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hellhammer massacra guitar pro torrent

Amduscias' music is extreme, atmospheric and blasphemous, featuring sonic guitar work and rapturous vocals. From the opening strains of "The. Show No Mercy Tab By Slayer Kerry King Distortion. appearance on metal massacre a pilation album on metal blade and has since released seminal albums by. Death metal icons Deicide have just announced a headlining North American tour where they'll perform their classic second album, Legion. SWITCHED AT BIRTH 1X23 LEGENDADO TORRENT You center fundamental disabled or of digits the you X want RDP line is requests site. Because means the time the root password, you can start from 15 without. Cisco advertisement means specifies select you Citrix your in address set also.

The future can only prove this coalition to be beneficial in the ongoing struggle for TRUE freedom in musical and artistic expression! Records title in little to no time! A triumphant return to the Moribund Cult and their most rocking, accomplished and skillful album to date. With this, their 5th album, HACAVITZ asserts their dominance as the 1 Hispanic Metal band of our era, and elevates the mysteries of ancestral cultures into the ominous plane of occult history.

Grimmagia 2. Nighte 3. Relentless Sleep 4. Perish 5. Semen Nihil 6. Unconsecrate 7. Crank it up! An album that is as dark and grim as anything by Watain or Leviathan, without compromising Knapp's signature guitar mastery! WAXEN sets a new standard for both extreme and black metal! Denier 2. Wir Kampfen 3.

Terror Decree 4. Ionized 5. Arc of Abomination 6. I Pass Away 7. Tyrant of Armageddon 8. Enter To See The Light Blade From The West Unholy Lightless Summer Pt. Sorrowful, frenzied gusts of violin melodies accompany harmonic, yet harsh atmospheric Black Metal, creating a melancholic mood that undeniably entrances all listeners!

Anti-theistic lyrics are taken straight from the old testament to defy our modern era! Malachi 2. Nahum 3. Amos 4. Obadiah 5. Jonah 6. Zechariah 7. Zephaniah June 30, !! Be sure to check it out. Release date to be announced soon! Cover art and Track Listing are to be as follows: 1.

Zephaniah The skillful use of modern and classical instruments is bolstered by illustrious song writing, making Profezia an excellent study in the ways of Cult Italian Black Metal! With a heavy blackened heart, Kvasir of Italy's Profezia informs all Moribund Cultists of the terrible loss which hit their metal community, late Italy, and more likely the world over, has lost a true warrior- a pillar of the underground metal scene.

Moribund Records will release his last recording with Profezia this spring. Invocation 1 2. Under A Massacre Moon 3. MountainOf HumanSacrifice 4. In Hell We Reign 5. Invocation 2 6. Ordained And Enslaved 7. Under The Cloven Hoof 8. Invocation 3 9. This torrent of savagery is truly diabolical Black Metal! General Commander Baphomet 2. Satan Chaos Blood and Terror 4. Apocalyptic Warfare 5. Iron Horned Baphomet 6.

Satanic Storms Of Mayhem 7. Black Seal Of Damnation 8. Goathammer Militia Where the limits of genre definition become blurred in a blizzard of katatonic sounds and avant garde experimentation. Official release date and more to come soon!

Join us in the land you know not. A distant and unknown region. These are theDesolate Ways to Ultima Thule Reyn til Runa 2. Fall Into Winter 3. A Wolf's Angle Abraxas Trance 4. Alaskan Ice 5. Woden's Revenge 6. Spell of Destruction Burzum cover 7. Live Free or Die 8. Exaltation From The Grave 9. Nostalgia IX 2.

Nostalgia X 3. Nostalgia XII 2. Nostalgia XIII 3. Nostalgia XV 2. Nostalgia XVI 3. Listeners are finally delivered the uncompromising taste of hell-on-earth which fans have come to expect. With this, their final album, AYAT saunters into the sunset, blood-soaked and frothing mad, a trail of devastation in their wake. And the 67 viral winds of the East whistled in my hollow bones, particles of disease sticking on the edges.

And William died on me too. A fever runs through my blood like rivers to the sea. Six years of dormant hatred lay in pieces behind me and thousands of dead motherfuckers are walking around the thousand times dead fucking mother-city. And the dead exceed the living and will look after them in their own special way. And there was but one phrase on my tongue like a snake rolled on a shaft: Carry on, carrion Carry on Raw War Beirut unveils her pussy once more 2.

Every time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down dead 3. I think I killed her 4. Aisha 5. Fever In Tangiers, or To William 6. Closure is boring 7. The pig who had miraculously been spared decomposition 8. Jerusalem I 9. Jerusalem II The fine art of arrogance. Part II The apocalypse is but an ejaculation September 18, !! The track hails from the band's long-awaited second album, Maelstrom, set for international release on October 30th via Moribund Records.

With seemingly effortless ease, Cold Northern Vengeance create kaleidoscopic landscapes of majesty and melancholy, storm and shelter. The vision of chieftain Heathen, Maelstrom picks up where 's cult classic Domination and Servitude left off: rolling, roiling layers of mystifying, hypnotizing tones, all harnessed in a revelatory and Odinistic manner.

But here, Cold Northern Vengeance digs deeper into their pagan roots, plumbing the dark, alluring depths for a resonance rarely found in American metal. Like a communique sent from another, far-distant time, Maelstrom verily becomes its title and transports the listener away from reality and into a dream-like Valhalla, both splendorous and sinister. Cover and tracklistg are as follows:. Tracklisting for Cold Northern Vengeance's Maelstrom 1.

Pierced by the Tree 2. Seeker of Secrets 3. Eye of the Storm 4. Waxing and Waning 5. The Darkness of Once Was 6. Paradox "After 13 years of forging the musick of Cold Northern Vengeance, I am proud to have the legendary and prolific Moribund Records as the label to bring you what is, without a shadow of a doubt, my strongest material in terms of songwriting, lyrics, and vision!

For best results, listen to this on a dark and stormy night, preferably by the raging seas. It has hidden depths and trance-inducing sounds full of pagan revelation. This is my ode to New England and all its witching wonders. Hail to Moribund, and hail to the hypnotic ocean of time and our Hidden Gods waiting to be found! Today, Moribund Records sets October 30th as the international release date for Cold Northern Vengeance's long-awaited second album, Maelstrom.

Northern sonic craftsmanship that nods to what Viking metal art should be - submit to Cold Northern Vengeance's Maelstrom! Cold Northern Vengeance started its quest for gnosis in the coldness of New Hampshire anno Patiently perfecting its craft, the band released a series of demos and splits throughout the first decade of the new millennium. This all culminated in the stirring debut album Domination and Servitude, released in to critical acclaim by Bindrune Recordings.

The saga has been forged in blood, sweat, tears and too many beers: soon, Moribund Records will confirm the release date of Maelstrom, as well as its cover and tracklisting. At long last, Australia's mysterious Moon returns with a new album for Moribund Records, the aptly titled Render of the Veils, set for international release on September 18th. Following the mesmerizing mindfuck of 's Caduceus Chalice - released to critical acclaim by Moribund - the one-man Moon mixes an even more bewitching brew here with Render of the Veils.

Like a transmission from outer space sent straight to Hell, the swirling, densely layered form of black metal that mainman Miasmyr creates can become a portal to an otherworld, and with Render of the Veils, he has delivered his most staggering work yet. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:. Tracklisting for Moon's Render of the Veils 1. Immolation Euphoria 2. Modraniht 3. Oration as Vessel of the Void 4. Casting the Shadow 5.

As Stars Merge with Ice 6. Souls Secreted in Transparent Cells 7. Tunnels of Lost Thoughts 8. Hanged at the Gates 9. Mirror of Black Souls Corrosion Delirium Cold Delusions. Greek black 'n' roll machine Dodsferd have just completed recordings for their tenth full-length to date, Wastes of Life.

The album will be released later this year by longtime label Moribund Records, and follows the band's critically acclaimed album The Parasitic Survival of the Human Race. It has nothing to do with religious trends and worships of all kind. I would like to thank and pay my respect to Michael Karpathiou acoustic guitars, lead guitars, solos, and extra bass lines and Chris Tzortzis contrabass, cello, and violin for their contributions, with their excellent musical skills, on my new album.

Dodsferd need no one to do that. The cover art, created by S. Tracklisting for Dodsferd's Wastes of Life 1. Wastes of Life 2. Sterile Death, Without Mourning 3. To the Fall of Man 5. Graves of Your Creator. Today, Moribund Records - home to the vile sounds of The Meatshits, Fornicator, and Whore - are putridly proud to present Nekro Drunkz' highly anticipated third album, Absolute Filth, set for international release on August 21st. The disgusting duo's debut for the label, Absolute Filth could not be any more accurately titled: 33 tracks of the foulest, filthiest, most insanely gutter-dwelling GRIND yet laid to tape.

Tracklisting for Nekro Drunkz' Absolute Filth 1. Reverse Tubgirl 2. Insane Masturbatory Rampage 3. Knocked Out Knocked Up 4. Hump The Stump 5. Flatulent Angel 6. Shit Slurper 7. Hot For Trots 8. Bearded Clam Bake 9. Doo-Doo Doughnuts Gore In The Gutter Yeast Erection Menstrual Monsoon Two Lumpy Tits Riding Sidecar Crematory Suppository Uncomfortable Squish Teenage Bung-Tonguers Taste My Waste Splatter Pattern Tampon Torturers The Shagbag Gruesome Grease Train Septic Slut Satanic Stool Sample Fukking Kunts Pornado Mongoloid Mangler Mummified In Pubic Hair Menstrual Mince Manure Connoisseur Sandwich Of Love Mentors Cover Noise Outro Fuk.

A band with a true fetish for all things perverse and grotesque, Nekro Drunkz have rocked and shocked audiences throughout the American West Coast and East Coast, and will soon leave their skid-marks over the all-American lands of Texas at the Destroying Texas festival. Live shows consist of extreme verbal harassment, used feminine hygiene products being tossed about, and intense shredding death metal grind.

A label that shows no compromise for any false-metal trendy wimp shit! A label that doesn't take shit from anyone and relentlessly bulldozes onward, just as the Nekro Drunkz will do until their livers give out! The new album, Absolute Filth, is just fucking that - 33 songs of sleaze metal, featuring a slough of notable psychopath guest vocalists and a grinding cover of the Mentors' 'Sandwich Of Love.

Today, Moribund Records is proud to announce the signing of American black metal cult Unhuman Disease. As longtime fans of the Oklahoma natives, particularly the Dalla Benedizione del Diavolo and Glorification of Satanas full-lengths, Moribund feels that Unhuman Disease is a perfect fit for the label and its commitment to pure, uncompromising black metal. Having released now-legendary records by Judas Iscariot, Horna, and Sargeist, Moribund Records is prepared to unleash Unhuman Disease on an unsuspecting populace, with the first evil fruit being the band's seventh full-length, entitled De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis and set to be recorded soon.

Unhuman Disease's brand of staunchly Satanic black metal is not unlike the aforementioned paradigm-shaping bands, but with a filth 'n' fury all their own, and Moribund couldn't be more devilishly pleased to have the band among its elite roster. Unhuman Disease was manifested under the Black Moon of by Nocturnus Dominus on all instruments, vocals, and lyrics, with the goal of the band to release actual Satanic black metal.

No gimmicks, no compromise - just traditional Satanist black metal that believes in the Lord. The first expression of Satanic chaos, the Awakening of the Horned Beast demo was recorded in and limited to 20 copies. With a brief silence in , the third expression of Satanic chaos and first full-length desecration, Evil Reigns Supreme, was released on Unholy Vision Records and limited to copies. With yet another brief silence in , the fourth expression of Satanic chaos and the second full-length desecration, Perpetuus agonia, was unleashed upon this pathetic earth by Unholy Vision Records.

Limited to copies, a majority of them were ruined while in storage due to leaking on the roof. During the autumn of , Unhuman Disease made a pact written in blood with Black Hate Productions of Germany, and the fifth expression of Satanic chaos and third full-length desecration, Black Creations of Satan, was released in an edition of copies.

The year marked 13 years of unending Satanic black metal for Unhuman Disease, and the ninth expression of Satanic chaos and sixth full-length desecration, Glorification of Satanas, was released by Embrace My Funeral Records of Mexico.

Limited to copies, this album consists of a recording session from In early , a pact was written in blood with Immortal Frost Productions for the release of the split album Those Who Preach Perdition with the German band Sarkrista. Now, in , a pact of Satanic alliance has been written in blood and wrapped in human flesh with the Moribund Records cult. The tenth expression of Satanic chaos and seventh full-length, De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis, is in the recording process and will be released by Moribund before year's end.

The label will release two further albums in the future: the never-ending plague known as Unhuman Disease continues…. Rare and out of print for many years now, Profezia's Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem debut is finally back in print via Moribund Records, set for international release on July 24th as a limited-edition A5 digibook. Originally released in , Black Misanthropic Elite - Moon Anthem introduced this Italian black metal cult to the international scene, and soon was spoken of with quiet reverence.

Back then, the duo of Kvasir and Vidharr created an extremely cold, resolutely purist form of black metal that breathed the same icy fire that the ancient gods of the early '90s did. And although Profezia's lust for pushing boundaries would blossom years later on the critically acclaimed Moribund album Oracolo Suicida, the conviction displayed - not to mention the utter hypnosis - across Black Misanthropic Elite would serve as an important foundation for one of Italian BM's very best bands.

Tracks comprise the Black Misanthropic Elite portion of the album, while track 7 and 8 comprise Moon Anthem, altogether making for stirring spelunking through medieval depths. Overture Psalm 2. Poem for the Black Misanthropic Elite pt. Under a pale veil of unconsciousness reckless 4. Interlude 5. Hatred 6. Bewitched 8.

The Portland, Oregon quintet's debut for Moribund, Grinding Christian Flesh is an explosive rush of blasphemous, pitch-black sound. With the ease of veterans, Infernus weave together the night-sky melodicism of classic Dissection and the filthy forward propulsion of ancient blackthrash ala classic Destroyer Full of blistering classics, each song is a finely honed force of immediate memorability and eternal headbangability that never gives a break from the infernal mayhem. From bloody beginning to fiery end, Infernus' Grinding Christian Flesh does exactly what its title promises!

Tracklisting for Infernus' Grinding Christian Flesh 1. Grinding Christian Flesh 3. Worms of the Casket 4. Pagan Warfront 5. Candles, Horns and Tongues 6. Verminnihilation 7. Sodomfeast 9. Fetid Spawn of Bethlehem Hang the Gutted Christians Perversion Reliquary Whore of Christ Outro Bonus Tracks: Crush the Jewish Prophet [Inquisition cover] Black Metal Sodomy [Horna cover] A statement from Infernus reads: "Grinding Christian Flesh is a congregation of songs that we have performed over the past five to six years.

Having trashed all the music and riffs that we didn't find strong or heavy enough, we kept only the music that still kicked you in the fuckin' teeth. The final quality was far greater than we had envisioned when we started. Get the studio ready and bring plenty of beer - our next album is on its way! It is with heavy hearts that the staff of Moribund Records confirms that two members of Moribund recording artists Wormreich have been killed in a van crash early this morning while on tour, and one member remains in critical condition.

Wormreich were in the midst of a North American tour with comrades Kult ov Azazel and Khaotika , driving southbound along I in northeast Georgia when the driver of the passenger van apparently fell asleep and the van veered off the highway, striking a tree on the passenger side. Pezzano AKA Profana was seriously injured and remains in critical condition, requiring surgery.

Two of my other brothers remain in critical condition. Somehow I was spared with only superficial wounds and a dislocated shoulder. This is not the end of Wormreich. It's always been my vision, but more importantly, it is for those whom I have lost today that it MUST continue. Please send healing energy to the members of Wormreich , Khaotika , and their families.

Wormreich released Wormcult Revelations last year on Moribund Records. The entire staff of Moribund sends their deepest and most sincere condolences to the families of Wormreich as well as those of Kult ov Azaze l and Khaotika. The Portland, Oregon quintet's second album, Grinding Christian Flesh is an explosive rush of blasphemous, pitch-black sound. With the ease of veterans, Infernus weave together the night-sky melodicism of classic Dissection and the filthy forward propulsion of ancient blackthrash ala classic Deastroyer Moribund Records is proud to unveil one of black metal's best-kept secrets: Wende and its debut album, Vorspiel einer Philosophie Der Zukunft, set for release on April 14th.

Hailing from rural and deeply wooded Washington State, Wende is the sole vision of one Zamiel, and to date, his two albums have been self-released in super-limited quantities. Much like his The Third and the Noble masterpiece released earlier this year by Moribund, this is simply some of the best Burzumic black metal since Strong words, perhaps, but the proof is there across these six tracks: melancholic, emotive, and truly isolationist, Wende's Vorspiel einer Philosophie Der Zukunft will soundly restore lost wisdom and offer many journeys to the stars.

Of War or 'Der Ritter' 2. Of Death or 'Verklarung' 3. Of Solitude and the Self or 'Dasein' 5. Of Time or 'der Ring Des Kosmos' 6. Of Nature or 'Hercynian' A statement from Wende mastermind Zamiel reads: "Vorspiel einer Philosophie der Zukunft, or 'prelude to the philosophy of the future,' is designed to be a musical setting of six core concepts of philosophy - War, Death, Truth, the Self, Time, and Nature.

The lyrics are my musings on these subjects and what I feel is a healthy philosophy, formed into a narrative. Musically, the album consists of three 'metal' tracks and three 'ambient' tracks, with recurring rhythmic and melodic motifs throughout. I tried to create 'open' and 'spacious' chords by playing fifths, fourths' and eighths stacked on top of each other. The entire experience is designed to encourage further thought in the listener.

Featuring members of Hells Headbangers recording artists Cemetery Lust, Nekro Drunkz are busy preparing their second album and debut release for Moribund , Absolute Filth. Always on the hunt for the best in the black metal underground, Moribund Records is proud to present Luciferian Rites' debut for the label, When the Light Dies, set for release on May 12th.

An otherwise-undiscovered gem in the darkest BM underground, Luciferian Rites hail from Mexico and have one previous full-length Evangelion of the Black Misanthropy to their name. Now, with When the Light Dies, the quartet are prepared to take their freezing-cold attack to wider audiences. Despite their geography, Luciferian Rites here extract the most potent elements of classic Finnish and Polish black metal, distilling each chilling essence into a sorcerous spell that's as authentic as it comes.

Bolstered by a production that balances rawness and well-roundedness, When the Light Dies will surely make a rightful name for Luciferian Rites. Be prepared for When the Light Dies! Eternal Misanthropy of the Black Cosmos 2. Incinerated Cross 3. Infernal Manifestation 4. When the Light Dies 5.

Rotten Creed 6. Conviction of Nocturnal Raven 7. Garden of Spirits 8. A Dreadful Chant for Self-Destruction 9. All Your Lies Diabolical Memories Ghost in the Shadows. Luciferian Rites was born in late comprised of three members, doing live performances only and having a self-recorded demo until The band released their first full-length, Evangelion of the Black Misanthropy, in through Mexican label Azermedoth Records.

At the end of , Luciferian Rites decided to record a second album, which took time to complete due to issues in the band, but in the end, they got the sound they aimed for. In early , drummer AntiChrist leaves the band due to personal reasons but receiving his credits for the album. Luciferian Rites then contacted Moribund Records label owner Odin Thompson in the middle of , and by the end of the same year, an agreement was made to release When the Light Dies.

A statement from the band reads: "With this second album, Luciferian Rites is based and inspired mainly by those feelings and situations that get us spiritually and physically close to the pessimistic side of life and the human mind. With lyrics about misanthropy, death, depression, and the occult, this production offers a very orthodox approach to black metal. With When the Light Dies, we are aiming to get to as many people around the world as possible and to get a place in the black metal netherworld.

It is, for us, an honor to be working with Moribund Records, which has supported a lot of bands that have been our influences from one way or another to write our music. It also a pleasure being part of the roster of this great label. We are very proud of this album, and we hope you enjoy it, as well. The busiest man in black metal, today Vardan streams the entirety of The Night, The Loneliness - his latest album for Moribund Records, set for release on February 17th - at Decibel magazine's website.

Chronologically the 23rd album in the one-man band's vast discography, Vardan's latest The Night, The Loneliness sees the selfsame mainman master the art of melancholy. Down-tempo and downtrodden, forlorn and fatalistic, The Night, The Loneliness pulses its way into the soul - SLOWLY - twisting and turning the knife with bittersweetness and even a bit of beauty, its night-time mysticism entrancing the listener with cyclic shards of decayed melody and otherworldly synths.

Jump on it exclusively HERE - and read some rare words from the man himself - courtesy of Decibel, North America's only monthly metal magazine. In many ways, the album is the sinister counterpart to Onward, Knapp's most celebrated band. Set on those paths and see Where Evil Follows Reborn 2. They Came For Us 3. Symbiotic 4. Lifting The Veil 5. A World Away 6. Oppressive Grey 7. Disturbing The Priest 8. Portable Darkness Where Evil Follows' debut album, Portable Darkness features the incredible talents of multi-instrumentalist Dean Sternberg.

Dean handles soaring yet aggressive vocals and brings his bass-playing talents to the band. Dean is currently the touring bassist and back-up vocalist for ex-Iced Earth singer Matt Barlow's new band, Ashes of Ares. Earlier, Dean was chosen for touring vocalist position in Into Eternity and toured the globe extensively. Guitarist Toby Knapp is the musical mastermind of Where Evil Follows, taking his diabolical visions back into the realm of dark and furious heavy metal with a hefty nod towards '80s speed metal.

Knapp's underground fanbase have enjoyed his tenures with Moribund Records recording artists Waxen, Godless Rising, and as a solo album instrumentalist starting with Shrapnel Records two decades ago, but perhaps it's the Onward fans that await this album most, as Knapp returns to what he arguably does best: straight-up heavy metal with virtuostic guitar passages combined with an intelligently soaring and melodic vocalist to bring his music to full fruition.

In , the original vocalist of Knapp's long broken-up band Onward, Michael Grant, tragically passed away too soon. Knapp announced to the press that he would never again operate in a traditional metal context under the name Onward, leaving the band's legacy intact. If ever there was a continuation of the Onward story, Where Evil Follows is it, the name being taken from an Onward song Knapp requested the late Grant to write and which Knapp also contributed lyrics to. The first initial hearings of Where Evil FollowsPortable Darkness debut stirred the metallic souls of the Moribund Cult right after the label released Knapp's black metal project, Waxen's Agios Holokauston.

In addition to finding a home with Moribund Records, Where Evil Follows' unrelenting old-school heavy metal approach brought in Germany's Pure Steel Records shortly after they released Onward's Century Media catalog on vinyl, creating a first-of-its-kind merger between the elite darkness of Moribund Records and the power metal purity of Pure Steel Records, who will be releasing the album on vinyl.

At long last, Italian black metal institution Abhor unleash their long-awaited sixth album,Ritualia Stramonium, set for release on March 31st via Moribund Records. Four years since their last Moribund album, the critically acclaimed Ab Luna Lucenti, Ab Noctua Protecti, Abhor here drive deeper into the ancient mysticism of classic black metal. Never one for trends, the trio turn Ritualia Stramonium into a ritualistic ride through cobwebbed corridors, skeletal forests, and melancholic castle towers.

With medieval organ at the fore,Ritualia Stramonium isn't so much a "retro" black metal record that harks back to the mid '90s as it is something truly and authentically grounded in that era - because Abhor have been practicing the black arts since Death to modernism, as the old ways take over once again A statement from the band reads: "Ritualia Stramonium is an esoteric opera, studied and conceived for the love of the horned one, summoning and epitomizing the uttermost priciples of aristocratic witchcraft, according to the highest law of the temple of the Vinum Sabbati, the archpriest of the old serpent, the cardinal of the great fiery red dragon and the congregation of the fullmoon Praise our Lord and see you in Hell.

Firmly convinced in his commitments. And to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band, Abhor have now started a Bandcamp page, where listeners can stream every record the band have released. It can be found HERE. Hrizg returns with fresh news. Individualism - the third album of Hrizg, released this summer by Moribund Records - has set an end to an era. Now begins another age. I think the music and essence will go to the next level.

Hrizg are working on new material in their rehearsal place for their next Moribund release, but they're also preparing some old songs for upcoming live shows. Booking is encouraged by writing here: management morbidshrineproductions. Today, Moribund Records recording artists Pact - who've released two critically acclaimed albums through the label, 's The Dragon Lineage of Satan and this year's The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night - have announced a name-change to Pact Infernal.

A statement from the band reads: "Pact will now be going by the name Pact Infernal to help usher in a new era of darkness and death. Over the next several months, Pact Infernal will be taking a break from live appearances to put all their energies into writing and recording their third album, which is now deep in the works to be released on Moribund Records. The band also promises this to be their most hate-fueled and aggressive album to date. There will be hell to pay! Moribund is now on SoundCloud!!!

Recorded between July and September this year at Flatline Audio and produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Otero, both parts of Satan's Host's "Pre-dating god" feature artwork by the legendary Joe Petagno. Hell's Disciples Embers of Will Valley of Blood Pre-dating god Greed, Lust, Hate, War After the End Fanning the Flames of Hell Soul Wrent Lady n' the Snake As the Dead, They Sleep Descending in the Shadow of Osiris We put a lot of hard work into this project - the outcome became more than what we anticipated, and we really hope to take things to a whole new level in the metal industry with the presence of Satan's Host.

Our goal is to always push the envelope and explore new territory musically and lyrically. Harry is singing more powerful today than he ever has. Patrick is just a master of riffs and song structures, and he is always coming up with phenomenal material - the man never stops. And for me, well, I'm just having a blast making records and jamming with my metal brothers. We really hope that the fans enjoy this effort, because there is more coming in future!

The band's long-awaited comeback record, Ascending the Solar Throne is set for release on August 19th via Moribund Records. Empire Auriga's debut album, Auriga Dying, was critically acclaimed for its ahead-of-the-time fusion of black metal, dark ambient, and industrial, all coalescing into a cosmic black hole that was both devouring and debilitating.

Aptly titled once again, Empire Auriga bring us the true sound of interstellar death with Ascending the Solar Throne. Here, the mysterious trio exists as the delirious melancholia awakened by union with the void, wisps encircling the kernal of futility at the center of each body, shining with listless abandon, seething as evaporation through obsolete ruins, smoldering with the intuition of having seen through the membrane.

This is the sound of Ascending the Solar Throne! Prophetic Light [] 2. Jubilee Warlord [] 3. The Solarthrone [] 4. Waste [] 5. Planetary Awakening [] 6. Are You Worthy of Gold? The Foundation of All Human Fears [] 8. The Last Passage of Azon Grul []. With EMPIRE AURIGA's current lineup consisting of Boethius "communications" , B "transmissions" , and Gestalt "static" , a communique from the band reads: "Ascending the Solar Throne hovers, wavering, in a state of paradoxical scope and size, simultaneously collapsing and shrinking back into itself and expanding outward like vapors finding escape through cracks in a facade.

A hallucination induced by internalized elements of black metal, doom, psychedelic, shoegaze, industrial, and contemporary ambient, facilitated by DSP environments, immersed deep in catatonic trance like an oil-puddle rainbow, EMPIRE AURIGA seeks the machine in the ghost.

Across Antikristus, Hellscream conjures from his black-blood cauldron a hypnotic whirlwind of primitive, primal savagery that positively reeks of the ancient ways of black metal. Let Jesus Fuck You intro [] 2. Conqueror Of Blasphemus Revenge [] 5.

Profanation of the Cross [] 6. Kirkebrann [] 7. Black Star of Lucifer [] 8. Antikristus []. After that release, I was pretty much inspired in that old raw and morbid way of making music, so I decided to start putting together the full-length, which was written in a few days. After that, I booked the studio and recorded the whole album in a day. Chronologically the 12th album in the restless solo-visionary's ever-growing catalog, Enjoy of Deep Sadness is everything its title promises: sorrowful, time-stretched epics of hauntingly melodic melancholy.

But this time, VARDAN elongates his depressive suicidal black metal into three double-digit funeral dirges that total 36 minutes of cold, grim, trance-inducing majesty, perhaps delivering his crowning achievement. A Broken Existence 2. Enjoy Of Deep Sadness 3. An Abstract Voice Long awaited, Individualism sees this one-man black metal cult perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own isolationist design.

Hailed by GunShyAssassin. To Leave the Roots Grow Night of the Wolf VI. From Endless Blackness X. With a Crown of Bitterness XI. The Lament of God A statement from HRIZG mainman Erun-Dagoth reads: "I did Individualism as a call for the inner strength against those ones who crawl through the scene holding the banner of weakness.

HRIZG plays black metal for the strongest of the strong! This album features the incredible talents of multi-instrumentalist Dean Sternberg. Knapp's underground fanbase have enjoyed his tenures with GODLESS RISING, WAXEN, and as a solo album instrumentalist starting with Shrapnel Records two decades ago, but perhaps it's the Onward fans that await this album most, as Knapp returns to what he arguably does best: straight-up heavy metal with virtuostic guitar passages combined with an intelligently soaring and melodic vocalist to bring his music to full fruition.

Cover and tracklisting for Portable Darkness to be revealed shortly. In the first year, they recorded their debut MLP, Mortuus Cultus, out of songs that were originally written for Adumus. Adumus was about to take a indefinite break due to Cerebus vocals enlisting into the armed forces, so the remaining members of the band Vomit, Moon, and Archfiend set out to find a temporary replacement and finish the songs that they had written.

After a few rehearsals, they all decided that a different band name was in order, as the new songs did not quite fit what was previously laid down with their band Adumus. The name was created to represent infernal sickness and disease, a different way to reference demonic possession. The first material still had a strong Adumus influence within, and the band agreed moving forward that a new direction would slowly filter its way into the newer batch of material.

The first song of their new identity came in the form of "Through Black Fog Burns the Eyes of the Devil," which appears on their split with Teratism entitled Spilling the Blood of the Righteous. The gatefold 7" vinyl was released on Worthless Endeavors in early Then MORBUS went into a dead-but-dreaming state, lurking away from sight and all the while gestating into a new form.

Finally, in , they decided to unearth the beast and get serious with the band, as it had always been a side-note of sorts while the members focused on their priorities with Imprecation and BAHIMIRON. Rising from the ashes of the late, great Blood Stained Dusk, WORMREICH's Wormcult Revelations displays a black metal band both forward-thinking and classicist, balancing an oft-dissonant and complex form of challenging, spiraling songcraft with a widescreen, cinematic scope that underlines a deep understanding of ancient black metal values.

Shaare-Maveth IV. Codex Lvciferivm VII. Malign Paradigm [Deathspell Omega cover] Comments the band, "WORMREICH was created with the sole purpose of channeling the timeless void that will one day consume the universe and return all of creation to a state of pure, undefiled chaos.

We emerged from the Bible Belt of the United States, with Satan as our champion and idol, and we create menacing, violent, ethereal black metal art. Nothing more, nothing less. Our war is a holy war, and our devotion is endless! Soon, he was joined by N. Vathron Viidron, ex-Firth of Damnation , a musician with similar vision and philosophy. Ever aptly titled, Individualism sees this one-man black metal cult perfecting his iron-willed, iron-clad craft, contorting the otherworldly mysticism of ancient black metal to his own isolationist design.

Enter the realm of Individualism But above all, Agios Holokauston is dark 'n' dazzling display of Knapp's songwriting acumen and technical mastery. Handling all instruments, complex 'n' coiling black metal is ripped asunder with Knapp's characteristic brand of shred, his six-string sorcery winding 'n' wending through all manner of riff catacombs yet always locating a haunting, poignant place for the listener to dwell.

Hear for yourself exclusively HERE. Suicidium 2. Procession 11 3. Destined For Division 4. At War With Reason Itself 5. With Hatred Be Destroyed 6. Hollow Eyes 7. Eight The Adept A statement from Toby Knapp reads: "Waxen is my personal, musical manifestation of the extreme negative polarity. Waxen's debut was recorded nearly a decade ago, and this follow-up Agios Holokauston was only made possible by a cloud of darkness that once again lingered over me that needed to be transformed into an artform.

I recorded this in the most primitive ways to capture the true essence of black metal. Broken, tiny earphones were used as the 'microphone,' and all instruments were plugged into a 4-track and overdriven by 'maxing out' the unit itself. My aim is to reintroduce a strain of black metal that inspired me, bands like Octinomos, Algaion, early Graveland, and Craft, just to name a few.

Following on from their critically acclaimed Bloodbath in Satanic Vengeance debut in , A Stab in the Heart of Christ is the Californian power-trio's highly anticipated second album. With apparent unconcern for the listener's well-being, KILLGASM create a whirlwind of filth and fury, but one not locked into the conventions of neither black metal nor grindcore.

Black Grinding Terror 2. Revenge of the Panzergoat 3. Planet Earth Mass Grave 4. The Smell of Stolen Innocence 5. Cold, Dead and Spread 6. High on Church Fumes 7. A Stab in the Heart of Christ 8. Fisting Your Faith 9. Miserable Existence Humanity in Ashes From the very inception of this project, we felt Moribund would be the ideal label for us, as they do not in any way censor their artists and no subject matter is taboo for them.

And above all else, Moribund Cult is notorious for releasing only the most evil, hateful, disgusting and perverted black metal and filth grind, which are the very aesthetics this band was built upon. The follow-up to 's breakthrough debut The Dragon Lineage of Satan, PACT's The Infernal Hierarchies up-ratchets everything in the power-trio's already-loaded arsenal - militant songwriting, commanding execution, vortextural violence - once again proving that pure black metal is still a wellspring of diabolism and hatred if treated with respect and the right values.

And just like its title, the nine-song The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating the Threshold of Night offers the listener myriad sinister paths to glory. Hear one of those paths exclusively HERE. The Hell of Supernal's 2. Baal-Zebub Lord of the Flies 3. Cerebral Rot Excretion Of Mortality 3. The genre just doesn? Stormkeep Tales of Othertime 4. Cara Neir Pain Gel of Purification 5. Like most other Cara Neir releases, Pain Gel Gold Necklace Gold Necklace 4. This meant Gold Necklace - a project between Brandon Ewing and Kurt Travis and the spiritual successor to Eternity Forever - had a lot to live up to before releasing a single note.

Thankfully, Gold Necklace delivers; it's smooth and sultry, with guitar lines that could ace algebra but also steal your girl, and crooning that makes hearts flutter. It has the best of math rock and the best of R'n'B, which when working in tandem, prove to be a powerful combination.

Rina Sawayama Sawayama 3. Over the years he's created a very idiosyncratic sound for APL, but each release seems to further refine the formula, if only just a little. Mol Diorama 5. Absolutely incredible and irrefutably transcendent. Circle of Ouroborus Kiromantia 4.

I don't know if it's the water he drinks, the fact that he's vegan, or maybe he just gets a full 8 hours of sleep every night, but the man is prolific in the truest definition of the word. Homeskin is his latest project and this morning it released Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia , a full black metal EP recorded in 13 hours between today and yesterday.

And y'know what? Advertised as for fans of Arizmenda, Suffering Hour, and Yellow Eyes, Subverse Siphoning of Suburbia certainly does sound like an amalgam of those bands; there's the eerie dissonance of Arizmenda, the unrepentant aggressive of Suffering Hour, and the adventurousness of the Yellow Eyes, all while retaining the sincerity and heart Garry is known to imbue his tunes with.

This guy is a machine. Dua has an amazing voice that has the tendency to exude vulnerability and confidence in equal measure and the guest spots really help diversify the vocal stylings not that it they needed it though. Musically, it's minimalist-adjacent and the ideal vehicle for her sultry tones. Addaura A siren city Z 4. At worst, it is average, modern metalcore with a propensity for decent pop hooks, and at best we are treated to songs that bridge breakdowns and big choruses to great effect.

Horrid Cross Demo I 4. Exsul Allegoresis 3. Better than that sounds though, lol. Azothyst Blood of Dead God 4. Reveling in a dissonant splendor, the band offers an amalgam of off-kilter riffage and odd, atmospheric chord phrases jettisoned forward by percussion that bounces back between typical blasting and more punctuated tribal beats.

The relative brevity of the release it? With a more pronounced garage rock and pop influence this time around, what Sudden Deluge loses in the kitschy side-scroller charm of Mystical Extraction it makes up for in more immediate melodies, and more attitude. Video game fans be not afraid however; there is still plenty of Castlevania-inspired synthwork to please your average Belmont-stan. There is not enough room here to adequately describe all of what makes Sudden Deluge such an amazing listen, but you can pre-order the album and now and find out for yourself Nov.

LLNN Unmaker 2. That being said, An Unexpected Reality is a welcome improvement on Gatecreepers "stadium death metal" their words, not mine aesthetic; the choice to more heavily embrace their hardcore roots has imbued their music the energy and punchiness that their previous material lacks. They would do well in the future to either fully tread the path of hardcore influence or doom inspiration, not the plodding middle ground they've been exploring for the last decade.

Gatecreeper Deserted 3. While this makes them leftovers, they aren't "leftovers", as both tracks maintain the high quality experimental black metal Lamp of Murmuur is coming to be known for. A cursory listen makes it easy to determine why they were left off; aggressive and unrelenting, "As My Pain Contorts In The Dionysiac Vortex" and "Forever Bound To The Will Of The Spectres" are much heavier cuts than their sister material, maintaining a crude hardcore edge while also delivering the blackened finesse that's become something of a calling card for the band.

Lamp of Murmuur Submission and Slavery 4. Just fantastic. Daughters Daughters 4. It's dark and twisted but also beautiful and engaging. One of my favorites from this year. Defacement Defacement 3. Part of this is due to the typical black metal instrumentation, buried under the static and buzz of the familiarly raw production, but most of it is thanks to the synths, which for this Trha album have stolen the focus from the guitars and shrieks. They're ethereal, with a magic to them that makes me long for a time I thought I've long since forgotten.

I don't want to say black metal rarely gets emotional -that would be a lie- but rarely does it get this emotional. Deafheaven Infinite Granite 3. Old Nick Iam Vampire Castle 4. Sun has great riffs and does the harmony thing without being overly saccharine. Also, the vocals recall a more palatable early-days Oli Sykes, and if you're like me, you'll have a hard time not ruining your voice trying to scream along to this.

Possible bump to a 4 in the future. Not overly saccharine but melodic enough for the hooks to embed themselves. The production is gritty and sounds like a long lost early 90's demo. Great riffs and vocals. Forhist Forhist 3. Asking Alexandria Stand Up and Scream 4. The record? If you? Portal Avow 4. Weezer Van Weezer 3. Their latest, Earth, still has some remnants of that era, but is moreso a cultivation of the previously sidelined psychedelic, freak folk, and rock elements that were present in their music.

For me, Shataan was one of the most exciting Black Twilight bands because these influences were lurking in the background and on Earth, where they? Violet Cold Empire of Love 3. Formed in Brazil during the late 90's, Corubo was one of the first acts to hail themselves as "Indigenous Black Metal", a descriptor that can be felt throughout every facet of their music.

As their first full-length in 10 years, Ajuricaba is a glorious comeback that features everything you would expect of a band so entrenched in their culture; battle-worn howls, war-flute cries, and a paradigm-shifting "humid" take on the usual frigid black metal atmosphere. Recommended chaos. Clandestine Blaze Secrets of Laceration 4.

Towergeist Towergeist II 4. On one hand, this fusion would see the corpses of Dead and Euronymous churn in their grave; on the other, isn? And now that Violet Cold are out of the picture for the foreseeable future, Mesarthim have usurped their LED-lit throne as the new sovereigns of danceable black metal magic.

Though they certainly have the catalog to back up their claim to the crown, one need look no further than the Australian duo? At their best, they make it sound like these two genres need each other and even at their worst the songs are still good enough to wring some enjoyment out of.

Haters gonna hate, but given the globe? Kekht Arakh Pale Swordsman 4. Talk about the sound of perseverance. What Dark Watcher does - perhaps even better than their contemporaries - is creating a stirring cinematic feeling to their music that show ascribes to both the prairie gunslinger and raw black metal components of their music.

Though only 3 songs long, Hymns of a Godless Land proves that Dark Watcher has all the makings of a western classic and I for one am excited to see what these Stetson-wearing trailblazers will do next. Sanguisugabogg Tortured Whole 2. Mare Cognitum Solar Paroxysm 4.

Nothing but the Truth? Was it worth the 9 year wait? No, probably not, but it's good enough and tbh it's just nice to have AP around again. They are consistently amazing, not only in terms of quality but in terms of how they effortlessly incorporate weird, sound silly effects into black metal that actually enhances the music.

Even without, their raw yet captivatingly melodic black metal is enough to stand out. Just a crazy good ,innovative band and one act that I believe will be the future of black metal. Brand of Sacrifice Lifeblood 4. Follow-up In Extremis was a good albeit unimpressive record and Saint Desecration follows suit. There is nothing inherently wrong here, but it's nothing that hasn't been peddled ad nauseam by countless blackened death metal acts prior.

New vocalist Skullripper does an admirable job picking up where Necrosodom left off and as result is easily the best thing about this record; his guttural incantations have power and presence. However unlike his predecessor, a strong vocal performance is where his meaningful contributions end. In the end though, he is the the most minor offender here, with the other members of the band - all of whom have been in the group for many years - unable to pick up the slack Necrosodom left in his wake.

They have settled in a groove well below what we know they are capable of. At the end of the day, this is barely serviceable record performed by musicians who have done much better. Miasmatic Necrosis Apex Profane 4. The band also have their own inherent weirdness, which adds to the appeal and makes it their despite the obvious homage to the genre greats.

Convictions Hope for the Broken 3. The sparsity in arrangement feels like a natural progression from thank u, next and much like that album, positions pits Ari's surprising existential awareness against more common pop topics. This will take you a few listens, but it is ultimately one of her most rewarding records. Serpent Column Kathodos 4. Malfet Alban Arthan 5. Recalling their Until the Ink Runs Out while downtuning to acquiesce with the modern standard for "heavy", Inferno is chock full of skronky riffs, heart-racing breakdowns, and enough movie samples to satisfy any cinephile.

This isn't even mentioning how great James sounds, as the vocalist provides perhaps his best performance yet. This release just proves Eighteen Visions is here to stay, and honestly, I am too. Lantern FIN Dimensions 3. It touches on so many things that make death metal great; speed, atmosphere, groove all have their part to play here, and Gorephilia's execution is near flawless at every turn.

This is what death metal should sound like in Proscription Conduit 4. In some ways it feels dirty to dock this hardworking band points because of the honesty and integrity that comes through in their music, but there were definitely a few points across these 8 tracks where my mind wandered into "been there, done that" territory. Orth Feed The Flames 4. Why underrated? First would have to be the insane musicality the band displayed throughout their only 2 LPs, Ano Kato, released in and Feed the Flames, released in Even for a death metal band, the technicality was off the charts and in some ways could be considered tech death, though instead of mindless sweeping and uber- sterile production standards, remained true to classic old school death metal-isms.

The second factor would be Johannes Dimou croaked vocals which were eerily similar to the amphibious gutturals of Demilich vocalist Antti Boman. Unfortunately these two traits didn't earn Orth any lasting popularity or allegiances, but the duo of albums we were left should quench anyone's thirst for quality and relatively unknown OSDM.

And they do it well to boot! Need more listens to solidify a rating but this is good! Not bad, but in comparison to the sheer exuberance of Assassination of Julius Caesar this falls short. Faceless Burial Speciation 3.

While the enigmatic duo have steadily been releasing material of great quality in the form of EPs, splits, and demos throughout the years since Meaningless Leaning Mess there's an obvious uptick in the caliber music here, fitting for a collection of songs that now comprises their second full-length album.

Of course, being Bone Awl, one shouldn't expect a giant stylistic shift away from the black metal and punk hybrid they've been peddling for the better part of twenty years now, but when it comes to this style of music, nobody does it better, a point that An Obelisk Marks the Line drives home time and time again throughout the span of its half an hour runtime.

Misery Signals Ultraviolet 2. His newest album under that guise, Magickal Mystical Indifference, is stunningly good. The way he combines punk driven black metal and classic heavy metal is such a wonderful collision of sound, offering both the grounded rawness in the former while still indulging larger than life qualities of the latter. This is just so good. Aseitas False Peace 4. The result is a terrifyingly immersive piece of work to lose yourself in. Axis of Light Axis of Light 4.

For 8 years now they have been conjuring melodic yet warped raw black metal that is beautiful but often obscured by the lo- fidelity of their production. Their first full-length doesn't change that formula much, but refines it; the riffs are more triumphant, and the production while still grating and appropriately "under" is a just a touch clearer. It lacks the pretenses of more cerebral, heady black metal to focus on the basics and in the end succeeds in its efforts as a simplistic, straightforward black metal banger.

Korgonthurus Kuolleestasyntynyt 4. There is great depth of sound that only furthers to enhance the already wondrous melodies heard here. Niteris Our Death, His Monument 3. Entombed Clandestine 5. It's everything I want from the band, with a few sonic twists and turns thrown in. I'm only on my 3rd listen, so it's still all sinking in, but I'm enjoying this more immediately than I did ArSe, which took a bit more time for me to really appreciate.

I do think the next album will need to step out of the box a bit more, but I'm fine with the half step forward here. It's not an album that traverses new ground, but rather doubles down on what the project does best; euphoric swells of melodic black metal riffage, doom-ridden spoken word ruminations, cooing folk passages, and atmosphere that drops you right in the Pacific Northwest.

As someone who waited four years for this release, I am more than satisfied with the final product. The Strokes The New Abnormal 4. It would be reductive to simply cast them as a DFHVN clone though, as the project does provide some interesting idiosyncrasies of its own, such as some folk interludes and an all around more atmospheric approach despite the very pronounced sense of urgency their music also exudes.

Still, reductive or not, this is recommended listening for DFHVN fans, Bosse-de-Nage fans, or anyone else whose developed a taste for skramzy, post-black metal. The latter deconstructs black metal, sifting through its base elements and using its most terrifying devices to craft their abstract and insanity-inducing blackened fervor. Their pairing - while odd at first glance - makes for a great combination, displaying two of black metal's most promising young acts and the diversity that can still be found within the genre.

It's a beautiful release, as gentle guitar licks meet with airy, atmospheric keys to create something that sounds personal even as underlying soundscape continues to expand. I was really surprised by how good this was. Most notably inspired by Lord Aakon Keetreh, Cet?? Though stylistically it would be near impossible to differentiate between this and the sonic filth LLN produced, there was something special captured by LLN that's just not here.

Imitation may be the greatest form of flattery, but that doesn't mean it will be good. Ixachitlan Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor 4. More than overtly electronic flourishes, the industrial influences feel like they come more from the cold mechanicalism that is always slinking away in the background. The whole thing feels a satanic ritual recorded in an abandoned steel factory, closed for years due to the unfortunate on-site deaths of its working crew.

Even for fans of raw black metal this is trying listen, but the feeling of reward is unmatched when it finally clicks. Raw, minimalistic and haunting, this is an album that will keep you up at night. Liturgy of Desecration Traverese the Threshold of Blasphemia 3. That being said, the Athens based band definitely err more towards the genre's death metal roots, vomiting forth some seriously gnarled tremolo riffage, ear piercing dive bombs, and uber-guttural vocals.

It's all stuff we've heard before, but that doesn't impede on the competency in which these stereotypes are executed with. Serpent Column Endless Detainment 3. These two tracks are leftovers from the Californian dungeon master's debut The Snaking Path , but they in no way feel like afterthoughts, or inferior the tracks featured on that album; once again, Malfet delivers absolute perfection.

Both songs "The Glimmering" and "Dim Arbours" are drenched in medieval melodies, exuding wistful nostalgia and playful, folksy charm. They are excellent additions to his steadily growing catalog and absolutely essential listening to any dungeon synth fans, newcomer and veterans alike. Necropanther Necropanther 3.

Although I appreciated the concept of their previous album The Age of Men is Over, more than I necessarily appreciated the music it was absolutely fine, just nothing to write home about , No Dawn For Men sees both elements in fine form. It has that lo-fi grit common to raw er black metal, yet melodically it adheres closer to post-black metal, employing wave after wave of uplifting tremolo riffage.

From start to finish this record is a win and highly recommended. The more melodious, soaring moments definitely cause my heart to flutter, but the implementation of EDM elements is not done quite as well as it could be, at least in terms of production. Coming up with a dance-y melody really isn't enough to sell electronic music, there needs to be layers and depth of sound.

The EDM sections throughout this feel too thin, and amateurish. The potential is in plain view, but the execution to match it isn't quite there yet. Anyway, this is still very solid, and as always, it's nice to see musicians continue to push the boundaries of black metal. These additions are obviously not exceedingly groundbreaking, but when working in tandem with the idiosyncrasies Carved Cross have been peddling since their debut in , elevates their particularly raw brand of black metal rto the next level of quality.

Grogaldr Illness Unto the Womb of Spirit 4. She built on the rejection of expectations with a very solid set of songs that delve heavily into nu-metal, metalcore, and industrial metal territory, very much seizing upon the late 90's revival zeitgeist that's permeated the underground metal scene while also infusing the music with her typical pop infectiousness and trademarked oddity. Erythrite Throne Call of the Northern Moon 3. Abigail Williams should be proud of this one.

Kalmankantaja Korpi 3. Royal Coda Royal Coda 2. While even Sirens was a little restrained at times, it fared much better than the pseudo metalcore assault on this album. It Dies Today Sirens 3. Counterparts Nothing Left to Love 4. Reflections Of A Frostbitten Moon is his best and most mature effort to date, a wonderful piece of black metal that balances ghoulish melodies and esoteric atmospheres to create an album that exudes pure necrotic ecstasy Wampyric Rites.

However, the metamorphosis still feels incomplete. There is little cohesion between the remaining vestiges of heavy, downtuned riffage, and their commitment to a more straightforward radio-friendly sound. As a result, everything feels a too restrained, caught between the two eras of Issues without an avenue to lean into its potential.

I feel like in retrospect, this and predecessor, Headspace, will be seen as solid, yet transitory efforts from a band who went on do something really great. Esoteric A Pyrrhic Existence 3. I suppose I will take that as a win however, not outright hating a new blink in The Blackest Beautiful 4. It has a gothic feel in a Peaceville Three kind of way, but still has moments where it bares its teeth. My favorite part is definitely the violin, performed by Gina Eygenhuysen of Tchornoborg.

It gives the already impressive atmosphere even more depth, doesn? Overall this is just really solid, and feels fresh while still providing all the familiar thrills of extreme music. Eighteen Visions Lifeless 4. Serpent Column's sole member Theophonos manages to conjure a maelstrom of music that is simultaneously chaotic and tempered.

There are obvious odes to other dissonance dominated black metal like Deathspell Omega or Suffering Hour, as well as a spastic energy that exudes the electricity of post-hardcore. That combination along with some well placed and powerful melodies makes Serpent Column's newest one to look out for. Cadaver Dog Dying Breed 3. They roughen up the edges a bit for that "kvlt" appeal, but the end result is something too boring and too safe.

Nimbifer Demo I 3. While I appreciate some of the added elements - mostly backing vocals - the actual production sounds really awful and plastic. It saps a bit of the genuity the original version thrives on. Recommended for people who won't take this too seriously.

Black Cilice Transfixion of Spirits 4. Wolfheart Constellation of the Black Light 3. I was wrong. Wampyric Rites Demo II 4. Tormentor Anno Domini 4. Its forward-thinking compositions completely belie the fact that it originally released in , as even today the songs feel relevant. It's no surprise that Norway's fledgling black metal scene gravitated towards this underrated monolith; it's now more than 30 years later, we've pulled back the layers of black metal, and yet this still exudes such an alluring and unique mysticism.

Definitely recommended for extreme metal fans. Akrotheism Law of Seven Deaths 3. Failure Years of Neglect Apathy 3. Rising from the crudity of normal raw black metal fare, his microtonal assault is as vicious as it is cerebral, elevating the genre beyond the blunt primitivity of his peers.

Malfet The Way to Avalon 5. Danny is an understandably divisive figure in modern rock, but his vocal talents seem irrefutable, especially after the display he puts on here. Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion 3. There is not a day that goes by that I don? In particular the Icelandic scene. My latest discovery is the band Anvald. Highly recommended. Sacrilegious Crown Flagellated Temple 3. Vrth Immemorial Gods bends together neanderthalic barbism with celestial mysticism to create a piece that bridges the gap between the two periods, but more importantly, stands as a testament to the power these disparities have when masterfully strewn together.

Batushka Hospodi 1. Inje Demo 3. False Portent 5. And to be honest, there really is nothing that sounds like False; Portent takes all the conventions of overly pompous black metal - orchestral backdrops, furious blasting, winding tremolo guitars - and whips it all together into a maelstrom of melody and chaos.

Thanks to their roots in the Minnesota DIY and hardcore scenes, there is a underlying punk pastiche that makes the record feel real and grounded despite its potential to burst through the stratosphere. In a year where black metal is dominating especially the black metal coming from the band's label, Gilead Media False matches their peers' excellence and raises the bar for everyone else.

It's such a nuanced piece of music that brims with classic black rmetal energy while maintaining the individualistic flair that sets Yellow Eyes a step rabove their contemporaries. Most of all, you can feel the passion it took them to rcultivate this album, as it's imbued in every riff and necrotic snarl. It is a shining rexample of modern black metal, setting a standard that won't soon be beaten. Paladin USA Ascension 3.

It's without clear-cut parameters to truly define what it is, and for that reason you have everything from Australian instrument-torturers Portal to Finnish filth-lords Desolate Shrine -two very different sounding projects- performing what could in essence be called atmospheric death metal.

It's one of those "you know it when you hear it" types, where the finer details don't matter as much as the finished product. Exuding a stifling sense of psychedelia and featuring a range of oddities - everything from jazzy saxophone interludes to moments of ambient claustrophobia - I'm Losing Myself does its name justice with its variation without ever becoming too overbearing or experimental for its own good. The balance struck between straightforward and atmospheric, dissonant and melody is incredibly well-executed, offering a multi-faceted approach that begs repeated listens.

This is very fucking good, and highly recommended for fans of Cynic, Gorguts, Portal, and anything in-between. This album rages with the tempest of only the fiercest winter storm yet the underlying ambience remains surprisingly soothing. It's a beautiful album and at this point D has cemented himself as a one-man wunderkind on par with Austin Lunn, M. Rekevics, and any other black metal visionary that's debuted in the last decade.

Sadness USA I want to be there 3. There's an odd beauty to the harshness, and the though the production could not be any rawer, it's a surprisingly listenable experience. With summer quick approaching, this blizzardous album is the perfect tool to combat the oncoming heat-wave.

Burial Rites Crawling Christ 3. It would seem Pulpit Sycophants a demo that has so far only been released via Youtube, consists of rough versions of this upcoming full-length. Despite their being incomplete, the material on Pulpit Sycophants is impressive nonetheless, and seems to hint at the band returning to the bestial and crude blackened death metal they wielded on their earlier releases like Pandemonic Ululations of Vesperic Palpitation.

Despite my love for their last record Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night and its more pronounced death metal influence, I am still very much looking forward to what's coming next. Triumvir Foul Urine of Abomination 4. What initially jolted my interest was the fact that Brendan Sloan of Convulsing -easily one of my favorite contemporary extreme metal acts- was providing the majority of the vocals for this album; however what keeps me coming back is the entire package.

It's an album that certainly lives up to its name, exuding a certain celestial quality from it's off-kilter onslaught. Brendan unsurprisingly delivers a performance on par with the work in his own band, with his guttural lows feral but also wielding a good deal of emotion. Overall this album is a successful experiment, one that I hope comes together again to give us more excellent death metal.

Woe A Violent Dread 3. I guess this is more aligned with my tastes in black metal nowadays - raw, punky, and melodic - but I think even without it catering my preferences this is an incredibly strong effort. Staurophagia Sacrifice of the Wind 3. It unites mid-aughts -core intensity with visceral flashes of OSDM but isn? This feels nostalgic and new at the same time, an interesting sensation I recommend everyone tries at least once to find. Children of Bodom Hexed 4. It definitely has that DsO quality inherent to the Icelandic scene but repurposed into something uplifting.

There's really not much else to say at this point other than I am super excited for the whole thing to come out. Edit: Listened, and the rest of the album is amazing. Strikes an amazing balance between melody and maelstrom. Aerosols 3rd 7" 3. This didn't even stand a chance of being bad. King Apathy Wounds 3.

They overuse the echo effect on the vocals, making them feel more comical than warlike. I know I'm being picky, and overall this is a solid effort, but I've come to expect more from Volahn and the BTC at this point. Pulchra Morte Divina Autem et Aniles 3. Bring Me The Horizon Amo 2. Charnel Altar Charnel Altar demo 3. Coughs Secret Passage 3. Veldes Flameless 3. As someone who has never really listened to Monstrosity before, this has me psyched to check out their previous material.

Seems like it? Obliteration Cenotaph Obscure 4. Funeral Chic Superstition 3. For a second release of the year, this is quite good. Ayyur The Lunatic Creature 3. Cantique Lepreux has found new ways to make frigid temperatures exciting again and my body literally can't stop moving as a result. Zwarte Drakk Demo I 4. I'm fucking here for it. Pandiscordian Necrogenesis Outer Supernal 4. Each track from this project is completely improvised, with sole member Ephemeral Domignostika recording guitars, drums, and vocals, simultaneously.

It would be comical, but the end product Outer Supernal is nothing to laugh about. Raw black metal itself has the undeserved connotation of being a mindless vociferation of unlistenable noise but it's projects like this that exhibit it has the potential to transcend the stigma that it's the talentless wasteland of a genre outliers misunderstand it to be.

The band's hesitation to commit to either a wholly melodic or wholly chaotic sound stifles their potential. It's not that they have to fully commit either, but there's a palpable sense of uncertainty present, hanging over their tortured instrumentals just as much as the occult atmosphere they're trying to curate. This is me being a bit harsh however, as this is overall a very enjoyable listen. Guitars twist and wind at their own volition to create forms of diabolical splendor while Sturla howls incantations of infernal damnation as if he were the mouth of Satan itself.

Clandestine Blaze Tranquility Of Death 3. Ulthar Cosmovore 3. Opposition 3. Jackhammering Deathblow Of Nightmarish Trepidation 3. Sometimes I forget we have a lot of homegrown talent around here. Bump this! Jungle Rot Jungle Rot 2. Elderwind The Colder The Night 3. Showing slight leaps in sophistication only lends to making this experience more harrowing as if darkness itself manifested consciousness and is intent on casting your soul into diabolical inferno.

Hyperdontia Nexus of Teeth 4. Cavernus Non Omnis Moriar demo 3. I need to give props to the production too, it? There is definitely something compelling about the more streamlined sound, but at times it feels TOO bare and some of the ideas are certainly ones anyone who has been listening to black metal for more than a day have heard before. That being said, this is still a very enjoyable record and I can see it growing with repeated listens.

These back-to-basics records can usually go either way, but this one definitely falls in favor of Behemoth. Un Sentiment 3. Though it? Sepulcher Panoptic Horror 4. As per usual Christian sounds awesome. It's another killer release from Pacific Threnodies. Trautonist Ember 3. Penance Stare House of Bastet 3. The addition of electronics and their cold mechanicalism piercing through the gritty production and thick tremolos adds a certain detachment from humanity to the overall sound, a sensation that at times is legitimately frightening.

As a one-women project ELN's vision for Penance Stare is single-minded and executed with tunnel vision, a dedicated that in this case pays off beautifully. Real Friends Composure 3. It's breaks free from the rinse and repeat formula every album since Wages of Sin was bound to and dips its toes in the chaos that made the first three AE albums classic. Sure, there are a few standard tracks, but there's also a palpable energy and excitement that up to this point, had long since been lost.

Alcest Kodama 3. Wolf King Loyal to the Soil 3. But isn't that kind of black metal has always been about? Preaching ideals whether satanic, naturalistic, or otherwise to their utmost degree? Musically, this record is far from perfect, but I can't help but admire Margaret Killjoy's sense of defiance and her willingness to shift the black metal paradigm on it's head for her own purposes.

Maybe I can't get over the distinct black metal- ness of this, but I like it. Elements of dungeon synth, dark wave, and neo-classical provide a backdrop for album's themes - tainted purity, lost love, madness, and obsession - the ideal canvas for its tragic inclinations.

Blitzgeist Ritual Magic 3. It's a bit repetitive, but still has that medieval charm. Marunata Dernieres Reminscences 4. Asking Alexandria From Death to Destiny 3. Castle of Purity Castle of Purity 3. Gorephilia Severed Monolith 4. Morvunskar Im Angesicht des Abgrunds 3. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to scoff at either.

Foothill Roots Nature Resonates demo 3. Excited to see what else this band does. Wintaar Songs of White Wilderness 3. It's very typical atmospheric black metal but the melodies are nice and WV's vocals have a tortured element not too far way from Varg's. Deafheaven Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 3. Gore 2. Even more surprising is how legitimately good this album is. Laying off the pure grinding discordance of their debut, Xavleg's second album toys with a melange of styles death metal, goregrind, beach rock?

It's clear these dudes are still having fun, they've just become a lot more listenable while doing so. Drowning the Light The Vampire Cipher 4. Isenordal Spectral Embrace 3. Chthe'ilist Passage Into the Xexanotth 3. Perfectly harmless pop album that's great for summer days.

Converge Beautiful Ruin 3. Unfortunately, the disconnect between their various styles makes for a jarring listen. Transitions simply don't exist here, haphazardly stitching together pieces black metal, soul, and gospel into a Frankenstein-esque visage of incongruous limbs. Zeal and Ardor are on to something, but Stranger Fruits feels like a band unsure of how bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

Hoth Astral Necromancy 2. It's been six year since their supposed-to-be finale The Great Fire , and ironically enough if there was ever a fire burning, Love Will Kill All sees it at its brightest. Symphonic elegance supplements brutal hardcore breakdowns, bloody screeches lead into melodious choruses, and man, if some of Brandan's best one-liners are not on this records.

This isn't just an excellent return to form, it's one of Bleeding Through's strongest efforts in general. Forest Mysticism offered sparse material until recently. It's not as beautifully under-produced as his demos but it's still super melodic and wondrous atmospheric black metal with some slight folk elements thrown in for good measure. Arthedain Infernal Cadence of the Desolate 3.

At a whopping 27 tracks, the many interludes while interesting in of themselves, do hinder the immersion and flow of the otherwise synergetic extreme metal experience. It really is unfortunate that Necros Christos is breaking up, however leaving us with their best effort is nothing to mope around about. III - Nostalgia 3. II - Joy 3. I - Innocence 3. Thankfully unearthed by Akhenaten's recent Judas Iscariot reissue campaign, it's reassuring that the first new JI material in almost two decades was recorded in the band's prime, and should stand as another worthy addition to the Judas Iscariot canon.

I think it's better than Abrahadabra, and it does feel rslightly more black metal as promised , but it's pretty clear that Dimmu has lost sight of their rroots and is more content as a money-hungry symphonic caricature of a black metal group than a rband that actually cares about creating quality content. Devotee Faith of the Ancients 3. Abyssal UK Antikatastaseis 4. Petrification Hollow of the Void 3.

Esoctrilihum Pandaemorthium 3. It's very good and a lot of fun. Grob Metanoia 3. The vocals are rparticularly deranged which makes the rcontrast all the more potent. Feels very rauthentic and "old school" without also rfeeling dated or stale. Album art is atrocious.

Inferi USA Revenant 4. Of course jaded old me has a few gripes vocals , but this is a fun and adventurous album filled with stellar playing, exciting songs, and great energy. Deiquisitor Downfall of the Apostates 3. Sometimes there's just too much going on. Breaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn 3. Just like they sounded off on the last album. And the album before that.

Coming up with original content is harder than you think! I See Stars Treehouse 3. Azelisassath Evil Manifestations Against Mankind 3. Grave Upheaval untitled 3. The production is grainier enough to appease raw er black metal fans but textured enough for dynamicism to thrive. The music is loud, bombastic, and grand but unlike other symphonic or orchestral black metal acts, Austin is able to imbue a small-town, folksy charm that makes the added atmosphere feel more like a call home than ostentatious embellishment.

Mordicus Dances from Left 3. Vitus Dance 3. Errs on the side of black metal at times. Tales of Mental Rearrangeme 3. This is a great release. Ataraxy Where All Hope Fades 4. Cist The Frozen Casket 3. Turns out, I was only 30ish years off the mark. Malfet The Snaking Path 5. Kaffaljidhma III 4. Cirrhus Identical Hallways 4. The production is raw, but not enough to veil Cirrhus' black metal dirge. The music is sharp but melodic, and oddly nostalgic; it feels comforting in a way, which may be odds with black metal ethos, but Cirrhus have never been afraid to blur the lines.

If you can get over the production which in my opinion works wonderfully with the music , you won't be disappointed by giving this a listen. Conjurer UK Mire 3. Radiohead OK Computer 4. Avslut Deceptis 3. This very much draws on the more mystical and malevolent side of black metal. It also has a surprising amount of low-end, but it doesn't slow down or trip up their blackened leanings. Not bad. Old Tower Stellary Wisdom 3.

However, just when you truly start to immerse yourself in how haunting and unsettling it all is, the music fades out unceremoniously. As a whole, the song is comprised of four separate parts, crudely stitched together. It makes it difficult to really immerse yourself, the bread and butter of dungeon synth.

The title track is what needs more investigation, but I can safely the last few minutes are some of the most beautiful, affecting music I've heard in a while. Rotting Sky Sedation 3. Some tracks extend to be a bit long, and when stretched too far you can start to see the cracks in their songwriting, but overall this is very competent. It's missing that undefinable aura that made Dissection a household name, yet it would still manage to scratch and satisfy someone with the Nodtveidt itch.

It's build-up of distorted ambiance rumbling below mysterious chants and foreboding euphoria creates an uncomfortable yet oddly enjoyable tension. Castillo Castillo 2. A Letter for Carmilla Coffin 3. It's frantic, hurried, and carries a decidedly gothic tone than most dungeon synth. There's something very unsettling and foreboding about Coffin , like the hair-raising sensation one might get walking down a dark, candlelight hallway with the feeling of something or someone trailing just behind.

Whispering Oak Feast of the Warlords 3. Esgaroth Hail Darkness 3. It's actually pretty well balanced, and though the music is fairly conventional for the genre, it's still catchy with that touch of rough around the edges. Aksumite Vinegar Perimeter 2. They've finally removed all the murk that was shrouding their rsound, and yet I found this easily the most challenging Portal record to sit through. I feel like rmy mind was constantly struggling to keep up with all their technical aerobics.

Ultimately though, rthe struggle made it so much more of a rewarding listen. Adopting the pensive droning of dark ambient, Sorcery of Chaos drags out the torture, embellishing long drawn out notes more than than usual DS tinkering.

Infernum Norway Livael-Itu 4. The Witch's mixture of dungeon synth and black metal is a bit more unorthodox than most, providing the nostalgic grandeur of the former while enabling the latter to flex its grim eccentricities. The production's vast feel gives him room to explore, and he doesn't take it for granted; each element whether it be a chime of synth or serpentine riff is given enough room to both flourish on its own and compliment each other part at play.

Prolificity hasn't gotten in the way of good songwriting, as Witches Moon continues to provide quality and quantity in equal measure. Horna Kuolleiden Kuu 3. Captures of the essence of pure black metal without feeling like a rehash. Summoning With Doom We Come 3.

It's a shame, this is some of their most interesting work in a while. Even if it is your usual melange of Darkthrone meets Circle Jerks, the energy really translates. Hermodr Midnight Eclipse 3. Downward 3. It's atmospheric and melodic without sacrificing bestial brutality, cleanly played without ditching some extreme metal sloppiness, and overall just contains very strong individual songs.

Eterna Rovina Observer 3. Tyrannus Ruins 3. If that doesn't pique your interest, nothing will. Foxtails III 3. In A Day 3. Rejected 3. Scriptures of Death 3. I'll give it to Damian, each release under the APL moniker maintains a very genuine feel, however Devotion Unlaced lacks the teeth of their previous material which is a bit of a let-down.

Nonetheless, this is a fairly enjoyable release with a few ear-worms to keep you coming bac Bound Bible Demo II 3. Like their previous effort, Demo 2 is very much standard USBM that doesn't really take any risks but is well executed. It's unlikely to compel you to keep coming back, but it's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just lacks, well, imagination. Damian Masters has a tendency to be a bit artsy, and here is no different.

It verges on pretentiousness but the way he builds layer upon layer of melody on each other kind of distracts from the nonsensical bullshit that the lyrics comprise of. Instrumental black metal with a focus on grand melodies and an overall lax atmosphere. The lack of vocals hinders it slightly, but it still remains fairly compelling. Unfelled Beneath Distant Skies 3.

Thick and enveloping atmosphere, whispered growls, and strong melodies make this a great, short release. Krolok Flying Above Ancient Ruins 3. The line-up for this one is particularly sick, featuring staples as Feint, Dualistic, Nymfo, and the almighty Ramses B. Ranging from pump-up tracks to pieces of pure atmospheric transcendence, there is no escape from the good vibes once this badboi gets started. The noise elements usually take precedence, but you can always feel the elements of black metal pulsating underneath the cacophony of static.

Surprisingly melodic at times, and very palatable given its abrasiveness. Enbilulugugal Offerings to Curlyton 3. The second and third impressions go down much better. As it turns out, Mortespermia is much more than meets the eye. There are so many unexpected twists and turns throughout, whether it be the jolting bursts of melody or the odd shapes and phrases Grim summons out of his guitar.

It has a very endearing kitsch quality about it, much like their forebears Hellhammer. Not everyone while get this or appreciate it, but this release is highly recommended to black metal fans entrenched in the rawer side of the genre. Kabexnuv Dzyan 3. Worth the ride overall, though. Melding melodic death metal with their homegrown Chinese operatic and folk influences, Black Kirin has created an album that is identifiably melodeath while also celebrating their colorful heritage.

Ghash Goat 3. Vanyar Abandoned 3. Nothing too out of the ordinary as far as grind goes, but the spacey textures make for a nice addition. Hardcore is very formulaic, and the YA! Drowning the Light Paradise Slaves 3. Hands of Thieves Feasting on Dark Intentions 3. Eerily melodic at times, the dichotomy of DsO-esque cacophony and cold, frozen harmony are well-representing throughout, creating excellent and contrasting counterpoints.

A dense, but thoroughly enjoyable listen. Varcolaci Rising is no exception, and it seems like Azorgh has his raw and romantic brand of black metal down to a science. The material here is very straightforward and full of strong melodies, making each track an absolute earworm, and the album as a whole, worthwhile. Jordablod Upon My Cremation Pyre 3. It's expansive, playful, and colorful while retaining that core black metal feel of nihilism. I still find it the ultimate culmination of black and death metal; Jake Kohn's spits bile with every blasphemous word, his delivery reminiscent of the vaunted Peter Helmkamp in its guttural rasp.

Musically, Noctambulous In many ways, it's very similar to early Morbid Angel, rife with Azagthothian off-kilteredness and an underlying sense of esoterica. When it comes to war metal that isn't completely Blasphemy inspired, Prosanctus Inferi's Noctambulous Jaws Within Sempiternal Night is the best you're going to get. It has this unidentifiable quality about it, this aura of mysticism and magic that reminds me of black metal's second wave.

It has that same classic feeling, effortlessly. The production is perfectly bad, and together with the grand, sweeping melodies, creates a euphoric listening experience that's rare to come by. Carcass Surgical Steel 3. Axis of Advance Purify 4. They brought back some classic Filthisms without sounding stale and dated. And this could honestly be Dani's best album vocally, he kills it. Slaegt Ildsvanger 3. Heresiarch Death Ordinance 3. Mastication Demo 3.

Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast 5. Hopefully an LP yields some more consistent fare. Napalm Death From Enslavement to Obliteration 4. The melodic death metal influence is sorely missing though. The melodic parts are especially impressive and a bit unexpected as times, which for a black metal album is rare these days.

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Angel Of Destruction 3. Hammerhead 4. Bloody Pussies 5. Death Fiend 6. Dark Warriors 7. Chainsaw 8. Ready For Slaughter 9. Sweet Torment. Crucifiction 2. Maniac 3. When Hell's Near 4. Decapitator 5. Blood Insanity 6. Power Of Satan 7. Reaper 8. Death Fiend 9. Triumph Of Death Metallic Storm Ready For Slaughter Dark Warriors Hammerhead Angel of Destruction Bootleg Chainsaw Bootleg Sweet Torment Bootleg Bloody Pussies Bootleg.

Intro 2. Messiah 3. Buried And Forgotten 5. Revelations Of Doom Intro Messiah Buried And Forgotten Maniac Re-recorded Version Eurynomos Triumph Of Death Re-recorded Version Reaper Re-recorded Version Satanic Rites Crucifixion Re-recorded Version Crucifixion Maniac Execution When Hell's Near Decapitator Blood Insanity Power Of Satan Reaper Death Fiend Metallic Storm Ready For Slaughter Dark Warriors Hammerhead Angel Of Destruction Bloody Pussies Chainsaw Sweet Torment - Blood Insanity Single Hellhammer - Discography - Buried And Forgotten Live

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Hellhammer - Messiah (Subtitulos Español Lyrics)

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Bloody Pussies 5. Death Fiend 6. Dark Warriors 7. Chainsaw 8. Ready For Slaughter 9. Sweet Torment. Crucifiction 2. Maniac 3. When Hell's Near 4. Decapitator 5. Blood Insanity 6. Power Of Satan 7. Reaper 8. Death Fiend 9. Triumph Of Death Metallic Storm Ready For Slaughter Dark Warriors Hammerhead Angel of Destruction Bootleg Chainsaw Bootleg Sweet Torment Bootleg Bloody Pussies Bootleg. Intro 2. Messiah 3. Buried And Forgotten 5. Maniac 6.

Eurynomos 7. Bloody Pussies Chainsaw Sweet Torment - Blood Insanity Single Hellhammer - Discography - Buried And Forgotten Live Messiah Rehearsal. Sweet Torment. Crucifiction When Hell's Near Angel of Destruction Bootleg Chainsaw Bootleg Sweet Torment Bootleg Bloody Pussies Bootleg.

The Third Of The Storm Thriumph Of Death Revelation Of Doom Bonus Messiah Bonus. Iron Heads Revelations of Doom Black Fairies Metal Invaders. Disc 1 - Satanic Rites. Line - Up:. Thrash Heavy Metal , Speed Metal. Hellhammer - Discography - 4.

Messiah Rehearsal - Death Fiend Demo Sweet Torment - Triumph of Death Demo Outro - Apocalyptic Raids EP

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Triumph of Death

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