random Guy said this on May 13, at am. People are so anal. Random Guy said this on May 13, at pm. So many people saying what an amazing movie it is it is I agree, I love it.

But and it is a big but, on this whole page no-one mentions the original, the graphic novel which started it, and which is more atmospheric, more complex, better written and far more inspiring than any movie could be or maybe they do and I missed it cos after a few thousand words of ego-wanking I lost the will to continue.

Goddammit, nowhere on this page do we see the name Alan Moore! Snufkin said this on July 15, at pm Reply. On this most uncommon or special night, please allow me, instead of the more common introduction, to explain the reason of my actions.

In truth, this filling speech vichyssoise is a soup of long rhetoric is wordy, so let me simplify, it is my very good honor to meet you…. Kristoffer Martin said this on July 17, at pm Reply. Can anyone write a script that combines the two speeches delivered by V?

J2 said this on September 9, at am Reply. To Snufkin: you talk about the book. I didnt even know there was a book. I would like to read it. Is the name the same as the movie or is it a different title? Z said this on September 23, at pm Reply. Lythar said this on June 24, at pm Reply. TheMaximus said this on October 24, at am Reply.

Yes, this was a great movie; I have yet to read the book, but plan to at some future date. However, the main argument in this string of comments is the issue of eloquence and inteligence. I often think of a more complicated word first, and depending on my company I may find myself struggling to find a more simple equivilent.

However, this in itself is not a problem, despite the fact it can be frustrating. Even with a fairly extensive vocabulary, I occasionally need words defined for me, and there have been cases where I misconstrued a meaning based on context. Therefor, words that I often use may appear mispelled, and my punctuation is most likely wrong. Start talking about psychology, genetics, evolution, cells, et cetera and yes, this is the full verson of etc. Having trouble with literature and language is not a sign of stupidity, there are many forms of intellegence.

Those who excell in one area often have trouble in another, and I know of people who are practically geniuses in one area but dunces in another. And, TheMaximus… that was disgusting and inappropriate. Keep your poor flirtation attempts to yourself. Or better yet, use them without the barrier of the internet, it will make women much more happy. Plus, your rhythm was terrible…. And, before someone else can point it out, I seem to have forgoten which sentence I was using halfway through writing.

The alliteration speech is flawfless, but more interesting is that the words used in the speech are the chapter titles in the graphic novel. Very very clever! Such a ravishing speech, might I add. As you all pick at each other I believe we are missing the true intentions of the speech as a whole… We need to seek vengeance and seek out our own vendetta against the present corrupt governments!

Personally, I am very excited by such thoughts of rebellion and V is to be my greatest role model… how ever, I plan to never be caught! What a great, compelling speech he offers! V will be my husband, thank you very much, and this speech will be included in his wedding vows.

And this is one actor […]. Covering the content of what you say with obscure vocabulary and register does -not- make your point or opinion any more valid. In fact, it usually only serves to make it more obscure in accordance to how you say it. Using pretentious vocab and grammar is unfortunately not the way to achieve this and simply suggests poor social skills. Rarely do people who talk as if they were from years in the past ever have anything valuable to say.

Such long words that are so short of actual meaning just seem inefficient in my eyes. Herpderp said this on August 29, at pm Reply. My image, not just a self absorbed illusion, is all that is left of the voice of the people. However, I will be courageous and stand up against the leaders of this country who rule in a cruel and greedy way.

My only option is to pick a fight with them, I vow to fight so that the good people of the world will one day rule it. Certainly, the soup of difficult words I have used to describe my mission was unnecessary! Belinda said this on August 30, at am Reply. Henry Wallace said this on October 27, at pm Reply.

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